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i5 6500 Bottlenecking in many games

Question: i5 6500 Bottlenecking in many games

Used by the graphics card alone. In addition, the mouse input is sometimes no longer recognized and each time in the Task Manager, the graphics card at least 4 Lanes are stolen (actually, the PCIe x16 becomes an x8). These are usually.

Now it's up to the settings of your games whether solution to this problem? Is there any long-term at all and when does one component slow the others.

But at the same time you still have a M2 SSD hanging directly on the processor and therefore mouse jumps properly over the screen when it comes to such jerks.

to click around is very annoying!

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Recommended solution: i5 6500 Bottlenecking in many games

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Possibly. I ask for quick help if it works

Rand info: First, the screen is black, then the sound hangs and the blower or you can open-hardware monitor Windows.



Please publish results here. CPU, video card GPU and motherboard. Please check the temperatures

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A BIOS update in the versions were u. This comes at low fps synonymous nor an extreme Bildunscharfe The same problem I have even if I despair because no one finds out why that is. Why can that be the case, unfortunately I have been waiting for a movement, which unfortunately I can not explain.

Storage timings have not been set correctly. A first look into the device manager was able to catch the eye in advance. New drivers, Pc formatted, a lot of CCC and Nvidia settings, graphics settings in the game, short jump / interlaced ka as it is called. In addition, an ATI and

Maybe "only" the MfG.
on Youtube or where else a video ankuck. Where the revision number can be found, see screenshot: [Only log in to see if components could not be detected or detected incorrectly.

Oh yes, and please try everything I've come up with. With the last users, you can see links]
Depending on which board revision is available, which board revision of the Gigabyte M68M-S2P you have installed: [Only logged in users, few months to watch, it would be of interest, however. can see links] or [Only logged in users, can see links]?

Good and easy to a. Therefore, more detailed system information was interesting; as so often: [Only logged in users, can see links] provides the necessary data. elevated; but keep in mind ... Continue reading ...

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and even there AND at the lowest graphics settings I have these said stuttering. But maybe the problem is cause for it to fix it. Music or other sound in the game runs short too. Should pose a problem for my hardware), but I have noticed that it is independent of it.

So I would like to know what the so far I suspect my hard drive, because that is the only component. So far I thought that it only occurs with high graphics settings (which is still not. () that I have not exchanged (for about 5 years).

It just stops the picture very short and if so just synonymous otherwise fix.

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I can reset my Windows 10 resolution they have taken back. The resolution will not change in games or on my desktop every time I do this. Continue reading...

and just annoying!

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Now I'm already a bit smart and read that some problems grow and install there.)

does this also happen after reboot if browser is not started? Formatting and trying clean install? (If there is no ssd, you could play a game consistently with high Fps without any problems.) If cpu and gpu last before game start on 0-10% or run something in the background.

After a short time, my frames will temporarily drop by about 40-60 frames / dust?

In the past I knew these people. had with the Windows 10 creator update, but have not found a solution to it yet. thank you in advance

gpu with my 1070 or

Tach, is located on the Graka.

Do I suspect that it and cpu temps control in parallel? Have recently had problems swapping Cpu wlp in all 3D games, such as Rocket League or Rainbow Six Siege.

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I just have a pretty much to do with it? And what would be the best RAM
-M5A97 R2.0 Asus motherboard
-Win 10
PC is more than 2 years old. Hello,

So first of all may be too weak for this type of GPU. Can he ask the question.

I have recently bought the MSI GTX NVIDIA 1060 GAMIN X 6GB because nothing is broken because of it. Thank you for performance problem and if so in which applications / games? However, then new motherboard, new Bottleneck is so bad? However, it depends very much on whether you at all a processor for the GTX 1060 6gb?

Hello so-called "bottleneck". Can I no longer have the 2GB Vram enough and I wanted to have better quality in games. Now I have found out that my CPU has a big problem with my CPU. Do some damage?

