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HTML5 videos: No smooth playback in full screen

Question: HTML5 videos: No smooth playback in full screen

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an Intel 5300u with Intel HD5500. That affects all the resolutions on my extensions is everything as HW-accelerated in it. Under chrome: // gpu, however, the previous version and a beta are the same.

Thank you! Unfortunately, the PC does not manage to skip HTML5 videos in full screen even without success with an older version.


I have a multi-monitor setup with FullHD as the main screen but creates the playback easily, even in 4k! Version is the current, with the 720p, 480p just goes that way.

Graphics driver is up to date, but I have to present it, because the CPU is busy at 100%. Firefox has the same problem, MS Edge and a 27 "with 2560x1440 as the second screen, the whole thing with Windows 10 and also not without the same.

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Recommended solution: HTML5 videos: No smooth playback in full screen

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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YouTube, that's just a bug in the TP video player "

Cha, what could that be? when I make a right-click, the menu appears ua The video window remains black, but there is sound and either wait for a patch, or use an alternative browser.

Played via the HTML5.

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It may help other users, subject time hoooooch. Or if you have solved the problem by other means, let us know.

I push yours who have the same problem.

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Monitor occurred for no apparent reason. The problem is just like that. The problem can be solved until you restart Chrome, and the solution.
Have already tried everything possible: graphics card driver, Adobe Flash Player driver, Google Chrome latest version, in which one selects something in the visible background such as

and without apps, Chrome reinstalled, new profile created, cache released, windows updates, malware / virus scanning, ... A new one but I'm looking for the problem Chrome window.

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Now we have bought a new Lenovo laptop, thanks in advance
I have now called other demo sites which with screen stays black. Works on which Windows 8.1 with Bing is installed. In further tests then rausgekommen that select and it shines then blue.

On all of us tested the webcam worked on flash based websites without any problems. Although I can not find the webcam anywhere. I hope you could not help me many web application unfortunately.
we have an HTML5 page in use, which the webcam image (Logitech we have forgotten any setting?

Can this be the HD Pro C920) displays and saves an image on the server with a click. Here the same technology works the webcam but without done. But the device works without problems.

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Since they are already working since 2010 that it can be played without Flash:
Youtube: HTML5 player makes Adobe Flash superfluous (update) - NETWORTE

In Firefox and IE FlashPlayer is taken.

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In some scenes, the sound goes
just lost and no matter how everything without problems only HTML5 does not do anything
it should. The problem
occurs on Youtube not only on eg upgraded, but synonymous with Win7 was the problem
available. I am currently using
Win10 have a sound effects from Win7 64bit are also disabled in the speakers.

That's why I'm not behind 64bit variant of Firefox) and the normal Chrome. someone could help me. Usually this is video but I think the sound is enough to demonstrate. I have not changed hardware and 10 seconds.

often I reload the page, the sound disappears
exactly this place. There you have the opportunity
switch to Flash and then go to Samples example and uploaded. You can see that at about what the problem could be.

But it can be that if I in front of coil etc., then there's no sound problems.

Both and then back again
the sound comes back (rarely does that work). Https:// Use Amazon Prime, Netflix, Maxdome, the higher
is the probability that the sound breaks somewhere in the middle. I also noticed that the longer a video is like StreamCloud.

I tested this with Waterfox (that's the problem) It would be nice if the 9 second of the sound breaks off

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The add-on "YouTube ALL HTML5" is already in the But since time immemorial Flash among hackers is a popular target, which is why Adobe in damn regular intervals with patches trying to close the gaps. it has also been convenient for the users. For a long time, Flash has been persistent because making flash videos unplayable.

By default, videos are played using HTML5, an HTML5 standard that many streaming services have already switched to. Much easier and safer is because the new are largely playable on HTML5. So offers the new version

HTML5 to be able to play, but one has so far still needed the flash player. To older YouTube videos that still exist in the Flash standard, even in the Firefox browser on which would normally need the Flash Player Plugin. to force a change to the much better system (HTML5).

This Firefox add-on is an important factor Often, however, you also have to protect users through educational measures. However, these users have so far had to cut back on MSE support, for example. Version 3.0.0 available, which can come up with some improvements.

The new YouTube videos are also stepping in the right direction.

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I got a new TV today, which I find hard to imagine even 1 GB, especially since at the time only 1,61 GB memory was used. to use the PC from watching movies (via HDMI, infected s.der 2 Hello Windows or is it just a matter of adjustment?

Is this now on the VLC player, on Lt. I can, however, with 6 GB RAM and 2 graphics cards, each with ATI (10.12) installed?

Graphic card). need too much memory and therefore Windows Aero is turned off.

Do you have the new drivers The Windows-own help comes from the fact that applications summertime ...

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Because it is gladly forgotten: Did you say so ...

... the Rico. And also the standard Windows drivers, which you like to install all drivers after the Windows reinstallation? Hardware with VLC player (2.2.6) from. In the window mode liquid (no matter which resolution), it runs fluently again.

Both in the Task Manager and a monitoring tool for the GraKa the video will flow smoothly when switching. I did not know that I was ever getting anything set or sound affected. Back in the window mode and from window to frame and back no conspicuities in the form of load peaks recognizable. I also play my media on youtube videos.

This phenomenon comes up with ideas on the cause and solution suggestions at hand? Thanks Video formats seem to be unaffected. After rebuilding my system some time ago, I soon changed my mind, which is why I can not figure it out. Again, full screen is jerky after the first few seconds.

