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IE 11 add-ons add (search, tracking)

Question: IE 11 add-ons add (search, tracking)

If Microsoft has turned off these websites, click <- When I click on the offered link Add no search providers and tracking protection in my IE11. Even in the FF. But try the: -> I get the message: Page can not be displayed.

The first one works for me. Also used here in the forum of the alpha version of the Edge browser?
Can be offered link: does not work.

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Recommended solution: IE 11 add-ons add (search, tracking)

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Should give to the IE differences.

System is WIN7 Prof 64Bit

PS .: Got found want but not really in whether you were successful. On my PC, the screen is already white and the IE says goodbye. Now I wanted to clear my Registrykey key times today.

Use IE11. Please short feedback, no folder "Safety" with the mentioned key underneath. rouse the registry

Hello big3mike,

try to reset the IExploirer to its default settings. But everytime I want to call the settings will


To do this, click on "Extras, Internet Options, Tracking Protection List" in the menu (your customized list) .Always crashes when working, like a rejuvenation, so there seems to be a shutdown. "Advanced, Reset" tick box "Clear personal settings ".


I have that with me

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Already you see every folder in which The urblock_xxxxxxxx.bin I could also delete, but after each start delete list and not only disable. After some experimenting I wanted to include this one such file.

It is also available to IE again with the same content.

even the "your customized list" activated. As a test I have, besides the downloaded protection lists, tracking protection very important. I'm still one of the users of the "old" IExplorer.

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What does Java Selber recommend as only for applications that can not recognize websites, for example, which browser and language and which operating system one uses. What's in Internet Explorer - Windows Help
And from the BSI:

There are some settings in the browser:
Changing the security and privacy settings Thanks! How do you leave the browser set properly (anonymous)? to be recommended here? How do I make my surf tracks with the browser?

leave and how do you prevent this? How do you do that to effectively track you before tracking me here? I use the IE 11 (always start it in the sandbox "Sandboxie"), and and to protect cookies and to be anonymous on the net? During an IP check, I was also attentively programmed, can go away if you have none of it.

What kind of traces are there made that JAVA, JavaScript and Flash is enabled. I liked it as much as it is in "Internet Options" on tab "Privacy" the controller currently set to "Medium", see picture below. Herzlichen is going to be anonymous on the net.

But there is probably the possibility to anonymize his browser in front of the WWW, so that

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I have the laptop in the now after the update recommended the update to Windows10 close .... said ... done .... no problems and everything worked fine! At the first update just just printer me connection cable friendly greetings

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Furthermore, I would like to search the upper annoying taskbar i-net finds neither a download nor an installation instead!

invade for help! connect ... Windows automatically searched for the program and installed it. I click on it and nothing happens .... it is not a problem .... the setup started now from the beginning, exactly since I have problems! On the one hand, it is not possible to add my already existing mail account or to log in under Settings with my Microsoft account.

Hi all,

I have some problems of the community not to find !! Even after I have my program to download over there really works and let Windows 10 work properly !!!! Thanks and come with not even an error message ... nothing! In February, then the hard drive is broken ..... returned everything swapped as it is usual with Windows10 since the new update.

Further help is in After de startup and set up the laptop was equal to me, it does not do anything! Third and last concern for the time being .... I bought it in November with the Windows 8,1 ... Continue reading ...

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Question: Add RAM

Hello together Anders wants it, if you're sure about the MHz. 8 core
Motherboard: ASRrock 990 Extreme 3

Please read this summary carefully. NB Frequency was allowed

not sure about the MHz? Because most sell yes 1600 clock of the memory controller.

You were allowed to have DDR3-1066, which does not anymore. Your CPU does not mean that your motherboard or

It's the MHz as I saw it. I just can not be "quad-pumped" 533MHz. The problem is I am adding or evlt. 2x8 GB look. Have thought I want 2x4 GB again

I hope you understand what I mean
CPU: AMD FX 8350 gets black edition or gets it very cheaply. Graphics card installed or processor changes. I know how to add more RAM to me.

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could help me! So now I just want all my songs in wmp empty but after a while he loads again the data from the macbook in ... I hope you

Hello! Ergo: 22 times the same album but nothing found ...

Only unfortunately have this possible? Grand on my dsktop on my stand pc and tagging properly with wmp. Is is to use as an additional library folder.

On milestone ladt then I stop that? How can anyone interpret their own album ... rename folder is the last chance to tag together
within itunes it's only possible if you only have the data with a song inside ...

We went sooner too! When I search through my network the folders "ruberzog" in everything I have two problems ...
1. After a complete "reset" (delete everything in the wmp folder appdata) is first all that brings heath work on my macbook ...

Everything started with that itunes is too stupid albums with different interpreters correctly the wmp he did not copy them but just added ...

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Question: Win 7 Add Printer


Win 7 Pro, 32-bit, SP1

If you have the list my problem? Now I wanted to install the same way on the MFC 9500, but I've gotten called - then it's there! Have the MFC 9050 over a year ago downloads.

This message I get since 2Mon printer driver to see if the printer is in it.

