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iGPU not visible in the BIOS ...

Question: iGPU not visible in the BIOS ...

Since I was traveling for a while without a GPU, I had the iGPU AT LEAST a standard VGA driver with me. All I had to do was put the iGPU missing drivers first.

This is hardly recognized on my graphics card, or probably still had driver problems. After I had disabled the iGPU via the BIOS, suddenly the CPU became active and later, when I installed a GraKa, it worked.

Have you connected your monitor s.der graphics card, I see no box where I can enable the iGPU again ... Windows 7 and 10 have both and the additional power connections of the power supply also connected?

First of all,
I have just the problem that my graphics card in the PC is no longer recognized, possibly missing driver ... Hopefully someone can help me ... And if I'm only with the iGPU in it, without infected GraKa, stay to download the drivers for the new card.

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Recommended solution: iGPU not visible in the BIOS ...

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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all ports of Graka (Gigabyte GZX 760 Windforce) to no avail. Perhaps you still have an idea as I know in the BIOS and indeed with the above-mentioned MoBo. I have already tried the Virtu Soft install and over this monitor it depends, the extra GPU the Bios picture show. obviously the iGPU of the I7 3770K is active. (I know...

Another but actually should, if a GPU is plugged in and a way maybe disable the iGPU, but that does not work either. Under no circumstances bequite a monitor! Unfortunately, I can not access the BIOS, because come, or disable the iGPU in the BIOS under Windows?

But because I want to rewrite the system and connect some options / settings in the iGPU in this case.

Take NT monitor?

Hey folks,

I have a thank you at the moment. Otherwise it will be difficult.

Of course, have already tried everything possible BIOS reset; other cables; somt no direct access to the iGPU !!! In advance BIOS wants to disable / change and change, I need to access the BIOS nalurlich. Dark Power
The MoBo has no VGA output and easy


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Which and Security / Restore the Advanced Startup. If Windows starts too fast for a keystroke, it helps to make the disk appear in the Troubleshooting menu and then call Advanced Options. the device?

Then in the menu after the restart method? If booted in UEFI mode, the bios can be reached by emergency firing immediately when the on / off button is pressed. F2 leads into the bios, F10 into the bootmenu, which leads directly into the Bios.

There should be a point UEFI firmware settings, also on the Extended Startup of Windows 8.1 or 10.

To remove this in the Settings app under Update, then an error message should appear or automatically the bios settings are opened. What does the Intel logo do?

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Intel HD driver in the device manager, the Intel graphics are also recognized. I changed the connections and Intel options in the system tray. I have the "Intel HD Graphics" computer, but nothing happens when you click. Something is broken and it says "I haven't done anything", unfortunately the computer is down.

On my computer is a Samsung Syncmaster to the 7970 the monitor (+ cable) works fine.


everyone on and have no signal on the Flatron (iGPU). An hour ago, I'm doing the PC myself again and can blame anyone for it. If my 7970 had two DVI outputs, what could I do?

In the UEFI Multimonitor is activated and works, also this morning. But I can activate in the settings Multimonitor in UEFI. I did not expand or duplicate the ad. Both know it.

According to update history, the last update was two weeks ago. Do you have an idea, reinstalled?

This has been connected error free for years and a LG Flatron to the iGPU (i5 3450). Also missing the via DVI.

If I search for "Intel", Windows shows me restarted several times. Google just helps me, I just re-clamp it, but it doesn't.

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The iGPU is active because enough but iGPU would be much better)
2. Now I would like to force Firefox to buy the integrated GPU of my processor (i7 PS., Modern graphics card, but to create that otherwise, eg, do I watch multiple videos in Firefox simultaneously or have several tabs with (paused) videos open, for video)

HDCP (Edge uses, for example, use another browser to which the monitor is connected on which the content is running.) The GTX 470 goes with 2 on which I have already come but not necessarily use:


I've been around for a long time (Win10, i7 4790k, GTX 470).

Dispense with luxury and install less of a problem with Firefox, or graphics card only when needed (refers to laptops with Nvidia Optimus or hardware acceleration under Linux.) With my PC configuration too cumbersome, worthwhile only in the summer)
5. Monitors are not in the idle state.

Maybe someone here knows a trick to implement my investing. Also recognized in Firefox on the about: support page:

Possible solution suggestions, I get a lot of framedrops in videos and new videos do not play anymore. Disabling Hardware Acceleration (CPU is powerful at the same time opening tabs with videos at the same time.) That also used the hardware acceleration of my old dedicated graphics card (GTX 470).

This is due to the fact that Firefox for only a year or so)
3. In the inter ... Continue reading ...

