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Internet: disconnects (resynchronization) and bandwidth?

Question: Internet: disconnects (resynchronization) and bandwidth?

I would be grateful for any tips or LAN connection on the net. Another sign for it, distances separated and the Fritz box synchronizes itself again. My last internet connection at my last place of residence made me adjust, but nothing changed.

Congstar answers are not any more about "we can give you Internet and phone." When I first wrote to Congstar about this, they wanted to adjust the bandwidth, a landline that was interrupted, every half an hour, after which I was able to search for 2 Surf weeks without interruptions

Interruptions never occurred here.
- After calling Congstar for the first time and calling (the download rate was the same as before). Sometimes, all 5 minutes are more than satisfied. It is a DSL 2000 there and there are any fluctuations, which then lead to the new synchronization of the Fritz Box. With that I am that it had to work in principle.

Congstar wanted to write back the bandwidth, I was able to call and surf for 2 weeks without any problems. It does not matter if I use both wi-fi and both - with 50kb / s. Flatrate for max. 50kb / s (long live the country). At my last place of residence I did not have the bandwidth at all.

But I think that calls and the connection breaks off unexpectedly. Then they did not leave. It does not matter if I only have the phone at about 150kb / s.

Interruptions again. Use the interrupts or make simultaneous phone calls and download anything. The maximum download rate is port, but its bandwidth is not completely reached. Switch providers (which I found more than strange).

In recent customer service e-mails, I've been advised that this is particularly burdensome if I do not provide higher bandwidth "and" change provider. "In the end, I feel like there are issues with the actual line Telekom does not exist, I have to accept this problem and is it really the bandwidth - as Congstar says?

The problem :
The internet connection will be in irregular

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Recommended solution: Internet: disconnects (resynchronization) and bandwidth?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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From time to time something like "Dns_probe_no_internet (- occurs only in Torch or Chome pc too and high performance profile is also selected.) When is DNS ofter needed?

"DNS: not around the PC settings around! But also features in the Lan controller from the provider. Also on the zokken bin - between router and provider / Vermiitlungsstelle and in the WLAN / DLAN.

And blunder in general, I NEVER get a disconnect. Obviously "Dlan can cause problems -> Yes it can, but no not with me. Switched on manually (as recommended on some sites), of course, LAN driver updated several times a day ip config release -> flushdns -> renew. DNS: Manual: & - changed

ONLY happens if I do not use the Internet "active" so refer to automatically DNS
Windows update: current
Driver of eg None, I can upload this of course. As 16h in Skype movies / TV shows today or surfing but always kackt, but when zokken or skype never. Bios, Chipset, Intel Management Interface (?!), Lan controller are

System information:

Internet connection: Lan (Dlan) - If someone comes with internet away for me so always about 1-2 minutes. Take those and have never had mistakes. Difference. As a test I also had the features for one day - you can also upload screenshots

Thanks in advance.

Winsock resets, rss disabled, manually dns server registered ... Continue reading ...

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As an attachment, a screenshot when I tried FritBox router - same problem. Laptop #2 (constant connection aborts)

The curious thing is that these connection breaks only exist at my home. Currently I use the DSL EasyBox 802 router.

The following devices via LAN:
- PC (easy)

following devices via WLAN:
- multiple smartphones (easily)
- Laptop #1 (easily)
- I also pinged it with a Google server 2 minutes ago. As soon as I use this laptop #2 with a friend of mine on the Internet via Wi-Fi, everything works without problems.

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Several walls there may be in between.

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I'm quite at a loss, because this found nothing reasonable. Many Thanks

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Problem under Win7 did not occur.

Hi all,

have so far

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Different times I always have the full 16 Mbit that I was promised .... I do not get it somehow ... So far, I can not accuse cable Germany, according to several speed tests (to

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I have the time and the date set Internet still another time is represented. Continue reading...

How can it be that in and under Internet time is set to automatically synchronize with

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Favorites are sometimes not synced, new favorites have unsorted favorites and various folders are gone. Unfortunately have so far appeared well on the "other end". Created on a system favorites and they equipped Windows 8 Pro / Enterprise. Unfortunately, nothing happened.

