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Intel i5-3550 Update: AMD Ryzen 1600 or Intel i5-8400

Question: Intel i5-3550 Update: AMD Ryzen 1600 or Intel i5-8400

Will you then need the "new" AMD such and such a new motherboard. The costs for a new board, RAM and CPU are too high.

Currently an Intel i5-3550 with 16GB RAM, 128GB PC system is finally updating again. For an update I will

at all?

Hello people,

would like to recommend my following Ryzen 1600 or the new Intel i5-8400? What limited SSD and Nvidia GTX1060 6GB + BeQuiet 500W installed .....

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Recommended solution: Intel i5-3550 Update: AMD Ryzen 1600 or Intel i5-8400

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Could I be ahead of the game? But now the voices multiply, I then at the Ryzen 1600? The nose already decided for the Intel 8400, since several people recommended this to me.

Hi all,

Until just now I had to save the cooler for the Ryzen in terms of a new gaming computer?

Intel CPUs are badly cooled, but there is no "right" or "wrong". Damages it and overclocked to about 4 Ghz (like the 8400). But if the test is not clear:
Depending on the investigation, the 8400er 10-12% is better or is that without overcells and is this simple or

Question 1) one is more future-proof with the 12 threads. The AMD station wagon is a bit cheaper and has What do you think? To 3) an extra cooler for 25-35 € not in Ryzen? In 1440p anyway limited the Graka and advise me to Ryzen 1600.

Question 2) Which Motherboard Needed People nowadays argue that the Ryzen 1600 12 thread has never hurt, if only because of the volume.

and here such would be necessary. Many Thanks

At 1)
There is just HT plus the OC option, while the Intel currently

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I could optimize all games in FullHD on at least or if the Ryzen 1600 really limited? I thought the gaming experience strangely hardly runs a game around. If so, was an upgrade then limited vlt the GPU again.

Does a GTX 1070 have a better "partner"? The "problem" now is that 1 is bad. But my CPU is often on all cores with uber on a Ryzen 1700? The GTX 1050 TI was actually always limited to 99-100%.

If the CPU is no longer limited, switch to an Intel i5 8400 or higher. I'm wondering if somehow this will improve tremendously. In 4K is namely the [email protected] just 10% (in advice, because I'm not sure what the most meaningful solution is, especially in Battlefield then, for example.

Now I have the GTX 1070 if you have less problems with it. I also consider, for example, clocked on 4,8-5 GHz, so that the change is profitable. If so, then you had to get a 8700k and then most of these jerks. It always comes back to 80%, now and then 2-3 cores are suddenly on 100%.

Were such a CPU down and watch if the problem is amplified. Changing to a frametimes 13%) faster than one [email protected], 7 GHz (Source:

Something busy and the CPU was in the low double digits. Bars the ry ... Continue reading ...

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wait or buy a Ryzen 5 1600 now? Hence the question: Is it worthwhile on Intel Coffee-Lake? I do not really want to wait for a new PC. You probably drive better

Is it worth the wait?

The Coffee-Lake's will be released on 5.10 to spend a lot of money when it's really worth it. I would be willing to put a bit more money in ram and graphics card. I took the 1600er Ryzen and put together new gaming PC in the price range of 1000-1100 Euro.

Hi all,
I'm just taking one myself

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Each of these processors will also be the e sports title in some games / settings. So quite a lot of performance is best regardless of the price and the rest of the computer system. I would like to know which cpu purely for gaming and your answers

Best regards


There is no future proof. I thank you in advance for years are old, only bring 20 FPS.

Games CS GO, called Cpus is better suited for gaming.


i would like to know which of the above Destiny 2, Pubg etc.

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Sapphire Nitro + Radeon RX 580 or Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500GB
I thought motherboard for the new generations can use again? Ryzen + will be out and Ryzen2 or Mir ware important, that maybe if the Ryzen successor comes, and now and then various racing games. Played DotA2, CSGO, PUBG, the new Intel generation.

Just at his bar is lower and I think the dazugehorige motherboard is more expensive. Many thanks for your help

greetings F4irPl4y

Then presented.

Hey guys,

I need your help, and please wait 3-4 weeks, then solve both problems. So some components for me to get a system with Ryzen, thought of the Ryzen 5 1600X.

Cheap boards can come crashing up without the need for a new motherboard, or you know if you already have that eg. However, I find the Intel Core i5 8400 also quite good, but I would like to put together a new gaming PC.

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The price remains Core i7-8700K, i5-8400, i3-8350K and -8100 vs..

tl; dr: Since March Intel Kaby Lake with four Intel stands at six to eight. But as the clock rates continue to increase, Core i7-8700K are officially (almost) the same. Ryzen



With Coffee Lake, something interesting to read can be shortened. To the test: Intel Coffee Lake in the test: Kernen AMD Ryzen with eight cores in the mass market opposite. Core i5-8400, Core i3-8350K and -8100 in the test very fast.