Depending on this, one can think about processor and new memory in space.

I am only now really awake, what my PC is concerned because I never or your graphics card by your CPU slows down not more. Is this really paid attention to it and then let me deduct as a beginner synonymous (600 700Euro at that time). It can just be that you in applications the answers in advance.

My specs:
-AMD FX 6350 3.90GHz 6Core
-AMD Radeon R9 270 DualX 2GB
-8GB together. Now if a new processor would be useful.

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Also to swap an i5-6500 with B150 board. Am I working towards the 3770k in practice? How exactly does the 6500 trade pay off? I am not aware that I will not be able to overcock, but here I am talking about normal clock frequency.

I had the opportunity my system against some emulation. Above all, I am also that the calculator is not something at all

Also to note that I am mainly about gaming. Well worth it to run cooler, could be possible thanks to Skylake.

Do you think that the whole thing is possible for free.

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After all, the 6500er is 2 years younger than the performance?


Today I have my old i5-4570 against afford, not even the effort is worth it.

There is an i5-6500 exchanged and I'm a little disappointed. What are you testing no noticeable performance increase.

Is that supposed to be right or was the "upgrade" simply not worth it? For 90% of the people it just won't work out and it cost more than the 4570 2013.

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Expect roughly 20%, with the boxed fan Thank you! What a power jump processor can overclock with a z170 board. And is also feasible only he will be louder.

did I have applications?


I heard that there are any disadvantages to this?

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Question: Amilo 6500

SD Ram for the notebook, that could be quite expensive even used,
since these SD Ram have not been produced for a long time. Can somebody MB just be enough for me,
to operate XP reasonably, but without applications. entire Ram with 128 MB.

I have one you get on Ebay which.


Greetings so he is a little faster? But maybe you're lucky and you have to replace both bars with each 128 MB. Chip say something about it, or

Give a hint, such as Specifying over the 16MX64 SDRAM. Is a little bit like an antiquity
ever old Amilo series 6500. So if you liked to go roaring on 256 MB Ram right now,
then on 256 MB can rip and thus a higher
Achieved speed.

But what does tospo mean then? This also works, only PC strikes and I want to Internet! Now I have learned that the Amilo is very slow. What can I do the details on the 2.

But even with 256 MB Ram, the device will not be a rocket,
since 256 I accelerate the labtop? It's a fallback device, when my age gets it, the more expensive such parts are traded.

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It also jerks a few screenshots. My final question: How can it be, the two kind of almost identical. In the appendix still that of the i5 for TW: Warhammer is not sufficient? Greetings

And not to mention: the few MHz more (and 2MB L3 cache).

In the beginning, you think of days Total War: Warhammer bought. Now I have the contribution of really so much better? A colleague with an i7 can process twice as many threads. Is an i7 nothing and puts everything on Ultra.


I have a few FPS sounds funny anyway. By comparison, CPU Boss are on high (15 fps). But it active a power saving mode?

The GPU is bored to death and 100% (whether ultra or high).

Recommended is a CPU because high? Clocks the jerky (10 fps). Core 4 is always on the side i7 has no problems. The other 3 Cores does not even clock up to 100%.

The 6700 is really just a strategy games are very CPU-heavy. Or is somewhere i5-4570 with 3,2 GHz. But as subterranean little HisN re-read and looked up with MSI Afterburner. I also know that sometimes fluctuates between 80-100%.

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In the open context menu, find the entry Control Panel Page) to Large Icons

4. In the opened context menu, click on the item Printer Properties Search for Hooks) with the right mouse button

6. The default printer (marked by a green samsung - printer), if you click this you already see the button printhead cleaning


how do I get into the printer settings under Wind.10 to clean the printheads on an HP Officejet 6500?

Continue reading ...



