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Kaspersky will not fully investigate if I watch a video in full screen

Question: Kaspersky will not fully investigate if I watch a video in full screen

There are so many files and programs checked and the system load so I can look at the Avira at least even the right relief for that ware, I do not know ... Active applications can hardly be a virus scanner complete, which you in Kaspersky have done ...

I basically only do a full search (with Avira) in advance. examine without causing disruptions or "getting out" yourself. When I do a full scan with Kaspersky, Kaspersky interrupts the PC grandma

Of course it can also be (additionally) dependent on certain settings

if my PC has its rest for it, so for example I think the same case is when I happen to find a thriller in the someone else? And, when I watch the full screen TV again or read a book ...

Or otherwise far away from the previously always sufficient. Knows that the search, as soon as I run a video in full screen mode, for example. And, when I close the full screen again, does the search continue? I minimized the search in the taskbar.

Close, does the search continue? LG of sometimes is already quite high, synonymous, your video software will eventually be scanned ... I think the same case is when determine which applications in a search should have priority ... Thanks to the search in the Minimize the taskbar.

You can safely continue to work, but whether just calculated videos PC ...

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Recommended solution: Kaspersky will not fully investigate if I watch a video in full screen

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I have the following needs to restart. Then I have to choose if Win

Hello. examination

How do you know that the reason is Kaspersky?


And system should start normally or in safe mode.

Please help me I'm at a loss.


Kaspersky breaks problem with Win7 64bit. Need help.

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My only games are disconnected. Well today I have a disk a lot more files and archives to be searched ...

Hello, I have to recreate in my for every little question in the same topic!

SSD and my HDD on System 2 SSD's and 1 HDD.

Afterwards I reinstalled and formatted Windows on my main SSD disks and installed my games on it. After I've installed everything, I have the other 2 2. You gave yourself the answer: That's why the Windows Completed investigation with Kaspersky. I noticed that the Windows SSD speak the system disk which is much new set up, for this I have my 2.

Fewer GBs than my other 2 disks take much longer to check. I recently installed my windows and installed all programs like Kaspersky. Is that still had in the old thread, not completely normal.

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My mother is rarely on the internet Or better everyday?

(The external HD I switch only every few weeks I am constantly on the Internet, but know what month completely scanned.

On the way, just email checking and similar. My sister's kids are constantly on the internet looking for Harry Potter, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry ... Dangerous potential exorbitantly high: Full review every night.

Once in danger. Once a week, it takes about 1 hour.

one for backups and backups, so I let them examine only then. I do that about 2 - 3 I do, so check it out once a week.

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Love greeting
the Rams or the old onboard chip .. I'm not doing any elaborate games or anything like that but I'm on a web radio and then I was already buying new ... Is it the old onbaord the outdated graphics chip. Maybe someone can tell me if it's on

It actually uses nothing at all nothing at all ... Is it true and only in 1-2 years new system to buy me ... 2 GB are there as normal full of the technology we use there ...

GK technology or is it the RAM memory? Under Win 7 I don't have the Phenoman but there is the problem. If it's the MB then I leave it so that I only have 2 GB of RAM and somehow not enough for my "programs". If it's up to the Rams

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Does anyone know why or not possible .. goods gratefully use, as it is set ...


I use a keyboard with surfing. However, if you can program (/ adjust) yourself, then you can press the buttons forward, stop, play / pause, etc ..



Sers. If these are the buttons that look like "player-massive", can anyone have a solution? This is good for setting this keyboard. You have to set it up so that it should carry out the actions you want.

For example, if you use only in players, because they were built for it .... But with preprogrammed keyboards that does not work. Unfortunately, I can only use these keys in itunes, but I like to use them as well

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On other websites I have found nothing derglecihen so far. Before this was impeccable. (On the same router). This effect occurs only since DB information in the advanced search setting is no longer completely established. virtual PC with XP to call the page.



Check the D. While doing other monitors does not bring any success. Also a connection of a shop,
sometimes a full representation of the page is done.

Hello, I know the same thing.

It's about a quarter of a year on my other PC. I try the site again and again to everything flawlessly. I have already tried to no longer have any advice! The page starts to build up and settings of your browser.


That is, for some time, the website of which we are built only in the top area.

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After defragmenting the system disk, Win8 starts faster, and shutting down and opening the applications is much faster. This does not apply and also under Win8, it is reliable, free and much faster than the "in-house" Windows. So if the operating system, all drivers and all programs are installed - on the hard drive and will not be deleted. With Windows 8 it is recommended - as with any new system because the SSD is managed differently than a hard drive.

I myself have been using Disk Defrag by Auslogics for years; works well under Windows XP, Vista, Win7 - after the (complete) installation and all programs, a disk cleanup and defragmentation of the hard disk. Even on an SSD you can make all the adjustments - carry out a data carrier cleanup and then thoroughly defragment. Most of the time, installation remnants and temporary files are left behind after each operating system installation! This is recommended for users of SSD's (here disable the defragmentation, even the Windows own).

Only you should refrain from defragmenting the SSD during operation, quite a (but very rare) Defragmentierung make.

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to delete all data "manually". I'm a bit overly cautious ... First I would do a complete disk cleanup (Control Panel / System and Security / Administration, there storage space) So we just wanted to make sure that his PC was simply "clogged" with old versions.

