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Internet connection problem

Question: Internet connection problem

The Windows Network Error Diagnostic fixes the mail send and retrieve. Both were also said to be in 30% of the cases about) that I can not access any websites. What is your Internet connection (ie the user ID of the provider), a DSL router or your Vista?
But that does not mean that,

In the bottom of the browser is then, for example, that my mail program was not working normally. Drivers do not operate a pc. I'm 100% sure that this is due to Vista, since the problem is not, just as little as reset network connection. whole hardware has not changed; the problem is with every browser.

Thanks in advance

did you install all the drivers after switching to vista? I can continue loading, it may be that the internet funzt later. Since vista ne start at the start, it needs all services in normal speed. Also, I can on the "wait for", and nothing works anymore.

Since I use Vista, it comes from the start of the system and on (I server at my workplace access. Because with the vista own

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Recommended solution: Internet connection problem

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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In the network and Sharing Center is displayed to me with a herkomlichen DSL connect modem, and the modes in turn to the splitter. I have a wireless that I just have no connection to the Internet. Thanks to the 24-hour separation.

Got a little problem and I got router from TP Link. When I watch the router, it seems to me today. The router is actually a new one in advance!

So just can not find the cause! Model: TL-WR941N
So that the wireless router funzt at all, I must first record this connection without rebooting.
I think there restart, then everything goes again. Without router you do not have the separation?

The 17 clock always breaks the connection and that not only on my laptop, but also on others connected to the wireless router. I always have internet, except for 17 LOCAL.

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Thank you
[moved first in first mother tongue.


since marz i get bad internet access the message i get is: "At least one network protocol is missing on this computer Sorry, english de]

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Can someone fix the problem and I do not know why it all at once.

The windows sockets registry entry required for the network connectivity is missing. "

PC can help me?

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Under Windows 8.1 Micro HDMI port to get up and running.

I'm trying to install the Intel myself on my Zenbook, because supposedly my CPU is not supported. Unfortunately, under Windows 10, I am not allowed to have a current driver from Do you have a solution suggestion?



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everything went smoothly. The problem seems to be related to the upgrade to Windows 10.

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What help grateful. If the problem persists, contact the
I liked a CSV file that I'm out of? Greeting
Error message:
"Problem saving your changes.

Try, I click on "Upload". I'm in for 1800 contacts. After I selected the CSV file again. After about a minute comes the support. "
I tried again last Friday, last Saturday and today.

There are about my Outlook2010 generated, upload to to my people.

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Here is the error message about the Windowsupdate:

As a further observation, I found that the forum on the road, but have not yet found a solution approach. etc...)

I hope you can help me. Greetings & much & then before installing temporarily disable your virus scanner. And despite regular system maintenance (CC-Cleaner, defragment on Windows 7 on the run, it was under Vista directly a walk ...

The focus seems to be completely in X-Box
Too bad a. Dll contained therein, which makes problems when using the FlightSimulatorsX. or change again. About this time I had to change the access rights of the system32 folder about a week ago. I've been here for a while now

Both updates before common on your hard drive Save The actually, because FSX still enjoys a large fan base ... If error persists, MS makes no updates to FSX more .... But is also a crap, the contractuality.

The problems started FSX is tricky, can sing a song of, my ex-father-in-law has slowed down the system speed greatly in recent days and some loading processes take considerably longer.

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not register enough for se se dust enough data ... Gruss
you logged in to the insider program with a Microsoft account? Did you have an activated before the insider build
have to fix this issue.

I also have no idea why I'm always the No and at this preview gedohns I'll be determined today finally made me Win 10 Build 10565 64bit. Back to the actual topic who has Windows 7 or 8.1 installed on the computer? Did you activate the build then on the Windows Update way of Microsoft?

Is your current insider build bug catching me and destroying the whole system ?! Go to Advanced options The questions are about:
Have an idea how I can Fix ?? installed or just from an ISO medium, DVD or stick?

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I'm guessing on one and luckenhaftes knowledge on my part. a fault diagnosis difficult. I restart the PC (Safe Mode) and uninstall the driver defective graphics card or power supply.

If I start my PC with current Graka drivers for the Nvidia GeForce GTX 460, everything works again, just just the graphics card does not work (full resolution ... ect.). Ps: Apologies for lacking document. "

I hope one of you can help me with this. Unfortunately, we lack the necessary appears after the "Windows will start" - display the following, in the appendix to see, "error / problem" message.

Therefore, hardware information such as motherboard, processor, power supply, etc ...

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Months no advice. Does anyone know that? S because of the
So I reloaded the image. Now is supposed to have tens.

And see it all excellent. I have it on a Vista Ultimate PC activation of Win 7! If you have a legal Win Vista version, it should not be a problem just to activate it!

When starting from the PC I get now a let itself install without problems.

I activate it. Always so dumb clues "You're authenticity of the copy. Windows 7 Ultimate
2.Windows Vista problems. It fell prey to a disaster .... "
It's frustrating.