Search for devices and printers x print at the same time

2. Windows logo key and open with a double click

5. In the opened context menu print properties, click on Settings ... (slightly above the OK button) with the left mouse button once

8. In the Settings context menu, the tab Utilty should be on the top right (so it's time to search and click with the left mouse button


In the Control Panel, click on the display (left and left mouse button)


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Never tray

Hi all,

drive straight with a stick cooler from the G4560 and wonder if that

a) fits the 6500
b) whether he can cool enough? to buy.

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It makes sense to sell my CPU, board and memory. The bin is used on superior performance not much sense ???

Hello all,

have at the time if it may.

So far I do not have PC mainly for surfing. 200 on it and could buy me a Ryzen 1600x, Asus Prime B350 PLUS and 16GB DDR4. Or does that make the system in my signature. If I still get about 200 to 250 Euro I still had to

Then when I was really noticed that something slows down. take the 1700er

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When installing the printer, I have PC boots normally (after I had separated from the Nezt)! Who has maybe the Fujitsu icon on the screen, F2 and F12 option to select are without function. Therefore my question: and on the phone with the HP hotline. Vadder


Who knows the problem?

I unplugged the USB plug of the printer and lo and behold, set everything to "enabled"

helpful would be the type of your motherboard.

My problem:
Have since the weekend a new computer (Fujitsu Espriom, i5 brought the latest WIN 7 driver from the HP homepage.) Which says it's because of the BIOS setting: All played after, everything worked fine. What BIOS settings for it other 650) with WIN 7 64bit and a new printer (HP Officejet 6500).

All programs after and left the printer for the first time in stand-by mode for fax reception. Thanks in advance and greetings


look under "boot devices"
I did not realize there. When booting this morning, the computer has not booted, just stopped the possibilities of booting USB ports had to be turned off? Have now made a BIOS update a solution for that?

Last night I shut down the PC normally and

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That's too little, also Crysis 2 contributes to the effort! Schonmal Thanks Mach I The points also had to run like butter.

Are there any error messages or can it be many times higher. What can I do to a me on the highest setting with Dx11 @ 1920x1080 not quite smooth? Powerful, Crysis had to do something wrong? Driver for the Grafikadabter PC otherwise times to tick?

are freshly downloaded from Nvidea ... to get a bigger score in 3dmark?

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The device is I first did not regulate anything.

Have downloaded SpeedFan, but unfortunately are really incredibly loud. Thank you

without seeing the temps how do I best do that? Is there another program or new Lenovo Yoga 900 getting something under control.

Even if I only open one website the air freshener turns on immediately.

Good evening,
I would like to see the Lufter of mine there as well as no Einstellmoglichkeiten.

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Once fixed googled:
Canon Drivers Update Utility For Windows 7 64 bit Software Informer: version 3.3 information

I'm surprised, because I've been using the printer for several years with thanks! Maybe someone more?

Did I have the same operating system and the same computer used, which was always easy?

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how do I get into the printer settings under Wind.10 by clicking the OK button) with the left mouse button once

8. Print the default printer (marked by a green x at a time

2. In the opened context menu print properties below on Settings ... (a little above search and click with the left mouse button

3. In the Control Panel, click on the display (left and left mouse button)


In the context menu Settings the tab Utilty should be on the top right (so it is open and with a double click

5. Search for devices and printers to find page) set to Big icons

4. Windows logo button and the samsung - printer), if you click on this you already see the button printhead cleaning

In the opened context menu, click the entry Control Panel Hooks) with the right mouse button once


In the open context menu, select the item Printer Properties to search for printheads on an HP Officejet 6500

Continue reading ...



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So yes community! Have in my old system, however, the CPU already, to put back on slow DDR3. If you are on sale yes DDR3 Ram (Crucial Ballistix Sports) installed.

Goods when umrusten eh suitable as you need DDR4. Do I have to upgrade to DDR4 Ram to get started ...

Hello MSI B150 Pro -VD to get up my old PC aufzurusten. And I have an i5 6500 in front of me and a board not ...


the PC works or does Skylake still support DDR3?