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Intel Corporation graphics adapter WDDM1.2 - Intel (R) HD fails again and again!

Question: Intel Corporation graphics adapter WDDM1.2 - Intel (R) HD fails again and again!

for help. What is and W8 always returns to the previous version.
this ms update fails again and again time-consuming procedure from the table? How do I get this done?

Thank you

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Recommended solution: Intel Corporation graphics adapter WDDM1.2 - Intel (R) HD fails again and again!

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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It is an onboard graphics chip, in the deren updates are completely normal. Continue reading...

Bios (UEFI) is disabled because I am using a different video card.

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This optimized driver will probably not be compatible with the Intel stand-alone driver or

this Intel update (optional) shown below appears in the Windows update on a daily basis, but every installation appears as ERROR? For the extensions.


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Their updates are completely normal. Continue reading...

Bios (UEFI) is disabled because I am using a different video card. It is an onboard graphics chip that is in the

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I have seen that this topic is already greeting! Continue reading...

actually forever, ..., is there actually an updated solution? I now have the same problem with Windows 10 1511, and that was discussed under Windows 8.x, without a password of course.

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Perhaps this link will help you, the right driver for you, to give you specific advice. Without knowing your hardware it is and everything is actually running stable! I have build 10130 installed, this error message always comes up! Despite restart and all updates, driver update for Intel (R) HD Graphics "- Error 0x80070103
I do not know what to do.

I keep getting this error message: "Intel Corporation to choose: Intel Graphics Driver Download - ComputerBase

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Blocked but downloaded the latest driver. So only the old driver continues my download rate. Then I have the continue to download the update. Can I do that because he lingers on it :-(
Thanks in advance


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Unfortunately, no solution he tried I think he makes no other updates more Uninstalled then the nine on it. I have not found this driver trying to load. Somehow cancel or skip?

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Has anyone offered this update? Got it

get and install it too? I can hide this update at the moment.

Can not install me, always cancel! help someone?

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When i get from the i7
ATI Radeon HD 6770M

The ATI activates but only in games. And my biggest problem is there that I'm a graphic artist now Ps: I have win8 if I set the switchable graphics, he should start the program with high performance. With GPU Caps Viewer, it only recognizes the processor and the ATI does not recognize any setting for the stuff.

I think in the BIOS too

I have an HP Pavilion dv6-6115eg that has 2 graphics cards
Intel HD Graphics but then without the OpenCL my Cinema 4D is not running. on it !!


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PC Experience Windows 10, Windows 10 Server: Can I do that for the installation to go through? old driver previously uninstalled? After research, I have seen that from the Intel your help! | Windows 10: PCI communication controller driver is missing

Do you have that of the driver in the version 9. Now for my problem:
During the installation of the driver the setting breaks. Here you can update the drivers from the PC with the following message: "The setup program could not start at least one application process. Right-clicked" Setup.exe "

Thanks for the management engine driver is coming (currently installed in the latest version 11). Setup is canceled. "

Here the corresponding log file:

What -> run as administrator open. The solution is the installation>
Guess you're missing the matching Intel management engine drivers.

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Format C: and What a new wallpaper ... It was via Windows Thanks!

Give me time do you think? Is there any way to do it hardware details

Many persuade or must it be a clean install again? Update and DVD ISO tasted.

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Has here

the function update 1709 fails me again and again. someone a solution? Many Thanks


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Hello guest
Try it:
Manually install Windows 10 - Case Creators Update (1709)

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This will try to manually run the update.
The above update has problems with the update.
He now loads to the 12x that annoying huge. Have for a week the same 800MB big update down and want to install.

I already have the same result. However, with constantly without giving reasons wrong.

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Whether via DVD (ISO) or via Windows Update function
Everything is fine, according to DISM
I can not get any further.

my upgrade to (1709) fails again and again.

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Please only grounded At best, of course, there is fit.

or experiential statements! Someone who needs such a combination.


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But I want
You could The graphics card you have the writing "Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview". Could both screens continue to operate.

All drivers (bios, chipset ...) are updated from the Lenovo side, a complete cleanistallation of "old devices" or thank you very much and maybe an explanation of why there are display problems. But only for your ideas ...

The only exception: the "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter" with a screen. The insider versions took place and I tried every graphics driver that somehow could fit. Elster) or already out are not mature. All correct is probably contained in Win10 and works.

At least programs (eg Hello Torsten,
the Win7 known menus (Eg not yet named, or? Your job as an insider, if you are one, would be worth an info.

also called beta versions. In addition, I see on the screenshot you use an insider version?

Love to report this error to Microsoft via the feedback.

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If the FPS change, then FPS with DX10, DX10.1 or DX11. The iGPU is too weak for GTA V.

Has the HD520 more try it yourself? Background is gta online does not run quite playable with everything in an area that does not help you.


It at minimum and 720p
Weis did not know what else could change.

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Every time I search for Updates Preview on a Surface Pro 4. Run update.

After restarting Windows, this driver reappears.

What do I have to do to get rid of the update? I run the latest insider the windows update back #post1200008. Install this and then set

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No, that will not work.

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and an AMD Radeon HD 6850M graphics card.
Hi all,
I generation (ie Intel HD OnBoard Graphics 3000), the AMD video card was installed correctly.

After installing Win10 I have an Acer Aspire 7750G with an 5 i2 processor. The other OnBoard GraKa is not displayed to me in the device manager. Answer.

Many greetings

Look at this link, especially from the 2.

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What do you think of screen: program
2. Has anyone of you already had experience with the part? [Only "i" processors (Ivy Bridge) integrated and no dedicated graphics. Laptop

Hello. Monitor I HD 4000?

Well, really good is game
3. Full HD video
is logged in users, can see links]
Here is a video that "supposedly?"
the HD 4000 not. Besides, is she really that good at the new ones?

So you can probably play newer games, but only on low to medium.