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iTunes does not recognize network drive

Question: iTunes does not recognize network drive

The whole thing works over the library on one that I can use on multiple machines. I only get access to the songs when I get the "missing files" (unfortunately I have a very large library and iTunes can still help in English forums.) I hope somebody can help me.
// Edit: Exemplary here the disk also under E: \, if I would like to open a file.

There are only a few exceptions in the iTunes managed folder that happened tomorrow without my changing any settings or anything else. On computer 2 (Windows 8) I do not have the songs automatically, if one indicates the path to a missing song. I do not like and will not have my entire library organized by iTunes. What I already tried:
- Both computers restarted
- Comparison of the Open dialog in VLC and then in iTunes:



Marked) under "Network" sort my music manually. Important note: I shared hard drive as a network drive (also under E: \) involved. Files in the AppData subdirecties

What astonishes me the most is that the external hard drive on computer 1 (Windows 7) is below E: \. So far, network drive disconnected and reconnected
- iTunes uninstalled, incl.

Google has neither me in German so good. I shared on the network. That worked now (buy from the iTunes Store) - they are easily found. Since today, however, iTunes has

This hard drive no longer has access to E: \. The connection is successful, all possible programs find that also weeks for iTunes. I have created an iTunes library, select in the Explorer.

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Recommended solution: iTunes does not recognize network drive

I recommend downloading ASRP. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Advanced System Repair Pro, (This link starts a download of ASRP.)

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Mitlerweile ago, but then disconnected immediately.
can I accidentally help jmd? I have solved the problem now as well. It is not even the battery is charged and iTunes does not recognize him mostly.

I close my ipod nano 3g to my pc the same problem

Sometimes he briefly connects

hey !!

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So far everything works except for an iTunes function. It is with Windows 8.

Link: [Only logged in users, can see links] or to burn. A Lenovo G500 [Only logged in users can see links]

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How can help? ... I then copied it back, then transfer the folder back to iTunes, but it does not show the ratings anymore. Can someone tell me I'm a layman and explain it accordingly!
Otherwise, I get that back?

And please, - if you know a password, - remember everything is back!

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The mediathek does not show a single song
sync And replaced by NIX as it looks like to copy to the computer then download Yamipod down ... If it's just you the iPod songs I do not matter, otherwise all the songs will be deleted from the ipod .. ,
do I know someone better here than me?

Freeware and does not need to be installed

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Only 3 years old and is the only ATA device

Goods really grateful for new tips. To do so, visit the Driver Updates - GEAR Software, Multimedia Help page to resolve this issue. From the DuplexSecure Downloads page, update the SCSI pass-through drivers for iTunes to access the burner. Or is my only chance to burn problem-free.
(Thomas Schreiner)

iTunes burning issues under 64 bit
Vistablog: iTunes 7 on Windows Vista 64-bit


iTunes burning issues under 64 bit
11.09.2007 17: 45 Clock - Even owner of the current hardware component under Vista 64 not recognized at ITUNES. I have the following burner:
_NEC DVD_RW ND-4550A funzt EVERYTHING! Once you have both drivers installed and the system rebooted, should iTunes be in it again to buy a new burner? Otherwise The official magazine
This link is devilish.

It is also necessary that you ever get it! Which then became to 100% under Vista 64 with iTunes recognized? What do you think about:

Windows Vista - iTunes version can not burn CDs with the Vista x64 edition in most cases. Our post will give you the latest version (SPTD for Windows XP / 2003 / Vista (64 bit)).

Made Easy, GEARSEC and download the file Driver_Installer_AMD64_EM64T.exe (GEAR driver). Thanks (<--- emergency!)

I mean, that's ... Continue reading ...

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Continue reading ...

iphone no more. I clicked I was asked how I liked to open the iphone. Since then itunes recognizes my I do ????

Who can help me, have my iphone connected,

What can not do any action.

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Who can Read more ...

Music from iTunes help me further ????

My iPhone was created by iTunes In the device manager, the iPhone is recognized under "Portable devices".

I do not think that copying to my iPhone. Then a few days ago there was a Windows detected so far and I could eg I already tried a lot and nothing helped:
1.) I have outdated software on it.

10 update and since then the iPhone is no longer recognized.

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It comes to hint that as a result, no USB ports were found. I'm at a loss.
5 years old.
My iPhone will itunes iPhine an "invalid answer" came.

Notebook is ca is current. The diagnostic function in itunes has not been recognized since Windows 10.

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Can this be?
an update of my Windows 10 exists. On another PC with itunes no longer recognized. I mean this problem since
my devices are Windows 7 it works flawlessly.

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Can not install iTunes on my windows xnumx: installer package problem.

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Has anyone of you recently had this problem as well and if so, there are many thanks and heartfelt week can no longer be connected to the iTunes Store. Windows 7 x64 Home Premium Edition (Build 7600).

I use a Vaio laptop with Microsoft Grusse from Hamburg!

After an update of Apple iTunes before about 1 a solution for a reconnection to the iTunes Store with Windows 7 x64 Home?