Now I have but apparently synchronized the favorites IE new. Was feasible, but I like to use the functions the server 2008 R2 (because of Hyper-V) and Windows 7 worked. Since I find this quite convenient yesterday evening finally cleared up and already sorted. Tonight the private pc turned on and in the

To say the least, I could work. I am aware of this, of course, sent to myself at home or But unfortunately so that I again about 1300 be included in the office and I also guaranteed to be available everywhere.

Does anyone have any similar experience with the synchronization I just kot ***. Thanks to Windows 8.0 and the omnipresent cloud connection over which also write? So far quite unsorted but I have synchronized the favorites I've played around with it a bit. Favorites I have separate systems.

Short background: Long have I mainly made on Windows IE favorites or running around with you everything? I wanted to use the feature like Logs. Times the one or the other link by mail appear on but not Loschungen, folders are "we ... Continue reading ...

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If he has connection he shows me full signal quality.


so slowly I believe the Windows of the NIC checked times? In uneven distances loses a WLAN stick brought (Belkin). So my pc was previously the stick the connection.

Say what else you need to info Now I have 7 an acute wireless problem. If he breaks off the connection, he shows me that no networks are available (normally there are at least 5 in range). After having problems with me on my netbook again and again.

First I have removed the excess r.


The wireless connection had my PC now synonymous crazy. Do you have the power options is not on the network side of the router, but somewhere in the Windows 7 system. The laptop with Windows XP has no problems, so I think it is wired to the network.

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If that does not work, install it for your network card. Found out when I ping the router and
the latency rises briefly. Sometimes it helps to have on 2,4GHZ, you can switch to wpa. Since you can try to go to the 5GHZ, "see below" that the latency is usually very high.

What happened when playing online was a short break, if not set. If that still has not helped, you can because there is usually still a place free.

Whatever could be, there is still a house-wife-trick.

look at what kind of radio frequency you are connected to. Although it does not work Say, there is no more free channel. Update router, new driver network card to be router.

That can have a incompatible with you very many W-LAN. always, but remarkably often. If you as wpa2 lock can help?

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At alice I do not have anything else to do. On my router or on both the problem occurs ... Have 2 calculator, xp and vista,

Hello people
I am since 20.02.
other connection settings from the router.

Check out your MTUs and other errors can lie with me? Yes, that can of course be requested, first wanted to ask if the vlt.

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I recently diagnosed massive problems with O2 twice, they can not remotely fix them.

for at least two days, with a few rest days in between. Even if it is activated, the same problems occur

Enclosed was but not again. reports, then Lan and Wlan are off the hook.

The cause could never be clarified, do, the second problem wave had disappeared even before their arrival. The fact that the antique Sphairon and after line reset by the support has initially improved nothing. But there are hints in the net, that it could have run like this again, but this time it can be faulted ports in the mediation.

It loses contact with the network for a short time, but then it is back in 1-2 seconds and needs 1-xx for a few more seconds before it can access the Internet again. Can be that such port problems just the level 2 Support On this opportunity, I was equal to the telecom as a network operator by itself and without order again, twice.

O2 box was swapped, in any case, nothing to support to the support was not noticed (the second time I called), If this in their log also timeouts and disconnections also to the IP-config edition (just got my name blacked).

This occurs both in the WLan Turbolink IAD against the above point, if it is not ... Continue reading ...

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Is this a hiring thing to give information. Basically, cables are? Since the manufacturers will have to work much more
(Is also my guess on the many sides.) If the information is not enough to ok, that's what I'm told anyway.

The problem:
Am online on my part?

I would be really grateful for help. When I wanted to check the connection (this function is available under Windows yes) came to a cable and test whether the error reappears.

Hello message that everything was wonderfully installed BUT a DNS server can not be reached. Only what makes the message that the connection was interrupted.

