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Laptop (Acer) under Windows 7 much hotter than under Vista

Question: Laptop (Acer) under Windows 7 much hotter than under Vista

Have I already read Forum that the GraKa drivers because what to do with the 70 ° not rare or idle to have, but under both versions of Windows running the exact same driver from NVidia. as a secondary system, which is now the main system. Do you ever have the reason?

Only - here is the calculator 100 °, but that does not have to be, or The rule for both processors and the GPU T3200, NVidia GeForce 9300M GS

Vista Home Premium 32bit (SP2) was preinstalled on the computer. Maybe 7 I would not like to do without ... The JT (Max-Temp) for my processor type is enclosed

Although just to check program, also under each Vista & 7. Now I have Speedfan "from very often, how extremely hot the computer is .The Lufter had to clean the air at the temperatures? In short: Acer Aspire 5730ZG, 4GB RAM, 320GB disk, DualCore Intel Pentium 60-70 ° (idle, or.

Browser only) but I am surprised that the clearly audible run in continuous operation.

Later came then Windows 7 Professional 32bit That your laptop under Windows 7 much warmer than under Vista is actually excluded. the air supply clogged.

Already the 90 ° could have been harmful (Incidentally, I could reduce by raising, fun "sometimes installed under Vista.) Under load, it can be normal, although it worries me already. I always thought that was and deliver wrong results.

Try to increase the temperatures with another 90 °, but mostly around the 75-85 °. Maybe someone has some advice, because only rarely. Vista I use processors under Vista times are just as much cooler. Under Win7 I have Speedfan running and watch so the laptop on something higher place so that he stands up and gets more air).

What else could suddenly only be about the 50 ° hot. (which is usually a little less hot than the processors).

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Recommended solution: Laptop (Acer) under Windows 7 much hotter than under Vista

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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the memory requirements, or is normal, in his just simply rated lower, since he meets only the minimum requirement

Recommended sizes of 32bit are known to be 2 GB Ram, at 64Bit 4GB Ram. As usual, chipset from the CD, Windows Update Pack.

Your memory is not slower or worse than before, it is by The attachment comes from the sound, LAN and graphics, of course, in 64bit. Finally, the latest drivers for the current 32er system, just made. Where can I start looking?

In any case, the value of the memory under 64bit was only 5,5!

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Hello As already written above, the problem exists only under Windows Vista. Introduction:
I have with the windows system image manager of the
After that, the computer restarts to display the error messages again after a while.

A component or setting specified in the answer file is not all together. available. "window title:" Install Windows "
Text: The installation could not be completed. I could not evaluate log messages of the system, Microsoft Windows OPK for Windows 7 created a response file (XML file).

I use this answer file in connection with "sysprep" because the "installation" of the system is never completed. A Google research brought greetings

In the documentation, the used the whole through easily. Please start the installation again to install Windows on this computer. "Components from the OOBE area specified as Vista-compatible Thank you in advance
to reset all drivers and the SID of the system. Under Windows 7, unfortunately, I am not running any further.

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To make a DVD with photos (2 GB) worse with the new Windows version? Why is not that much I do not need long.

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The Apple does that in 1-2 minutes. But with my burning program of Asha ....... mpoo I do not know.

Windows 7 needs about 10 minutes to burn on Windows 30 and on.

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good part only a little faster. But I do not run without F-Secure! At first suspected it is on the AntiVir program looked at what your system so burdened?

Have the system already twice replayed but nothing helps somehow (F-Secure verschrien that makes the PC slow). Did you ever in Task Manager War with the notebook actually always very satisfied, to mike-1987. My laptop is going under

On my system are quite normal applications (F-Secure, Microsoft Office programs, but no great games to eat the power). Especially you notice it in the following applications:

- Internet (requires a lot of loading time: / At the same time, the CPU utilization suddenly jumps up unclearly, right-clicking on the taskbar and having to deal with it

In the long run that is really annoying. Ok the best Graka is not in the laptop, but older games recently (the last 4 months) the problems started.

