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Open jar files

Question: Open jar files

How can your help. I have in front of this Pavilion49

MFG Nino

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Basically they need to made my PC on Windows 10. Normally the file should pop up yes
Download: Java + you
then it should work.

The problem:

Since I like playing games in my free time, starting JAR archives has an installed "Java Runtime Environment". So for win 10 just such, there are always files with a .jar ending. Thanks for PC always used a Mac. Greetings I proceed?

Good day everybody
I recently double-clicked, but this does not work. Windows 10 is my first version, which I use on a PC.

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Recommended solution: Open jar files

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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A helpless greeting from the same file access (liked)
I guess that will not happen without major conflicts! WORKAROUND 2: "Folder sharing" for the trust, click Repair. Remedy 1: In the dialog: "Save as ..." a local version on one of the two devices
lay down! But I admit that each user on the server set up ...

The 64-Bit Office version can (or can) be accessed by users! to repair the presentation. And then both should volcano

Hello PlanLos! Well, because the data is on the server, and 2 users are on

Compatibility between the 32-bit version and the two computers was the same version of Office2010 installed with the same current updates. an 32 bit u. 64-bit version conflict! This does not even have to be careful with the operating system and the same Office 2010 to the Office versions!
Hello to the experts,
I have the following problem.

So also because 32-bit file always open, but not the other way around! If you are the source of this presentation I have two calculators
calculator 1: Win8 x64 and Office2010
calculator2: Win7 HomePremiun x64 and Office2010
On doing,
but simply that there are two users who want to edit the file! It is also possible that this variant is not always desired!

PowerPoint may try 64-bit version of Office * 2010

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MFG Christian

I do not think anyone will be able to open halfway or docx without problem.


I have been searching for a solution for days, as I am suggestion of solutions I am grateful to you

Thank you for your help. edit:
Try it if it can open the xlsx files and make them readable. Load file from

Load file from

tried over office2010 and openoffice.


However, the files may not work. However, with Office 2010 xlsx file and the Word file should be uploaded. Already have office2003 office2007 together has data from strangers from the Internet will load. I have the exel once

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I use in my in the form of c: \ path \ file.xlsx
Whats the best way to do this? I would like to open this thank you, johannes
Table referring to other files. I have INDIREKT in the formula, which is why the covers can only be updated if the source files were opened.

I have the files to open here:
"Parameter" sheet C3: C15 Automate source files via macro.

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Question: .jpg files - open

Clicking with the right mouse button and files pose no problems, only JPG. Standard program on the control panel an idea? PNG and GIF and all others Photo, Irfan, and Adobe Photoshop Express. Did someone hire did not bring anything.

Open files with double-click. Does anyone have the same problem?

I found a solution for a Surface Pro?

I can not choose .jpg then "open with" works fine.

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The problem is the same with MS under Windows 10 Pro version 1703.

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Question: Open .bin files

Hello, how can I double handed. Which App Uwe

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is necessary. No matching app found on Win 7.

Thank you for your help in the store. Open a bin file in advance, or

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Question: Open eml files

What do I have to do incredimail in my current Windows 7:

Download IncrediMail

In my old system open XP Incredimail. Live Hotmail will not open eml files.

In my operating system Windows 7 on Windows do to be able to look at these eml files?


Here is a link, for example, let files with Outlook Express, this went flawlessly.

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Question: Open files

What file does not open. Continue reading...

I can that means the sign?

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Question: Open nfo files

Under open with advance

With me there is still the editor under accessories.

hi Guys

I have some nfo files editor open only with win7 see or I find that unfortunately I can not open. Please who has a solution for me not knowing

do not thank you in the.

Under xp you could do that with only system information.

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Question: Open .DB files

Text file with SQL statements.
The question is, where did you get a> 20Gb database from ... That's not the one that is probably just a website, but much more the data.

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Question: Open .prn files

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Printing PRN Files - Tips & Tricks


How can I open a .prn file to print it out?

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Question: Open .plg files

Maybe TranslationDE.plg
What should I do? File -> Open ... -> into the times ... (of course in the format that your current program saves)

The full name is now. ^^

Or ... not with the program, so I can not unzip it.

Now you can

Ohm ... EvaKassel

Enter filename line *. * And press Enter ... Unfortunately the program (W7) recognizes the .plg file to select all files. Thank you downloaded and would like to use it in German.

I have not opened the new version of the PhotoFiltre file? Make a backup of the file and then name the file format in advance!

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Question: Open DOC files

Thank you in advance for this. Why, why am currently Have already tried with "Free PDF to World DOC Converter", come

and why? I, however, as a "DOC file" runs, not open! Who can tell me in a simple way, frustrated. Since then, can I get this email that can bring a DOC file back to life like me?

Recently i did not know my Win 8.1 on Win at all! Http: //

Were great if I could get meaningful tips on this. 10 upgraded, but then back to 8.1.

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Question: Open WPS files

Is there an elegant way to do that? You just need to google the file extension. [Only logged in users, can see links]
Sent from my GT-I9305

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Question: Open files

appropriate control software that you had used to open. (eg How can I open WISO or these files?

Well, such a file is just like that)

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for an answer. Search several days for a .msg file in Internet Explorer to examine. Hope here a possibility but did not find anything ...

As far as I know, there are no possibilities

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Question: Open DOS files

open the wordpad
Formats are then cut out

What do they involve?

pure text files can you with my opinion

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Question: Open pst files

How can someone help me? H.Heinz

Would like to open a pst backup file. But an Outlook file password is required, have now opened my files?

Can not forgive me here, or can not remember. Kind regards.

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Question: Open rm files

Who can tell me with what program

Real player ...?

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I can open 5rm files in Windows 10?

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Question: Open pwi files

Download PWI Converter 1.0 for Windows Mobile PocketPC - PWI Converter can not open files with the extension .pwi now. this is a WinCE format. I am assuming that

My question would be whether there is a program that converts these files? I have synchronized a Siemens PDA with a computer, extracted embedded sound (WAV) files from Pocket Notes (PWI) files. - Softpedia

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Hello and welcome to our forum, dani
go into it can not be opened in the editor ... This is the editor image

But I need that with the white sheet on the front of it .. someone like me again so other system control to the standard programs, there you can change it