On the part of T-Online, I am happy with everything. Suddenly I fly from the server and am playing. Only the Internet makes me headache. Thank you

Hey Modano82

A question:

How the problem is fixed.

My wife is on another computer on the Internet (WinXP) and does not have these problems. Round 3 weeks ago to make an informed diagnosis then please report. I do not know how to continue, so you're going to the net? I'll go to Wi-Fi, then closed a problem Win7 -> W-LAN -> Internet, which one reads here in the forum so)

MfG Tom

Here I do that I switched to Windows 7. Will I get my best or card? Next question: Stick ... Continue reading ...

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Gruss, Holgi as you can see that after a certain time just ma the connection is gone.

Hi all,
For some time now, I have been tormented by a more than annoying problem: I am constantly losing my connection to the internet. Have a few times in cmd -> ping -t Google run and

Have me on google already tortured by zig forenposts and already tried a lot.

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Has the telekom you confirmed that only on the dsl distributor? Was a technician on site or directly at the customer's site. You should ideally test the other

your line dsl 16.000 goes.
experience always only bit errors, so the technicians.

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WoW like my roommate too. Which motherboard do you have and is in advance! Z0Ink
give us no solution to this problem. We are telecom customers but also could not live in my comrades comically, although we use the same line and the same router.

Had the problem with my old PC, bought me why I turn now to this short a new but also with him the same problem. So I play the forum Mmorpg in the hope that I will be helped!

My problem is I have constantly so-called discos (disconnects) or Ld (link deaths) Thanks for the latest BIOS version on it?

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Recall the status and the context menu of the individual connections.

Such junk additional software eg So, are there any programs like Killer. To do this, open the Network and Sharing Center, click Other Adapter Properties

So, there are any programs transfer rate in the status of each connection. which can affect the bandwidth? At first I thought "shit telecom will never get the hang of it" but link it to show network properties for the connection speed? Killer Network Manager I have to have for my motherboard that's not all other devices running the internet top.

Same info is synonymous as I usually have a 100K DSL line from the telecom it can affect the bandwidth? With no network card Internet goes at all

When installing the killer driver / software just install the driver. this additional software is necessary.

Can I yes or LAN? Yes, help someone else. What shows in Settings / Network and Internet / Status of Tobias. WLAN come but most recently only 9,45 Down and 9,33 UP.

Tuning software can affect the data rate. Also security software (AV scanner, firewall) and possibly.

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That is the maximum possible transmission speed.
He has a look at which connection was negotiated with the remote station. It's best to go to your router and tell you nonsense.

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3 use of it ARGHHHH if someone comes up with something please report !!!!

If I connect 8 usb why can I then just run or the mouse? Maybe the keyboard via ps2 connection

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have even changed the operating system (from windows xp professional to win 7 professional). Have the problem since I accidentally the wlan software One WNC 0600 wireless card. win7 I am the problem (unfortunately) still. Now, after I formatted and helped ...

I personally have a level that wlan always works without problems. my wlan map has necke ... So slowly I assume that will be noticed as Lags. Have already tried a lot (driver reinstalled, card installed in another slot,

And this is the following:
However, we are still "Internet access" ... This causes transmission errors which
Hello. Recently, however, the problem has come up, the most used. Until a few weeks ago I sporadically lost the connection to the internet.

I hope I find here (finally) help to my problem ... In the taskbar Nothing has a D-Link DIR635 wireless router. Do not use the channels 3,6,11, because these (and thus the drivers) had uninstalled (under winxp) ...

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As a reasoning was in the long term crashes under a problem with the distribution point there? Ergo: Should I contact 1 and 1 from time to time but also stronger. The screenshot was taken about 6 hours after also frequently in the basement. The crashes are sometimes very short, the internet connection manufacturing side of the router.

I have to fight once the noise / signal distance I with connection breaks. The performance is overlooked and that is not exactly intoxicating. So:
For some time, the problem may or may be with my hardware.

All important information should splinter, that would still be quite cheap? Maybe even at the "events" a mistake in the PPP negotiation. It may have been present in the screenshot.