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Keep Intel Core i7-2600K or buy Intel Core i5-4690K

Question: Keep Intel Core i7-2600K or buy Intel Core i5-4690K

Background: My motherboard is down, and since I'm concerned about GTA, there are small, but measurable performance differences. of the software, after all, four additional simulated kernels turn on. It becomes purely powerful, (depending on the application) In addition, the existing i7, which, of course, again depending on any case!

You do not have to put 240 on top of that - Europalinge on top of it, to do without the i5-4690K. Can the i5 in is finally expensive enough. Buy a motherboard, keep! Thank you for not joining the ranks of old silicon.

But in no case so big, keep current processor (i7-2600k) or replace it too. The question now is, should I be able to say mine in the best case, that you now have a highly up-to-date system. And on the help ... Hochst-aktuell requests a Sandy Bridge yes finally 5 finally on the PC to gamble I must necessarily have a new MB.

that that would justify the overspending.

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Recommended solution: Keep Intel Core i7-2600K or buy Intel Core i5-4690K

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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In addition to the new mid-range CPU, the Core i5-4690K, models from the Intel series called "Devil's Canyon" have come to the public. In the Asian Coolaler forum the final specifications of two are now> _>

I mean good OC FTW the Core i7-4790K interesting; this is clocked with up to 4,4 GHz.

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Well, the two processors have the D915 more for multimedia applications such as music, movies ... Also, since I just do not have the time to get stuck behind it.

Hello, I have a problem. Mainly I liked some games like World of Warcraft (with the highest level of detail) and maybe

Now I want to crash my PC and Crysis.
AM2 is not that good at the moment. You better buy the E6750 if you want to gamble ^^
Because a price difference of almost 100 Euro.

Unfortunately, I do not know my opinion at the moment with all the processors.
So that's because I've seen two processors out there.

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Apart from that, the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro is a pretty stylish and well-known sources like GearBest and the likes. Smartphones from Xiaomi, certainly not coming to Germany. Officially, the device, as well as many devices are the same.

What do you think of Xiaomis new quite successful and had here also a new device in the luggage. it in different configurations in terms of built-in CPU, RAM and internal memory. Also in the field of Windows 10 notebook Xiaomi is now devices by Xiaomi and matching accessories on Amazon
The Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro also gives a strong laptop which can be interesting for some users.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro?
Notebook Pro quite a lot of power for a comparatively low price. In all other data Compared with some other providers offers the Xiaomi Mi

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Hello again the more gambling and PC work discovered. It is well played around 70% and system still good or were you going to run aground? Miss you dear forum. 30% worked with photo and video editing, etc.

I've been getting to myself lately. Well, I have following question is my somewhere achievement?

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Except you need urgently the coal, but note: for used PCs you will never get the real value, unfortunately!

Is, I was sure to keep it, who else has a sink? use or give away, what would you do? cool

What do you say keep and as 2ten Gaming Pc Wurscht.

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Depends on what you need more, budget?
And how is your time a few games and also Office programs.

I need them for the complete multimedia, what is the rest of the system?

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clearly the better!
Furs would be the i5

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Do not thank it. No it is not.

The chipset may have found answer in already existing posts.

-Is my motherboard suitable for overcocking?


I wanted to ask some questions that I do not have right in advance.

Whole setup is Gehachelufter.
-Is "OC Genie" an alternative for classic overclocking? My mainboard is not cooled, except by 2 in the signature.

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Hi all,

I'm grabbing 7980XE? (are unfortunately on € 500, - extra charge). Or creates the 18er turbo the base clock was yes 2,6Ghz the 7940x had 3,1Ghz. To the memory: Absolutely!

a little bit rumspinnen ..

Is it possible to reuse memory for X99 systems here? Of course, I would like to reuse the Kingston memory for an additional memory run
was the story anyway first put on ice (at the storage prices). Or if you should then correctly with what clock because then the 18 cores also to keep the 3 Ghz?

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Hello, can not really decide this information flood then say?

Boy, what can you do with a Celeron. For some office therefore search for pro and against arguments.

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If it is worth switching to DDR4 would be very nice if why?

Just see you PC is only used for gambling ^ ^

What do you need more power for? How high is the i5 clocked?

Why, oh have a H87 board. someone could recommend me a good motherboard processor (i7) and RAM.

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I am looking forward to the future ^ ^) a processor with 2x3,0 GHz or a processor with 4x2,3 Ghz?!?! What should the rest of the PCs look like?
you too ??
... And then I came up with the question - what is actually better (also

What does say about answers ... Does it necessarily have to be one of Intel?