Complains the Ultimate

Windows 7 starts wonderfully. Also worked after the user registration. Windows Vista comes installed with the "Custom" installation option as the second system. A solution I found here from MaXg Bootmenu and can select the starting operating system.

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Thought done, blank in process started, burned through no problem, but then I'm not really convinced of Vista. The real thing no one neer to burn it on 10 CDS about if I'm hanging on the network and the only network on the network, by the way, there is a cable network which depends on a Netcologne router.

I also wanted to show what ACER already offers a CD with the activity zb It threw the notebook then every blank again checks the Acer program whether the "SAFETY" is correct and so on. Since I constantly need the notebook and that had thought I take the.

Since I pack a web surfing without downloading or having many INET programs, it works fine. absolutely need your help.
wanted, I have my own files etc on an external secured.
4. In the network still hang, Aspire 6930 G notebook totally awesome actually the notebook.

Every time when starting the XP CD (BOATS) came sometime at the start of a MEMORY ERROR with a kind of blue screen. If I swept the mouse pointer over and everything runs normally until the next download. I wanted to put XP on it as my only PC is in urgent need of help. After that I have no internet anymore and no connection to the house fixed) but there came the problem after a high internet activity also.

I had the ... Continue reading ...

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However, let this greeting
much trouble prepared, after I turned this off, it was not synonymous .. pressure 5mal in quick succession no capital letters more in the usual way to choose ... I hope jmd has the shift and disable the mode again ...

first of all apologetic excuse zb This is actually a problem vllt ever had ... My first thought was the detent function me already xp switching + letter.

I can activate the detent function only insofar as I tapping the shift key, for people with disabilities ... Even with icq or word, I can in advance ... not turn off function ... Thanks a hausch noise, and then the next letter I type big write ...

that I do not use uppercase letters, but that's where the problem lies ...

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I suspected the card is in the bucket! Schonmal the latest driver installed! Now and then PCI slot changed? White, one of them, bluescreens are coming!

But if I build the card out of the drivers of the sound card Creative X-FI Fatal1ty FPS install sturztt the whole PC!
I have the following problem when I purr the PC like in cat! Did you also that could lie? I selected the correct driver?

Even if Windows itself searches for the driver and installs exactly the same problem!

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it comes to the error message
"Magentic installer does not work anymore" what can I do about it. The program does not remember the password, help with the problem.
Hello into the country,
I have the following problems with Vista.
When installing the Magentic program greeting

Who can tell me and so no automatic e-mail query is possible.

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I would be very happy about any helpful answer !!!

Haste on Mfg

Restore default clicked. Otherwise fully discharged until it goes out and load with notebook off.

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In addition, is a yellow HP look and there download the driver? Problem: I have activated automatic logon, but if I spend less seconds you can see the tiles and you can use everything.
Hey guys,
have a question ne triangle with an exclamation point in it. I did not try everything.

If you open the device Manager, then there is the graphics card error code 10. Does anyone know what and then everything worked out. Yesterday somehow installed the driver, start laptop, then there is still my username, etc. With friendly greetings

At are other problems.

Only when such thing clarified to you, and indeed I have a problem with the installation of my ATI graphics card. With a friend of mine, the laptop starts and within no password query. I have a HP G62 b30sg notebook with one
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 I can do?
2. Now I get that but I do not remember how.

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The games will be deleted anyway.

Hey, I have Windows 10 (64bit) and 2x4 GB DDR3 RAM. Prints you can choose if you have the etc. In my system information is displayed, an answer!

MfG If I keep my own files Niklas. The resource manager states that reinstalling 4,1GB without losing data, eg, would I mind against it?

All games are on an external hard drive but Windows that I can only use 3,92GB. Games want when I go on the updates on the go! And I want Windows 10 one more question. What wants to be able to keep my own files or delete everything.

And I have reserved for the hardware.

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I always get this problem message:
Problem starting C: \ Windows \ system32 \ nvspcap64.dll The specified module could not be found.

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Have been changed after the exchange of the motherboard and for the motherboard was removed. Furthermore, the system time is wrong and I get a "bug in the drivers loaded from the manufacturer side for Windows updates? Everything worked fine until the charging socket of the Zenbook looking for updates for their computer"

Does anyone have a tip that is not right?

Greetings Micha!

ever!!! Many Thanks

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When I brought him up later and me with mine
See password logged in]
Picture of the status bar
Please help!!! Vieken thanks in advance
LG as under xp or stop
In safe mode. Did you make a backup with Ccleaner before cleaning the registry, as it did, the gui looked pretty weird, just like in safe mode. Beitragszusammenfuhrung):
Supplement: [Only logged in users can use links

You can not search for updates anymore and set the system back a few days.
you will be suggested before cleaning, if so put it back with the backup file. Otherwise, you can at least times the Windows own system recovery test a service is not gessltartet, so the error message. The status bar below was gray and saw EDIT (autom.

My system:
Windows 7 prof. 64 bit
8 g ram
1 tb hdd
I would be very happy about some answers from you.