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In own thing: Intel Core i9-7900X not in the test

Question: In own thing: Intel Core i9-7900X not in the test

But there is no test with us on ComputerBase. To the News: In own thing: Intel Core i9-7900X not in the test

As based on Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X has fallen. And from the editorial again to say only AMD brings hasty something on the market.

The reason: Intel has hitherto organized alternatives hanging in the customs.

The embargo on testing Intel's first Core X processors can not provide patterns.

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Recommended solution: In own thing: Intel Core i9-7900X not in the test

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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This first test of the Intel Core i9-7900X addresses the key benchmarks of the high-end desktop CPU, which is followed by complete testing of Skylake-X as soon as CPUs with fewer cores are available.

tl; dr: Skylake-X is a really hot iron: The very not very small difference ...

Is already a high performance is paid for with high power consumption and high temperature.

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tl; dr: How fast is the two predecessors

The result surprised me a little now. I would say that I have proved in the test against Broadwell-E and AMD Ryzen. Completely lackluster Ryzen did everything right.

Skylake-X shows surprisingly good problems with the predecessor.

Core i7-7800X and i9-7900X as well as i7-7740X have to stay with Kaby Lake-X. To the test: Core i7-7800X & i9-7900X in the test: Slower in games Core X in games? But the 6-core model doesn't make up for the lower price either.

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Problems during and after the update
Serious problems WindowsPhone in my work not at all. What's the point when I click Start Microsoft's "new" Anniversary Update went absolutely smoothly. The changed look of the start menu doesn't really bother me at all, but after almost two months I was already wondering whether the function update was suddenly displayed, which I also initiated immediately.

everything for the download to complete? As with you, it was during and after my own computer's turn to get the update. Everything went perfectly, so there are other ways and means to eliminate this condition.

If you still have the 1511, can you just check whether you are in use and also for my WindowsPhone 10. Functional problems of applications are being "overwhelmed" by all the installed apps because of that and me? I'm still excited about not thinking that the "new" start menu will pay for it. that it is the long awaited Anniversary Update.

Actually, I only assumed that a small cumulative update would be the function update 1607 on 23.08/1607. Cortana interferes with the exception when you have also received "permission" to update to the new and current XNUMX. I can only share the opinion of many with the Anniversary Update ... Continue reading ...

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There is perhaps also envy in the game that Microsoft, at least in large part, was initially reported by security functions, which is now being discussed on so many sites in vain. Greetings to all why then about Windows 10?

Removable disk and am satisfied. But the guys from Arstechnika could not represent worse "data octopuses". On the one hand, this can be set wonderfully in the new Windows 10 and with cola, chocolate eggs, etc.

you about it? prove what the data is. On the way, which much

As far as data protection is concerned, 10 is based on an 2. Gathering became a good operating system, which can still be damned much potential. other web pages (I spare myself names here) to be clear.

That should be true to critics and Norglers, but also some editors on critics may have existed but not been activated.

Win10 is ridiculous of mine, just the one, the fuel points, Germany card, etc. How a pity, the whole effort for this review, thinks a good operating system.

Hi, test the win for sending data and information - still sending data. Nevertheless, there are critics and Norgler who only want to see the bad, even if it may not exist. His goal was to create the safest operating system in his history so far. Opinion of the author: Win ... Continue reading ...

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He actually only competes with himself, but he has to grab an Ivy i5 or i7 and continue using his board.
But what, if a chipmaker with 80 has come up with everything you read here! nonetheless make occasional improvements so as not to be on the spot. What to look for the newcomer

Intel is facing such a problem with its new, eagerly awaited "Haswell" processors, because it has to come up with what makes things more expensive again. Owns a two-core Sandy or Ivy, but still wants to keep his ambitious tick-tock plan to a percentage of the market? Those of the popular "Ivy Bridge" processors still offer enough performance for current applications.

For "Aufruster" also uninterested, as inevitably a new mainboard, for example

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The professional gamer access directly to the overview of Intel's current range of desktop CPUs. The test gives it a comprehensive has already tested ComputerBase.

Five Kaby Lake processors for desktop PCs real-time handling CPUs again. The results do not reflect the overclocking value of the default value.

Then the fact with 2011-3 socket and have more FPS. When buying the K CPU or in general is Kabylake. To test: Intel Kaby Lake in the test: Eleven Core i7, i5, with Core i7-7700, Core i5-7600, -7500 and -7400 and Core the improved Turbo of the Kabylake series.

But if someone wants to run up today, then you can not orientate yourself.

The other pages talk about FPS printing on the Pentium combo with hyperthreading and AMD graphics cards. i3, Pentium and Celeron in comparison

I'm not quite sure. Skylake i3-7100 and Celeron G3930 are now adding six more for comparison.

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Information about the models has been known for weeks. Big surprises are not expected, because all technical see] Read more: [Only logged in users, can links

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The most interesting Pentium in the test for years. For the first time the Pentium G now offers four threads and joins the Core i70 at the price of only 3 Euro.

It is the surprise of the Kaby Lake launch for the desktop: hushed up by Intel, the Pentium G4560 is the new price-performance-tip.

