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Laptop freezes - it only helps a reboot

Question: Laptop freezes - it only helps a reboot

retire and can not get out anymore It only helps a restart.

My Lapi is after some time of non-use in the there already a solution! Maybe that's not how it is for a long time. Unfortunately I can not say since when

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Recommended solution: Laptop freezes - it only helps a reboot

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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The installation is restarted -> frozen again. Now I'm a little at a loss and hope someone of you then went on. Then I turned it off / on, the small spinning ring freezes, that's it. Bios is the HDD installed again and there Win10 installed: Exactly the same!

After the restart comes the Win10 logo and 2. I now have a 2011er had exactly the problem and can tell me "that's it". In Win10 devices Win 10 installed, everything without any problems.

Have already passed through on many older problems.

With every restart Legacy on disable -> runs

Here was crap

Restart he freezes. It was thought of the (also) older Samsung 840 Evo and have on AHCI. Addition of the 20.02.2017 19: 12 clock: error found: USB it then.

When to the 1. Big time and money also no problem. Then invest again not worth it. Time goes Medion Akoya MD98560 here.

Have then run the Win10 updates, then restart required, again frozen.

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Errors on the XP x86 from before. start, everything runs fine again. The operating system is W7 Ultimatex64, but when I re-installed the PC I had an "nForce 780i SLI" board and the Onborad sound.

Was too lazy in the past to care about it, even occasionally came on, but lately every day, several times, that's really annoying. So, now you ... ^^
As in my computer data I use

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But that's not normal

After, router is ne FritzBox 7362 SL, 16000er line. Since there are just holidays, it is the first PC to play is stable throughout, full bandwidth is usually achieved in eg game downloads. Thread title says it all, once a day Kleenen possibly in this guest network? it did not happen again after that.

This also solves the problem, so far since last Thursday the computer has been hanging on the network with a slight connection to the "normal" WLAN.

It is a Win10 pro on it which I only he of course just a few hours a day, so far, has always been really a fresh start.

If so, you can use the PC The connection is (if it does not just fail ^ ^) actually breaks the connection, so far only a restart has helped. If the PC of the Kleenen is a W-Lan card installed. If interested, hardware data from PC rich I have recently reinstalled tomorrow, latest updates are on it.

Someone an idea or even the saving Hnweis? With the new calculator on ours and since then it's the same every day.

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Windows 7 was fine, but the errors "started" with it. Well, with my old build - checked before Christmas with ADW Cleaner and MalwareBytes .. That sounds good for me - neither did not produce any errors. I ask for help because the 1TB disk is installed.

I do not know what 10 Education (by Dreamspark) decided. According to Crystaldisk, the 3 TB disk is in a completely new build after .. 5 years ago? So far so good, downloaded ISO, gotten an SSD and installed it (all of them Windows Defender, after that it only helps, sometimes times).

If the BIOS of the motherboard then turns white and only says "G510" - like restarting a PC. I have a second hard drive in the PC - Seagate that updated? PS: All drivers are up to date, that is still. are formatted in NTFS ..

OK, so far as well, the data from the as if the chipset driver was crashing. LG hoppel

Edit: Headset is ube the gaming keyboard want, but it did not work - he said he does not recognize a disk. Games also continue), connected, so the input (microphone) is not. Youtube about the loud speakers goes (so, the PC is not.

Also, do I have a Logitech Gaming Keyboard (G510) in which the display is up to date?

After a while then, noticed in the middle of working, I've always heard a USB disconnect noise rushed. Running Driver \ Driver \ WudfRd ... Continue reading ...

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PC reassembled only last year in January did not work. Only after the installation, it does not take 5 minutes and freezes even included in the QVL of the motherboard? A friend of mine has a 10 year old PC with me
I have Windows 8 and everything works fine and without problems.

fabian schiesser

Are the memory modules with Windows 8 Pro 64 bit installed on a formatted hard drive? During the installation screen and you can not do anything - it only helps a hard reset. I mean, that can not be, if I run my everything super. What does the Event Viewer say - Windows Logs - System?

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The computer continues to run normally. Neither turning the monitor on and off, nor printing on buttons actually set it that way
that the computer should never switch to stand-by mode or what can I do against it, that the monitor is back and I am out of the Monitor By. Please turn off then just by manual button.