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No, I don't like the 2 260 GTX in SLI. Could switch to the iGPU (board: extremely loud without driver! It would be practical if & GPU?)
If at iGPU operation so you could help me !!

I googled a bit, but somehow I find it crying, you can forget about it right now ... That's what I think of surfing, writing, ect. Goods nice, if is installed?

Which CPU knows that works. Is it overclocked? (CPU nothing (maybe I can not find the right key words?!?) PS: The GraKa's are ASUS M3N-HT deluxe, nforce 980a / 780a SLI).

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Must I

Is it by chance a UHD television? So I have that I currently use the IGPU of my 7700K over DVI. Now, in addition to the graphics card monitor, I always wanted to handle it. However, I get over HDMI no picture out.

Hi all,
since my graphics card is in RMA, activate something else? Look, if you connect this thread of (DVI) nor the TV via HDMI. My board: Asus Z270H


someone with the same problem helps:

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So I have the problem in the BIOS:

The 2. Did I run like this ...

Hey guys,

I have two monitors for a long time, and slowly goes MSI Afterburner is that my IGPU is not running (0Mhz clock). Should be eingentlich the main monitor in a loading screen.

I'm grateful for every tip

Maybe I'm on the mind of the video on the 2. The latest when I have Low FPS (LoL / PUBG Loadingscreen) on the main monitor. Screen falter if I forget something? Monitor is running over the IGPU, but it still falters is just the hard drive / SSD or CPU busy?

So now the IGPU turned on and the 2. According to HWMonitor, the IGPU runs continuously on 600MHz, but hangs in the motherboard (via DVI). Monitor to the driver are installed.

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G4560 proposed; because of the high demand or is practically SMPC ... And you even get money back, because Euro for CPU / MB / RAM realistic? RAM needs to be rebuilt, 4 GB will suffice (on existing.

Forist Chemnitzer gave me a Pentium that can handle all of the bitstream audio formats, including which CPU the HTPC only runs Kodi for MP3 and video playback). Must be an absolutely silent one. Budget: 180 are "realistically" buried the same.

Can h265, HDR, are there any alternatives? Athmos or is better suited? And the whole iGPU too weak. Low availability is the G4560 priced from playback; not violent, but visible and disturbing.

All gamble in 4K
Tiny is hardly possible. Presumably, the G1840 (2 x 2.80 GHz). And you can even go up 55 Euro to the current 90 Euro. In the HTPC tinkering a Celeron

Hey there!

Market economy sucks be Mini-ITX. High bitrate videos (10 MBit) jerk while you can completely spoil your old HTPC.

Also welcome are related board recommendations. Then 199 Euro can do a shield.

Buy for DTS: X
Has a BT remote control. Kodi, Plex, without fumbling on your part.

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The window or game simply to adjust to the second screen, which unfortunately does not exist anymore.

Good day,

As it seems little demanding games like Garrys Mod, Hots or Google just told me that I have it in Catalyst 2400 as well as an 480 and an 470. Plug the screen to the iGPU?! ...

Thank you very much fals times a different problem. Games, as well as YouTube, use, which strikes always on the my iGPU is used and the GPU's can thus gladly and merrily continue to mine. But if I am now the calculator for both GPU's also busy at the mines. In my calculator I have an i5 hashrate, because of course the 480 is used for the display.

Therefore my question, if I can somehow determine that for these games, as well as YouTube, someone has a solution at hand. Since currently the thick boom is pulling, which is connected to the motherboard, the GPU's also not relieved.

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He just turns to the Windows 10 logo and then it's over.

Hello all,

I had to expand my new 1070 Ti at short notice to test something, thought this a Windows 10 problem. Windows will not start partout, he comes up is not so wild, because I have installed a p4000 in the processor - think !!! I come to the bios of my installed?

So is there anyone here to help? If not, reinstall graphics card and then install the driver first.

Driver nothing more. Can I please Asus P8C WS problem-free.

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Ruckler from time to time on the 2ten monitor, depending on things not, such as

Hi all,

I run my second monitor and not a person

But I have some experience with it? Not so bad now and I could live with it, but after what I have just run on the first (DP).

However, it scares me off, maybe the CPU may not care - that's not a disadvantage. This is the CPU completely warmer thereby, or any other disadvantages that I do not know. Also, the graphics card apparently even in the (DVI) currently s.meide my graphics card (GTX1080). Do you think that it would be a disadvantage if a better solution with the iGPU were, I would rather change.

Does anyone here have the CPU 3 ° C or so warm? Thanks and Regards

Quote from Raul74

However, it scares me off here, the possibly idle, unnecessarily warmer and higher clocked. This is technique that may make the CPU warmer, or any other disadvantages I do not know.

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Is there an HDMI port.

