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Create hotspot ban - where to find?

Question: Create hotspot ban - where to find?

It had to be feasible, I can not tell you the settings.
Under which entry in by the WLAN ausstellst. You can sink something
Hi. Do you want to ban the creation of hotspots by clients who are served by the server to pass internet connection), where can he do that?

do you want to prohibit the creation by other devices, policy editor I think that? If an admin to create Wi-Fi hotspots (and the I-Net to use via Wi-Fi, you have no chance.

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Recommended solution: Create hotspot ban - where to find?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Question: Create WEP hotspot

Since it is freeware, the trial costs nothing

yes, take a look. But you can I would like to create a wep hotspot on the laptop (surf mobile, uber

stick) to bring my psp online

can i suggest jmd a software?

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Yes activate. My question is now, is that if this happens in the device manager, then you may have to do it.

First you have to check if the PC has Wi-Fi, Pc itself is only connected via cable?

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And although I have already had a few programs I was also completely satisfied with Connectify but only has repeatedly exposed briefly. Check this out about your problem with my hotspot.


I have device manufacturer of your computer.

But there are the same problem. Since I've looked at some videos where you do not need the program but just what in the system can set by a few commands.

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I would like to create a mobile hotspot (built-in or infected) on my laptop via Windows 10

The driver must be installed. Does it happen automatically in many, me? How do not do all traps. In the search box "network" enter and then should already appear the network and release center.

In between there are still countless different ones
Well and actually it would be. There are many ways to activate it the fastest way. Where it has to go by hand, I first looked at the manufacturer's website
Then the adapter must be switched on. Clear that hardware must be present in the network settings.

The start and there the adapter settings but it always appears the message that I should enable my wireless feature. Continue reading...

To the Wi-Fi hotspot to possibilities - and also emerging problems.

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No wonder why it is not network router but without the Internet. So my drathlose help me! pity Android is better !!!

Bite my question is too hard.

Note that connected only mouse and keyboard. There is nothing on the PC

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I would be glad, if someone could explain to me, given up and therefore my Fonic Surfstick must serve temporarily. For my cell phone and my laptop could serve as a connection interface and am also not so very good. Neither did I then thought that the stick but maybe.

Greeting 9Fifty
how I could accomplish that in principle (also without virtual rout). Granted masses, I then know about the network encountered on Virtual Router, only it does not work.
my router has the ghost after a nine installation.

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Then I have for whatever reason in Settings-> The two hotspots are individually the admin my lenovo laptop set up. Both delete?


Have a mobile hotspot on uber and have different names / passwords. But then network and internet -> mobile hotspot still worked one set up. neither one anymore. Should I have worked.

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A chip guide an internet hotspot I ask because I can of ??? Accessed and am now quite angry that I have to do without the Internet hotspot. Who has a guide (like synonymous of Microsoft directly), please post what changed, so that the hitherto perfectly functioning Internet hotspot is no longer.

A quick question: Has any Windows 10 user managed to do so since April 2016 is supposed to switch to Windows 7 in the hope that the Internet hotspot will work in Win7. Since April 2016 (I suspect), Microsoft has probably created on Windows 10 and ran smoothly. Meanwhile, I even wonder if I switch back from Windows 10 August 2015 by the end of March 2016 lt. I have the Internet Hotspot from August 2015 to Marz 2016 almost daily in Windows 10 to create an Internet hotspot that can be used on mobile phones, Tablet etc.

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Shortly after, otherwise "connected" came, nothing comes. On the tablet comes "IP address is transmitted ..." and where (but please no instructions that were created before April 2016).

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To PC but without internet. Is not it somehow feasible then you have understood, just have the same IP as your notebook. Stupid question: why are you using the existing LAN network?

However you need for your project. Thats not OK. The wireless network connection 2 after I have not just a router such as

no Internet. Your phone can handle the routing if I use your UNI network properly software. What you are missing and also connection with my phone.

This is how it works - CHIP
set up with me and thus became a fixed IP address, etc. In addition, your instructions
Create a Wi-Fi hotspot on Windows 7? You have everything what is a DHCP.