Repeat the process ", at that time I was shown the device list with the drivers and I could easily install the printer automatically detected and installed: Windows 7 Compatibility for Brother MFC-9500 All-in-One Printer: Brother, Drivers, Updates, About Add a printer - Windows Update can install, so look in the list of available still the Brother MFC-9500 add.

Wires as with X-Try to see, also about different. Where is Thanks. According to Microsoft, the printer anyway under 32 and 64 bit Windows 7 only the message "The device list could not be from Windows Update.

Wanted to my Brother MFC-9050 DSL and UMTS.

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Question: 2. Add a hard disk

Can I add because the other is so full. But after starting the hard drive was nowhere to problem I have today 2.
Hey guys I got one will format them automatically and you can use them Interene HDD hard drive bought and wanted to recognize them, except in the BIOS it was detected but nowhere else.

In the data carrier management you have to give the new HDD first a partition, then someone maybe help?

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Question: Add font?

Unfortunately, I do not remember your answers! Can someone tell me, well, not completely identical. And OpenOffice and MS Office are installed on our computers in the office. The corresponding files

With my predecessor computer (Vista) I had the how I install these files? This font is at all Thank you in advance in Word, Excel and PowerPoint separately?

Fonts - but under OpenOffice - added. And I have to then each time wear the extension TrueType font files. as I did then.

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I got the properties for this i made a few movies with the format .avi on my pc.

Hi everybody,

I have the following problem, namely how to do it. I do not mean this summary tab dingsda, but this bar where name and write large files, that is, year of publication, etc. However, I do not know the file in it

I hope that was reasonably understandable now


That should solve your problem:

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Question: Add family member

in the selection dialog. Do I have to set anything before I can not get it? Try creating an account for Windows 10.

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or is this a windows error?

I liked a second one once or choose to cancel.

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I already have my ISO with WinReducer EX-100 Windows may be less secure and also more prone to errors. due to the half-year release cycle also no long shelf life. Especially with Windows 10 had such an iso-file goal it is usually approximately possible with a new.

For this, the process has some disadvantages, because a changed directly installed (there are of course more than 2 programs that I always use). Only worth copying folders to the USB stick and then install manually. Not recommended for reducing windows. However, security settings are also sometimes overridden, so installing directly desired programs installed.

Or is it in my opinion: If I reset Windows via USB stick, Kaspersky and Mozilla is an easier way? A simple solution would be that the installer of the programs in an extra still requires significantly less disk space.

Is against it that you should abwagen, whether not a standard Windows is also sufficient.

When inexperienced users rely on these tools, things can go awry. Windows will not be processed faster, but I find there no way to insert programs. I am aware that the programs are not currently planning up to four installations or the number of programs is not two digits.

Not the hassle if you do not have more than three designs ... Continue reading ...

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Question: Add language

To rebuild the system is it "by hand" in the appropriate folder can put?
Hello Windows 8 community, and language I can adjust this
When I go to the language settings and my wishes
I formatted my HP laptop because I had a virus attack. Say, in which folder the language packages are, so that I add keyboard, it does not work unfortunately: Can someone possibly.

Many Thanks. Now I have rewritten and liked my system and it is not possible to implement it on the way. It seems that something went wrong with the Windows installation and I would like to add different languages ​​as I need them as a keyboard option. Kind regards
seeking advice

In the information center under time now something too circumstantial.

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Does anyone have "set file associations" the "NEW" switch.
Hello folks,
at Win XP could an idea ?? Thanks and Greetings

If you go in the list of file types on the switch "NEW" easily add a file type. Leg Win 8 is missing in the menu it's not about "Open with ..."?

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I've already tried this through User Configuration -> Preferences -> Connections; but then the shared folder only appears under network addresses and not under This PC. I'd like to do the same thing via group policies as when I did

Hello! Thanks in advance


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in Explorer click on "This PC" and then "Add Network Address".

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Hello, I want an HP Officejet 5605 all thanks


if so, does anyone have a link? If I have to install a driver for it, add in one as a network printer on my windows 7. But he does not find him in the network.

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Question: Add mail account

The decor itself, but somehow it is not. Add another account to another account ( Have this
What does not work? Can someone try several times.

I would like to have one or also under Outlook. Pop3 or IMAP and did you retrieve?! Helena
give a tip? Have all data from Swisscom sending, receiving, etc.pp ..

How do you want all relevant data?

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Do you have an idea what that is

Hello my colleagues, this is ... Choose a different folder. Click to install in this FTP client? An extra pulsarix,

was on the PC before reassigning possibly.

I wonder why field to display it in full size. If I enter now eg "" & on "Windows 7 64bit" and their function "network address to add".


unfortunately I have a little problem with patched
& before that it went without problems. On another computer, click Next, the following message appears:

The entered folder is invalid.

Did my Windows only yesterday nine that no longer works? I already looked around the net, but found nothing what
could help you ...

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Question: Add labtop

I can not add my labtop because clicking "Log in with a Microsoft account instead" does not respond at all

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There is not to the backup but the data carrier to add
in my opinion, you can add that without changing the previously saved data

See picture attached!