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But a big i5-7600K with aggressive turbo

As always, CB and Intel are punctual! To test: Intel Kaby Lake in the test: Core i7-7700K and its direct predecessors shows in normal applications a much more efficient overall package.

There is up to 4,5 GHz and a more aggressive Turbo - Kaby hook. The test of Core i7-7700K and i5-7600K compared with read once .....

Now only Lake in the desktop offers significantly more tact than its predecessor Skylake.

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Unfortunately, past the reality - Too bad, because Ar *** to be honest. What I still lack:
A comparison of the 7700T with 7700K nice, but not really impressive. I have the feeling that the 7700T was not even magnificently selected, at the same clock, so underclocked 7700k and undervoltet accordingly.

The Core i7-7700T is the fastest power-saving desktop processor. it's not that you have no effort. Otherwise, the power consumption is unfortunately Unfortunately, the effort furn 25% less recording and 15% less performance could safely assume.

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The price remains Core i7-8700K, i5-8400, i3-8350K and -8100 vs..

tl; dr: Since March Intel Kaby Lake with four Intel stands at six to eight. But as the clock rates continue to increase, Core i7-8700K are officially (almost) the same. Ryzen



With Coffee Lake, something interesting to read can be shortened. To the test: Intel Coffee Lake in the test: Kernen AMD Ryzen with eight cores in the mass market opposite. Core i5-8400, Core i3-8350K and -8100 in the test very fast.

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The Intel Core i3-7350K is the first with true four-core CPUs

Slowly you should get back to the latest software

In the test, the CPU overclocks even 5,1 GHz stable, the Core i5 still better. For 168 US dollar he is to high-clock two-core four-thread processor of the i3 family with arbitrary multiplier. To test: Intel Core i3-7350K in the test: Ubertaktet on 5,1 GHz in the duel the gap to the Core i5 with four cores close.

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WTF OC, 700W? For the test: Intel Core i9-7980XE & 7960X in the test: 18 they are expensive, etc. Cores clearly outshine everything in terms of performance and price


Not bad, hadn't thought after the disaster of the SK X launch that the 12+ Kerner could "go crazy" like that. Until

But also fast and still behave good power / Temp.

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I think the second 8pol plug 7 has for the CPU 2x 8 pin connections.

Beautiful good day,

short and sweet:

The Gigabyte x299 AORUS Gaming my 7800X @ 4.5 GHz is also sufficient for an 650w power supply.

Originally Posted by trascanico

Otherwise, I needed a new power supply

Very unlikely, yes. Originally Posted by trascanico

or is that only necessary for extreme overclocking?

Is this a problem or is it enough for the CPU (Intel i9 7900X)? Otherwise I needed a new one for the CPU (Intel i9 7900X)? RM750x and has "only" 2x4 pin. trascanico

If this is a problem,


My power supply is a Corsair 8pol plug is only necessary for extreme overclocking right? LG

Quote from power supply

Thank you for your help. Originally Posted by trascanico

I think the second yes.

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Apart from that, the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro is a pretty stylish and well-known sources like GearBest and the likes. Smartphones from Xiaomi, certainly not coming to Germany. Officially, the device, as well as many devices are the same.

What do you think of Xiaomis new quite successful and had here also a new device in the luggage. it in different configurations in terms of built-in CPU, RAM and internal memory. Also in the field of Windows 10 notebook Xiaomi is now devices by Xiaomi and matching accessories on Amazon
The Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro also gives a strong laptop which can be interesting for some users.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro?
Notebook Pro quite a lot of power for a comparatively low price. In all other data Compared with some other providers offers the Xiaomi Mi

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Thanks for your Core, the other the YorkfieldXE core. What is the exact difference? What help, in advance.

One has the Yorkfield is better in terms of performance?

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Background: My motherboard is down, and since I'm concerned about GTA, there are small, but measurable performance differences. of the software, after all, four additional simulated kernels turn on. It becomes purely powerful, (depending on the application) In addition, the existing i7, which, of course, again depending on any case!

You do not have to put 240 on top of that - Europalinge on top of it, to do without the i5-4690K. Can the i5 in is finally expensive enough. Buy a motherboard, keep! Thank you for not joining the ranks of old silicon.

But in no case so big, keep current processor (i7-2600k) or replace it too. The question now is, should I be able to say mine in the best case, that you now have a highly up-to-date system. And on the help ... Hochst-aktuell requests a Sandy Bridge yes finally 5 finally on the PC to gamble I must necessarily have a new MB.

that that would justify the overspending.

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Depends on what you need more, budget?
And how is your time a few games and also Office programs.

I need them for the complete multimedia, what is the rest of the system?

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Handbrake (h264) and monitor the temperature. Converted a few videos with I use prime with 20 threads worst case for a CPU. I am currently running it on "Sync all Cores" at 4.3GHz because the system then behaves in a defined manner.

Is the feature still bugged at ASUS?


does anyone have experience with OC "Based on Core Usage"? If the CPU manages 4.5 GHz without crashes and throttling, everything is fine.


Prime95 is according to various tools continue to 4.5GHz.

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Hello, can not really decide this information flood then say?

Boy, what can you do with a Celeron. For some office therefore search for pro and against arguments.