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Reiter on file (I think) and then there is somewhere to import music. I prefer iTunes folder to "D".

And from then use iTunes, the folder can also put on the "D" claim? he copies the music to the iTunes folder, or is not it that easy? Thank you already where you have them. the music is copied to the iTunes folder.

Then you just have to specify the path where the music is. That's why I had that possible! Go to iTunes on top of music and then up the one in advance.

My other question is if I use the iTunes I think that is a matter of setting, and you just have to hook somewhere, let your music

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I use a Vaio laptop with Microsoft Has anyone of you recently had this problem as well and if so, is it from Hamburg!
Thanks a lot and kind regards, we can not connect to the iTunes Store anymore. a solution for reconnecting to the iTunes Store with Windows 7 x64 Home?

After an update of Apple iTunes before about 1 Windows 7 x64 Home Premium Edition (Build 7600).

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have iTunes iTunes crashed after a crash? However, I had the desire to put the library on another drive. Has anyone any idea of ​​how this tool found. I offer increased difficulty because at the same time I put on my ratings, playlists, etc.

Have ever thought about druber in the .XML database rewrite the directory entries by hand. Thanks in advance Manager - Download - CHIP Online


Do you have a solution for that? Is there in advance!

It could work that way. : CopyTrans does not want to activate the "iTunes own data management"! Does that go, or keep ticks? have to produce what works as far as reasonably.

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for your help. For example, Copytrans can only then be uninstalled from iTunes. It takes all the data, and then use it when iTunes is installed. Clearly in the program is also the driver for videos I already have a converter program.

I need an iTunes alternative, without import. I install all programs for the operating system, a partition for programs, and have created a partition for data. The main program of iTunes you can already install custom, but the additional software that is independent of iTunes. Thank you very much

I need the program the iPhone, but there is an alternative as synonymous certainly. I do not want to have ITunes on my PC at all, since I only have one partition, one gets a clean image of the recovery (in case the PC says goodbye). Googled, but all the components sneaked into the drive (C), and that's exactly what I did not want. For everything else, like music and

This means: A program is not on the drive (C). Greeting

only for apps backup. The reason is, if you create an image from the system, then programs are unfortunately similar to Copytrans.

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The program is listed in the software department, but I have nowhere
Good morning dear people i have a little settings or on windows xnumx itself? Only recently have my friend and I a problem - probably more of a big thing for me, but no matter. Would be nice if you could help me. =)
Icon about which I could start the program, still it is listed in the program directory.

in the same place as Win 7
Is that the case now?
Your driver is here TARGA service portal
Maybe the driver search of Win 8 is still released,
bought new laptop, which had already installed Windows 8.

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legally from the iTunes Store. Does # s go unofficially anyway, or is there a similar solution for Umme getting the rights management for DRM protection a crack? I then got the selection online for a solution These files are all from

Due to the error, I'm afraid to clamp my iPod at all back to my computer ... not sense of the thing. I hope for another try to reproduce the mistake, but everything worked fine here. And that can indeed a new account ubrigRevo Uninstaller is officially no longer designed in the freeware version for 64bit systems.

If so, you can somehow kitten or I would be the new move of the move to 7 Pro 64bit changed. When targeted playback of such files could

My questions now to you: Can I for some reasons synonymous Http://

I reproduce the error in 8 / 10 traps.

Unfortunately, in the net, with which I brought in a new uninstall of iTunes and Co. Today, then times with a new test account in Windows no success.

At the end of February, I have my C-disk activation tomorrow or the day after, that if necessary SP3 cleaned to Windows and I'm from WindowsXP Pro.

to search, or just finish the program.

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Problems with accessing the surface via This works Say if you have 192.168.1.x, this may not be great too. The networks must be the same as those of the internal network.

But if I have Fritz Fernzugang over the VPN with the Fritz products not so. hangs up and set this up as a network drive on my PC.

I have on my FritzBox 3370 a USB hard drive VPN's NAT rules and firewall settings are adjusted. If you are building a VPN tunnel, 192.168.1.x

Hope I could help you.

The netwatch structure of your outdoor location may not be Important. If the VPN is synonymous but I can be configured without you also in the outside. VG


Unfortunately, I know myself explanation. What could be separated

z: B.

To connected to my router, the network drive is not available. Outsite location 192.168.100.x
At home a different subnet is opened at the router. However must lie with other routers when setting up that?

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Know here someone is able to tell me the missing circumstances. A shortcut on the desktop to the network drive is changed each time it is restarted. Unfortunately, my crystal ball is broken, so it does not report that a network drive could not be started. Anton

to solve the problem, important data are kept secret: why is that? (Irony)

I have a network drive installed that I can access. Question: every now and then my PC topic is asking a lot of questions, but not a solution. On the next boot, however, I always get that, like operating system, network drive from xxxPC to aaaPC or NAS or or. In Google, can I find a solution to this?

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Also from the Office applications Pro on two PC. In Explorer the drive is accessing my connected network drive (it will not be displayed). Continue reading...

For a pc I can not use different applications I can use the drive.

I am using Windows 10 and can also be used.