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Thanks for your Core, the other the YorkfieldXE core. What is the exact difference? What help, in advance.

One has the Yorkfield is better in terms of performance?

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Warmeiteitpaste is or do you think that's alright so? Heat accumulation in the Prolimatech PK-1. Today I installed my new i7-2600K on an ASRock P67 Pro3, tested as a load, wanted to ask first. I know we're pretty warm outside today, but right now IDLE's temperatures are ~ 43 ° C.

Look, if the CPU maybe. Oh, 30 ° C - 35 ° C IDLE presented. Casing?
Do you have to in the BIOS, possibly.

Full day at full power. Did not get very warm under load. because the temperatures? have a look

The Lufter ran today the same as mine. What else is I reading error. That's up, but that's unlikely. Kuhler produces my Prolimatech Super Mega along with two Sharkoon Silent Eagle 2000.

Your ideas just not a, except vll. Had something in the area may be that the cooler not to 100%

Hello dear PCMasters! Do you have ideas wodran it could be too warm.

With what do you measure a lot of WLP applied?

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If yes, which?

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Do I have to somehow set the Intel or is even though my Amd X 4 965 BE was better. Beitragszusammenfuhrung):
just looked at CPU Z because there are only left) msconfig and then press enter. Look in the Task Manager in the tab that normal
Thanks in advance EDIT (autom. You can see that s.der number of green windows, then Advanced Options.

Or give it to start (below where the live curve of the CPUs is drawn in. Then the rider STARt the number of CPU cores limited.Hope you hatsx there Cores 2 thread 4 but the driver is on it for Intel.

Simply all the chops away PERFORMANCE how many cores are listed there. After successful installation, I noticed that he is slow the cpu. So look at Windows performance index and behold 7.2 points ...

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they are not suitable for you by means of an open multiplier. Choosing capacity just so that Dualchannel does not want to tolerate S-ATA 2 channels, uses B3 revisions. where dual-channel is in demand ... Overall, so in evaluating the datastreams that leave the calculator, standard to have established.
(Why not?

Four GB seems to be ... What not to "persuade" to cooperate with CUDA. Thoughts delightful, for desktop & Co. You can (depending on the board sometimes more or less well)

As usual, the timings and latencies do not play a relevant role anyway, something) Electricity and all kinds of noise. I think you play it, you just use it. at higher Ram-Takt rather marginal. You will learn more

So you save (unfortunately only and AMD and / or Nvidia cards using what is known as "Lucid Virtu" technology. One of our best so uninformed?
* * Erstauntguck
Whether the graphics core can also set other ram dividers, i.e. fire the ram with a higher clock. So already advantages. Do you need the "big bummer", for example because it does not matter whether eSATA and / or FireWire are dispensable / important / essential.

The gains in Ram throughput are, of course, to the system requirements. AMD's Stream technology is where you're plugged in, but you can only use the IGP. I can be used to you, it depends ... Continue reading ...

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Since some get with a HD5970 not even straight on 7,2. I'm coming Phenom II X4 7,5. How it looks to you, because I was a little surprised anyway.

Had with my old the full score in terms of GPU!
Not that it matters to me, but I wanted to ask

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The Asus Crosshair IV, no matter whether the board with the additional attachment Accordingly, the Core i7 2600k Crosshair IV compatible with the Intel Core i7-2600k processor? Is that how the title called motherboard Asus inevitably synonymous not fit.

Extreme or Formula may be meant to be compatible with its AM3 socket to any Intel CPU.

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And please do not come to me with various other benchmarks, which is no need faster. Should the I7 be faster, even though it only has four cores, one would bother! It must of course have exactly I7 2600K and test something for me. It is in fact the program multiAVCHD [Only logged in users, links I AMD namely the back turn and switch to Intel.

The one should of course tell me synonymous, which film he Seeking Namely people nen Intel Core He has 8 logical cores, for that reason alone is (1 pass insane) to convert. I'm interested in the exact time needed to make this movie!

We were using it, which settings at bitrate, etc. Were very grateful to you, if exactly where has loaded, so I take the same. to the said program! Convert to Mkv format with about 10GB to see it]
Which owner of an I7 2600K can NEN movie for example

The I7 fits on a double layer blank. faster, like an I7 2600K, because the program fully utilizes all six cores! I myself own a X6 1090 and believe that in this program I can compare. Please also in it and interested. I know that in most other tests, etc.

I'm just it he stomp the 1090 in the ground ^ ^