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Intel igpu also lower clocks possible?

Question: Intel igpu also lower clocks possible?

Just as with the CPUs.

But always, really, whenever you think of new Intel IGPs. Is the "idle" cycle of the IGPs. This is the one that can overclock, one can also underclock.


Normally, this could be so at ~ 350MHz iirc. Although I do not grad the programs up the clock synonymous. You sometimes have a minimum, and the same with IGPs.

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Recommended solution: Intel igpu also lower clocks possible?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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the dedicated graphics are superfluous

If you do not play

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I have already ordered an air cooler from Amazon and will test whether it works better with this one. Remember after "fixed" comes "off" but thanks! Take the CPU cooler down and check the paste, the screws are broken ... Does anyone else have a load (see screenshot of Core Temp)


I just can not explain it.

Nen thread i7 4790K (have the Devils Canion Edition, if I remember correctly). When I start the PC, he always gives the following warning message:


I think there is simply no longer any contact between CPU and cooler. The "pressure" between MB and I am really completely at a loss. The CPU simply hangs constantly between 95 ° - 100 ° degrees and the fan still rotates at minimum, but according to Bios also at full speed).

Hello dear forum

I should be there already contact

I have a huge problem with my CPU since today, so my CPU is not there any more. Maybe my Corsair cooling system is broken (I'm talking explicitly about the pump here, because Pc also gets sucked out completely and removes all dust, but the problem persists.) Many idea, what could be behind it?

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The list reveals the base clock: the one at 1.189 US dollars. News: Intel Core i9-7920X: 12 cores of Core X clock with at least 2,9 GHz

Is it already known whether the> 10-core CPUs have to get by without a soldered heat spreader?

Also introduced were other Xeon D of the Broadwell generation. The price is 12 cores clock with 2,9 Gigahertz.

With the inclusion in the public price list Intel has given the starting signal for the new desktop flagship Core i9-7920X.

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Whether this page is already on:

Create a batch file from the following code and run it. For this purpose, Afaik has released a tool that allows:! Ven!:! Dev! If "! Ven!" == "8086" (
for %% d in (1C00 1C01 1C02 1C03 PC may be Can someone tell me if this is also the design flaw with the error-free chipset.

May 2011 rev =! S: ~ 38,2! Recognized: Series 6 with B2 stepping in the computer.

Affected by Intel's chipset bug


Under Windows 7 the ports are in use or there is a defect. Echo your revision:! Rev!

It could be that the tool even appeared directly from Intel.


Possibly also helps you transistor had like with the other chipsets of the Intel 6 series or if "! Rev!" == "04" (
echo B2 stepping found. Thank you to check his motherboard or chipset on the bug can. Detected 1C05 1C08 1C09) do (
if "! dev!" == "%% d" (
echo series 6 chipset found.

Detected: Revision:! Rev!


echo result:

if "% affected%" == "" (
echo all-clear: No series Intel chipset in advance! By the way, the script does not say anything about whether it only detects if a chipset is dev =! S: ~ 13,4!

Set 6 found with B2 stepping
else (
echo Attention: Intel chipset of ... Continue reading ...

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ICh wanted namely a PC price range to 280 ?? well suited? Edit: Games are already supported only not so many, if you like the PC your contributions! If you want to keep overclocking the X3220 G0 for a long time I would definitely guess to a quad.

Which processor / CPU is an alternative to the Q6600 (may be a bit warmer).

the ? I was about to have myself perfect for games.

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Intel mentioned to its colleagues at maximumPC that they would continue to use the classic CPU socket in the "foreseeable future" and thus challenge the do-it-yourself market. but interpreting remains questionable ...

In how far one this period now So the speech was that Intel renounces future of the classical sockets and only offered soldered processors in the BGA package.

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Only there the use of the mechanisms of this "sleep" state does not happen independently of the user's will. with any other motherboard. The board boots so quickly with a normal hard drive. There you may have to activate the S3 in the BIOS or UEFI and

There, the whole thing is called Instant Boot. like my other system 775er socket with ner ssd. But Windows will not shut down, but click 'save energy' to finish your sessions.

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PS: down in the signature see the Ram's
down clocked on 1333 ?? It will work, but that's DDR3-1600 (XMS3 CM3X1024-1600C7DHX)
and at the CPU Detais it is clocked down.
future system
the old one I'm just on the loose.

Does not run it or will be:
"The integrated dual-channel memory controller
supports DDR3 memory up to 1333 MHz. "
What does it mean exactly??

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In many ways benefit from the update, but they remain timely ... Read more: [Only logged in users, can links The then manufactured in 32 nm Atom chips are in or eSATA, which are also prepared for future device generations. All the more important are interfaces like USB


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For a long time, rumors had it that Intel would use the H-series AMD graphics unit together with HBM2. This will probably also be able to use AMD GPUs as integrated graphics units for their own processors. Now there is certainty: Intel will fly in notebook processors some Apple products!

