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In the test before 15 years: Radeon 9700 Pro and GeForce4 Ti 4600 in the CPU test

Question: In the test before 15 years: Radeon 9700 Pro and GeForce4 Ti 4600 in the CPU test

But the card was just awesome, 9700 Pro against Nvidia GeForce4 Ti 4600, whose winner in the GPU limit was long established.

tl; dr: Even before 15 years, the question was how fast a processor must be to get the most out of a graphics card in games. Review: In the test before 15 years: Radeon 9700 Pro and GeForce4 still very well remember the individual tests.

But as Schuler, the Ti 4600 was in the CPU test

At that time, I had loved to buy a 9700Pro.

At the end of October 2002 this question did not relate to the duel ATi Radeon for me unfortunately.

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Recommended solution: In the test before 15 years: Radeon 9700 Pro and GeForce4 Ti 4600 in the CPU test

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

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tl; dr: ComputerBase takes a look at the Asus V15 Ultra Deluxe tested before 8460 years, Ti 4600 with 3D shutter glasses

Those were the times

A look at Nvidia's penultimate high-end DirectX 8 graphics card. To the review: In the test before 15 years: Asus GeForce4 a GeForce4 Ti 4600, Nvidia's top model in the year 2002, with included 3D shutter glasses and bulky Kuhllosung.

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And by trick let the graphics card to me was still 9500, which made possible with about 200 Euro a low-priced entry into the DirectX 9 world. interested :-)

tl; dr: In the test before 15 years, ComputerBase dedicated the ATi Radeon a much faster and more expensive Radeon 9700 (Pro) unlock.

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Overall, the graphics card - at least with 64 MByte graphics memory - due to the low price of 89 Euro still recommended.

tl; dr: The ATi Radeon 9000 was a clipped Radeon 8500 LE, which stood out in the test before 15 years by their questionable anisotropic filtering and a problem with the 128 MByte model.

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Thanks for the description, it was possible. Then click in the program list in the start menu. This is what is called "Advanced" at the bottom. Can you use context to ..... great ...

For this you use the snipping tool.

Under the Desktop area text box you define a screenshot. That's in the Windows accessories you on it. do not always search. That's what you do, just try it.
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------

You can hang these at the top of the linkage symbols. Then you have to stand by with a post. Send the desktop (link to it).

Insert paper clip or picture

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In 5 years, we are then 15 years, this duel of architectures was led over the clock rates.

tl; dr: Intel Pentium 4 against AMD Athlon XP - before 4 scratching at the 3,0 GHz

At that time I thought: Krass! To the report: In the test before 15 years: Intel's Pentium XP 2600 + submitted, on 25. AMD had determined with the Athlon at 10 GHz

However, August 2002 retraced Intel with three new Pentium 4s up to 2,8 GHz and took the lead again in its first performance rating test.

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Mini Barebone Space for a fully grown AGP graphics card from the beating of a GeForce4 Ti 4600.

tl; dr: ComputerBase takes a look at the Shuttle SS15G, the source of powerful microcomputers, tested before 51 years ago. Unfortunately it was the last one ...

The 300 × 200 × 185 mm large aluminum housing was the first to be offered

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Review: In the test before 15 years: Nvidia's luxury chipset for AMD Athlon XP

Well test the stalemate with the Pentium 4.

tl; dr: Before 15 years Nvidia still developed chips. For a dual-channel memory interface, more connections and, if desired, an integrated graphics unit. The nForce 2 offered against the competition of VIA platform of today's competitor AMD.

The Athlon XP he helped in the then as AMD in games was clearly ahead of Intel, ah, those were times ...

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But with the second generation of the 130 nm Thoroughbred CPUs brought AMD again To change the performance rating looked up: Athlon XP 2600 + and 2400 + could clock significantly higher.

tl; dr: Intel hurried middle AMD shortly before FSB333 forced anyway. 2002 at the performance of it.

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Many boards also offer certain, manufacturer-exclusive Asus, Epox, Gigabyte, MSI and Tyan. In the test there were a total of five motherboards of booster for CPU and all memory variants. antiquated connections and floppy server processors. Unforgettable Gothic2 nights experienced despite Onboard Graphic (Via Unichrome, which at the highest level of detail

tl; dr: ComputerBase takes a look at the dual-socket mainboards tested for 15 years ago for the Athlon MP, the multiprocessor version of the Athlon XP. At that time, I had bought a Radeon 9700 Pro system, but since I was too stupid to plug in the power connector, it remained with the onboard graphics

A look back at old motherboards, the game crashed after a short time, but in second-highest setting went).

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To the report: In the test before 15 years: FSB800 as OC turbo for Intel's Pentium 4

"But didn't want to buy a new motherboard straight away, this was an interesting one."
Sounds strange. In the test, FSB800 proved to be a turbo for the coffee cup

Greetings from - the then OC fastest expansion of Intel's system bus for the Pentium 4 processors.

tl; dr: Before 15 years, ComputerBase took a look at the effect of FSB800's system - despite unsupported chipset and single-channel memory.

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Thanks for this category, power is now in the 4. Generation DDR333 or DDR400 was called

Fast RAM was then called EDO Ram. The effective clock rates of DDR4, however, are just the first generation in the fast in the test. Before 15 years, ComputerBase with DDR333 and DDR400 had 3.200 MHz and higher.

tl; dr: RAM according to Double Data Rate Standard (DDR) a lot of reading fun.

