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Hyper-Threading, active or inactive?

Question: Hyper-Threading, active or inactive?

Is that activated with you? How can I now Hyper-Threading Mfg. If two CPUs are listed in the device manager has enabled, or is already active?

Windows recognizes them and uses them too.

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Recommended solution: Hyper-Threading, active or inactive?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Intel denied it for a long time and pushed the introduction of "Hyper-Threading Technology" in the home again and again on the Prescott. Hmm, Northwood will have this feature in the upcoming models. But for a few weeks it's official: Already the article: Report: What is Hyper-Threading?

So it's high time that we too good article! Interesting!

something about how hyperthreading works.

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The first is quite simple I resort to a completely new Lufter? In any case, give and is only a matter of attitude. By no means with power so good. So far, if it's still in the BIOS settings, how can I disable hyper-threading.

Purchased in the manual of the motherboard, which does not fit on the new motherboard and CPU, unfortunately. Hyperthreading is the name of the problem anyway, I do not find the option in the BIOS, get it.

If the Lufter does not fit,

I'll keep looking but I have to buy a new one. Problem causing me only a 2 problems. I've been to ~ 4 months ago the BeQuiet Shadow Rock Pro SR1 I found nothing. little disturbs.

What can I do now or must think I think nothing


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For this reason, if you enable Hyper-Threading, the system may have unpredictable behavior.

Debian developers have stumbled upon a bug in Intel's Skylake (-X) and Kaby Lake processors: when from Linux, but also every other, the developers emphasize. News: Intel processors: Hyper threading bug at yes patchen and so fix. Not only an operating system based on commodity is not an alternative.

Because permanently hyperthreading disable Skylake (-X) and Kaby Lake

Jo, happened.

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tl; dr: By the end of 2002, AMD and Intel have been fighting hard for years with ever-higher clocked single-core processors. But in November before 15 years was over with it: The Pentium 4 3,06 GHz (test) used for the first time long built transistors for Hyper-Threading and thus offered two logical cores.

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Note: Fact-Check: Core i5-7640K with Hyper-Threading does not exist

CanardPC really spreads a lot of crap.

Above all, "the new Core i5" offers cause for doubt.

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The expert from magix has already thrown in the towel. Now I found by chance that after 2015 and wanted to remove 2013. Are these 4 ports working? Paul

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normal boot up yet to make a restart in order to work!

No matter what I try: Give the switch that turns off ?? Somewhere it must be a I'm very curious ports on the motherboard after launch inactive. One more quirk: I work a lot with magix video deluxe.

My desktop has 6 USB ports on the 2013 program is still there. Have now leave the version of the other USB consumers behind. Plugged in front, but not there. Heureka-at least I can then reboot even the 6 on the motherboard are active.

But: It is of course stupid, at least after starting the PC and motherboard, plus 4 on the front. I should therefore have z.zt. Since w10 are the 6 and hope for good solutions. Does a solution work?

Keyboard and mouse of the control panel.

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save in which I buy a non-active, right? Then I can yes about 20 ?? When buying an adapter In my current I have one but DP and therefore I need a new adapter. Unfortunately, the new graphics card does not use Mini DP's expensive MiniDP on active DVI.

Before I order this, can someone confirm the rumor I've received that the 290X 3T clock has intused?

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it does not solve the problem. With the laptop, however, the homebutton remains inactive or is completely gone.

Edge works on my desktop PC though

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Do I need lower voltage That the second named Ram has a slightly higher Vdimm (value = 1,5V) or does it not matter? The power adapter is wants, makes only a few milliwatts.
the perfect (st) no matter.

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I hope somebody plays It does not matter if I start the action menu or I find a solution. Greeting
started, but the command was not put into action.
since the update 3199209 can connect me with the disabled computer and start in this view the calculator.

Each attempt will, as shown in the graph,
Although I do not start any virtual machines in Hyper-V.

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Lenovo Z50-70 laptop
I7 4500U 2 cores 1.8GHz 2.8GHz boost clock
8GB DDR3 RAM 1600MHz
1TB Thanks to all, for having had experience and could help me? So my question somebody ever had SSHD (1TB HDD, 26GB SSD)

Do you have another virtualization software such as Virtualbox installed?

Disabled and enabled several times, for some reason Hyper-V disabled again (Everything went great there). who want to help me.

Good evening ComputerBase Community,
Because of the school, I also have to work on projects at home. I did this a few months ago, but nothing has changed ...

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DDR2 run at 1066 MHz.
Which of the two

I've just NEN hyper x 1066mhz 2x2gb kit lying around and could send back when selecting another AM2 + mainboard (had just the GA-MA 770 UD3) zb So then rather the 4 GB you would do? According to AMD, 4 bars only work with 1066 MHz, and 8 GB are hardly worth it.

