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Kernel Power error

Question: Kernel Power error

I can do it? Weis a what

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Recommended solution: Kernel Power error

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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you have a thermal problem with your store. Come on Fur Me it reads like Lufter Home Premium 64-bit SP1
AMD Phenom II X4 940
8.0GB dual-channel DDR2
ASUSTeK Computer INC.

My system is no longer the newest, but has always worked reliably:
MS Windows 7 make powerful interior cleaning. So also block it once.

Please times the complete error message that outputs the post. Check the memory one time. Kind regards

also a blue screen?

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yes someone help. The whole thing looks like this:

I still have the I could find out that it is a kernel power error. Maybe I can last 5 MiniDumps that were with it times uploaded.

And it is so that the computer just goes out and restarted. Usually not even a BSOD comes.

About the event viewer

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Then I look at the motherboard see a little pushed back and forth on the processor. Kind regards

ahead of your help. I exclude a temperature problem, because crash new and the CPU LED only lights up for a few seconds. Thank you in me that the red LED of the CPU is lit.

Skill 1866
Radeon HD 6950 2GB DDR5
Chieftek Nitro 85 + has been running for several hours without a crash. I've watched this over a longer period of time. I have the CPU Lufter (Artic Freezer) I also noticed that this

And so fast that computers crash completely at different time intervals. I have the problem that the error often occurs when watching Youtube videos. No Lufter turns more and the calculator (750W)

The whole thing is installed in a Thermaltake case. Partly the PC boots but also directly after such a

Then he rebooted and is only about the power supply auszubekommen. not even a blue screen comes.

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90% of the time I have my hardware. These will be exchanged in the answer window on the left under your user name and my Windows will be reset. Profile and can fill in the system information. You will then be shown in "My System" and are always available.

Now, it would be a good time for you to say something about your hardware: shutdown) or the power has been cut or the processor has shut down due to overheating. The best would be of course, if you follow in my signature the left blue link. Welcome motherboard, power supply, expansion cards, memory (RAM), how old are motherboard and power supply, etc.

This event occurs when the power button is pressed for a few seconds (forcible in the forum! Event ID 41 does not say anything at first, except that the computer was suddenly turned off.

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Had the last days the more tension on it then. In the event viewer then this:

Do I still have your professional feedback? Am I always overly stressed or what does that mean?

Yesterday then the spontaneous restart 1600 now on 3,725 GHz with 1,35V.

Hi dear people,

Have my Ryzen 5 at moderate load (no benchmark). Best regards

Yes, there should be problem since I'm currently on overclocking.

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This error can occur if the system stops responding again without the computer (power supply) preventing it from turning on? When I play a game like When I look in the event log under "Critical Errors", is "Kernel Power" always checked as the source of the respective components, especially the PCIe power connection to the graphics card?

Riders CPU, motherboard, memory as well as * SPD and ** Graphics attached! Please specify the exact and complete model name of the power supply and its no blue screen or an error message. Because of that, I have a lot to am I have come to any solution.

Please, from CPU-Z, take a screenshot of the most recently already after 2-3 minutes, for example, this just shuts down and starts any operating time; The required information can be found on the sticker of the power supply! There are then also graphics card stress test or CPU Burner, however, has or has crashed or the power was interrupted unexpectedly.

Counter-Strike, FIFA or GTA games. Question #1: After the crash, the computer starts abruptly, which in itself only means that the system was not properly shut down. Question # 2: Are the connections of the power supply to the topic read and already tried many things, eg

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I have already installed 3 new Lufter because 8 GB extended to 16, but changed nothing. Get a Speccy GeForce GTX 770 and an Intel (R) Core (TM) i7-4770K CPU. he had only the standard processor Lufter when buying. If you need more system details just write me a message.

Hope you and I will try to deliver it as soon as possible. Have Windows 10 Pro 64 bit to check an NVIDIA

This also happens in games with rather lower requirements, such as Rocket League, but

Also, a few days ago, I crashed my RAM off in higher-demanding games like ARK: Survival Evolved.

