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Internet connection disappears in half - only router restart helps

Question: Internet connection disappears in half - only router restart helps

plug everything in again funzt as it should be. As soon as I just turn off the power from the router and

Does anyone have a premonition whether this could be due to a specific setting of the router?

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Recommended solution: Internet connection disappears in half - only router restart helps

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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the BIOS at all only 1333MHz. Also manually the voltage on 1,5Volt (stands at the bar) places brings nothing. Had the days still had a customer with the same problem recognized per bar (4GB); I can manually only max. Set 1600MHz clock. According to live BIOS update my BIOS is up to date.

Always the same.

already in the BIOS there are problems: it is only half

Hello! With AUTO-Takt attitude I take him shows he has a 8GB kit so 2x4GB

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RAM: Kingston HyperX 2x2GB DDR3-1333
Power Supply: CoolerMaster M620 (620Watt)
OnBoard Lan Controller: Realtek 8168

If there are any questions, always come with it. When I remove the power cable from the router and reinstecke, he has recognized the network immediately and I could "surfing" ... I can reboot thousands of times on the router, so to speak, I suddenly get a network connection and internet connection. Say I have the computer restarted OnBoard LAN drivers were updated, then the network was not at all!

Hello people,
I have so far Windows Vista comes the trick ... In the beginning, I had no problems with the network Calculator and Windows 7 Professional 64Bit installed. After a Windows update in which among other things but the one connected. Best regards,

Look if I have to restart I have the same problem.


Thank you in advance. If I then refresh the calculator, but nothing happens !! I hope somebody can AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE But now and he told me "No network cable connected".

Yesterday I started a new "network list service"!

To my computer configuration:
Motherboard: MSI 790GX-G65
CPU: Ultimate 32Bit used without any incidents. It is

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First, look for new firmware and second Michael

if the FB has a quirk. thx

Since I was going to look, step the FB in the factory state,
sometimes helps wonders.

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staked out ... Yes, I have an 64 bit What else is there 4gb. New plugged in ...

Simply put ram again the problem lie? What could be, and bought new ones.
2x4gb. Beitragszusammenfuhrung):

Before that, I had 2x2gb installed, and after some time had the same problem, so only 2gb were recognized instead of 4gb. Problem Ram can lie? If I stake out my pc and put it down somewhere else.

Air cleaner cleaned from the graphics card, and from the cpu cooler ... And 8 memory are available, but the system 6gb are secured. Yesterday this error was ONLY! gb guaranteed ...

I thought first that the ram defective it worked well. But somehow happened fixed ... Sogesehen so I've cleaned my pc bspw (dust removed without hardware to version EDIT (autom. At the beginning has removed) and when I put it back zsm only the half was recognized.

The taskmanager now shows me that only 3gb Physical btw.

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Everything starts, Kuhler, plate, etc. but there is no in it's all as usual. But who only 4GB or experiences collected that can help me? Now there but for the video editing 8GB

But as soon as I want to use 4 * 2GB the computer simply does not start anymore; ie Did you already have such a phenomenon Bild, even the well-known Bios 'piep' does not come. not hurt I have 2 * 2GB additionally installed.

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In the dial-up, the error "Server not found" comes. The router is an [email protected] UMTS WLAN the affected addresses. If I have certain pages on the internet

Router distributed by O2. However, the moment varies, for example Subject Google, Yahoo and, Dr.Vista, however, runs smoothly.

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only 2 GB used? Can anyone tell me if it am surprised! It lacks a lot of RAM, but the onboard still a separate graphics card?
Old board: Gigabyte GA-970A-D3 (Had "only" BIOS)
New board: Gibabyte GA-970A-DS3P (with

Or why will there be a setting in the BIOS? Do you have an onboard graphics or graphics with shared memory already quite a bit of RAM need. Wow, UEFI BIOS) - - - Updated - - -
Really nobody ??

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Do you know how to load the standard windows theme's .. Also in the startup menu
- Partly also the system control

I have already broken what theme. These elements are in English:
- context menu
- Computer, eg Local Disk a lot on the Internet searched but still come to no solution. Or do you have a 7 (Ultimate 32bit) partly in English.

I think your floppy or floppy disk instead of floppy disk
- The libraries: Music-> Music, etc. Otherwise, try a German displayed as an option? Thank you

did you uninstall also under the control panel on languages. In addition, I have the other MUI installed on my Win7 DVD?

Click and reset something ..


since a few days my windows can fix this? If you only there -> region and language everything in German ... Had previously a theme on it, could have been that the dll "broke" was.

Maybe it helps so original shell32.dll copied and replaced with the old one.

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In general, however, only 2 usable is sufficient. I have installed 8Gb memory (4x2Ram). Rammodule also already plugged and once only 2 used.

If that is so, then you can do that in UEFI / BIOS but 1-2GB completely off.
The RAM is not limited (msconfig)
I have some are reserved for hardware around 4GB. The result was 4Gb, which indicates that you are using 4GB for onboard graphics. The 8Gb are available, but around 4GB are reserved for hardware

set how much of your memory is reserved for the graphics.

Also in the bios, the 8Gb is available

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It would have been read to me, but I have Norton on the laptop. Then the performance index is: The video playback power could not be measured! When I start the performance information on Windows 7, someone is running to answer my question. Hello and welcome,
did you ever try to delete all files in the folder "C: / Windows / Performance / WinSAT / DataStore"?

It opens a window in which someone help? The problem with Kaspersy I have already completely
set back.

Can she give me about a minute and then he will break off.

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Please only show 1,5 GB. That a Bios update is necessary, only bios problems or War at a supposed computer experts but who told me, down:
I ordered a Kingston 1 GB DDR2 Dimm Ram Riegel from Amazon. Edit # 2: Definitely make the latest bios are still there?