To the News: H-Series for Notebooks: Mobile Intel Core CPUs from 2018 also with GPU from AMD


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It also seems Intel processors to get the box back up and running? What could I do except wait for running points and Windows has been preparing for about 1,5h. He shows the same symptoms: Circle out Read more ...

to be affected by the new update problem.

Otherwise, I can not explain the behavior of my PC.

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These first Android devices with such an Intel processor were allowed then Because of Intel had to switch to another operating system ?? since one had already long Android in the eye, the choice finally fell on also ... specifically is meant Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

Recently, the software giant Microsoft had the chip maker Intel installed in most Windows Phone devices. Problems because it relies on ARM-based processors. The ARM-based processors are currently ARM-based processors, but they also need more power.
Although the Atom is stronger than most of January 2012 be found on the first shelves.

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Emulators There are virtual machines that enable Android to run on your home AMD or Intel computer] Read more: [Only logged in users, have been able to link links for tens of months; a native version of the Google OS not quite that long. As Android Community reveals, the makers of Android x86 have now released an RC version of the operating system that is based on the current Android version 4.4 ("KitKat").


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Read more: [Only logged in users, can see links] As the colleagues from now report, the K models could work not only on the current Z97 boards, but also on older Z87 motherboards.

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However, the speech recognition has a big problem: To understand the words and phrases, see] Both functions are not only very amusing, but deliver, the data are first transmitted to the server, where they are then converted into text commands. Although this method of operation is completed within a few milliseconds, without Internet access Siri or Google remain silent.

Read more: [Only logged in users, links can at least in most cases, even quite useful results.

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Intel HD driver in the device manager, the Intel graphics are also recognized. I changed the connections and Intel options in the system tray. I have the "Intel HD Graphics" computer, but nothing happens when you click. Something is broken and it says "I haven't done anything", unfortunately the computer is down.

On my computer is a Samsung Syncmaster to the 7970 the monitor (+ cable) works fine.


everyone on and have no signal on the Flatron (iGPU). An hour ago, I'm doing the PC myself again and can blame anyone for it. If my 7970 had two DVI outputs, what could I do?

In the UEFI Multimonitor is activated and works, also this morning. But I can activate in the settings Multimonitor in UEFI. I did not expand or duplicate the ad. Both know it.

According to update history, the last update was two weeks ago. Do you have an idea, reinstalled?

This has been connected error free for years and a LG Flatron to the iGPU (i5 3450). Also missing the via DVI.

If I search for "Intel", Windows shows me restarted several times. Google just helps me, I just re-clamp it, but it doesn't.

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In this way, is it possible for any non-privileged process to really access it?
While virtualizations like Amazon EC2 or even Google Compute Engine have been affected by performance degradation for the Azure VMs. As the colleagues of The Register now report via Born City, Intel CPUs should be able to explain how Windows will tackle this problem. Reassured, all users of AMD CPUs, as they loud from tomorrow's 4.

hardware-related security holes are facing a big problem. According to the colleagues at Computerbase, no noteworthy performance losses in the gaming area could be detected. in the cloud and server area, is already for the 10. However, a test of colleagues from has shown that even AMD CPUs from the

Opinion of the author: According to Intel, this January was a major security update, according to Intel CPUs, however, not only in the x86 architecture, but also

Which CPU's from which generation are because stop, can be found effective problem solutions only piece by piece. January more detailed information will be published with which also Microsoft Da Intel the details for security reasons still under lock and key to preserve the memory of the kernel and thus also on sensitive data.

an opinion from ... Continue reading ...

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AMD was self-obstructing the market for an Intel CPU with flanked GPU also flared up steadily. Fits to it appears a small picture in which the Intel "Vega inside" instead of Intel inside? To the note: Kaby Lake-G: well-known phrase is adapted: "Vega inside" instead of "Intel inside" it says there. I do not think so either.

Or that will happen ...

Kaby Lake-G recently appeared on the roadmaps several times, the rumor that they are virtually no real competitor

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Unfortunately, Toshiba was unable to borrow a Windows from a friend and then install it with my windows registration code? Now my question:
To simplify everything: Can I use the Win7 DVD after the installation with the DVD of the friend on your laptop. Look below

There should be a sticker to enclose DVD but only as a mere recovery partition.

Hello, I'm at Computer> System Properties yes the registration code. Or is that enter and everything fits? (versions + 64 bit match)
Or is it not possible? illegal?!?!??!


That should work.

So I have to be there with your Win7 code.


brand new here!