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How to Add "Disable / Enable Metro" to Context Menu in Windows 8

Question: How to Add "Disable / Enable Metro" to Context Menu in Windows 8

into the right topic. Maybe that's still helpful for someone.

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Recommended solution: How to Add "Disable / Enable Metro" to Context Menu in Windows 8

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Invoke the call because the start of the intended file "CompMgmtLauncher.exe" was probably manipulated. The hint is caused by another software. Maybe you have before / after here to ask for advice. I find neither in the registry nor in the

That sounds like the "CompMgmt.msc" works for me. I can manage the administration only through "Exports" or the Control Panel installed programs a way to make this change retrograde. All I can do is try out other programs of this kind for you?

brought no result. Also buy "sfc / scannow" with the full version.

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an entry in the desktop.ini file. But I want to shut down, only with the small tool WinXMenuEditor hinbekommen. But the effort is over target

C: \ Windows \ System32 \ shutdown.exe / s / t 00

specified. But what has to go in there! - No idea!

furs "shutdown"


I have now in the folder C: \ Users \ USERNAME \ AppData \ Local \ Microsoft \ Windows \ WinX \ Group1

created two links. Also as a target manually

C: \ Windows \ System32 \ rundll32.exe powrprof.dll, SetSuspendState Sleep

specified. Unfortunately, a completely new option ends up here And then the program does about what you want. But adding programs in Windows 8

Somehow, there is still something similar missing as pure

2 - shutdown.lnk = .........
3 - Energiesparen.lnk = ......... The second is "energy saving" and which? Unfortunately the two are too big for the WinXMenuEditor. EDIT 2:

So far I have it group in Win + x menu at the top.

So, what's the command for "saving energy" and how is the "commodity" possible? But your help! Currently there is only one line:

1 - [email protected]% SystemRoot% \ system32 \ twinui.dll, -4513

But it had to thank you for saving energy and restarting at the very bottom!

See: Administrative Menu - Win + X - Commands not displayed in the Win + X menu. One is called "Shutdown" and as a ... Continue reading ...

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Is it possible to do that with the GUI configuration? Code: C: \ Users \ janismac> netsh dhcpclient trace enable
A file can undermine parameters and automatically close ?? MfG janismac
How do I turn off DHCP again

DHCP will reconfigure my network card, I now want a script for it. But if I have it over (and then update the addresse) ???
since I do not activate the more of it.

not be created if it already exists.

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In other words: Either the graphics card answers my knowledge gaps in advance! Thank you for explaining what this setting is good for? So, as I understand it, the Graka then takes in conjunction with "Maintain aspect ratio", as far as right? As far as right.

Can one of me exactly the scaling of the image and not the monitor, as far as right? And if you activate it, then probably the best interpolation or the TFT monitor.

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"3" in the "0" group is limited by the system firmware. And this message under warning

hidden text:

The speed of the processor since 2 seconds in this status with reduced performance. Since the last report is the processor

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Therefore, events for the file but not specific to my case. In the www I found different and I see no effect. for the session "Circular Kernel Context Logger" has been reached.

At MVP Ingo Bottcher I have neither started the solution.

The bug is listed crashing something similar.

Timely to the warning:
"The maximum file size" C: \ Windows \ system32 \ WDI \ LogFiles \ SecondaryLogonCKCL.etl "is lost (can not be logged).

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now!!! Can you make mistakes; Your "Start" menu does not work. Then comes a message: Fatal When I start my laptop, the desktop without a folder ect.

from, enter my password again, print on sign: again the same problem!

I've been doing mine for about 3 months now? Thank you started. What should fix this error?

We will fix the problem as soon as you sign up again. (Bar: now unsubscribe)

I log laptop from Windows 8 to 10 updated.

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But on the window I see completely black. The system settings menu is the Cox text menu completely black. Thanks in advance for the help! Continue reading...

Win10 has something to do ..

Graphics card is Nvidia 8400GS M and the operating system is Windows 10
Has only if graphics card is active. Do not disable both right-clicking and graphics card, I can not use the calculator. And Nvidia Control Panel seems to me, unfortunately, I do not really use my calculator.

Hello community,
Has anyone had the same case for a few months, or do you have a solution for me?

Nvidia support says it's having content or I've tried everything, but as long as I use the contextmenu again it's just the title and the frame.

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But still have an idea?
hi, have blowfish advanced CS installed on file name and "run as administrator" option?
Anyone and also under options with context integration a hack set + put printed. thx

Did the software be installed as admin? So, right click no entry in the context menu.

Have vista 64bit, uac disabled ..

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Under "Metro" / ModernUI it is pointed out that the Flash plug-in have mixed up. Today I notice that the FlashPlayer jumbled up my Internet Explorer (Windows 8.1). Now everything is running again Programs => Activate / deactivate features disabled and reactivated.

Be the last patchday has been deleted. I have a problem here as it should!


Somehow the update only has to work in the desktop mode of the IE11. Flash again under Metro runs ????

I have now the IE11 times under me not get on the track. All "frequently visited that Flash is not installed. Thanks !!!! Can someone help me with pages" were eg

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We'll try to fix it
After that, I can only log out and log in again, but the error remains

Your Start menu is not working.

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Since Saturday, outlook does not start anymore. After the outlook start, only the first pop-up menu with the text "Will be edited .." appears.

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Whole ago ago, so I can only guess now that it might be right click on "My Bluetooth devices" "Windows 7 expert" in it


Windows 7 I have not more, is synonymous could work.

Permanently remove as follows .. Otherwise, one will choose here soon and then "remove device". As I said, that could not be the case with Win 7.

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Is there a way to prevent the Cortana Menu from opening up? print at the same time to open a link in a new tab.


Whenever I press both keys simultaneously on my touchpad, the Cortana menu opens. It needs more of me when printing the middle mouse button (both touchpad buttons at the same time) opens?

This is very annoying since I am both browsing through the touchpad buttons

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As a desktop version, I will continue to be offered Open, Save with the dropdown menu to select Save As. Truly help someone? why not

Can I the same as from IE, although the D. I do not demand from the Dolphin on Android not at Metro? moos.

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I have the latest graphics card drivers installed (AMD HD 6870 attached and the fuzzy spots marked, I have a screenshot Catalyst 13.1) and have no idea what to do.

Anything that is not Windows is out of focus.

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I have installed the Classic Start Menu under Windows 8.1.

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Did you help them as soon as possible. I hope you could open pictures or music for me that does not work, it just does not happen. If I click on the start button and like my documents music and see if the indicated paths exist. Make a right-click on documents and standard directories moved or deleted?

Best regards

Thanks in advance.

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The message on the next start Ok, not even after 100 reboots
Thank you for your help in advance!

New Laptop Win 10, Aspire E 15, E5-575-79GS, Intel Core i7-6500U 2.5Hz with Turbo Boost up to 3.1Ghz
Am 2 months abroad and need urgently data!

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How do I get both fields?