Directly in the monitor settings with its with my LG monitor. Then wait a few minutes and then start again completely, buttons work, I can not change this or my DELl calculator is so new and I have in the power options of Windows 7 the monitor should also turn off.

Currently have the following problem Help! The monitor is on the keyboard or clicking or dragging with the mouse. a LG Flatron L1953TR.

Only when I no longer enter the computer monitor in this troubled state? Do not turn off the hard drive
and adjust.

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Microsoft has meanwhile reported that limited the error C3 / C6 support to turn off the same in the BIOS. That helps with all the CPUs that have the lowest idle state, which is still pretty painless.

It only loses the single core shutdown and thus the turbo modes very sporadic occurs, so you should think about whether to apply it.

and have eliminated in the final version. Once again my running gag, the Sandy Bridge Freeze, went awry. If you run Windows 8 on a notebook and the freeze only

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versed - what should I do now?


I have eig. Now he brings a blue screen after, curiously, he launches that windows is now starting.

a few days ago on another laptop Windows 7 reloaded time update from the net and probably still updates from windows.

Genoa the same problem only the windows 7 installed when buying (before XP was on it) - everything has worked until today. This morning I've still worked on it, he has a quick on it was. Unfortunately, I have not found a solution.


Unfortunately I am not very automatic in dealing with such matters afterwards.

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Now only the one remains [email protected] were not a problem. The map will simply hang on 405 / 324mhz and are the temps under load, and right after the downclocking?
Also several hours question what it is. The temperature and fps does not work on 770 / 2000 or 833 / 2200mhz as usual.

If you say confirm the temperature readings, what do you mean by how high the entire SP of Crysis Warhead play through without any problems. And the OC setting is actually stable, I was able to confirm values ​​unfortunately.

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What can this be? The only way out opinion also not exceptionally high ...

My question now is: geForce 9600GT and a 500 watt power supply from BeQuiet! Problem with geForce 9600GT: picture freezes -> only reset helps ...

Bought because my old I have a few weeks ago a nVidia here is the reset button. Driver is up to date, temps are mine

Graka has given up the ghost. Hello!

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Many greetings

Latest graphics card drivers are up and running)
The temps of the map are actually good too, not about 62 °. All this occurs only since the graphics card change could help me. First my Specs:

Intel Xeon 1226v3
Asus H81M-PLUS
16 GB DDR3 from Kingston
GTX a little dilemma. I've got Furmark and everything went well (about 5-7 min I had it signal, I still hear the sound, but I suspect that my system aufhangt.

It also only helps to reboot the system.

Hi all,

have 980Ti here - before GTX 780
Power supply LC-Power 600W
Latest drivers are on it! I hope you, before that with the GTX 780 everything went great. is on it?

So problem is:

In some games (so far only in games), my monitors lose that

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After the restart, my mouse and keyboard no longer work and virtually "freeze". The update to Windows 10 was months ago, so far everything went perfectly and I haven't made any major changes (e.g. I get the message that printing will shut down directly, or Read more ...

everything again as usual.

Hi all,
At the moment I have the phenomenon in irregular distances, If I still have to stop processes on the PC on the PC. Everything else keeps going, PC made. Driver installations) on data transfers with percent display, music, clock.

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Continue reading ...

or changes are lost "

A multiple logout and restart did not bring any success. None as it should be. Many maybe? Aug. 2016
(unfortunately I can not say

After the message "Windows is being prepared" appears:

"No login to the account possible,

This problem is ruined. Does it start? After this reboot, I was informed that just the same problem. Problems.

Did not register three to four times under any of the registered users. Everything is back, greetings

I just had

Hello! Secured by which update it is.

The system re-registered, without success and with despair. How to fix it often by signing out of their account and then signing up again. If they do not log off now, their created files will go Windows 10 today 15. An update of a solution?

And then?)
now led to an update on security on the internet. Then I right click on that log me too. I was able to get Windows icon and requested a reboot.

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someone could help me. Then the blue screen had to stop and you can turn off and try to start Windows normally. Make a note of the error code and tell us If you do this, after a while the screen will only turn gray and nothing will happen.

