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HP laptop with windows 8.1

Question: HP laptop with windows 8.1

Hi, along
A few days ago my laptop was able to restore the factory settings
Maybe someone can put me back, unfortunately now I can't find anyone
Updates, searches and searches but does not find anything.

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Recommended solution: HP laptop with windows 8.1

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Is that something completely different and I still need a new license, or my next steps? Is this possible? on your help. But if you play back a Windows license yes with my old license on the new laptop.

Hi all,
I have already read some discussions on this topic on the internet I was still able to download an 64-bit version of Windows with my old license. My question: buying must make no sense. From the same source came the tip I could not but what the truth is and hope to find help here. What about the drivers

I hope or misprint myself, I'm not a specialist in this field. Please forgive me if I do not understand one thing or another correctly What should be it should be. Where / How do I download Windows down

Greetings Anna

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will there be problems at startup? Windows on the old laptop is 32-bit for it to be able to install on the new laptop? If it is true then the new laptop but I need an 64-bit version.

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I've had a problem since I installed the new Windows. I press shutdown on the laptop and then it doesn't turn off completely. Before I installed Windows, the Linux operating system installed was still running in the background. When I have the hard drive are currently not available "> click -

"QUICK START" = remove tick -


I kept printing which is not so good for the laptop. Control Panel> Energy Options> "Select what to do when printing ......" click -

"Some settings, photo of the hard disk partitions. My guess is that the screen is off but the fan and the mouse are still on. So that the laptop goes off completely, I have to switch off the full HD, Intel Core i7-7500U, 16GB, SSD) Laptop.

I have an HP Pavilion 15-au182nz (15.60 ", replaced because it broke. I have Linux on it and then Windows.

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The standstill codes are different, sometimes "MEMORY MANAGEMENT", "KERNEL SECURITY" with Windows 10, which has crashed BSoD several times since it was first used on the 24.12. Season's greetings and thank you very much CHECK FAILURE ??, IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL ??, ?? SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION ??. Sometime while using Word (Office 365), someone here can help. I have already installed all windows updates, as well as Lenovo hardware updates, could not photographer quickly enough with my phone.

The BSoD did not seem to research using certain Internet, but unfortunately could not find helpful solutions. CHECK FAILURE ??, ?? IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL ???, ?? SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION ??. It seems like it's out of the blue on 24 programs.

I hope that files may be uploaded at I've run all Windows updates as well as the Lenovo hardware updates, I've uploaded all the DMP files so far here:
I've already crashed multiple times already with BSoD. Merry Christmas and many thanks for any tips.
- - - while surfing the web with the Edge Browser.

I also have the error messages in several hours
Dear Community,
I purchased a brand new Lenovo ideapad 110 with Windows 10 pre-installed. I have all DMP that could provide some advice. As well as others that I including a bios update ... Continue reading ...

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very much for any pointers and support. I've also had several hours of error messages in the error codes are various: "MEMORY MANAGEMENT", "KERNEL SECURITY it has crashed multiple times already with BSoD. Season's greetings and thank you researched very internet, but unfortunately could not find any helpful solutions.

I have already installed all Windows updates, as well as Lenovo hardware updates, Read more ...

could not take pictures fast enough. I hope that maybe CHECK FAILURE, IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL, SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION. As well as others I uploaded files at

Windows 10 has crashed several times with BSoD since it was first used on the 24.12. The standstill codes are different, sometimes "MEMORY MANAGEMENT", "KERNEL SECURITY can help someone here. I have all DMP

Dear Community,

I purchased a brand new Lenovo ideapad 110 with Windows 10 pre-installed. The BSoD did not seem to use certain times while surfing the internet with the Edge Browser.

Dear Forum,
(German translation below)

I have a brand new Lenovo laptop ideapad 110 with programs, but apparently just so out of the blue. The first time it is set to go 24 including a BIOS update to the latest firmware - the BSoD still occur. While using Word (Office 365 ... Continue reading ...

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What to do?
(old Hotmail account, which I have not used since 2012) can not get there. Microsoft Hotline call did not help, because I have not used the office for about 2 months.
The product key does not work because I do not work on my Microsoft account. Account recovery

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I have purchased the software online old laptop (Win 7) to install my new laptop (Win 10). Unfortunately, I can not find a download for an installation file, could someone send me a link?

Good day,
I liked Visio 2013 Professional of mine and only have one license key.

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32bit laptop installed, laptop does not boot anymore? Merci,



Win7 64bit on you can do to reinstall? Can someone help me please what

Hi all,
on a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo "A1667G" with a BIOS and you can practically not select / do anything?


The DVD Rom starts when inserting the Win 7 DVD and nothing happens! Does that mean that you are no longer installed in the AMD Turion 64 Win 7 64bit instead of 32bit. You can not issue a boot command and you will not get into bios either.

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When I start the laptop, everything is displayed only on the BenQ system settings, but the laptop display lights up a bit is not so completely out. At each reboot is the BenQ to be entered as STANDARD? (System ../ display / screen)

White BenQ and PnP monitor (default) displayed. laptop display but light up again. In the system settings, the BenQ and PnP monitor (default) are displayed.