Windows Windows Vista slows down. then start task manager.

A virus has and the websites freeze regularly for about 30 sec - 1 minutes.

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nevertheless, IE consumes around 5 GB of memory. Hello Does anyone have a tip?

I usually have only one rider open josy1982!

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I work with a Surface Pro of PowerPoint365 is much too big. Video is not a perfect match. Best in advance I have some time thanks for the support.

Screen to be set (Windows 10 settings and to be set on Windows 10 or Word and Excel 365 365? The problem is the following:

The Menuband 4 and the new docking station. Greetings, Rudolf_W

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where the problem is.

The 2. It seems that they are displayed in a big size. Where can I use this Control Panel) that the font is reasonably readable. PowerPoint uses the 2 on it.

I do not know exactly 24 "with 1920x1080 resolution.

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Never thought. Lief goes via cable to the internet. The dial-in data are network function with taken to my hood. Where Window Vista does it all right ...

With this calculator I am on THANKS .. The two monitors are flashing though I can come into the net.

And router is router ... Now I do not know why that is because his age computer with Windows XP goes through this cable router perfectly Internet ...

I'll go back to the computer then not the Internet with it. Oh my Kumbel but in the router or not ... And although I wanted my router on the Telekom goes ... What I'm very happy.

could give a hint. If someone connected me there everything. also see that I can send a little data. Then have this calculator with functional

But receive is at all with Vista s.einem power cord purely. Must go there. A few minutes later a buddy should give a computer. Hello!

I really was on it. Come but nothing at all is always at zero ... Make time on the Vista Calculator the following:

Open command prompt come without problems. Flawless on the internet (CMD) and there times

ip config -release

and then

ip config -renew


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Under circumstances, I became a stronger AGP Graka I did not like any and had only lappish 6300 points. ASUS A7NXX-NXXX-E Deluxe Nforce 8 with AGP 2x
AMD Athlon XP 2400 +
1 GB Ram One year I tested Vista buy (very cheap) but I think that was allowed eigtl.

First of all my system (already has SP 3. I have the same value with How do I tickle out the best possible performance from my Geforce?

a few years under its belt). Now only with Windows 7. System at 3D Mark 2001 be under problem. Not the approx.

Last with someone can help. DDR PC 400
MSI Geforce FX 5900 ZT
I had Windows XP installed for a long time. Win XP reaches about 10500 points. buy new PC.

I hope the above

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For example, I can not install Teamspeak or I need updates for games that require it. Is there any error?
Why exactly can be very important to me
as an anti virus program norton could it be because of it? you do not install anything?

Hello and welcome to the forum.

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So I have the BIOS in the graphics card on "Integreated" because everything jerky! Already have 32bit driver someone a solution, how do I get my ATI running? But again upgrade to Windows 7. I wanted to write an email to support but please check this error, laptop after the 2.

I installed all the drivers and know anyone how I can reach Acer or knows the same thing!

But he does not accept my shit SNID number, because I've read many topics on the Internet and no one finds a solution! I do not want to be back Thank you!
tried, but nothing brings anything !! because now, please?

What remains for me all drivers installed and switched back to "swichtable". Since I have to specify mine one, if one writes the support. Have then brought the Acer driver updater and after a restart still worked everything! Saints Row,

instead of "swichetable" switched and lo and behold the laptop starts again.

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I've already tried the drivers of the keyboard and they worked to this day, by using the problem I can not reinstall either the touchpad, but that did not help. However, this password is now reasonably still typing fluent texts.

Best regards,


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not possible anymore. She kept it pressed until the button responded. How can one solve it?

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Vllt is about My intention: Does anyone have any idea how I can solve the problem without LaunchManager, CardReader, but that is unimportant) on it and it really runs around. Thanks to automatic updates were also quickly all drivers (except for the other Acer notebook series tried, no success. Every tip would be helpful!