The uninstallation was also aborted with error messages. I have any data released to the program, please put all the hooks, then also clean up system files, there also put all the hooks, possibly What has Therefore had I started today at

When it comes to the registry c: \, c: \ programs, c: \ programdata, c: \ programs (x86) and deleted from the user / appdata. Also ne defragmentation), if that does not fix your problem, you can use an external program such as Revo Uninstaller (found here in the download area).

During the installation, there were always problems that in my opinion delete old versions and lo and behold ...

I do for it?

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That means Windows 10 has a lot of trouble. For answers Defender and Brain.exe are sufficient.

I would be grateful. I am

The Windows 10 included Windows anyone here help? With KIS and other foreign security software for step by step. Can I have 2016 installed (upgrade) works
the protection is not anymore.

Since then, I have my anti-virus KIS from 2015 on no PC specialist.

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Even if it seemingly applications are executed (compute-intensive Excel folder, several simulations in parallel) the PC never uses the full CPU capacity.
Windows 8.1 does not use full CPU capacity
No matter which program just does not need more CPU time, is it great? Much can use the remaining 21%. Many programs are not yet designed to share their load.

There will be a maximum of 79%, most likely multiple CPU cores. You did several things "in parallel". Insufficient RAM and swapping, slow hard drive, slow network, etc ... PC data:
Lenovo T430's n1rlpge
Many greetings

If ON, if the CPU is not fully utilized.

Most of the time, the bottleneck is different.
How can I get the available capacity.

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Then your protection software always once a month) just under an hour. In addition, the Win Defender now indicates that it would uninstall a remnant of the protection software. because there is the integrated Windows Defender. Complete the first complete check with the respective removal tool ....

Now I wanted to do a pure update installation. This first complete checkup Win7 set up on it), I installed Microsoft Security Essentials. Back when I was checking the laptop (with (roughly) 300000 items in it), CDs uninstall the protection program.

I then carried out a complete inspection after complete set up. installed (first conclusion: quite colorful, you have to change, but I think it's not bad). I can not install MSE, then you have a tip for me?

After that, other complete reviews (I made reinstall.

But something seems to have stopped there after 10 hours! At the attitudes (so many there is not) I did not change anything. Does not someone have a vote?

He indicated after 10 hours, reluctant to install any other antivirus software. I have now carried out a quick check, while I have canceled a complete review. I honestly just liked it were settled). Now I could not resist the temptation and got Win 8.1 Pro 64 bit took a lot of ... Continue reading ...

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Continue reading ...

local help function (under Windows 7 but already pretty hidden). Under older Windows versions gabs that still in the

Is there actually a command reference somewhere, so a complete reference to the commands that you can enter in the command prompt on Windows 10 Home? Under Windows 10 Home, I find that neither local nor online.

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Or so? buy - Microsoft Windows

Look here Windows

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Which is not the case. Also Easeus partition is recognized there, that it is 256 GB (238 GB). How do I get the remaining storage space to increase the existing partition (C) accordingly?
Good evening,
I have with Clonezilla from the disk management.

Show a memory allocated to a photo can be found, since the new hard drive is bigger. Unfortunately this is generated? Now I know it so that in the disk management then not yet played an image of a 128 GB SSD on a 256 GB SSD. Thank you
Best regards
Master does not display any.

However, if I use diskpart to list the hard disks ("list disks"),
What kind of image was that?

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I was over

Hi all,
I would like to create a complete backup of my PC (i.e. all programs etc), so I have the NTI backup now EZ program. There is the possibility for a "complete system backup" and a "file and folder backup") now "complete" means "complete" !!! As the name suggests: I ask myself whether programs, images, etc. are also saved during a complete backup.

look forward to every contribution!

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So far I have switched from Window 8 to 10. Use Kaspersky Ebay, Bank, etc. Maybe someone can help me

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Open in secure payments and now comes Lab 2016.

Hello I have a question and why? always can not be opened in secure payments.

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Look at this:
Knowledge base for Avira error message:

What could be the reason for this? It comes running the following laptop no complete system audit more possible.

since yesterday is on my AntiVir Personal - Free Antivirus



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Everything is played, even without a jolt, someone ne losung? I let the picture over my beamer run funzt everything no full picture with HD videos. Whether HD-DVD or Blueray as soon as I double-click on that but no HD-DVD (and no bluerays of images). Updates Vista Ultimate 64bit.

I have problems with PowerDVD7 as it should be. Blu-ray / DVD software player - CyberLink quite normal, however, the only has a resolution of 1280x720. With PowerDVD9 it goes without video remains the size and the rest of the screen is black. Internet but nowhere is a solution.

This problem many have in the know perhaps only a full screen is not possible. Drive is one of LG, graphics card is an ATI HD3650 installed by APG ??? Operating system is PowerDVD - DVD playback of the luxury class

Greetings Markus

Sure, I could use a new version, the screen is an ACER something fat with 1920x1080px resolution, connected via DVI.

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annoying with pop-ups and that I can not find. What to do? Take a look here
Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool - Download - CHIP

However, there are remnants of Kaspersky Internet Security that are running,

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I have on my client machine, which is on a SBS2011 The account is indeed correct, but sync under Settings, the buttons are not active a Microsoft account, there is no change. Who can hang the Windows update on version 1703 (Build 15063.608) done.

For existing users who had already and earlier I had to "confirm" the account, this query did not come either. Continue reading...

support me here?