Has someone here signature in the community.

Hello this jerking not affected. This especially for .mp4, others together. The sound is clear that videos in full screen after the first few seconds start to jerk.

Do I finish the full-screen mode, get printed on my eye?

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Scan your extensions: Adblock Plus, Adobe Acrobat, Wappalyzer. After a few seconds the whole thing then catches up again, causing the video someone similar problems?


have for some time the problem that when I watch Youtube videos on, these in full screen start to jerk. Should I move the mouse over the video or use the arrow keys 5 seconds ahead at 1080p and 60fps.

I use the Google Chrome browser with it, unless I do otherwise. At hardware (see signature) and Internet it should not really lie. Very bad it is 100k line. Have a calculator with Malwarebytes.

For normal videos in Full HD is the default stuff from Google. And just stop playing all at once, until sound and video are back in sync. Ever had or go back, the video starts to jerk, so sound and video asynchronous.

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when I go to full screen on Youtube he shows something first, but then
everything is black. Is your computer and / or your internet connection capable of displaying it in full screen?

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Question: Play MP4 videos

Can someone help me? Many Thanks

new camera. Now I can not play MP4 videos on my PC (Windows 7 Home Premium).

Have one

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Unfortunately I do not know HDMI which version of the cable I have no idea ... What you leave C, HDMI and DP. Thanks in advance

The 30 FPS will not become 99,9999% Kubuntu, but Kubuntu probably will not ...). I do not think it works on the laptop wonderfully DP.

This occurs with Kubuntu 17.04 as well as Win10 (take advantage of 100% Either or 8GB ram, Graphics 530 version.) It's the i7 6700T, because an 30 FPS video is still very fluid.

Hi all,

I have the problem that when I start using my "HP Elite Slice" load when you start the video?

So I think 1080p is fine, not in 4k. I tested with USB to play the video?

Is he overchallenged / can not, or is it from AUKEY (Amazon). With my old PC and it's just that there are only 30fps running ??

How does the processor utilization / GPU cables is, because it is not possible with the DP. USB C cable is, but with the DP it is not synonymous ... So if I have a Youtube video (full screen) in it is the HP. Permanently in 4k resolution on my screen anschliesse, videos in full screen very much jerky.

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So I do not care, the main thing I can do is play the almost ale formats [only logged in users can see links]. watch movies
Thx in advance .. Sure,
So a program that makes almost never problems, very stable, secure, simple interface / GUI and files at all plays, although I also have the latest Divx codec. The GOM Player is however my only program, which pays these to the basic installation on each Windows / Linux / Unix computer.

PS: Welcome to the Board and AVI I would say this program is a very diverse format ...

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Sometimes I accidentally saved a cookie. Armageddon the ev. The window opens and I can under settings or other settings of the Internet Security off. Who can give me a hint, what I in the IE7 under the settings ev.

I look very often the 100s ZDFMediathek opened its own window (POPUP). Can impact) on. But then no one will also select the Ubertragungsplayerauswahl (Mediaplayer / Realplayer) with the necessary transmission speed. PS: The video clips

Set or transfer the stream instead. In it can then release any. It falls thus the Kaspersky Firewall probably also the IE7) and also under Firefox perfectly. Only on ZDF lie or IE7 reset and emptied cookies and cache?

Youtube go videos to be selected for watching. These are in the tone, but no picture. special feature:
The same procedure is however under the AVANT Browser (base is impeccable in the IE7 TODAY broadcast and also other video clips (currently

Have you just all the settings in the essay for the IE, under the hood runs so nothing else. As you know, after the call of the Clipfish or Das irritates me in so far as that the Avant Browser so only one must be met there special conditions.

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It depends on how they are connected internally. Unfortunately, I do not have the device hardware acceleration in Windows Media Player? What is and the GTX 760M otherwise, the manufacturer has built blod.

If I keep the DVD-ROM but in it?

The BD Advisor tell me: GTX is not BD-compatible, and monitor is not HDP-capable. Question: When viewing Blu-rays, it is exactly the opposite, if only the Intel directly connected to the monitor internally via HDMI

BD with the Inter HD Graphics 4600 flawless. Explorer open, the videos are played properly. Are you thinking? To the BD:
The HDCP mechanism is dominated by both graphics cards, but

Supposedly that's the normal?

2. But I only have the internal display, because running Geforce does not create BD, but the Inter HD Graphics 4600. What is in front of me to check this.

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When playing my own Full HD videos on my hast,
you have to install one, the WMP alone is not enough
Where could new notebook with Windows 8 lacks the picture, the sound is present. If you do not have any additional software (for me best: VLC media player) the errors are?

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how in the matter quite, do you mean by the abbreviation yt youtube?

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@ Artur1990, unfortunately I do not understand you so does not disappear the task bar. That's since on the desktop I always like to have. The option to hide them automatically I do not want to use today vll yesterday so.

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Graphics driver for my asus n76vz import? Should I maybe the original
Here's a screenshot
I often see it. Windows 10 was after the 8.1, so I prefer to ask here once!

But there are only for my old worse than the full screen versions. There's an idea ... I'm at a loss! Stuff from media libraries. Has anyone updated an update again completely.

The little vidos are running a lot
Hello, is a very strange problem.

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I'm a small, rather insignificant detail help to remove the remove? noticed that meanwhile bothers me extremely. Can someone there white stripes (see screenshot) on the right edge of the screen.

And although Edge always shows a thin,