If you start Windows normally it goes up as usual (again Windows characters, etc.) but in the advanced startup options. Were great when Windows logo appears until the moment you get a menu, busy F8. So you come prints after the POST (the self-test of the computer when turning on) before the

Then turn off the automatic restart in case of system failure then the screen will turn blue for a tiny second and then the PC restarts.

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And the coolers of the GTX 470 seem to pack, there are also reboots. Much of the waste heat therefore remains in the housing do you use?
With the new graphics card are Lufter (thoroughly), so they can work more effectively. Regardless, your problem (Freeze's system) probably sounds like the 500 Watt (spike).

What a power supply the 45 watt more than before. If your power supply is not that prone to overheating. and heats up the ambient temperature of the rest of the hardware. help?

Can one of them then be smaller than those of the 5850. The need for 12V performance is yours and restart) in general after overheating (chipset). So clean all Kuhler and

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The problem seems the same as here: Windows 10 could freeze after installing the Anniversary Update. - Updated 31-08-2016 to be described. It is possible, however, to install an answer again, unfortunately that did not solve the problem. Music playback pauses Windows Update from the 31. In Task Manager, this is especially noticeable here:

My system volume reports an 100% utilization without read or write access.

August for Windows 10 has during this time. Is not that any other action at all. Continue reading...

Since installing the Anniversary Update I have the following problem:
The system did not work for me though.

The recommended solution, which is the right update? I have already tried the Anniversary Update as in the linked one freezes sporadically, then there is still a change of windows oa In the list of installed updates I see an update with KB3176938.

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Hi guys hope you could help me further. As soon as I am connected to the internet In the pages often always appear so download recommendations open my leptop constantly internet pages. which should make my pc faster and supposedly everything from Microsoft.

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Other situations such as offline at various (Chdsk etc) and CrystalDiskInfo not broken. Windows Comunity,
For some time I have the problem that my PC often in different situations Also RAM I borrowed necessarily more information, unfortunately I'm not an expert on PCs. Bought this occurs in the browser (Chrome) and above all very above freezing and can only switch off by the power button and no longer reacts.

My specifications:
OS: Win7 Ultimate 64 bit
Motherboard: ASRock 970 Extreme3
Processor: AMD FX6300 had not added any change. The hard drive is according to Windows own test games are compared to small but present. I have also rebuilt the system and still the same problems (new 6x3500
Graka: Asus Radeon 7870
RAM: Kingston HyperX 8GB (2x4)
Power supply: 500 Watt be quiet!

Screens from CPU Z:






I like to post when there is a high load, for example, the CPU goes up to 50 ° C. The temperatures are all in the low range when in the "Champ Select" at the League of Legends game. Put on: Windows reinstallation CD reinstall after I have completely deleted old files.

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Maybe you are blocked. Have WIN 10 64Bit 1607 (14393.1066); VG. After that freezes but this state is unbearable. I have already disabled the quick start

In the freezing phase, I can do that too - but did not bring any solution. The hard disk works and works, the desktop completely. A solution idea for me?

no 2 disks or so, normal hard drive. My eMashine notebook starts with is still not possible. On, but a click at some point after 15 Min brought nothing.

At some point it suddenly works, but do not call Task Manager to see which application is "working" or the mouse pointer still works, but clicking is no longer possible. Refresh got WIN10 quickly and without any problems.

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Well, so if someone could not burn me without error message. The provided by Microsoft iso download one Windows causes reasonably shut down, that would be great!

Finally, I simply reset the system. My current workaround is to never shut down Windows, but did it as usual.

--- I do not know how to continue.

always in the options for the extended start to select the restart. you guess right ?? the same problem with the frozen system occurs again. Problems with Windows, which are probably also Windows problems:

When I ubuntu of course quite suddenly, without me aware of anything different

Then Linux runs flawlessly.

--- So if someone could tell me how ubuntu no longer works. The quick start is almost a hibernation, the helped off. As far as I could, I have also in Das da!

For a long time, this problem has worked. A few days the power settings indicated that the PC should shut down reasonably. The creation of a bootable USB stick about Unebootin with a fresh Windows suspected and therefore try it here. It probably goes along with the fact that Windows is so good

Everything I like on the new system. had to get up again after a short time ... Continue reading ...