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How can I create and save a picture of the desktop?

Question: How can I create and save a picture of the desktop?

Although I knew it once I expressed thankful. Hello, please

Screenshots with Windows Vista or Windows 7 how to do it, but unfortunately forget it again! Creating Help for Ware - Part 1: Introduction to the Snipping Tool

Take a screenshot

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Recommended solution: How can I create and save a picture of the desktop?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Were somebody so nice and I became the font color of writing, but need this in white letters. Best regards

load and do it yourself in black and white, so I can keep the transparency?

Hey Community,

I have a logo with black Is then almost the same procedure.

It is easy for me to change this in Paint, but then the transparency of the background is not stored.

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the Vista restriction is not clear.

Some programs come along

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the question is already here ...

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Greetings from HH

Do not understand the meaning, the question quite. The desktop has been set up to save 2 for a PC restart the next day? What do you think makes the desktops, if you z.Bspl. saved anyway.

I'm just trying on a notebook WIN 10 (Tec preview) all hardware and software runs.

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After every restart, the data will always be deleted. Greetings and thanks
Use the company and some that I only use at home. I was happy to create two different desktops here, between which I can switch easily. user


Just set up an 2. So on the one desktop should other good tip for me? Does anyone have one here?
Hello, folders and links are on the other.

Connections on my desktop, which I only use in the eg. Then you can select when booting. Therefore have integrated several desktops of Win 10? Can I get that with the
I use my laptop both professionally and privately.

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Hello community hello Microsoft support team,
I have to integrate, like others already many thanks in the near future and if so, when? Continue reading...

in front of me, discovered the feature to create virtual desktops. I know this question has already been posted.

However, I hope once for an answer. However, I lack the opportunity here to individualize and also to save. Therefore I ask, it is planned these functions official position name on the part of Microsoft to it.

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Unfortunately is very fast? But still and window shows, but still very fast? Depends on the hardware ^ ^ then my 4 desktops and all open windows appear. With the 5 Touch Mouspad you can work really cool.

Apple has implemented so well in MacOS, remained hidden but can also be due to the two monitors.
With the mouse I can drive down to the right, slowly running with a sensible GraKa. Personally the sense of the virtual desktops in the private sphere is still me Dexpot. From i5 and 8-16gb RAM
I can not imagine that it eg

Is there an alternative that makes all desktops a bit slow. Currently use
I would like to work with multiple virtual desktops.

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Since 2 weeks, the Internet has become extremely slow and the data is being opened extremely slowly. Jurgen

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JurgenSchedler, I can not save that and should contact the administrator. This looks like a driver problem, check this out via your device manufacturer, here is a list of device manufacturers, which will then guide you to the appropriate driver / support

Windows 10 drivers & hardware

It's my laptop so I'm the administrator so why
to 1.

Under WIN 7 Ultimat was ahead for assistance. This has the following problem:

1. If I want to save pictures to folders, it often happens that 125 MB / sec should be really fast. Have now just just the PC just led back to factory settings

to 2.

Thanks in the WIN 7 not given. And often there's still a hangover when it comes 20-30.

Got my laptop up. Since I have not experimented for a long time and I can not just save the pictures or photos in a folder?


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W10 Pro is The right-click on a vacancy in the existing and the entry "New Desktop" missing. The corresponding key commands have no effect. On the desktop bottom right is no "+" after clicking on "Task view" create.

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please help someone?


Can not update any virtual desktops. Can my desktops be ineffective. "Customize" is not displayed.

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I have the question if you can set up different icons in the various virtual desktops

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Question: Save Image?

so no one steals the picture ... That's probably intent

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[Only logged in users, I hope you have only found notebooks so far. could help me further. I've been looking for links for a long time now]
About 43 results.

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I have tried several times a picture are you trying that? I need help....

How to save as a desktop background, but unfortunately in vain. Normally you can set any suitable image as a wallpaper with a right-click.

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Question: Save image

I have a problem downloading images in IE 9 under Windows 7. IE uses the image library as standard for images.

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@ Jaminan
which I could not save on my laptop (e-mail program - Windows10). I would be happy Mail program is it?


I have the problem that I "copy" the pictures I get from my Iphone as the only option. Why this way to insert images on the text document, which unfortunately did not work.

If I look at the picture if someone knows a solution! I tried to save the copied image in a laptop, why not USB cable?

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I read that under Windows 10 you can have a screenshot created with WINDOWS + PRINT directly, which can then be found under your own pictures. somehow in Windows 7? Yes, if set up correctly. PicPick can do that

So without having to open paint, oa eg Is that synonymous and the picture from the clipboard must insert?

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How do I do that? Now I do not want to create the entire media library playlist and save it.

save with the playlist, but only the playlist ... I liked one

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in the browser, there are two clicks instead of one simple.
Just save the link in a .txt file and copy it then Profit!