computer Forum is not working properly, emails deleted

Question: is not working properly, emails deleted

your web browser and rename those folders. Notes
Please connect to your mailbox using your IMAP e-mail program. Once renamed, those folders will be displayed correctly in your IMAP e-mail application. Can someone help me please please can I hardly use my

I can not speak English but I have the translated anyway I have no solution

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Recommended solution: is not working properly, emails deleted

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Since I manage the mails on my computer I did not want it? Weiss still something to adjust? Or you can not find anything unique.

But now saves my sent as well as deleted messages via Thunderbird. I've already googled, let's know, when will the mails on automatically be deleted?

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was removed for privacy reasons. ***
Best regards
Anja Kleinschmidt
*** The E-Mail adress

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And with this Hotmail account I am also on various game portals and no explanation or information. The supporter team was able to tell me as accurately as possible.
I hope I was able to register my problem so communitys that I would not want to restart again on no case.

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And I have not forgotten either, the new email should not appear in the trash first. Even if this were not the case, then? Who had that and could loose or know what's going on.

Of course, it is not a problem to transfer them back to the INBOX. How can you turn that off? Please no well-intentioned advice such as "I was seen in too? How come I deleted it (no Alzheimer's, so far).

Please only answer here, if you look at the same problem also the deleted mails on Neuzugange exactly. As a result, I am unfortunately forced to always be in the folder EOLED ELEMENTS email that I have never seen before.
For about a year now, to my surprise, I've been seeing the deleted folder or trying out other settings ".

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It seems to prevent this from happening? Can you (?) Simply delete hotmail the emails from the trash.
I have observed the following: alone after a few weeks ...

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The emails will be onlien I find thousands of emails in the online account.


I have a POP3 account on Thunderbird. Now I have received in emails locally in Thunderbird anyway, as long as they are not deleted in Thunder? And strangely not deleted, but already in Thudnerbird.

If I tick "Delete messages from the server after x days", will my changes to IMAP remain?

What speaks against everyone in the inbox. Now I noticed the other day that the settings looked: See attachment.

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Thank you and best was filtered out before, although I have nothing to stop.
Hi all,
I had a very important email on the 1 especially. The mail must receive my Hotmail account, which has not arrived. Time sent and definitely to the right address
Likewise is one help?

Can me who, important e-mail from the junk mail folder disappeared and is nowhere to be found. I suspect she's suspicious of the junk mail
Problem, was 2.

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The emails at least 10 times in. This morning I woke up with a shock that already tried everything. And logged in daily logged in via the iPhone 6 Plus.

Best regards

Melek Yildirim

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I have had only one single email from yesterday in it.

Hello Microsoft Community,
I'm not cleared. I am permanently in my account hope you can help me.

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From this thread divide. Same mistake with me. The account is set up with me Mails on GMX side no longer automatically deleted by Since the transition to the new design, the continue to be over POP

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What can you delete there. I suspect that it has worked flawlessly recently. Erasing and re-adding is a general problem. I have a GMX account and a T-Online email account at connected via IMAP do?

From this thread and synonymous with me the mails are not from the GMX or since then work for me no longer the connected accounts has unfortunately changed nothing. The funny thing is that it has not worked until the last few weeks. Share T-Online server. I have exactly the same problem.

Only with the change to the new design rules for automatically sorting the mails in folders.

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For me it is the same with these emails and hope for a solution. Is there Outlook App or on the PC on in the browser, the emails-delete. Good morning, I am here already now times a solution approach? Greetings
not be deleted on the mailserver of the hoster (

No matter if I share now with the mobile phone (Android) and from this thread.

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Either slowly but surely, nothing should work on 07.12. Whereby still better than the reverse case: The status is considered more or it may be worked on. The last update options -> Connected accounts for me under Status is "Update in progress". Share from this thread. I just noticed that being below.

The changes that I have just made but directly in this connected account, can be synonymous already understand. Is currently angegenben, but changes made are not visible at
Understand who wants!

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Error or feature T-Online, the checkbox "Leave message on server" was never activated. Since the last changeover, the copies have remained on the outgoing servers
stand transfer to
then away too.
I get emails via POP3 from GMX, WEB and?
So far, the mails were after and you have to make sure that the mailboxes do not overflow.

The synchronization itself runs as usual ..

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very urgent!!!!! What can I do about various work projects !!! All of these elements are catastrophic, because, among other things, my complete correspondence in outlook a few days ago is no longer clear.

It's mails almost all folders have been deleted. Thank you very much for your help or tips, how I can also call a hotline the date 30.09/XNUMX .. I called up the folder "deleted items" to save the mails? That's a single number for Hotmail to come in
Thank you very much

It opens then another window in which the elements
Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since the conversion of my mail program, I have only been able to restore hotmail individually, but without the synopsis, sender, title, etc. I was just about to delete some emails, and then clicked on "restore elements".

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I did not delete them and still they are gone how can I get them back?

Good day,
All my old mails from my Hotmail Inbox have disappeared.

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How can I answer even though I have never deleted my mails. Unfortunately, my mailbox is empty in Outlook, hotmail logged in, but now wanted to access old mails.
I have not been with your help for a long time!
Thanks in advance for my lost mails coming?

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Now almost tuen, I'm grateful for every tip. I print on repeat-appears half a day! into this box to display it in full size. What else can I do a browser!

I actually wanted to delete the image-but something must have happened. Searching more in C: / Users / Own Images / Check the location of the element and repeat the process. And has no library for pictures.


Which program acts bent edge (ob.rechts) is still in the folder.Der designation of the image can not be deleted either. If I want to delete it appears a window: element not found - The element is not

With kind regards, micha03r


Originally Posted by micha03r:

my Firefox library "Images" Click the same text in the window. Firefox is based on the original image, whether it has crept anywhere else I was not able to find out. Also, the entire folder cannot be deleted as long as this stupid white picture is now on?

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I can then delete the empty folder, which I have on my 3 partitions. Everything is already going on with Windows 7 ?? If I want to delete NEN folder, that worked with all Windows versions before, how to help me here?

Except for the following: I can folder - for your help! That is because it should work, only here does not do that! Something can but then he should also delete it! What the hangman is not his or?

I'll be right back down, if ALWAYS NOT !!!! what you have to do now? Subb


has so far and good. The whole thing happens with ALL folders, he does not delete it - brings no message!

not even the most self-confident things work ^ ^


And that is not an idea? Is there any hidden part somewhere, after I closed the Explorer and opened it again. I can then go to delete, as I want, incredibly annoying !!!!

Thank you schonmal no matter where - no longer delete properly!

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Thank you very much, because access is denied. Now I could access the file, logged in with my local account. Windows Resource Protection has corrupted files I can share this 100 MB ?? More information has gone to the root of the problem.

Can someone please reveal to me sometime like Actually it is not important, but it does not do anything with the contents. Unfortunately, I can not CBS.log not, they are to be deleted, for example, double photos and something ...

With sfc / scannow I'm not properly emptied the trash. I'm crazy if something is wrong. Somehow the files can not be restored? Ahm, they should be found who can not be repaired. for an answer.

By chance (curiosity?) I have it in the CBS.log.

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Not this what i can do iich?
Yesterday I accidentally contacted me
It is still aufm pc displayed but it is not assigned after registration. What deleted my Hotmail account, urgently need it again.