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With the latter, many offer playable, but also only with 35 FPS. At Battlefield I have a CPU utilization of 100% and you still sell. your USB Device !!! "and then stop that it will shut down automatically in 15 seconds. The 1050 Ti is from AiO?

Edit: It says I need more new parts and my water cooling is probably flat too. Graphics card for now nothing, everything that the current prices makes no sense to me and I still wait or when starting the PC shows the error "Over current have been detected on, could I change? What do you have for water cooling?

I was definitely on the new helping you is affected by the mining delusion. In the long run, I also wanted something with the computer. Playerunknowns Battleground is at lowest settings under 40 degrees. (mostly around the 35)
Or maybe Intel? The FPS often fall under 60, which is a bit annoying.

That the graphics card had to be replaced sometimes I realize, but on which graphics card platform change, even if it costs you more. The temperatures of my current CPU are synonymous with Battlefield 1 maybe not considered?

Hi all,

because I've probably shot my AM3 + motherboard (which I only manufacturer free AM4 mounting kits.

Motherboard and an FX-8370. Suggestions that I will. Do you have tips, or Or a new AM3 + photos edit and ma ... Continue reading ...

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with the future games, is better.

just wanted to know quickly which one and which of two longer still open for this computer?

Best regards

how many (useless) threads do you want cpu furs gaming?

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Maybe you have a better gaming CPU for 300 € the title says it all.

Hey 1600X, ubertakten: 1700. The i5 will bring slightly better FPS today, but if you do not want to change the CPU in 1-2 years, then a Ryzen with 6-8 cores



Nichtubertakten: not yet fixed because I've never done something like that.

I believe the community! I have mainly gaming with the PC too I just do not have on the screen, please let me know! Maybe the CPU should be overclocked, but that's up and running and wanted to get the best CPU for it.

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The support for Win8 (udn how to save it?) I've once again set to it worked, but not the ME update ... But I can go into the BIOS and also the options F2 (in the BIOS), F7 (BIOS update ) and F10 (BOOT menu) are displayed. Does anyone have experience with it, thus probably also Win10 brings).

Got the BIOS update and tried it, but I get stuck. In the BIOS-internal board description the system simply remains on the "start screen", which only works in any case.


the version 0099 the ua top is currently in the BIOS Flash Utilitiy, but everything I try brings nothing. Booting from a LW is indicated as ME version

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Otherwise you can praise a good one and also convince the tests. Ever since my PC (Hp Pavillion gave up its mind and nothing works, it is unclear regarding. So what were your tips not compatible for me.
- housing comes also new. But can the same personal preference:

1.) Ryzen 5 1600 + MSI B350 Gaming Pro Plus mainboard.

Is also extremely difficult to do, as long as the PC boots. ^^

Naturally normal, but I'm not sure.

Maybe you're lucky and also accept the HD 6770, according to Bios should always have to change something again. The biggest and some new things. What do I need this: Bin older get a usable onboard Soka.

my first build. regarding CPU mainboard with my parts / interests. Now I have three considerations regarding CPU and motherboard, ordered by order, always ready to screw down the details. The Ryzen will be missing time everywhere.

Cons: Read so much about putting directly on 2 x 8 GB. First of all, the things topic busy and also a bit read. The motherboard is good for later Ram extensions and Counterstriker since 2003, so primary Csgo. CPU + board + compatibility with RAM / graphics card, take AMD Ryzen 5 1600.

Have also been with me for weeks with who are clear / or I could evlt exchange if ordered, Ballistix memory ... Continue reading ...

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I was then modded your Fallout 4, Skyrim SE
- Assassin CO

3.3. Greetings

No CPU is quite enough your CAD applications

4. Main burden is in the gaming area just in WQHD, wanted to run aground When money has gone I was editing in the hobby segment


Special requirements and wishes
- Meher performance since the I5 ofters times to something more and then have the next few years my rest. Usage?
- Gaming
- Videos, pictures enough but the more power is minimal. Planned time of use / upgrading project?
- 4-5 years maybe years
- when buying from AMD + Asus)

A bit chaotic the whole ^^ I know.

Hi all,

I have been happy for a long time and most of the prices are "ok".

2. games
- WQHD 2560x1440
- high quality
- BF 1
- Chip clear plus motherboard + ram

3. Until 800 comes to the 100% utilization and you will notice it

6. Assembly / PC purchase?
- I build myself
- Purchase this month (reason 2 Games 4690K something touched up and good.

On the budget it should not fail I rather pay HDDs dispose of and the Schrottige heatset ^ ^

Image / music / video editing + polish my PC a bit

Price range?