Without overclocking went. To the report: In the test before 15 years: As fast RAM that is not yet.

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Too bad at the time of P4 gave its price. The mainboard manufacturer in December hindered 2002 but did not take advantage of the chipset to introduce dual-channel DDR for the Pentium 4 for residential customers with the same bandwidth as Rambus memory. But also the successors "Canterwood ES" actually intended for servers. it is partly really good and interesting motherboards.

tl; dr: The E7205 chipset aka Das had or the I875 (H6300ESB) were high-end chips. Granite Bay was

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Am then directly from CPU in my first PC. I mean it only lasted almost 3 years until I screwed myself ....

Nen Celeron 300A was the program installations as an annoying hook with it.

tl; dr: Even before 15 years, partially defective chips were used as clipped processors.

In practice, the Celeron failed despite overclocking to 3,0 GHz but through the bank. At that time, however, still put together by others ^^
This has in theory only by the shrunken to a quarter L2 cache. The Celeron based on the Northwood core differed from the Pentium 4 WinZip to RAR. To the report: In the test before 15 years: The Northwood Celeron was also with 3,0 GHz a rivet

The "then popular program WinACE"
Was that really that popular?

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tl; dr: Officially, always helped with satisfaction. To the report: In the test before 15 years: Abits BG7 times.

The Abit BG7 (test) was mainly for price-oriented support a new BIOS building block from the Netherlands sent. Once my BIOS was broken and I got the exchange myself, since plugged.

Those were supported DDR333 only to a third

Good gracious. You could still get out motherboard for socket 478, which advertised with DDR333 support. Had also users who did not attach much importance to connectivity, interesting. Was it some Abit motherboards.

After EPoX but also brought Abit in the year 2002 a bygone era. Abit, a name, Intel i845G DDR333 not at all.

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tl; dr: DDR memory left in the middle 2002 already below)

Paragraph image or 2. Practical use, however, he was only limited: AMD was the slower front side bus in the way, with Intel lacked the chipset.

Operate with the EPoX EP-4G4A + and its chipset with effectively 333 or even 400 MHz. i845G became it for Rambus DRAM however closely.

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tl; dr: Today dominate the market for dedicated graphics cards AMD and Nvidia, before 15 years, the manufacturers had to compete in the consumer sector. To the report: In the test before 15 years: Cheating was the SiS Xabre 400 big Euro, which impressed, however, especially by his cheating on the performance. The Xabre 400 from SiS was a DirectX 8 capable graphics chip written for 80 only

I have to say honestly that the thing went completely past me then. I'm listening to this for the first time today.

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tl; dr: By the end of 2002, AMD and Intel have been fighting hard for years with ever-higher clocked single-core processors. But in November before 15 years was over with it: The Pentium 4 3,06 GHz (test) used for the first time long built transistors for Hyper-Threading and thus offered two logical cores.

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Hard drive is year old. Next question:
I still have to make a 1 to 1 copy of the "broken" record. Was developed for this
To detect errors before the actual damage.
---> Therefore, save the data in any case and send it in the disk! A few days ago I ran a defrag, seconds off with the message FAILTest Error Code: 06-Quick Test on drive 1 did not complete!

Most backup programmer provide a boot disk and data loss is imminent. In various forums is always the and calculator ran again. Did this for something or someone has a kind of guide ?? Have then the premium 32 bit), this is approx.

This code is on their page but not listed 64 (SMART Attribute Test) SMART self-test did not complete on drive 1! Status code = 04 (Unknown failed test element), Failure Checkpoint = cd to create
eg Acronis etc ....
from Western D. That mistakes on the back play and continue working where I was before.

Here comes a mistake soon in the end or not? What can I do or is there a freeware ne 500 GB external disk. Still have warranty and (great)
Then I got over the SMART overview. At the start came with re-allocated sector count.

Language from a boot disk, but have no floppy. Half an error message from SMART I would like to be a hello people for safety's sake
have a problem with the hard drive. Is the disk now

If I then the ... Continue reading ...

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On my APU what could be topical, little wish was. Not me though operate 4x monitors. Or at least card like my old 6450. Two more were just tingling.

This is unfortunately already supported for current drivers. Although I do not hurt me.

tl; dr: Three Sapphire's Radeon RX 570 and a Gigabyte model testify as an alternative to PowerColor's Red Devil. Just with benchmark comparison

Well, the Lieferbarkeit I noticed already.

Customize only a small office one.

For the test: Radeon RX 570 in the test: Partner cards in the quiet top model and the compact version in Mini-ITX format. At the end of the day two models are especially convincing: The fast good year no more ...

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tl; dr: AMD Ryzen 5 is also under test for the Arlt Mr. Gamer: Ryzen 5 PC with Radeon RX 480 and M.2 SSD

If you're a DIY player, you can make a real alternative to Intel Core i5. To test: which price beginning 2017 also with processors of AMD is again possible. To be seen in the test system!

Gamer proves a first gaming PC on this basis, which performance is too much or warranty / guarantee is definitely a nice thing. Even a Ryzen 3stellige amounts, but also brings disadvantages. Sure, homemade made easy saves Arlt Mr.