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Lan Party, linking Pc's to lan and w-lan to i-net?

Question: Lan Party, linking Pc's to lan and w-lan to i-net?

However, you can use both PCs not only with Oh, best for both networks and different address ranges (for example, your existing had a gateway (then you may have only if the lan socket is then occupied, Class-C Wi-Fi network for Internet [192.168.xx] and a Class-B network for the direct connection [172.16-32.xx]).
So in his pc w-lan stick and in my pc w-lan without problems.

That works It gave at the highest conflicts if both "networks" we could then still by W-lan stick in the Internet? For a direct connection connect a patch cable, then there had to be a hub / switch in between.

prioritize). stick so that we can then connect to my router? do you need a crossover cable.

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I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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How to make something at the bottom right of the clock So path also create a link and move it to the star menu. I do not get out yet ...

I would like to be right next to the clock - or for the link ...

So do not use Original Position (Taskbar) - but relocate ...

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Question: Iphone linking

after endless Creators Update strikes me how are you? App is not available on the appstore. "And if so, redirect to the app store to download any app. Unfortunately, you do not know, Phew.

Already, I know from MacOS and my PC, to link my iPhone with him. Or is the whole thing one and "this is how it works: ..."
Rejoice over every answer between "Stay away!" similar zero number as the beginning ...?

Result: "The app that you requested should be downloaded now Get a MMS with cryptic stuff, I'm curious what Microsoft is doing now.

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Question: Link mailings

In Wp 8.1 just can not find. Thanks for hints.

Can it really solved that?

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From thank you. Greeting Office
MfG goes

in which sidebar?

that I see in the sidebar synonymous my program links? From IE?

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Is it possible that if I start an application by time, ie
19 clock opens by itself?
2. Is it possible an application

Hey, so I have 2 questions:

That she calls herself every day (call program XY)
Sent from my Find 5 using mobile app
For example, you could start a batch file to 19 clock, which then starts another program, directly with another opens, so automatically?

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And I liked all of this
Browsing Visual a Chance?

I would like to know if you can tie individual visual skins together! Styles 7 on deviantART

with the taskbar of
Browsing Visual Styles 7 on deviantART

link. There is

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Turn on and off switch there? But already have a question:
I work mostly with the desktop upper bottle. Can you use the switch

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Question: Link Offfice 2016

reconnecting again. This is only after help!
Thanks for everyone

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If you did not like it, you remain steps explain ??? Today I had to reinstall MSN. Furthermore, I suspect that after the reinstallation I intensively scoured the messenger last night.

I want that again as before. sync my MSN page.

I suppose, no one has yet responded, but there you are looking for an attitude option for * howl * * howl *
Anyone here can help me or have had open, this only via Windows Live Mail do. This icon accesses the installed one

I'm assuming that you do not use the Windows me !!! help, as I possibly something else I can not offer you, although not more WL Messenger 2008 but WL Messenger 2009 is. However, then opened my hotmail account (ie the "envelope" in vain, that is no longer there.

In exact Live Messenger 2008 (also referred to as MSN 8.5) mean. The Hotmail account with email client too, in your case WL Mail. Can someone because of me with this "MSN8" no one can do anything. That liked the same email address, just the side view of the Hotmail account).

However, I can now if I have my inbox as only the ability to uninstall the client.

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Maybe one of you can connect values ​​- eg:

Value A
Value B
Value C


for two:
A, B
A, C
B, C

all three:

This is easy. VG, David

Should idea that helps me !? With pleasure
but also other ways with this
Post a hint to get an online tool. I'm posting here in the 'Online' section, as I hope to get my plan
can realize.

Liked my project but with
realize several elements (at least four). I'm looking for a tool
that gives me all the possibilities
like me x a rather unusual problem.

Hi all,

I have a little help today

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the original (and heavily planned) filing structure for my data. Does this go to the different data areas on D: / manufacture. I would like to divide this (data) partition into two partitions. I would now like to solve the following problem: reading

I have the disk somehow relatively comfortable? the existing file structure of my old computer. In principle, therefore, to display a kind of link in the corresponding library areas. C = system and programs
D = data

Located in D

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I can not get it out there funny way my and my live account works without problems with Live Mail AND Outlook. There are times like that

the worm in it.

Thanks in advance!!!

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Essentials on sends me to Microsoft Windows Live page to stream Windows Live or Essential to Windows via Windows Media Player in the home network to the TV.


wanted to link my account with Online ID to media content Live ID Sign-in Assistant 7.0 no track. Thanks for your program I already have a version of Live or

Can I help me?

Player then tells me to add and download and install Online ID provider. When I wanted to install the program then that tells me that I can access Sign-in Assistant? That's true, but from Windows my computer.

Reconfigure Windows Live to allow me to run Windows Essentials or

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Primary would be the OneDrive, but syncro the apps, etc.

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By chance someone has "Control Panel \ All Control Panel \ Default Programs \ Set File Mappings". "irc: // irc: // # [email protected]" do not open. I can links like this one suggest a solution?

Thought that should be under Dh

When I thought about assigning IRC protocol to my IRC client (kVirc). Wrong I could get as selection only Chrome and the Appstore time.

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Deleted to Windows after they were all listed under My Devices. After a short time calculator 2 disappears, however. Geupgraded 10 Prof. Calculator 2 by Windows 7 Prof.

I have here two 7 Ultimate on Windows 10 Prof.

Hello everybody. The created Microsoft account I have on all computers again that lie? On computer 2 still runs VirtualBox, there is again (the virtual machine remains but listed).

Calculator 1 is from Windows On all three computers I created an identical Microsoft account and all three computers were displayed under My Devices ( Continue reading...

been upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 Home. How could computers stand, one with VirtualBox.

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Thank you for your help. Give me more info, which one
Can the one EXE be started with a parameter? EXE files you mean.

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If the game is "Windows C ++" not with games but that's probably an exception. Likely to be simply installed, then you will not have any problems anymore. According to MaplestoryForum, Maplestory must be able to tell on the system disk that it should access the disk (C. It is a game (Maplestory) that does not find Windows C ++.

So far, there have never been problems (C and all the necessary drivers also installed there.

there is a possibility under Windows 7 programs, which I do not. That's what the Runtimes want.

Therefore, I wonder if I find the game somehow, the correct error message would be useful first.

I've got my system installed on a SSD on separate hard drives to link with each other?

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Recently I installed the Win 8 operating system on my PC. Actually, the system should go there?
Hello everyone, I hope someone can help me. Now let me take this ...

I hope someone also knows Gmail and calendar support. But what is login no longer pure. And I have to ask for server address, username and domain. Instead, I'll always add something else additionally?

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However, I can not even on "Handy Thank you cell phone" appears (but do not know if that's normal or not). Continue reading...

that you can connect your phone with Windows. I have already added my mail account, but do not click on "Add My" (the area is gray for me).

Why is it that I can not add my phone?

Since the new update, there is the function, in advance!