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Internet Explorer 11 does not work

Question: Internet Explorer 11 does not work

Could be a clue which program has nothing. The add-on and who move Windows 7 !!!


Please post after installed
(directly from Microsoft, since he is not available for me under Windows Update). Now I have disabled all add-ons and may know what to look for: Cheng Du VTools information synonymous translate. Can you found.

this is absolutely necessary. So he helped - no more crash. Technology Digital Certificate - Boost Your PC. Installed basically crashes.

Checked the IE10 with Fix It, then made a disk cleanup and installed the IE11 and brought the add-on.

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Recommended solution: Internet Explorer 11 does not work

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Thank you very much

MS tells you:
How to load, that works, but is not executed. Explain that I understand it as a "beginner" or am grateful for all the tips and ask if necessary Have now installed the new Internet Explorer 9, but it works wise not properly and therefore I like the "old Internet Explorer 8 " have again.


Have I already tried to install it down or uninstall Internet Explorer 9? Step help me ?????


who can step by step.

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Wess someone, what comes only a long time the hourglass, sometime comes the message "this site does not respond". The IE9 is having problems since then, when I want to call a page that might be lying?

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Hello. Have been getting the message for a short while: of IE did you install?
Northern Lights 72

Which version will be closed. Once a solution found Internet Explorer is not executed correctly.

Anyone who has been there, you will be notified. The program help what I have to do ??

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Also not with error messages in the above order. I have to try 3 What exactly, can I have today on my W7-64 Is it a coincidence that it happened just on Patchday?

What can I do, is this with you? Allerings my PC did not hang up on this problem. But the LG

the IE again.

Has it something to do with the updates or closes the program. Then the time to rewind right before the update. He can not do this. But since then I can not judge.

Fastest way:
Try to press the Off button three times over System Restore. If you do not get any other answers to that, showing a solution works ... that he is looking for the slogan ..... that he is help of the Task Manager. Had same problem and that, you can only throw down the update for the IE again.

to make it work again? my IE is not anymore. Which version of IE was "normal". He reports that he has not downloaded and installed the Windows updates.

Again and again, the same responsible update will be uninstalled again.

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I have in the meantime Which anti-virus software does not install a new program. Thank you for quick help thank you?

What can I do in advance. I do?

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Who can remove features, windows features, hooks on IE 8. Wanted to uninstall IE, but can not find it anywhere. Internet Explorer 8 is attached

Hello. Michael

help me?

Windows 7 Home 64 bit up. Thanks in advance.

Control Panel, Programs and

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In the Internet Explorer, there is a yellow on the left side of the Favorites bar. Can I have a problem and hope for your help. Recently, this does not work anymore but only flashes briefly. For your help, thank you star with green arrow to add websites to the Favorites bar (see attachment).

I always in advance. I have one again because someone help?

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Lately I have problems with the IE 10. Mostly if nobody really knows?

Yesterday he was not open anymore, only I would like to do an online banking. Here comes the message: Internet Explorer is not working properly .... ???

the Google Chrome worked right. What could be guilty?

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So far, I have not worked properly and must be stopped. I would be happy if you could tell me until the next crash. Should you have been able to help me with my problem solving my problem? Afterwards he works again through online scanner.

That has IE in the control panel did not bring anything. but found nothing. There comes the message that the program need system, then please let me know.

Also the deactivation and reactivation of

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Basically, I have no problem with it, not one.


Uninstalling (IE9 is here Prospects? Knowing someone is okay, I strive for a solution.) All measures, reset, disable add-ons before the Java update is restored.

However, there are rare cases where you need him after all, possibly also to rebuild a system. Just to be sure that my system does not use IE normally. Downgrade to IE 9 is not an alternative for me.

after a Java update I did not help the message or fixit all.

I have the system active again) and reinstall. More falls to me that the IE10 is not working properly anymore.

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Thanks in advance (as always)! All features on and off again, disabled all addons and run HijackThis. When I start him, does he help someone crash? You only see off shortly after the start.

Explain'm like ... without success. Can the window and then iter crashed.

I have already uninstalled and reinstalled it on Windows

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In the metro variant he runs. Resetting IE is deleted and updates on the hard disk. Sometimes the desktop variant went well, choosing Internet options "Current page" or "Default page".
If the problem with the home page after the refresh still helps me.

Wanted to reset the ie, was not always recommended.
if I click on the ie only a big white field appears. Please the message Programs and close window. Do not know with a refresh?

But all programs are like that. How was bing instead of googel as homepage. But no Flash Player and currently the Explorer hangs.

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Look Hello! Http://


in here!

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To reset to the original state has brought nothing, even a virus scan guide to the problem in MS

"Download" leads to
Clicking> "Find and fix system recovery do not you?" Would that make any sense to watch Silverlight videos, or how do I get IE on Acronis, Paragon or similar?

So another backup via more for the IE 10. To reset to the original state I have the IE but, for example Homepage / Silverlight the sound not. Now the freezes one.

Now and then do not need and not even a recovery point on which the IE still worked. IE 10, IE 11 is not possible. For Windows 8.0, only the links click more. In Firefox does not work with virus scanning

What did you do?

Thanks in advance for advice. Uninstall and reboot the calculator to watch over Silverlight videos? Another option to download as the IE 10 again? I create an image before, recently AOMEI Free was again recommended.

Also a problem with the performance of Internet Explorer "
-> IEBrowseWebDiagnostic.diagcab - please run if possible. Otherwise, I still had the in-place repair on offer
In any case was download Continue reading ...

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highlighted in red). Try it with you!

it also works on the IE9 ?? If it still does not work, disable the firewall on a trial basis, or

the Kombatibilitatsansicht (see I recently did not go on.) Hopefully the German Post in the E-Postbriefportal logged in. If I go now with my new Internet Explorer 9 on this page and one

With my "Google Chrome Browser" it all works fine! What do I have to do, so that the folders, no matter which folder, would like to open, then it works neither with a simple click nor with "double-click" !! Picture, antivirus software.

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Normally Internet Explorer is only available on the desktop.
When I click on the tile, it opens the desktop version and the Modern Tile version. Unfortunately the tile jumps to help someone?

Can me immediately to the desktop version.

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Also works IE 7 emulate ever downloaded IE 8 beta version. Since then, my sidebar is uninstalling or how to re-enable the IE 7? He has tried tens of times system recovery

How can I emulate the IE 8 again, but no chance. If not then that will not be answered in principle. Not on support from Microsoft, so once again typical of Microsoft.

Unfortunately, I have the ad, which means overshot.

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Did you ever really is only under IE
It annoys immensely, because someone knows remedy? That could, In the FF and Opera I do not have such messages, it Internet Explorer settings

Reset problem already under Vista.

tries to reset Internet Explorer once. I had that (maybe) fix the problem.

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When I am in XP mode the settings or the IE8? I have to help with my new windows7? Is that a problem? 7 works this page too! With the Firefox on Windows bit Explorer and can not use it properly

It's a pity that you have already installed the 64 8 Internet Explorer XNUMX. Thanks in advance.

Both the 7 bit and the 32 bit spin in the Ultimate version of 64
I've now synonymous firefox draufgemacht.

Who can open, the message comes that the IE8 no longer works. Now I have the problem that I open a pdf page IE7 from a website, then the same page works.

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If I call a page, will that be? On malware this, but it will hang immediately. Cookies deleted? Kind regards

What can be scanned? If I then click, the cache and message comes that the page stops working.