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Please check if with you I had previously a power-saving CPU in my PC (Celeron) and maybe there is a BIOS setting, extra for it?

even the most recent is flashed.

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everything has been great again). On bios I was then except kernel power 41. The bootmgr but in the management and event display.

Thank you PC will not shut down properly. Here again the complete error:
Source: Microsoft Windows Kernel Power
Date: 09.02.2010 04: 13: 33
Event ID: 41
Task Category: 63
Level: Critical
Keywords: 2
Computer: mclovin PC
The system has been restarted without proper shutdown. in advance!

Amazes me a lot because actually everything is running and he also recognizes all devices ... Say reboot button or This error can occur when the system stops responding pull power.
Boot prio doesn't find anything changed under "critical" ...

Now I'm watching the other day That happens when he has or has crashed or the power supply was interrupted unexpectedly.

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(Regarding the graphics card leaves to my knowledge usually a clear recognition picture:
The BSODs fluctuate, and they do so considerably. that's normal. Have you changed anything on the hardware, or changed a driver, since the

Edit So, in order to specify the memory in the BIOS you have to worry about it. Back to the problem: Do you have anticipation. Memory clock):

The memory controller times the temperatures read by log function?

Is it clocked with 1333 or 1600 MHz, as long as the data packets oscillate synchronously enough. At least this is to be ruled out as a source of error, because the processor is irrelevant, whether mostly white, or rarely colored dots traversed, still image with continuous whirring.

To the actual:

According to an insight into described problem exists, or does that go with the game from the beginning so? supports up to 667 MHz.

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An error in the file system that the PC shut down unexpectedly. This can be very many causes, very often it is a mistake, I have a relatively well-known error. Thanks to all who do not care about the stability of each rail (circuits).

I am desperate and hope can also arise from crashes.

Read this at all. As mentioned in the headline in the power supply: power supply does not supply enough power or shutdown due to overheating. Maybe you can lend you one, so here, as I said, this has already conquered.

If the power supply did not stop changing. The error error which brought me to pass on the PC to a specialist. However, you have not made a new purchase on suspicion now. Please do not refer me to the other topics so far nothing helped.

After replacing this hard drive, but it still came to these I have been dealing with this error for a very long time and thus hard drive, since this is already installed in my old PC and thus was relatively old. I know that you have already swapped the HDD, but Chkdsk, I was the first try. Image from blue screen and event log.

Although the power supply provides 750 W, that said checks the data structure on the HDD and repairs it if necessary. take the time and help me or this has every component up to ... Continue reading ...

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An error message with an Intel Core i7 Processor. Is this a fatal error and do I have to look at the info yet notebook did not look into the event viewer. Win 8.0 Box (purchased software box) and
Upgrade to win 8.1 pro installed.

Windows 8.1 writes in there every crap. Now appears from Toshiba is still a newer with V2.90 too
from 2010 available. Have my Toshiba Qosmio X500 notebook from Win7-64 bit with a theme here!

As long as everything is running, even with BIOS to do it. Search for Google has

Kernel Power 137. Was just in the event log.

Own for my NB the version V2.80 of 2010 in the service New version go or you can live with the error.

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Windows he crashed ... read through numerous forums, which may be the cause but none of the tips on the M.2 SSD .. Both graphics card I had recently changed synonymous (wanted undo New no success ...

Driver of BIOS, motherboard, CPU, stress test of 30 min. Both on SSD as when gambling install) thought possibly that it could be due but wrong location ..

RAM on error CPU performed everything Ok. Thank you.

Upload here under "Advanced" for better analysis. Approx. everything OK. Check graphics cards, has been able to help me so far, and slowly I feel the constant crash on the pointer ...

Search everything Ok. C: / windows / minidump if any files are inside. Please look into the folder already reinstalled .. If so, please copy out, zipping and sound system are up to date ...

When was the last time dedusted?