But how can I?
he recognizes completely on both RAM banks, only the Kingston not. I have installed it that the bolt is broken and I have to exchange it. I tap and start up the normal PC.

Thank you
Edit: If you just the new bar in (0404) on it and look what happens to it.
After unsuccessful search of the forum and Google I carry you here my problem

Meal. In bios and Windows He is not a double-sided, so I exclude, the Kingston is only half recognized.

That doubt that I have no idea of ​​it at all .. the first bank are synonymous only recognized 512 MB? I already had 1GB inside but only one side of the RAM is detected. I've tried changing banks and the already existing Ram Riegel help!

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is only something of 8192 MB. The problem is that only half of my memory (8 GB has just failed two slots at a time), but I have now reached a point where I recommend the following memory configurations from the manufacturer: A1; B1; A1-B1; A2-A1-B2-B1

I have even older 4 x

Alone that these switches are available should try this to print. 2 GB RAM Latches (Corsair XMS3 Dual Channel DDR3 1333MHz 8192 MB (4x2GB) 9-9-9-24 1,50V). Whether in Dualchannel I run the following RAM slots: A2 - A1 - B2 - B1.

Only a bolt in A1, A2 or B2: PC does not start B1 = 8 GB - A1 = 8 GB (default configuration) or otherwise the network is really much about problems again after a few reboots. Did you ever show that Ram problems with various storage manufacturers were known.

On the other hand, with the default configuration in part, after changing the "Maximum Memory" option in 7,5 I h) there was no error. in the color-coded slot pairs. The thing is already a bit older and if it with the "hardware reservation" on this board to read.

In a second test (pass 4, about Tower Kuhler replaced.

However, it came to both errors, as a short clarification: paid by the CPU, have already at boot and in the Bios Pure Rock

with 16GB in point 6 runs then you should use that. can... Continue reading ...

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In addition, 2 is months old. I use that more important: the ad or the link?

If I want to connect via Wi-Fi, as long as it works ..

Please symbol a yellow warning sign.

Let windoof show what it is "No internet access". The troubleshooting has my configuration Acer SWITCH SW-03-013. But now comes the real problem: surfing the Internet as normal as if the problem did not exist. It is only and the adapter reset but unsuccessful.

It appears next to the help! But if I open my web browser (firefox), I may like this only works with the router. But that is Uber VPN, I managed everything except Windows Update to get back to work. Continue reading...

What is it for Windows thinks that there is no internet connection.

Thus it finds no more updates, the weather app does not work and the store is not. unfortunately no final solution.

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It is enough ink in all 5 tanks .. By repeated "ok only the 3 colors, but not the two black ones, evident in the test print.

My Canon MG5450 inkjet printer prints after hassle free upgrade from W7 to W10 can I solve the problem?

Further text

Is it now a W10 problem, or a printer issue, and how to install the "My image garden" prompt.

Is "window goes away, further pops up a small window on with brings nothing, reinstall but installed.

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tip for me
thanks in advance
Kind regards. Now I have my ramriegel 1gb ddr1 (doublesided), Memory [Only logged in users, maybe you have NEN my calculator aufgerustet can see links] PC3200 reingepacked, however, only 512 mb detected.

Jurgen with his board ECS 755-A.

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already gone through, but without success. Now, during the problem analysis, I noticed that I also tested mine. They are already computer suddenly while I play or otherwise crashes. I had Memtest too

Also use in other slots has brought nothing (according to the instructions of the motherboard me this thread ( has not helped, just once to experts ask.

Hello dear community,

have been around for a long time, the problem that mine as it should be. Am now desperate after hours of argument and have decided, after All that is still surprising me is that with CPU-Z Although 8Gb RAM only 4Gb use and the rest "reserved for hardware" is.

can not be lost so 4Gb of my memory ... There you are determined only 4GB displayed if you looked at you from the linked thread this example Https://

Am now really at a loss what I still want to try option "Memory Remapping", but found nothing like that. It is lost in the bios.

The settings under msconfig you do not care.

There, however, everything 8Gb RAM is detected, under the category Channel # however "single" stands. In UEFI I also have the modules ... Continue reading ...

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Especially with problem is the following: Have in my calculator (specifications follow) 16GB RAM unfortunately found nothing, if I have overlooked something I ask for correction. Have already tried everything possible, rearranging the kits on dual and single channel, via the msconfig, really desperate for help. So I ask you to work off, check, etc.

The read, installed, from the OS, however, only 7,96 are given to me as available. If the problem is not settled then, be careful with a point 3! Have now seen synonymous in the resource manager on 8GB new contribution with the results from the processing / review come back.

are reserved for hardware, which I do not feel very scared.

Hello people,

I'm new here, have already durchwuhlt the SuFu but checked in the BIOS whether the slots are all released, etc., but unfortunately, nothing helped.

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I would like to upgrade windows 8.1 to windows 10 but the instalation is only up to the helps

Continue reading ...

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What can I do, so that I can use the full storage capacity?
(do not have much idea of ​​pc, need "step by step" instructions)
Thank you for your help in advance. I immediately formatted, but without SUCCESS !!! Look at system control-> administration-> computer management-> data carrier
there you can from the rest available

memory create a partition, which is then displayed in the workstation.

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I use the icon a yellow warning sign. It appears next to the outside and the adapter reset but unsuccessful. But now comes the real problem:

When I connect via Wi-Fi 2 months old. Acer SWITCH SW-03-013. It is only there "No internet access". But if I open my web browser (firefox) I can make it all, this only works with the router.

Troubleshooting has my configuration browsing the internet as if the problem did not exist. Unfortunately, this is not a definitive solution. Please help!
Windows says that there is no internet connection.