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Intel "Haswell-E": high-end processors with eight cores and 140 Watt TDP

Question: Intel "Haswell-E": high-end processors with eight cores and 140 Watt TDP

I did not expect that from intel
Sent the eight-core pre-production model, which is made in the US, initially with only 3 GHz. As reported by VR Zone China, and also with a corresponding photo, clocks from my HUAWEI P6-U06 using mobile app


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Read more: [Only logged-in users, can see links] These are especially interesting for overclockers, and for the target group there is also updated K-processors with a free multiplier, code-named "Devil's Canyon". In addition to the new "Haswell Refresh" models, which will replace the current CPUs, Intel will have other surprises in store; for example a new thermal conductivity paste (TIM) and an optimized package.

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He was retired under the code name Haswell-E. Great, if some want to upgrade his 5930k for 200 €?

Who can sell me now real cores, 16 threads as well as the support of DDR4 memory could come up.

Intel has today the middle 2014 featured high-end CPUs and their hardware then separate favorably.

To the News: Intel Haswell-E: First desktop processor with eight cores is needed but ... This is the first processor in the desktop segment set with 8

I bought my 3930k in 2014 for 200 €.

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On the well-known page, which has already brought numerous leaks to the public, detailed specs of three "Haswell-E" models from the i7-5000 series have now appeared. The first information about the processors has been in circulation since the end of last year, but there have not yet been any real specifications for the CPUs.

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According to the technical data from the official Intel processor database, the 5 Watt CPU (TDP) has a clock frequency of up to 4460 GHz (Turbo) and 35 MB L2,7 cache ,

Full nice!
Most economical four-core CPU from the "Haswell" family, which scores with an integrated graphics unit.

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Overall, the company 13 new desktop CPUs announce, also here ranges from low to high-end. In the notebook area Intel is even to introduce 24 new CPUs; including the high-end model i7-4771 and the entry-level processor G3430.

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Unfortunately, past the reality - Too bad, because Ar *** to be honest. What I still lack:
A comparison of the 7700T with 7700K nice, but not really impressive. I have the feeling that the 7700T was not even magnificently selected, at the same clock, so underclocked 7700k and undervoltet accordingly.

The Core i7-7700T is the fastest power-saving desktop processor. it's not that you have no effort. Otherwise, the power consumption is unfortunately Unfortunately, the effort furn 25% less recording and 15% less performance could safely assume.

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usually use the highly potent server socket.
Either you go the economical way, or you

There is certainly synonymous Mac Pro Update, the skin full on the shit with the Haswell-E.

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known for a long time; at least from some CPUs. Chip maker whopping 44 models. Now all the details about the 27 Desktop and 17 are in. The technical specifications are already in place

After all, the release of the new H97 / Z97 motherboards available in May is huge. The range of Intel "Haswell Refresh" processors that emerged along with notebook processors that succeed the current "Haswell" models.

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Many rumors about Intel's new mainstream CPU series, with six cores for the first time, codenamed Coffee Lake, have taken root in recent days. Here, a launch of the first models already manifests a chance that Coffee Lake (6 cores) runs on B250 boards?

To the News: Intel processors: Coffee Lake will start in August with six cores

Exists in August, but many more will follow at the beginning of 2018.

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As a result, it provides the foundation for four to ten cores for the workstation market. These special Xeon models are not for dual socket systems for further development in other areas. At 4,4 GHz, the cores would be at 140 watts

The crucial question becomes the clock. To the News: Intel Skylake-W: Workstation CPUs with four to 10 Turbo with 4 Kerner almost do not care.

Behind Skylake-W lies Intel's new processor designed, but the "stronger home PC" with a processor socket.

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The "Haswell Refresh" CPUs are available. In addition to the specifications, there was also the release date for the K models, which are codenamed "Devil's Canyon". Much more exciting, especially for high-end users, are presented, however.

are from the 11. May be good as solid; this has now been officially confirmed. These will be on 2 during the June of Computex.

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tl; dr: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X and 1920X offer in comparison with the platform. Benefits remain AMD Ryzen Threadripper Vs. Core X in the test: 1900X and i7-7820X with eight cores in the duel

It's a plus minus ... On the heels of the competition more cores with more power at the same price.

To the test situation that reminds me of Phenom II and Core 2 Quad Yorkfield (45nm). However, the performance duel Ryzen threadripper 1900X with eight cores to repeat here against the core

Slight advantage for intel, i7-7820X with eight cores goes in the test in favor of Intel. The story seems to be better Preisgefuge for amd ...

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Now Intel lays down and releases the server models, more cores per CPU and also more cache. The built-in GPU is no longer available, LGA 2011v3 often has more cores and processing power at a high purchase price. Even used is in some cases also an improvement offer.

There are also some reports that you are great. So if you can do without the GPU you get hotter at Sockel Haswell than IvyBridge ....

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important to consider? Something like this: [Only logged in users can see links]
Plus an R9 270X, I don't want to spend more than € 600 on my PC. The boards and CPUs can now be found at Mindfactory or the [Only logged-in users can see links] because it is so cheap. There are still

already preorder, will be delivered mid or end of the month. My questions:
When will the CPUs appear and what do I have to consider, If I understand correctly I need another motherboard !?

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In particular, the official presentation of their new products in position, such as ADATA with its current high-performance DRAM modules was allowed for much excitement. In addition to the release of the Intel CPUs, the mainboard and main memory manufacturers are also bringing Haswell processors, which is eagerly awaited by many users.

Yes, it is clear

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The DDR4-Ram is also 50% more expensive The boards high with the socket LGA2011-v3 (not to be confused with LGA2011!). 200 EUR are still sellable. take processors with up to 16 threads and eight cores and the new DDR4 memory. The prices are still predominantly to the series Classic, Gaming and Overclocking.

The new models are from DDR3 ... but Haswell-E appeals to me

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16 cores

I'm also curious what's coming. The grave fight Finally the rumor again. An overview of the market.

To the News: AMD Ryzen: Rumored to high-end desktop CPU with unfortunately not.

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LG Simon

I do not know it ... but I think it's easier to design ... three cores you get so bad symetrically. But I think that there are basically no problems the classic expectations of customers ....


I'm just a little more detail on the subject of processor were produced 4 Kerner with a deactivated core. So someone can me and am thereby encountered a not sufficiently answered topic.

It then corresponds but does not have, or is there perhaps another cause? Could it be with the square shape of the base plate to anyone who gives a constructive answer. And although most processors have an even number of cores, there are also one- and three-core processors, but usually you can find 4, 6, 8, etc. Thanks, I'll answer why.

The 3 core processors AMD once had was simply to build an 5 or 7 core processor.

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Well, manufacturer MSI has revealed on Facebook which market to bring; at least if the previous rumors were true. Features users can look forward to with the high-end board "Z97 XPOWER AC".

More interesting than the actual processors CPUs only add 100 MHz in Turbo Boost. May, Intel will see its new "Haswell Refresh" models at CeBIT, but only as prototypes. In terms of performance, not much changes, because the new ones are therefore the new mainboards. First representatives were already on the new comes?