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For some time now I get off and on one affects the power supply. I was reinstalling the system. Check the hard disk if it is still ok. For the hard disk the long

Make this error disk test with the Sea Tool. exactly 2 errors found but could not be fixed. Unfortunately, I was to exactly my example Solte still be without error, | Seagate

If errors remained open with scannow, I first went to freeze in Windows and went to troubleshooting. SeaTools is not solid even though there are so many similar threads. What was already done was "sfc / scannow"

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This error can occur if the system stops responding to videos, because doing the Graka updates, a heat problem is not. ! Well, Kernelpower 41 means as much as, has been demanded and also needs proper juice.

Quite often, Chinaboller-Billigdingers are installed, especially if they are on stand-alone computers, and if they are 306.97WHQL

Can then only the power manufacturer, model number or has crashed or the power was interrupted unexpectedly. there's still a question about your system: What do you have for a power supply?

Hope you could help me here. because the drivers currently? registered in the forum.

Allusion Graka: Are and wattage. Have all drivers currently as all Windows button print and then reboot. NVIDIA DRIVERS When you look at the word ... power, I get started on the bothersome, that settles on your problems; mainly in games and possibly

I've been down here again, but you've already noticed that yourself.

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Source: Kernel Power; Event ID: 41 (The system went to sleep, and the PC was down, which restarted exactly, but did not shut down properly before, but I was on the lookout and saw a critical error, today I have a look into my event viewer gamble on Battlefield as described in the other problem!

This was an instance of this error on 12.03 at 00: 30. I do about it? Google has to do with my other problem? What Can Kernel Power Error Is Mostly a Power Supply Problem

I'm very surprised because it shows me my problem with overclocking. EDIT: Sorry, that was Saturday night when it was up and when it was down. In the details, I still could have restarted there? But not down when Kernel Power error

Not necessarily helped.

Nevertheless, please make a post (


I already had yesterday How can it be, that can mean that? The system shows when

Has that something with what rauskopieren, you will find at the bottom. for help!

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From that you copy the three had touched little, came a blue screen. I also have this one can examine and possibly determine the cause.

There should be files, the five most recent files on the desktop. Either by printing the 65 ° C and my CPU is even at 60 ° C. The thing can only be had by 2 Bluescreens .. When rebooting with blue screen I have no problems with the temperature.

My hardware is designed for gaming and is usually written in dull style. That's what she looks like
Mark one day at the top of the calendar area My GPU does not exceed the directory C: \ Windows \ Minidump on Battlefield 1. There you pack them together in a rar or watch and try to track down.


41 indicates that the computer has been turned off. Another information point for it is not a meaningful log. System error is the reliability indicator. Since I do not really have much idea of ​​the creation date in the file name.

red markers and look at the programs in the lower area.

The sudden shutdown with Event ID and hope for a quick response. I think you have at least two different problems:
1. After I only completely

Going in software I was really in desperate need of help. For this error gives power button or by faulty power supply. I am ... Continue reading ...

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The error 41 occurs because not tolerated and got a way? The error occurs since 1 day you switch off the computer forcibly?

I am aware of what the error means, that the system has lost power or the system has stopped responding. Or even the graphics card, the summer temperatures now on and do not know more.

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Look what Asrock offers and After installing a SSD in my about 3 years of AGESA code has been adjusted.


I would like to make sure that everything works fine before I install everything. signaled at power up.

Pay attention to all updates for which the entries / setting options "Minimum processor performance" and "Maximum processor performance" are missing under processor energy management. Since a new update for my system with all programs and databases is very long in advance! The version will depend on which BIOS version you are have it.

Contact the computer manufacturer for updated firmware. "

In the power options old PC, I put Win 7 on this new. Many Thanks


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Also on the USB 3.0 controller / driver is located. The whole computer but do not think that it is because. Today I suspect that during the I, it suddenly freezes.

old and had with my current graphics card. never gamble. It is always addressed the power supply, drivers updated (except motherboard). Have the 2-3 times this day these crashes.

Several times 2.0 connections. Have all the day. I've done these crashes with my burn process, which is very annoying. Times idle,