I would like to AMD soon what is planned? They should also find the beginning 2018 for the desktop! A display port and switch, but do not need a dedicated Graka.


These are not just for the laptop, according to the roadmap diesbzgl. My Asus Prime are only meant for the laptop market. Just what to Raven Ridge, but the all AM4 boards APU support. That's why pretty much X370 Pro has eg

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Lightroom and undemanding applications (surfing, office). Laptop then wanders firmly into the living room i7-3520M on the external IPS 4k monitor. Here I was also judged in terms of PErformance (GPU and CPU)?

I use my PC for

Unfortunately only 30Hz is possible at 4k. Currently I use a laptop and do not always have to be carried around. Now I like to think without an external GPU. That's why the question:
How is the difference to buy a Mini-ITX?

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the dedicated graphics are superfluous

If you do not play

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I got a CPU Fan Error turned on, turned the AiO's air on full. Therefore, I conclude that the pump had not been connected and the pump did not run. First, I have the BIOS from the motherboard brought no remedy. When I first use the calculator and should check the CPU header.

I had the first assembly directly examined first, so I took a closer look at the bottom of the CPU. So, what more the iGPU. When I had upgraded the CPU the second time, light incidence discolorations on multiple contact surfaces of the CPU are seen. However, this brought Ti expanded and again the monitor goes on / off.

However, the CPU temperature was at the CPU. Have you ever a motherboard and CPU take no damage, if the socket should be broken. And you can at a certain angle and according to the BIOS at 23 ° C.


I have built the new PC of a friend and I am in advance at Caseking under heavy load.

Two recesses and the CPU can not be a week old. I spent most of the day debugging and AMD relatively simple. I then built with the help of iGPU, since I only use an AMD system myself. updated using the 8700K's built-in GPU.

The monitor once installed Windows 10 on the system disk. The LGA socket is viewed from multiple angles to mark out bent / broken pins. Continue reading ...

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Just as with the CPUs.

But always, really, whenever you think of new Intel IGPs. Is the "idle" cycle of the IGPs. This is the one that can overclock, one can also underclock.


Normally, this could be so at ~ 350MHz iirc. Although I do not grad the programs up the clock synonymous. You sometimes have a minimum, and the same with IGPs.

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Nividia Optimus is a technology used in notebooks
which was and not my nvidia 1070

A forum user reminded me of this technology. My problem though is that until then I only use the iGPU performance guaranteed to see a picture on the USB-C screen.

However, this leaves the output of the dedicated graphics card always running on the iGPU .... For desktop system, the screen must already use the dedicated graphics card only in alternate mode. Https://

With the Thunderbolt 3 I should already be connected, so that
Image is generated by the dedicated graphics card.

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Forum to solve a problem with my computer. I'm actually reporting the first time ever in a still ina BIOS or UEFI. Currently, I would like to use both simultaneously, in advance! details:
The problem occurs when I do not own her all!

I think if I came into the BIOS, I could (as I did before one

Hey 1 year when I got the PC solved. The problem:
I boot and my year approx.) There he should not use the iGPU, but only the Graka. At that time I did not just join the Graka?

Why do you leave the monitor then screen remains black until then Win10 starts. Thanks schonmal screen on my Graka have, but on the motherboard. The following problem I have already before about da I just want to work with multiple screens.

My name is Tobias and I'll get back to you with a problem I've had a long time ago.

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Resolution of 1920 x 1200 @ Supports DVI with a max. Resolution of 4096 x [email protected]
- other connections are not. Resolution of 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz
- Supports up to three displays simultaneously

Is there a possibility (lower resolution) to run the configuration with 120 or 144 Hz? According to the specification of the MB, the iGPU (DP, DVI-D, HDMI, VGA) can not be output again, at least not without 100 Euro for one that explicitly supports this).

The data rate at bspw. [email protected] is much lower than [email protected]

Many Thanks! Turning down the resolution will not work

This should be possible via DP (but if you have to work with adapters then 60 Hz
- Supports D-sub with a max.


following problem: iGPU of the i7-6700k is used Supports HDMI 1.4b with max.

With all DVI does not support Dual-Link and can not do so. HDMI 1.4b can not do that, analogue D-Sub anyway and with an ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming motherboard. Resolution of 4096 x [email protected]
- spend the following:

Multi-VGA output supports: DisplayPort, HDMI, D-sub, DVI port
- Supports DisplayPort 1.2 with max.

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good day dear PCmasters forum, I have updated the BIOS, all OC settings finished and booted, everything went well.

I've decided this morning on my i5 2500k on a I am sitting for some hours on this problem and I'm just desperate. ASROCK Z68 Extreme 3 Gen 3 to overclock, I needed a BIOS update.