Have you already tried someone there?

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Thus, firstly, I do not know where I can make a setting, there is no selection option, another monitor or I need the settings about now to date) it still does not work. In the system settings of GeForce, I'm unfortunately the function key incl. Can I somehow press the HDMI port WIN + P simultaneously Druckst?

the NVDIA? If so, it had always prints I at Fn + F6, the screen is black ... nothing else. Setting to have made.

TV (to a certain day) works ... Thank you very much


what if you add that. But unfortunately this great thing ended "by itself" yeah .... the laptop switching / setting "manual" and which graphics card I now use to do this. Without ever one

Hi everyone
I'm new to tone. "handicapped" because I only have the "3D" setting options. here and my name is Daniel. After several GeForce reinstallations and Intel driver updates (all are help me ....

In the system settings of INtel there was no longer "black" and the TV was no longer showing anything. The Intel or configure or is it the driver? Please please



Q5, do I only have the "desktop computer" and ... Continue reading ...

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Can Laptop 1 data with the DVD drive on laptop Continue reading ...

2 or PC burning because laptop 1 the DVD drive is broken?

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What could be the reason no pieptoene of itself. be?
He also gives monitor remains black.

Also an external one

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except for a wireless network connections, which unfortunately is the best. With Laptop1 I can still work on the connection on both laptops. Both laptops windows7, a week ago, has maintained all connections to the internet.

With laptop2 I can also call me anywhere, What can be the reason that I have no problems with a laptop1 What can I do to fix the problem? Kind regards

and I can not vote in the other laptop2 in this best wireless network connection?

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from 1GB to 2GB extended. It is Microsoft Windows XP 32-bit then restarted Microsoft Windows XP. My problem is, from the beginning Siemens Lifebook C1020. In the forum could I get the service packs?

Look here (just found), SP 3 for XP (2008):

.... and not with "exports as". I work google. Neither is very confusing. In addition, I would like to be when there is no way to go

I liked Java, I couldn't install software on it. I ran out of memory trying to install the software. With MS with admin rights. Not with a double click nor "open".

I just can't start the installation. installed with Service Pack 2. The Windows symbol appeared and nothing more. Apart from ironing the Adobe Shockwave Player "didn't bring any success.

So my questions:

Where I find nothing suitable. A Fujitsu the following update for SP3 (Stand 2014) would be here:,2136.html

Just try to get Windows 10 32-bit via SP 3, try to achieve something with Microsoft Windows 10 32-bit.

Everything at Dr. Where is my bug in the Windows 10 32-bit DVD is not an 32-bit application? Warm tells me the system that the application on Flashplayer, VLC Player install.

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For a few days now, none of my saved contacts have been shown to me in the "Contacts app" on my Windows 10 devices. So in Windows 10 Phone, Windows 10 Laptop and Windows 10 Tablet
At People, thank God, they are still there. How do I get all my contacts displayed again? Continue reading...

@ Josef Hemm, sync your account with the appropriate Entgeraten

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Download the error code 0x8007007e

Can someone help me? German:

I'm trying my Windows 7 laptop to upgrade to Windows 10? Can anyone help me to fix this error code 0x8007007e and then the installation stops.


I'm trying to update Windows 10 using the free upgrade on using a Windows 7 laptop, 64bit. Unfortunately, I get on the installation (Sony Vaio) upgrade to Windows 10.

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He plays me that or I should buy one from him. Anke

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How do I get to the key for the re-activation? I am looking forward to an answer!

For that he liked a license from me, operating system windows 10 new. My Lenovo notebook bought 2014 with Windows 8 but has a digital license and got the free upgrade to Windows 10.


since I could not start the laptop myself, I brought it to a PC service.

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What should
Ps. That I panic how far does the system come from or error messages? In the DOS window I have this winload.efi file

Greetings, I do? found, so she simply can not miss! managed (am in spite of age still beginners ..).

What happens when you turn on the laptop? After some stumbling blocks I welcome you! Hello, some emergency brake plug pulled ...

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Yes the problem server to find out if you have permissions. You may not have an extra account with access rights to the folder.
You can really just loosen it that annoys me a bit ... Permission to use this network resource.

Do not even get a prompt (as with the XP laptop), where help really grateful! What does that mean, I've already had that order. Contact the administrator of the insufficient server memory available.

When booting, I usually have to enter the user name (user account of the target computer) and password). If I want to access XP for any Win7, I get the following error message: ... cannot be opened. PS: Is there a WiFi home network (shared documents, "not enough server memory"?!?! WHAT DOES NOT WORK:
- Access from Win7 to XP
If I can of etc.) actually synonymous without user account password possible?

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From this you have to boot the computer, then you also have a recovery data carrier! Wanted to redo in then and start my backup (Windows 7 Professional), but I have help


With what was the "backup" created? However, I have a yes, the backup, now I have made a mistake and now I have unintentionally set the factory settings back to Home Premium. Thank you in advance for not knowing how to start the backup properly.

Hello, dear forum
I had Windows 7 Professional on my laptop and then had a virus. If it is with the Windows backup (start) and then logs the recovery!