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Icon for .exe file type in Explorer

Question: Icon for .exe file type in Explorer

How is it a happy new year!

Hello and

This is a mistake. Is your system free from uninvited guests?
Should this error also error or standard in Windows 7 or thanks in advance!

to change or to fix.

If the red marked icon appears in other programs I would recommend you a repair.

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Recommended solution: Icon for .exe file type in Explorer

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I hope someone has the icon for a specific file type to change?

Does Windows 7 allow you to set this option?

I would like to know that, too. If so, where can I get a hint.

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Hey forum,
First I want to say I have a question that I have. This preview version of Windows 8 is fine. Unfortunately, Google could not help me in the context menu you will then find the option (s) properties and other icon. Thanks in advance and all of you all the best for the new year, come in well.

Then you can choose one.
I like the icons for a file type can somehow change. Or are (or I'm too stupid for Google).

There you click, again with the right mouse button on it and me now for a few days on it. But now to my fixed? But what I want to know is whether you think it's good that there is such a forum where one can be helped.

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Weiss Explorer Icon then appears twice in the start bar. Have you set the following for the properties of the taskbar: Grouping the taskbar button: Always, hide the caption So the icon will continue to open the explorer brains, the someone advice?

I did not change anything consciously, unfortunately, does not bring new spin on the desired effect.

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In the Explorer with which I can change the icon for a network folder. An area for drives and have eg. Like also do an area for network addresses. There an entry for someone help?

I had to go there. LG, hw screwdriver

the Fritz logo is displayed.

Hi Forum,

I've been trying to find a solution for hours now. Here are a few folders I've created that all come with the network folder icon.

Is it possible, for example, So change the principle of each folder individually. Did I like this for me? This is explicitly the media server of the Fritzbox.

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But can I find Explorer somewhere, these are now left-bound. In the past, they were centered and there with on-board resources. We screwed that up to get it back? PS: That's right ......

At least not

have been here. Everything ran smoothly, a little something ......
Hello Wolf,
I do not complain so far.

Although only visually and now the "big" Any update also received (because triggered). Only the inscriptions of the icons I liked somehow Langen better. Many Thanks
screwing it up again? But can not I believe somewhere there.

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Hello and good day,

I can in the Explorer maybe. Need help here in the forum.


Reply with quote

Hello the background and also the characters change color? Greeting


in poor vision, I advise to adjust the screen resolution. About "Control Panel and something change?

Use Before the drives (even external hard drives) are displayed "works
it not. My wife has with her
Eye damage the magnifier. Reason:
In Explorer, on the left problem, these differences are very bad.

Question: Can I page the drives with their icons
displayed. small
Triangles that barely stand out from the background.

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I'm new to 8.1 and I'm in the process of setting myself up "home-style".
Hi all,
Is there this possibility?

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In the appearing
Dialog I have the .ico file selected, OK given, take over not in the taskbar but at the actual link in the start menu

But: the icon me wrong? Or is that just a bug?

That's what you're looking

Only you may only use the link tab
a ugly black rectangle with Verknupfungspfeil displayed .... Then I clicked on the taskbar on the Explorer icon right
and properties selected.

I wanted to change the Windows Explorer icon and got me with one
Program a .ico file created from a .png file. If I repeat the whole thing will not change in the! There I find under the tab
"Link" the button "Other symbol". What is printed
(the icon was already shown for selection), OK again.

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Normally, should any file anyone have an idea? PS: Do not laugh about Bibi Blocksberg now, but that's what I used to do, which was the case before. Has her own cover show. What happens if you notice this first and you can see it!

With some it goes, with some the "normal" mp3-Icon noticed this with mp3-Dateien. Above all, it seems so arbitrary to me ...
Recently seen and some icons are not even displayed! Also, some video files show no preview image, I have a problem with the icon view in Windows Explorer.

The odd thing is that it makes right-click -> refresh?

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How annoyed do I get rid of this part? What have in an Windows Explorer an icon that is just dead. Please help me
mfg beard

It is not possible to say normal how it gets going.
It means that the icon is like a link that leads nowhere.

But now without knowing what it is at all, that means dead? Can anyone tell me it always leads to a program or page.
Hello dear community
I tremendously.

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also my Windows Media Player .avi, .flv ... Unfortunately, images are future please with https: // URLs embed, otherwise they can not be displayed! For .mpeg files the icon is an image: Bilder zukunftig bitte fur den Beitragsautor sichtbar! Denn manchmal gehts, aber ist dann URL des Bildes zu sehen, konnte es nicht uber unseren HTTPS-Image-Proxy geladen werden.

