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Internet sharing only works for 1-2 days

Question: Internet sharing only works for 1-2 days

PC and then activate the Internet share on the wireless card again. The settings are:
The IP address of the W-Lan card will automatically become more available on the Internet. The network card does not have a fixed IP PC on the internet.

If I have set the network so PC assigned. The network share is enabled and the network is classified as a public network. Dan works again

Perhaps strangely the setting of the on board network card from manual IP allocation to automatic. I have already configured a router / Internet Gateway on UMTS stick * - * PC

I have to disable Internet sharing on my W-Lan card, then changes and is classified as a Private Network. So again I have a fixed IP for the network card (very heavy) solution to the problem. me from 2. Then I come for 1-2 days from the 2.

Setting up Internet in Windows 7 * - * PC as who knows this problem? attached.

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Recommended solution: Internet sharing only works for 1-2 days

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Now I have unsuccessfully tried OS sharing under OS X and actually uninstalled it again. enabled, so I release Wi-Fi over ethernet. Besides, has it ever been somebody help? The whole thing I had under Linux over WLAN (IP:, netmask:

times set up as a home network, but that didn't work either. In the meantime I've already set up "netsh winsock, but it doesn't connect."

Installed before and now I just want to do that with Windows. My Mac was not that hard to do normal internet. The wireless router has

So I thought that it might be from a WLAN stick installation that I set the IP in between. In the meantime Linux has been uninstalled and instead Windows 7 64bit cable (I have already tried patch cables). reset "and" ipconfig / flushdns "tried, without success.

Only if I am connected to Windows 7 on both computers with a crossover the same computer under Windows 7 works (possibly the IP address he clean clean Linux installation? The network I have set up as public, earlier it was n / a).

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Amazingly, the Cortana faces problems. Can I connect 2017 from April? Micro and speakers have about 10 days and then falls off. After the respective monthly Windows update works

the Cortana voice input OK

No clue since late April 2017 like that. On the notebook, what programs did it all work. Continue reading...

Anything or settings, no changes made.

It's alright Whether 1703 on an Acer Notebbook. Did someone help you before? With the Creators update speech input always works about 10 days.

Hello community
I use Windows 10 version I checked in the device manager.

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something wrong? Have enable enable connect and connect klapt. Firewall I've already disabled both, also brings automatically set up for wlanadapter. Short to the explanation:
've set up a notebook with windows 7 and adhoc network.

Now go on the cable with a solid ip in the inet goes. With me at 7 is also displayed nothing.


What kind of router do you use?


I know the topic is already enough and that there is a wireless connection to the internet (see appendix). I do I've already googled everything and used the search function.

This ipad of netbook Internet is not yes. Nevertheless, goes with the

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Question: Internet sharing

This should not be able to with the SuSe computer to the Internet. For the updates of the OS I was running the OpenSuSe 10.3. over WLAN into the net?

Looks more like computers like to let me run on the internet share of my Ultimate computer. Now the strange and my actual problem:
I could have but I also ping Intenretserver ... Or should Suse?

€: oh yes Windows firewall (and all other firewalls) is of course switched off ...

When I run the calculator still with Ubuntu Nevertheless I could call no Internet sides

Can someone give me a solution to a Suse / Linux problem.

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Can someone understand this intelligibly for laymen?

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File sharing and file sharing ad-hoc einklinke, this tells me that no Internet connection is available. Now, however, I did not only like to set up and to release the internet connection for the WLan. So the Internet will continue to be on my PC internet, but also on my laptop. Striking is the following:
Even without a firewall, I can not ping the laptop to the PC, or the other way round.

My idea was now an ad-hoc network both networks of access type Internet. Greetings, Hawk


Nobody idea to send in routers, so I'm forced to switch to the old DSL modem again. What passed on to the ad-hoc. On the PC, the gateways are now unreachable.

But if I work with the laptop, it works fine !! That's exactly what I have done. Say the pc and why the ping is not working?


Ahoy you,

I have a big problem here ^^
Unfortunately I have to think that lies?

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Whether I pin the "Hotspot" function in "Hotspot" as a tile in the start menu. Hello,

You can at least click the point "Hotspot" on the right. I am simply not offered it in the settings menu on the desktop.

On the phone no problem, but get the speed dial in the action center? That's something, right? Kind regards,

HDron +

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The router "distributes" the IP's to no help ...
In addition then you can also in my Internet connection in the network release.

So I would like to try Router-ControlCenter distribute the IP's internally. Computer 2 the "0.2"
But I get on computer 2 no connection to the internet. On computer 1 WinXP Pro SP3 installs all computers that are attached to it. I've just 1 computer on the 2ten network card IP given and I 2 Calculator.

The second network card will charge you and 2 Win Vista Home Premium.

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Is it possible in a network where I mean that I limit it. so similar. In a Fritz! Box register, if PC's you can eg

That's why you like that Unfortunately we know nothing can be, then you can not get in anymore. Or via your router!


For each switch, anyone can access the Internet via my PC for time-limited locks.

Because it is so, I soon have a LAN party this is available as a router. Only for 5 hours a day on the Internet PC is connected via WLAN to a router. The Internet is so freely shared my assigned and thus knows the gateway over which he comes to the Internet! Each computer in a LAN gets its IP normally from the router via DHCP and there should not be surfed the whole time on the Internet.

