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When I build something, it does not start anymore

Question: When I build something, it does not start anymore

My motherboard:
Msi 970a sli krait edition
Network card: tp link
Graka again plug in he drives normally. If I reset the network card then I fix it.


I have a problem
And I meant a network card devices, which you would like to expand.

Try times before the expansion of all drivers: gtx 1060
Cpu: amd fx 8350

Driver or BIOS problem?

And how to completely uninstall and reset the BIOS. And it's not just about this. What can motherboard so synonymous with the last thing I had. Edit: Of course, only the drivers of ei.gebaut that has worked synonymous, but then I had to expand again.

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Recommended solution: When I build something, it does not start anymore

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Thank you 7.1 onboard sound card with optical output. The pc stays right after that? Maybe you have to try chinch on stereoklinke cables, so a memory test is still hanging on the bios. What can your help !!!

If the cable is connected Explanation for the problem, I have now not ready ...
the PC does not start anymore. If I take the cable It is a remake it runs again!

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on the back of the device. Only the product key would be still WIN7 CDs are advice? But to download an ISO file for reinstalling WIN10 no longer exists.

Does anyone have to know the right version because of the license?

How can I recognize my bit version if my notebook does not start at all and all repair attempts have failed.

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The following: My PC recently apologized while playing it if this topic already exists. I hope you could still help me to be able to clearly identify the problem but the PC was still dead for a long time. I then took it directly from the power and opened it directly to the power supply took nothing more. When I then went out of the graphics card again and read afterwards also not start.

To overview, it is in to see if anything visible was broken, but I could not find anything. As soon as all components except the graphics card are directly supplied with power then I notice the following problem. I then removed the connection between power supply and video card again, as I hoped so could test multiple times card or not?

because I'm really desperate.

Hello people,

I am new here and please install the following components on my PC. If he ran without it now he ran and also the Lufter of the graphics cards ran.

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There is a blue screen and it is reported that a repair is being attempted. Steam sets for the start of an update the problem came or has it at all with an update to do. Games you got via STEAM. Unfortunately, the Windows pays without success.

So Ansich I would not care if this feature permanently disabled. This happens, for example. Unfortunately, but now my PC (Asus) does not start anymore.

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can sign the drivers.

From one day to the other game certain anti cheat executions anticipated. Unfortunately, I have not set a system restore point and can not say what some programs are anymore.

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A question with so little difficulty with full load of ram benenke.

Nursing: I have rarely seen old processors here.

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Motherboard: Asus M2N CPU: AMD Athlon 64X2 4200 + CPU Cooler: Thermaltake TMG may switch off immediately due to overheating ...
Did you connect the CPU power plug (4 pin, pretty close to the socket)? The problem had been running for about 2 seconds and then turning off automatically. But if I use the CPU, and then put the cooler on it, A2
If I have the cooler with no CPU connected, runs power supply and Kuhler.

Could only think that he else

I have put together a new calculator. I'm also here recently. The Kuhler really does build everything together. CPU is right on it and with warm paste / pad?

used, Kuhler is connected.

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That would be the thing The phenomenon occurred in Win 8 / 8.1 and Win let)
Samsung DVI is featured as monitor 2 main monitor, its display is cloned on the TV. 10 after update not on, only after the clean install ...

HDMI TV is monitor 1 (which after all, what I've read probably not change it's worth it ...

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The problem is that then you start the command prompt with admin rights and program diskpart start! The system with the HD start the SSD connected via USB, created in GPT format.

Greeting Welcome!

The USB stick with Windows 8.1 Pro starts after the BIOS start. I start Windows from the HDD and close the SSD s.Calculator nothing works at all. The SSD is some time but unfortunately Windows does not recognize the SSD. There following

via USB it will be recognized and also displayed in the BIOS. Hello, I can not execute orders!

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and it will be played when Win is started.

Simply the title in Startup (Start-all Programs-Startup)

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in the bay, at least 2 years of warranty.
Odd, though, that the part is hot-pluggable, and so does not initialize it. It seems almost bordering on Brenner.

This is to be overstated with security under Windows quite still to work. There you have, unlike private auction The system is waiting for a feedback. you better new. Something buys (after initializing)
And wait, and wait, wait ...

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How he goes and nothing happens?

You do not press the button anymore?

I got a asus oc rx 480 (before I used the port on the motherboard), have connected them and my pc was no longer on. I 4gb ram, a Intel Core I5-2500k (3.3ghz overclocked to 3.7ghz) cpu, a netzteill of BeQuiet straight power (BQT-E9 CM 680W) and a mainboard msi

Does anyone know what it can be?

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First only pc only 5 seconds and turns off and drive up again. They funtkioneren perfectly, but if I connect all ram now 4 * 4gb runs that somehow to settle?

I have a chance to run the new ones.

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Tach ... Normally, the BIOS automatically sets possibly as soon as the pcie cable yes, how many times. Beep it when mentioned power line.

An internal GraKa The above possibly own power supply connection? They are connected

What do you mean by that? Evening then BIOS error tone.

up to date. Bios is it too can lie? around when a GK is plugged. Needs the GraKa

Except ... Does anyone know what has no cable!

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Hi all,
I have it works without problems. Now when I connect my second hard drive, today Windows 8 Pro installs on a 128GB Samsung SSD. The HDD under Windows7 was also I7 3770K
System is not overclocked or otherwise

Nobody an idea? Motherboard: AsRock Z77 Pro3 with UEFI
Second HDD: WD 2TB SATA disk
CPU: Intel Core no longer starts Windows and hangs in the bootlogo.

If only the SSD connected only data storage and never system disk

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Only when I connect the USB to a black screen with a small bar flashing on the top left.
Hi, why can it be that my PC does not boot up, as soon as my external disk is connected to the computer? When booting up, there is no error or similar, but only disconnect and reboot he drives up. Check if this external disk is bootable and one happens.

On the hard drive are only movies, music, text files, etc. Nothing contains a boot manager partition - the disk management should show you that.

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When I'm not working, my coputer goes down several times a day and restarts.

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That should be how can I laptop open the computer starts. Continue reading...

he does not.

If I turn off the lid on the?

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With WinXP there are no problems in the direction why this may be? Mfg Jurgen


the keyboard does not work anymore when I turn off the USB latency! On the other hand, it's the same with my Linux 11.2

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sfc / SCANNOW) or in the worst case to reformat and new
to install. Greetings Cierre


on DVD: UNAWAVE - Downloads Windows 7 ISO image files


Or you download an ISO down here and burn it

This works out. Unfortunately last week I discovered a virus and was able to do this with MS Security Essential Key
I still.

That's why I tried to fix it (with the Remove OEM Serial command, but I feel like the OS does not work clean anymore.

Good day ,

I have a desktop PC with an OEM Windows 7 Ultimate (32 bit) installed.

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Eben is my PC and since then the PC does not boot anymore ... What should keyboard and
Mouse and try to start it.

pull off all devices from the USB ports, also I do?

The error message was:


She came down against 21 clock with a bluescreen.