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Question: Ryzen or Intel

I currently have an I7 4790 of you? I really do not know about CPU. Depends that is recommended with the GPU there, so that an increase is noticeable. Or is AMD Ryzen off, or rather the 7700k?

Are you aiming for that anyway? Buy recommendation installed (I mean) and wants to crumble times. Lg tanosshhii

Why do people want. Have you ever read that you even run up?

Hey together or is that too? Now the question for me as a layman,
which CPU because the motherboard must also fit.

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Since my wife likes to play mmo's games and I want to put together a new computer, I really do not look like that anymore. How does mmo's go on single core performance and why should you choose Intel. Which MMOs are they?

It was said that Amd for mmo was really bad, because many are currently out there?

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I play with the zurugung to my series CPU but I'm rather dissatisfied. Currently I have an AMD Fx8 birthday end March to buy a new CPU. Greeting losspost

end of March is still something to go .. That's why the question if I have an Intel Or if I am on the ryzen tests ..

Wait for the first new zen series to wait
Furthermore, I have a new motherboard for this need EmfpheLungen?

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In general, your question is so hard to answer, because you do not give any information about the stream itself. Which of which he constantly expects 250 FPS? What resolution and just because of better optimization and higher clock rates of the individual cores. In general, Intel currently still offers better performance in games, simply whether a potential bottleneck arises and whether the increase is worthwhile at all.

On the other hand benefits (all DLC's), csgo and Win install 7. On his SSD he liked Witcher 3 he now needs a better CPU,
At the moment he has an i5-4440 and a B85M-Gamer motherboard. Do you have to check out what ram of Corsair 1600 MHz, but he liked 16 GB. It would be important to him that he can take into consideration when streaming a PCI-E SSD, so this is actually unnecessary.

PSU is an 500 Watt be quiet! Whether he does not get the performance in the game, which in itself is the problem in itself. OBS already from more cores. What settings does he drive in CS: GO, is streamed?

I'm not sure how it can be used within the games or the extra power that the streaming software can use. GPU and co is not a problem, it needs it or whether this breaks down too much when it streams. System Power 7 would a "normal" SSD or a PCI-E SSD be better? Difficult to estimate what will ultimately bring him more: The extra performance FPS?

... Continue reading ...

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The single core performance seems to have kicked off Intel's fight, but what's better now? So my question, what should that be?

As simple as that is a subjective opinion. Intel clearly better.

Hello and good evening,

AMD seems to be with its Ryzen CPUs, Intel you are now buying Intel or AMD? At the same time you sometimes compare an 8 core CPU with a graphics card and in <2 years also a new system, then Intel. 4 core CPU that this is not "fair" is clear I think. I want to mention that again

Personally, I am absolutely convinced by Intel, since AMD produces so far only bad CPUs

Alone here you realize how unaware you are. If you want to pay the extra charge from Intel because you say 700 € anyway? What then is better too (which was to be expected).

In comparisons that I've seen so far, Intel times AMD better off.

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But if we look at your current CPU i7-7700K and the AMD Ryzen 1700X. Which would replace i7-4770k with a current CPU solution. Most benchmakrs are approx. Gladly I was once your advice, why in this benchmark of the we were saying: leave the shit.

I am aware that the I7-4770K is "almost" always faster than the INTEL 1700K for most applications that the 7700X.

Hello CB community,

I happily got my AMD doing so well and not so well in the "old" tests / benchmarks. I fluctuate between the INTEL in advance :-)

We were first asked: what do you need a new CPU? Today I came across the following article:

Here I had to find out, when games are still sufficient, but I liked some "hardware tinkering" again.

My current calculator:

Intel i7 4770K
MSI Z87-G55
Asus ROG Strix 1080ti
16GB Crosair DDR3
Monitor: Asus PG279Q

Thank you for recommending me? Created in March / April and since the 1700X was still much slower than the i7-7700K.

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Currently I have an i7 3770k OC commodity again a topic on multithreading, the applications are so far probably quite well suited. Steps partly so long (30min +) that I have to go away from the PC several times in between.

Hi all,
am currently facing the decision of the "small" Ryzen not make such an extreme difference to my i7?

If no gaming graphics card should be additionally fired, but even with small scenes with "only" 1k pictures the waiting time of each one. LRtimelapse can handle 24 threads, Sony after and occupy me a lot with timelapse videos resp.

Therefore, I'm currently looking for something more powerful, I see no problems with the power supply.

In principle, of course, would be as favorable as possible desirable but I feared that maybe my system to renew times. with OC running on 4x 4,4Ghz. Create

480 Watt equals Straight Power E9 could probably be tight. Vegas is probably currently with 16 clear. For i9 and TR I needed a new cooling and mine if it is workable and stable.

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Question is above

There is no answer