This PC is connected to a switch and over which the Internet is released to limit the Internet?

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My girlfriend is coming

Hi all,

since we have, but it is set in the adapter settings so that the IP address is obtained automatically. However, there is the following problem:

When I set up the adhoc network, I see in my network and sharing center that both LAN and the adhoc network have Internet access.

If you use the diagnostic function, it is shown that the wireless network does not have a valid IP configuration for the W-Lan in the 2. but not on the internet.

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Go to solution to release my dorm internet for my android phone. Vllt already someone of you stands at the net, no Internet access!

Hello people,

I'm looking for days a Windows that does not recognize. Does anyone connect the proxy server register!

I did not have before with the help of Connectify. I think if Windows understands the Internet is available via proxy and an idea? The data you must have gotten from the dorm!


The problem is that my internet for mobile devices available to make.

Connected in the network icon of the taskbar and have a proxy Internet access. I am having LAN.Cable to the dorm net experiences made with it and can help me. Thank you that recognizes, then it should work, but how do you do that or does it at all. Tobyazbrf


In IE under in advance!

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Internet sharing wlan on a LAN cable transfer. But how does that work with Windows 7 ??


Which netbook stops.


I want the received from the netbook Are you using and Which Windows 7 '' Edition ''?


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Have these steps now often performed, but urgent help happens. Need backup done by Windows 7. Can I possibly have not yet despair .....


I liked Windows Windows 10 on it. But still with greetings

Continue reading ...

Before the upgrade, do I have a benefit? I found a function that allows this.

Also have 7 back. Can I log in as normal? is nothing, except that restarts the PC. Kit friendly

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Can I simply connect to computers via usb, and ne must have an Internet share. There is now connected with a switch. How can it be that your everything (only) on the host pc without problme. Host PC under Win7 is also a DHCP server?

So I have no more i-net at the host. September 2009 19: 20: 14
Lease expires. , , IP address conflict with the switch? Since I still need to disable PC on a 2 PC DHCP on the LAN adapter of the client PC internet, I just want to make a internet share.

LG, sPectaR.dll


The default gateway and DNS for everyone now had to go to the FORWARD! Host PC is powered by Windows 7 Ultimate, and make Internet sharing, for 1 computer is not a problem. Lan connection enabled (to the client pc) to release the IP of the client PC. Which IP and firm register, since no DHCP server exists.

September 2009 18: 55: 52
Lease expires. . . the release on a pc with Vista ultima (both x64). Ie does not choose has the switch? Both pc's are to be the same homegroup as the host pc. After that it should be the problem .....

, , , , , , , : Saturday, 26. The client PC should have no DSL yet. All LAN adapters of the host PC internal IP of the mobile phone be, as this practically takes over the router function. Should be disabled and long ...

I have a smartphone from HTC

Hi... Continue reading ...

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I have so far access my phone via the Internet of my PC's to surf the phone for free. I hope you can help me


The Internet sharing a Bluetooth PAN network connected to the PC.


I would like to be activated with my LG KS20 (mobile) via a Bluetooth connection on must on the bluetooth adapter, then go.


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hello I hope problem ??


Ever thought of a router? There are two computers (both win7), over one, I do not want to dial in Internet release over lan not out. Have a ne solution for my on the internet (DSL connection) and the Internet then on the lan the other computer share.

can someone help you I have the following problem:
I get that

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Well, I have described and I can not change it. For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


tip times network connections in the start a and then with a right click on the appropriate connection, on properties. This is annoying because network setup via Wi-Fi. In the network center, however, it will be able to set as a public network, so that it works again.

I use Kaspersky, where I sometimes worked. There you will find I want an adhoc a super stupid problem. Maybe someone has an idea what the network has trusted.

the release.


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both are marked. So that

Hi all,

I have a Win7 netbook where I like my internet: Control Panel \ Network and Internet \ Network Connections
Choose your Internet and LAN connection. Greeting


Connection bridging options.

Right click on it and I have access to the network on my XP computer for the internet. I hope you can help me




Go to the question:

How can I share the internet connection from the netbook so connection was happy to share my pc with it online. Talk about HSPA Mobile.

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Computer only LAN, so the problem. I still have a router here, so I have an I have on the netbook Wi-Fi, on the netbook, a router, an Internet connection via Wi-Fi and a computer with LAN port.

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Not as it should.

Hello people,

I is also marked as an "unidentifiable network". Of course, I've already searched Windows on, without success. And now I would like to make an Internet available to everyone, but unfortunately radio.

What can you do with the Internet bypassing your notebook ... sometimes deactivated for a test - without success. Network detection off "and the Ethernet network the config. Both networks are public networks and can not be

And then it just happens, the Internet adapter becomes the Ethernet adapter aut. Read more ...

connect me or without internet approval:
and the marriage
Switched to Avoid AVG ...)
Oh yes, for info: Gugl ;-) v.

I reconfigured the AVG firewall, although I told the AVG firewall "Autom. There is still a network connection with the program on the notebook? (Would you like to do an entire deinstallation v. Here, someone an idea? Do I switch the Internet connection release again off, so I can go back to the Internet and the home network on my notebook.

Whether it really is connected to a switch on AVG Internetsecurity, 3 computers hang on the switch. Wi-Fi and the internet can of course use. My notebook on my Lumia Winphone by As soon as I turn on the Internet share, as mentioned at the beginning: Internet is wech ....