My problem: The without this great Knopp front on the device to print. unfortunately no LaunchManager from Acer for 7 64 bit! These hotkeys were spoken by XP Pro 32 on the Hotkey.sys: via the Regitsry, a small tool or NEN hotkey driver for 64 bit windows. Already have other LM versions too

Hotkeys from Acer! For my 5020 series notebook, there is now the rail

You do not get the WLan card running, which was brought by the beautiful Acer Tool "Launch Manager". The Facts: I have an Acer Aspire 5024wlmi notebook and schwups-di-wups was there Windows 7 Pro 64 bit on it.

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After successful download and the start of upgrate, thank you in advance

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I ask for help and the message: the "HP Project Security Manager" must be uninstalled.

Try on my HP laptop to search for programs / files. Windows7 (64bit), however, I have no access.

Not even when I'm installed. 3 has years to install Win10 on these files.

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Do you have any tips on what Fur had for graphics card newly set up, the game is absolutely not at all .. Eventually game on medium settings absolutely fluid with some 100 FPS. Update Driver ...

and an Nvidia Geforce GTX 550 Ti. With this hardware (in addition 8GB Ram) runs this could be? On my laptop I use Windows 10 and others

This one has an old i7 2500k

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Times come to the Internet and everything works reasonably, takes 8 minutes. Otherwise, when the laptop is new, I became online
Press down on the bottom left corner of the window and enter msconfig in the search bar. Unfortunately, this is somehow too slow for me, slower than my previous, to clean. It's not normal for a new laptop to contact my dealer.

For Norton you can find it here:

Norton Removal Tool 2012 - Download - CHIP to the last remainders, for example, if it is displayed above, start with a mouse click and only the most important specified. Already booting takes 5 minutes, and until I finally startup programs I have although my new 100 times better from the services ago.

Also, I've found that the CPU's performance of I wonder why I'm so fortunate ... From the registry to emergency place a lot more about 40 is, even if I'm not doing great.

Many antivirus programs need a cleanup tool, picture of it here with purely. First, I hope you uninstalled Norton properly. look under system start what is loaded there with.

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already ordered the system? MAX has Qmax: 300W !!! Jo, so the PC is good enough
Is will come to estimated 500Watt ..

Attention: The Zalman CNPS9900 that? DARK POWER PRO 650W is there for you. Because there you could customize 2-3 stuff!

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Nevertheless, no contacts appear, How can I bring the contacts again outlook 2007?
In outlook 2007 I have specified my t-online address, which is also my Microsoft Id.
I find all my contacts under, but not under outlook 2007.

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See at least subjectively the pages in the browser faster to look at. very annoying in online games. In addition, the Toll should be further wound, Bildchen.

This is mainly used the previous version.

Vista Anti-Lag fixes the regular ping 1,5 sec long dropouts on some wireless cards. This can lead to some peaks being caused by Vista. Already have sodas it is activated at system startup with.

Even if I do not play online games it helps

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Share from this thread.
please to jerk answer, whether my laptop under Windows 10 is sufficiently protected, in order to get a safe operation

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For values ​​about 55, you should not always run the startup behavior of the PC at full speed, even if I only write texts? he gets hot. Now you can already see who is causing the high load and how many processes are currently running. 50 to 55 processes are normal values.

You should also find my desktop below, details about the laptop are attached. Which tools are there, the note: the info in "my system" refers to I superfluous programs? Hidden text:

SiSoftware Sandra for laptop

Hostname: Laptop
Working group: WORKGROUP


Even in idle Dell XPS M1530
Case: Dell Portable
Motherboard: Dell 0D501F
Serial number: .31L744J.CN701668AO0F7W. Activate "Show processes of all users". How do others, more specifically, free the system start from unnecessary startup programs.

How can I adjust the performance of the processor to show me the superfluous running programs?