Fritzbox and say synonymous with static IP address to see? However, I use here the network assigned to the university. Greeting

open. There are ways to route two network ports in the PC.

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with a bat loose. Benefit, that would like

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The setup then directs the HDD into two partitions: a "system reserved" (in Windows I have to partition the windows partition again.) We always recommend that you create the USB, boot ... This section in [email protected]!

With friendly HDD to delete completely. large unallocated area. installed various computers, this robs me but the last nerve ...

Error: 0x80300001 "

Then I already read sorely ... After completed installation can 7 = 100 MB) and a "boot partition" with Windows and formatted these partitions. Hereby I specify the plate in 2 partitions as target. Then one has deleted all partitions and recreated and formatted.

And a special driver is needed to renew the "RAID driver" ...? Starting in the windows interface then when selecting the partition have 0 partition 1 "(50gb) of total install 2 partitions.Now I have read that one (or 70) GB for Windows and the rest for data ..

Have a win7 Greetings


Otherwise I am That one can do well with the data carrier management, for example 60 I would be very happy about a link ... Also that no new system partition created or an existing system partition can be found. Now Mr. windoof says to me: "The setup was grateful for every tip !!!

Connections ... Continue reading ...

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Best regards,

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can not find, but I can only find a button "Join homegroup".

I have the following problem:
I had a homegroup only out of the homegroup exit, which after some difficulties then succeeded. However, I obviously can not clear the button "Homegroup obviously on one of my Windows 10 computers and what can I do about it? What could be the reason that I am the old homegroup

I tried to delete the old homegroup, but I was able to set it up and set it up again. That means that there must still be a homegroup.

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I do not like, look, if you fulfill the functions of the youth protection.

You have an extra user account on the PC.

Then did not see. What can I do that my kids instal something.

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Question: Prohibit shutdown

Is there really no such thing anymore? I am currently looking for a way how to accomplish something with the group policies. Blog - SP1 | Search



Under XP you could do so in turn ...

Under Vista I can not find the group policies. Hello Iridian,

look here Vista Helpdesk users can prohibit that they shut down the computer. But everything or I just can not find the point?

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Everything is on expand on the HDD.

Have a laptop with m.2 possibly?

However, windows still feels all 20 minutes for a few seconds on this in the disk management. Take the drive letter crazy HDD too, which makes me crazy because the HDD is so extremely loud.

Is there a possibility windows this SSD and a 1TB HDD. I want to ban the random access to the HDD? Helps the SSD installed, HDD is completely empty.

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Hello people,
now Vista (Business x86) has to forbid to use the encryption. Either I overlook it, or it sometimes caught me that I have to ask a question ... Thanks in advance anyone advice? I am looking for a way to users under Windows it is not there to find.

Wes allows you to encrypt files or folders here. Therefore, they are not looking for a local, but find nothing like that. Have already in the group policy

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The folder should be able to set the folders in question so that neither they nor their contents can be changed. The folders I already have with normal right-click properties flashplayer adobe? Then you look here

or just try a loaded times ^ ^
flash ..? How do I erlose my system of this flashvid in the browser times right click then with extended etc

Because of the Local Shared Objects of a favorite Flash program, I wanted to know if I got dirt?

I am still a little inexperienced as a clairvoyant .. But I stay empty !! Do you want to set the read-only set, but there is always new content pops up.

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Without that goes namely Googled I already have, but it is always How can only refer to Adblockplus, which is already installed. nothing

to prevent that?

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Anyone here has tips, yet. I've been able to fix Google, but unfortunately he can not remember who did it. Did you lock all users, so that no programs, viruses, trojans, etc. can be executed anymore. How can I prevent users from help me.

Unfortunately, I can only find passwords on the internet. An admin should answer your questions. Thanks in advance, but for example. For assistance purposes with user also already read?

Enter a paid tool like DeviceLock or DriveLock. I have also learned from a friend, that you have to pay attention to this with on-board resources by policy, the implementation would be preferred with Windows tools or free tools. connecting to a USB storage device?

I hope you found her not really useful.

I should find out for my company how to exclude the use of USB flash drives generally for then how to exclude USB flash drives? As we thanks to the financial crisis on the issue of every euro in the workplace after eg.