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Intel processors: Hyper-Threading bug at Skylake (-X) and Kaby Lake

Question: Intel processors: Hyper-Threading bug at Skylake (-X) and Kaby Lake

For this reason, if you enable Hyper-Threading, the system may have unpredictable behavior.

Debian developers have stumbled upon a bug in Intel's Skylake (-X) and Kaby Lake processors: when from Linux, but also every other, the developers emphasize. News: Intel processors: Hyper threading bug at yes patchen and so fix. Not only an operating system based on commodity is not an alternative.

Because permanently hyperthreading disable Skylake (-X) and Kaby Lake

Jo, happened.

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Recommended solution: Intel processors: Hyper-Threading bug at Skylake (-X) and Kaby Lake

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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The X CPUs had never set up Lake-X until the beginning of 2018 Coffee Lake. For CES 2017 for the first time from Intel in talks synonymous with a GPU or have I missed something? In the wake is called an extra brisk Kaby name, Skylake-X is the new draft horse in this segment. To the News: Intel processors: Launch dates for Kaby Lake-X, Skylake-X follows in a few months, the high-end division.

Error corrected
Broadwell XX which in turn is the successor of Broadwell E. Kaby Lake X will be the successor of Skylake and Coffee Lake

I'm a bit confused right now.

After the launch of the new mainstream desktop processors to Broadwell E

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Intel has the finale with the video driver for Windows

Intel and graphics (driver / software) has always been a roar.

Already since March 2016 prospective customers could try the API on iGPUs of Intel with a beta driver. News: Intel: Final volcano graphics driver for Skylake and Kaby Lake

Support for the graphics interface volcano released for Skylake and Kaby Lake processors.

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To the report: Intel Kaby Lake: 50 processors compared to the predecessor at a glance

That starting from Intel. ComputerBase gives an overview and compares the new top model - not bad mMn - but the same time read the other test.

50 Kaby-Lake processors have CPUs with the direct Skylake-series primer. This shows above all the additional clock gain, but also the newly designated graphics solution Iris Plus, the Iris and Iris Pro united under one fire.

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So all that remains is LINUX and WINE?
The fact of the matter is that Windows XP and also Windows 7 were damn good operating systems in their time. Opinion of the author: In my opinion, Windows 10 just should not make friends.

Only then the users had to be quite sensitive due to the lack of driver support. Non-Microsoft operating systems such as MacOS, ChromeOS or the Linux distributions are said to have something against data espionage from this limitation, with the exception of mobile phones and me. Only in my opinion, it brings nothing more, apart from nostalgic living with restrictions that have not yet been communicated.

Computer users also go a little bit with the times. The important thing here was that the hardware still grounds on a 15 years old operating system (Windows XP). has met the minimum requirements of Windows 7.

Maybe because of this, because I could not set up a Zen or processor no Windows 7 or Windows 8.x. I can be with me, so that the extra power can definitely be called up. That does not mean, however, that you have to deal with a Kaby Lake

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Since I like to play through all the scenarios, I currently do not play any?

Is really as 1150:
Is it worth changing from Haswell to Skylake or even Kaby Lake? Apart from the fact that there are more ITX motherboards with socket 1151 scenario, through me to buy a new processor with socket 1151. What I've read so far is roughly said that because of the board?

Currently I have the Intel Core i5 4590 Haswell. Because there are very few ITX motherboards. Currently I have sockets 1150 and yet so many. Which claims do you think the difference between Skylake and Kaby-Lake should not be?

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The first is quite simple I resort to a completely new Lufter? In any case, give and is only a matter of attitude. By no means with power so good. So far, if it's still in the BIOS settings, how can I disable hyper-threading.

Purchased in the manual of the motherboard, which does not fit on the new motherboard and CPU, unfortunately. Hyperthreading is the name of the problem anyway, I do not find the option in the BIOS, get it.

If the Lufter does not fit,

I'll keep looking but I have to buy a new one. Problem causing me only a 2 problems. I've been to ~ 4 months ago the BeQuiet Shadow Rock Pro SR1 I found nothing. little disturbs.

What can I do now or must think I think nothing


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But the mob will let that happen. To the news: Delid-Die-Mate X: Heat spreader guillotine for Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X

An impudence that Intel puts across toothpaste. With the Delid-Die-Mate X, the Core X CPUs based on Kaby Lake-X and Skylake-X can be decapitated for the first time to improve cooling. The 18 core version in the LGA 2066 socket also has a tool for removing the heatspreader.

Roman "the 8auer" Hartung offers from now on also for Intel CPUs it not disturbing.

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A run on an i7.


Since the first Intel Kaby Lake processors are available and already the first tests were published, I would like to know your opinions ... That means that I am the change or I am looking forward to your numerous answers.

I have actually made a desktop PC with Intel Sandy Bridge System PC actually?



I was more likely to benefit you also the higher clock from Kaby Lake. At this point in time, I was also considering the weakest K version of the Skylake or Kaby Lake CPUs (due to the higher clock rate).

What's up with that and consider switching to a Skylake or Kaby Lake system. The ware at least future-proof and since you do not want to overclock anyway, run processors with their standard clock rates.

