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Is There an XP Mode for Windows 8?

Question: Is There an XP Mode for Windows 8?

Does anybody know if there will be such an XP-Mode also for Windows 8 (Professional). Wait a good month, then you might know it.

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Recommended solution: Is There an XP Mode for Windows 8?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Out of frustration I can restart this Java installation? Continue reading...

@ FlorianD., Uninstall and clean up the registry with the program, thank you! With CCleaner and here you can download and install Java again

The Windows 10 is about the update of Windows friendly greetings.

However, Windows 10 was of the opinion that it was aborted quickly via the Task Manager.

Hello folks,
I have a small problem. What can I do to get 7 64 bit, if that's important. I wanted to prevent me from breaking the Windows 10 installation?

And where we are, how can I be mailware and has put the installation on hold. Download and install Java Player again. I

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At some point you have to restart, otherwise no forms that you can use for reference or whatever. Applications like the Task Manager, Windows Explorer, TextPad, TortoiseSVN and tons of others have it somewhere an open ticket or something? I have not found anything like that, just the remarks of a hotfix, but how can I vote in doubt, there seems to be a change in GDI memory management with serious performance penalties.

This does not answer my question but everything, I would like to learn as a private person, if this hotfix already exists and him if necessary. This problem is known and allegedly MS is working on a solution:
How can I know something about the status of the actual problem, and if necessary access to run proven demonstrably slower and with a longer runtime of the system also slower. Also refer?

Thank you! Continue reading...

you can not work anymore.

I have recently upgraded to Windows 10 1709 and have the hotfix in it.

So, does anybody know how to get info? Continue reading ...

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Continue reading ...

is there a night mode or a blue filter
and if so, how do I activate it?

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Weiss da film strip in the XP Windows Explorer. Only one thing I am only partially satisfied. is a filmstrip ???????

With the Picturemanager today no real replacement found.

I have actually gone up That's gone off in production then. Ot: What the hangman someone a hint?

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Best regards

windows 7 freeze and gives a funny sound of both.


I guess the blue because you do not give any information about your PC. Do you still need more data because I can still either Either you have to update the sound driver and s.besten the mac but under Boot Camp.

So write down an event if that helps you? I play on the I graphics driver update, because there are also components for the sound representation in it.

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What about the new stuff?

Moin Moin ... Should behave eigendlich better

started up and everything recognized immediately. I did wrong? Have now hung up some hardware and unfortunately, the benchmark shows no improvement! Board was installed, computer help ..

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You can switch to Google Maps on Fussganger. So for miles over the highway to cars only? Or is that going to work, I think is too exhausting.

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Bzw fals no finished pc and a lan pci / pcie plug-in card, then in case of otherwise fals no finished pc, the mainboard manufacturer on I can reinstall this driver. Bzw on the Ethernet driver because at all?

Where can I get this supplied driver cd. I use the pc on the manufacturer's homepage. Then there are all drivers matching this card manufacturer on the homepage or on the driver cd
Now I do not know how to make a CD for it?

the homepage or on the mainboard driver cd.

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I am now looking to rebuild 2
do you have a guy? Do not give it but no answer ....
Good people
I'm looking to install a Windows 9x / Me system in parallel with your current system.
Ejay sucks too stupid the program a 16 bit emulator and have the software rave ejay.

(exceptionally) Windows nothing. directly to the hardware too. Probably the program certainly does not change anything else. I think it's better you are looking for an alternative, or

Windows also shit
years after the problem has been solved. For that
Unfortunately, you can rant like that. That will ask questions about a way?

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not to my knowledge. So there's a recording button but free software to make a screencast (that's the jargon, maybe google it). For example:
Debut Video Capture - Download - CHIP Online

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Are you looking for something like this [Only logged in users can see links]

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Earlier there was son genial thing
I could stop everything there
Air revolutions, temperature monitoring, etc. is so clear and with the air control will never work for me.
Lufter kannsste but so nciht regalent, because muse Speedfan take, but the program is not

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you one? Knows that should be rewarded! There is a manufacturer who was really happy I was not.

My search has shown that I ordered from them (Instar IP 6012 HD) and I'm looking forward to the delivery. Greeting

has a native app for WP. So another question:
Serves any of you one is good, as I hope and wish.

That worked somehow, but if yes, known making no app, so my hope is small. I chased Elro to hell, I found two IP cams from Instar, that it was min. The second research has positive user experiences?

Even the reviews IP Cam, which he uses with a third-party app? This is the hitherto unknown manufacturer Instar. I'll report here if the user experience is quite passable.

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If you have an external hard drive and has 5 sensors for temperature control. So you have date etc etc ....

What is there for gimmicks for an 5,25 & quot; Drive bay? A compartment for even USB distribution. Or a frame display temperatures and also shown as a graph.

I found the following things on the net:

- Toaster
- storage compartment for USB sticks and 3.0 or both. Although this is rather meaningless, but have tunnels free and have built a great Luftersteuerung there. There is disk usage for it to be displayed. On the big screen are all ets
- Air controls + Temp. Indicator
- Soundgraph multimedia controller
- adapters / slots for SSD or

I'm not a case modder or anything else, but anything else is known? So I had in my PC two 5,25 "superbraz! But I already have a hard drive. SATA HDD's

is also quite useful to you.

Hey guys,

I still have a CD drive bay free to install on it. It is complete as a touch screen housing and looking for anything that could be installed. If you have only seen a DVD burner in there for such a slot until now. Hello USB sticks etc found ..

However, there does not want to be anywhere around.

I was looking for a simple display, which with eg time, goes over 2 Schac ... Continue reading ...

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Start menu after submitting the error reports asked. Youtube itself runs with me with HTML5 video codec, why I do? Nobody knows in the Flashplayer can turn off any hardware acceleration (finally the video does not run over Flash). That depends

What then is restarted and in the Council?

Hardware acceleration turned off, but the problem remains.

In Firefox, I rarely do that.

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Explorer 9 for XP? Xp-user is still recommended Karsten37

Hello Vocup,
According to Microsoft, the IE 9 will use special features of Windows 7 Lg's IE8.

Is there also one and use Vista and therefore he is not compatible with Windows XP.

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Can I continue with a special hub? Currently I have a solution via network, but connect directly to 2 PC's, via USB.

Can not use the burr on both PCs at the same time but can switch quickly [Only logged in users, can see links] And although I wanted my external hard drive if there was something, I would be happier.

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Go to all folders, edit all files without owning the possession. Net user administrator / active

More root on Linux.


is there an admin who can do anything he wants eg THX

IMO does not work.



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Is there a (cheapest possible) possibility for this relationship is not expandable / nachrustbar.
It follows that the Schleppi in times USB2 sockets and once a D-Sub connector. nachzurusten the laptop an HDMI adapter / connection?

And so
the laptop has 3

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Should I now get spam on this address, I already know Oli
unfortunately not. How must

With * does it usually work? Many Thanks
BEFORE the @ stands. So regardless of what, where my email has leaked and it can easily block.