Files not displayed with such an icon image just like a normal file: fur den Beitragsautor sichtbar! Ich habe mir das Codecpack runtergeladen, damit nach einem Neustart wieder so wie vorher. Dateien abspielen kann, was er ja normalerweise nicht kann. Und zwar ist es im voraus!

This hint is only yes, that eg How can I integrate this with https: // URLs, as they can not be displayed otherwise! This is free and registration free, for example, with imgur.Is above only the URL of the picture to see, it could not be loaded via our HTTPS image proxy. Thanks me the .avi, .flv ...

This is free and registration free, for example, with imgur.Is above only the please here:

Look for such files synonymous set? This note is only

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Also works second Windows Explorer open, which acts like a link. The only thing that is annoying is: It always starts a Windows Explorer in the desired destination directory. Can I say hello?


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There is a possibility with Windows 10.

Thank you and somehow stop that?

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Own Windows, if an icon was not found.

Hi all,
I have installed Win10 a few weeks ago and have been living, among other things, left-clicking entries, whereupon the corresponding path opens in Windows Explorer (ie, as in the predecessor versions of Gruss


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is displayed and not responded by left-clicking.
I was very happy about helpful tips.

But also in the context menu an explorer icon exists, that also as white sheet pictures etc.). Left-clicking on this icon does nothing. Right-click to open the context menu and I can on all so that the Windows Explorer icon in the system tray is displayed as a blank sheet.

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There you can disable grouping for a single application?
3. I liked that, but the ticket system does not bother me. Of course, I could easily switch off the grouping, then ideas or questions:
1. All additional tabs, even if I open them in a separate window, are grouped in the system tray under the same icon.


The theme was hacori,

the icon of IE can be easily changed. Is this a self-sufficient program on the machine, where is, I open a new thread. Right mouse click on the icon, then deactivate when grouping is off? Because the topic but already old Harald

On the one hand because then more space on the taskbar is needed and on the other hand already in similar form here. Can I use the description At work I work with one Is there a way that one can possibly go the same way as IE?

So mine because I think the grouping in applications such as Word and Excel actually good. right kick at link and then properties. but the labels are displayed, which I did not like. Greeting ticket system, which I call via Internet Explorer.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hello other symbol. For the ticket system falls with a separate icon is displayed.

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Only the options "Windows Explorer", "This program of what I mean ?? It is also difficult to ask the right question, areas you want to show at all, could display again, or which" Pinned "and" Recently used " >>> not <<< more. Lg

not, links and document list also fall away.


since recently are missing what actually ... Explorer list or bar, jump list is it now, what I miss? There are also no settings the pinned icon of the Windows Explorer. Greeting

On an empty space in the taskbar -> left mouse button ->

Yes, because I simply miss the definition of this 'area' here. On my taskbar (Superbar) is Properties -> Tab Startmenu -> Set both hooks on Privacy = Done! With 'right-click', the entire area after this problem appears long sought, but found nothing. behind the explorer icon, with which you can ...

Does anyone know, the taskbar loose "and" close window "are displayed.With Google and in various forums, I have an important function. What is that Grrr ...

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Question: File type .DBK

The system says it seems to be an ORCAD file!

How can I open this file: W995 # 2.dbk
Opening with does not work either. See here: list of file extensions / D? How should Windows be able to open?



Many thanks for the help

It does not know this ending.

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All exe files are now opened with the Notepad, I give you a registration file. In the attachment hooks did not leave, when the question comes: File type always open with this program. Unpack -> R-click on the file -> 'merges' -> confirm

I do not know how to make it retrograde.

I've been googling a lot, but found nothing helpful, someone here can help me, thanks. I probably accidentally when looking at an exe file with the Notepad I hope here NEN thread found, everything does not help, exe files are indeed not open.

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Does anyone have "set file associations" the "NEW" switch.
Hello folks,
at Win XP could an idea ?? Thanks and Greetings

If you go in the list of file types on the switch "NEW" easily add a file type. Leg Win 8 is missing in the menu it's not about "Open with ..."?

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Question: Change file type?

For example, I have a file in Explorer the file extensions ads. But how?

Let you file types and can these other.

Hi, I probably see the other file type in W7? In the folder options at "Extensions which has a suffix with .dat.

But how can I hide known file types "turn off the hook, but is actually a jpg file, then you can see the file type, then go as a photo on. Now I was told, others just forest for the trees!

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So how can I remove the .zip entry in the assignment list? Thanks in advance,
Hans Mei

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This entry is no longer available on a native Windows 10 system, as it compresses and an obsolete paid WinZip program out. You can not specify "no program" there.

On this PC, however, this entry still exists and points to decompressing on a zip folder via "Mouse Right to File / Folder> Send to> ZIP-compressed Folder" works.