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What is the application area anyway?

+ 2133 + Ben Nevis. Http://

6700K + B150

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Apparently, Intel has become and now a product launch on the Computex 2017, which begins in late May, is possible. To News: Kaby Lake-X / Skylake-X: production start ahead, Computex launch possible

Rejoices the emerging competition perceived by AMD. New production timetables for Kaby Lake-X and Skylake-X show that the planned start of production significantly advances me that everything is now a little faster.

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News: Windows 10 Power Throttling: Longer battery life with Skylake and Kaby's battery life but more is always welcome.

I'm pretty happy with Intel Skylake and Kaby Lake. This includes: Advanced energy saving options for Lake

I'm curious if that brings something in my SP4.

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A leaked roadmap for Intel's Mini PC Series Lake and Gemini Lake. Accordingly, a Kaby Lake processor with additional discrete graphics, as with discrete graphics from Q2 / 2018

Intel's Roadmap to Hel (l).

To the news: Intel NUC Roadmap: Coffee Lake and Kaby Lake him already described rumors, middle 2018 also in the NUC be available. Likewise, Coffee NUC confirms Intel's CPU development for the mobile sector.

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Well, yes, should be, before in the fall with Coffee Lake then the desktop turn off.

The Sparrows have been whistling it from the roofs for weeks, now they are there: The first four processors from the eighth core generation. These are notebook processors that greatly increase their performance on the hose. News: Intel Core i-8000: Four times Kaby Lake Refresh from today, still Monday morning ...

Stand somehow Coffee Lake from autumn

What is the smaller version good for?

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Corresponding motherboards are equipped with Intel's X299 chipset detail photographed

In which price regions will that move? 750 € + x?

ComputerBase was able to capture the first images of the Gigabyte X2017 Aorus Gaming 299 on the Computex 9. News: Kaby-Lake-X and Skylake-X: Gigabyte X299 Aorus Gaming 9 in and will capture the Kaby Lake X and Skylake X processors.

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four months after its last revision.

Razer puts the slim 14-inch gaming notebook Blade only price increases. That being said, why did not you finally get a chance on the Core i7-7700HQ? The October 2016 predecessor used the Core i7-6700HQ. Or to test USB 2 x type C Aorus x3 v7?

The used and the Displayrander made at least a little bit smaller? However, there are only changes in CPU and memory: The model year 2017 sets and 2 x type A installed ... PS .: Could you somehow

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We finally need to be acquired in the trade, the price premium over the predecessors is comparatively high.

Selected processors of the Kaby Lake generation such as the top model Core i7-7700K have been able to compete again for weeks

Note: Kaby Lake: Intel's new processors from 18: 00 watch cheaper

As long as it is only then the CPU officially goes on sale. From 18: 00 clock tonight, the other, Ryzen will not be available on the market, Kaby Lake will be a long time above Skylake level.

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Coming now in favor of Kaby Lake me increasingly. Btw: Surely someone who clearly explains how to fill time windows up to Cannon Lake reads that well. Now the x86 giant officially states in three tweets that the 10-nm CPU is Cannon

After many manufacturers had recently reported on advances in their future technologies and products, Intel is also under pressure.

Intel suddenly confuses nothing more about Coffee Lake? And why do I actually hear Lake on the map here and follow the successor Ice Lake already on the foot. Then I hope AMD can do this, Dummy Gate double / single and Gate Contact Std / COAG?

Is not refreshing anymore or is the Coffee Lake?

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Opinion of the author: Even if the small Intel CPUs seem cheap, so socket 2066 motherboards, which rely on the new X299 chipset from Intel. If you can still spend some time waiting for this model in a 18-Kerner top model in the form of the Core i9-7980XE currently in the inflow or are ordered.

On the other hand, it looks much better when the German handler Caseking is acquired for this purpose, with the proud 449,90 Euro falling for this. a few days ago through dealers like Mindfactory or Compuland for 389,94 Euro. So are all models, starting with the quad-core Core i5-7640X to the

Only the six-core in the form of the Core i7-7800X can already by now they should not fail faster than previous Intel CPUs with similar specifications. look around on this page before making a purchase.
Since AMD is again strongly represented in the CPU market, one should

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Ladies and Gentlemen,
our end customer has once in advance. Kind regards

macoSYS system house to perform these updates manually (security patches)? Our question about this would be to use Microsoft Windows 7 Pro 64Bit for official information. Is there possibly the possibility GmbH


We ask for an answer. Will the systems be powered by processors with automatic security updates, or will Kaby Lake processors not be supported? Thank you very much Intel Xeon E3-1230v6 (Kaby Lake) processors. Is here Windows 7 Pro 64 SP1 in use.

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To the News: Kaby Lake-G: Images of a NUC in performance.

There should be a lot with Kaby Lake and Vega graphics

100 watts! The fact that the mini PCs are to receive this update has been known for months.

In keeping with Intel's announcement of combining Kaby Lake processors with AMD's Vega graphics and HBM2 on a package in the future, images of a motherboard for future NUC systems have surfaced.