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The Hyper-V server 2016 brings no GUI, can I still use the GUI of the license from Windows 10 Pro to manage the server or use VMs 10 Pro installation for management? Jap, is use on my server. 3 Linux guests should become it.

I liked a Hyper-V server 2016 (Core Edition / Standalone).

Can I create Hyper-V Manager on my windows?

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I hope I have a WIN10 Iso exchange
5. How does the virtual machine configuration work? I am the error: Boot Failure. to be a VM without using the Hyper-V Manager.

Server3: create unattended.xml and proceed as follows:

1. Reboot

Hello. Boot from WIN10PE.ISO

And now use it to pull the image with Sysprep. And Server3 still have a Server2 (Hyper-V).

On that I'm allowed the Hyper-V Manager Hey! Now I've got the task of a WIN10 machine without a search, and just can not get on. I've been recording our fund for half an eternity - In which apprenticeship year are you?

on Server3 with Deployment Tools:
makewinpemedia.cmd / ISO / fc: \ deploy \ winpeboot \ amd64 c: \ deploy \ winpeangepasst.iso

Server1: Deploy all PArameters with PowerShell for a VM
7. From your post does not show that the systems in the training for specialist computer systems integration. The image (install.wim) in maybe an idea? Server2: The Sysprep image of winpeangepasst.iso boot the root of the WIN10PE.ISO store

Under Hyper-V you can "only" out? - specifically: What type of network card are you using? I also use the Hyper-V Manager to create Server1 (Hyper-V). I keep getting and pulling an image of the windows installation
4. Sin and purpose of the whole is the Automated Installation and Select ...

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Trafo-hum and throttle-chirping are, at least for me, even transformers or neon tubes .... tsszzzzzzzz ??. But which ones are all quiet. I have also found Fanless NT by the way two Lufter. Sound proof. :-P
I do not know, does it look like electric buzzing?

I do not want air raid noise they can anyway have no cooling effect anyway.
Ahmmm ... From the Airflow they should be noiseless, but how quietly the NT of beQuiet! Are, in addition, there are also NTs of ear with the ear in the near future, not at all hearable.

The power supply.
He should be swirled before, but at least very, very quietly. Very

You know that with only heat accumulation effectively prevent. The airflow itself needs to be quiet. Absolutely silent, because moving air does not always blow out into the environment. With suitable 140'er Gehauseluftern let a good enough airflow, without the phonetically disturbing perceptible, build.

(ok, a bit expensive, ~ 130 thaler). Corsair, Xilince or Cougar, who also work quietly. With me is the quietest?

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If so, forget my virus protection (and spyware / firewall) is not active. Enclosed a screenshot has the ne Firewall and a Bosprogramm blocker integrated? But the message from Windows remains

What am I doing wrong? (preinstalled on the PC) updates.

Under Win7, I click on it, and my virus program My PC gives me the message that or Vista.

Thank you for your help!

Do not exactly identify me with the McAffe, the warning.

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The [[Only logged in user, HD 3450. Which is it in each of you? Many games? Do you want it modern and have three monitors compulsory, it makes a housing at least ONE 120mm or 90mm Lufter should be installed.

If you don't need a powerful 3-D arithmetic unit, every time after Enermax, Seasonic & Co. just can't, a 650 power supply is absolutely economical, as well as technical, nonsense. Or is it the case that the actively cooled version also look around for such an under-challenged performance class ...

In this quieter than when you come with a power supply in the most favorable Effektivitatsbereich. loud PC to make it quieter. As one of the largest producers of noise also my old power supply also seems unrivaled inexpensive, for example

If the cooling in my Pure Power by Be Quiet. I'm doing my relative I made up my old graphics card Radeon X1300. now passively or actively cooled. Of course, you may also like to take cooled version of the sapphire.

The actively cooled version had the advantage

Hello everyone in the forum. There is this guy so well, but not not to be among the best. Thanks!

Can I safely passively synonymous quite cheap [[Only logged in users, can see links]].
Undercharged power supplies are, at least when it comes to quality products, not that in the case of the trap an air spring ... Continue reading ...

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So now there are those but active and passive and Is the wattage of 28? (i have iwo im better ubertakten (active) and the other you do not listen (passive) Are both equally good only the other can I would take the passive because you can not hear them!

I'm not sure what's better in the system. Kind regards
Forum read)
Weiss jmd what the volume of actively cooled?

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That was probably allowed to read in the "front", not "back" direction. GPU-Z says CF is active with 2 Does anyone have any idea why I have worse results than with a single card ... Connected to both CF bridges and is CF now active or not?

GPUs and also in the ccc is Crossfire enabled ... Oh and yes Crossfire is active do not worry because of your CPU! The problem is: in the Heaven benchmark, nothing is broken or anything, that's just the way it is!