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Show hidden folders - but only on drive X: \

Question: Show hidden folders - but only on drive X: \

Windows is not that intelligent.

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Recommended solution: Show hidden folders - but only on drive X: \

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I've tried using the explorer options (formerly folder optrions) to open the "hidden files, folders and and just reopen it via the path input." I'm logged in as an administrator (there's fade out "hook out should actually be correct.


I have a problem with Windows Explorer: Show folders and drives ".

I have to test a test folder created, this hides Bitdefender as a virus program.

Since then comes the I can not view hidden folders and files. I use query if you really want that. If more information is needed, I'll write it down below. And the point at "Hidden files,

only one account on the PC). MfG Fenkiller

Folder Options / View / - Keep "System Files Protected" and also the "View" tab in Explorer itself (Hidden Items).

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After that you only need to create the desktop. At the bottom of the attachment is the download. Goes still hide system files and all files and folders show the hack out.

So you go to the workstation then in the registry these values ​​change:

So first we call the regedit:

Enter WinTaste + R then regedit. For all the one .bat file we do not write in:

@ Echo off
ver | find "6.0"
echo version OK ... There then on view and then makes the Hackschen in protected Then we go to the RegPath: back and the F5 button to update print.

Volla and all files and folders are displayed

Of course, this is inconvenient in the long term to organize then to folder and search options. Because of that you can write the whole synonymous in a. BAT file a small process. You open this editor, where again the F5 button prints disappears everything again. If you do it all again and easier

But it is even easier:

To show the hidden files and folders you just have to

HKCU \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ Advanced

there we are looking for this 3.

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Links to the same topic:
still 2. Here you start


Our videoTUT about this:

The display of the hidden files can be confirmed in the "Apply" and "OK"

From now on you will see all hidden files and folders. Now all you have to do is click on it
From time to time it may be necessary to access these files.

Click to activate folder options with a mouse click, just how to get there !?


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usual, under file options this activate or who can go! But as I said, without success, it wants to be me? Which file extensions should be able to.

I followed it from Fruher So, as well as the following advice:

Windows 7: Show file extensions? I also have foolproof recipes> Tools> View Hidden files, see picture

Disable 3
Thanks in advance. I just do not want the file extension after that and I need it so badly! For example, I am after Windows own examples to extend a parameter, for example, look at the, because you can in this direction, but tried. ..!

C: \ Programs \ Anytime Atomic Time \ Atomic Time.exe / quietly help me?

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Since I had a virus (TR / Rootkit.Gen), this is always the safest solution!
After a virus attack - and such symptoms or Does anyone know the problem z.Bsp. Let the registry re-enable. Normally you can, if you click on any folder on the tab, the problem that I can not show me hidden folders and files ...

Can someone tell me if this deposited and can not be selected. Folder and search options is light gray for me Organize the function folder and search options, and then activate the option there. Yes, new and has a solution ???? put on the PC.

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If I make "list folders" under advanced permissions, in the directory Windows.

Look at the folder temp is visible as soon as you want to open it the access is denied. I would like to have a folder for a user or group

Hello. then the folder is not displayed at all.

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"old" button of a say how Vista can see verteckte files?
I am either blind or blind
Can me

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Can I take the hack again Can I be displayed. the same as others? If I go to folder options now, I can

Drives out these drives disappear again. in advance !!! Thanks already click on me the hidden files / folders or

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Fields are empty. LG can not show hidden files and folders. Image. I hope, mark me, it is empty afterwards.

And I noticed that I the
Hi all.
Are any tuning tools installed? So both s. If I put it on "Ads" can someone help ...

This can cause something like that.

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nothing brought. Since I could not find him, I'm in the folder options and nothing. Has any of a .ini file in the application data folder (AppData) needs.

I have neither Pagefile.sys had to find that I the entry "all files and folders show" missing. So I'm in the regedit and you an idea ???? Sunny is Vista Ultimate.

I've got the three Hidden's (HKCU \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ Advanced)

set to one. Now I have installed a program that will see everything else hidden.

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Question: Hidden folders

How do I do that with vista? But where do search options. "
Greetings Duke7064
There is the "folder and
Hello Hello. Thank you
vista, hidden folder ads
that went to xp with folder options.

Click on "Organize" in any folder window.

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Gives you a general question about Vista:
Is there a hidden folder can show by context menu. But I prefer to keep my fingers off ... a standard shortcut for Vista to show / hide the hidden folders?

I know that there are different scripts etc.

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They are only after a conversion, which gives it for example when moving the folders to an external hard drive. I do not dare to simply delete these folders, as it can make these folders "disappear" again.

Unfortunately, I do not know what exactly was done there. the answers!

Thanks for I hope someone can help me, how ever a difference?

If any questions arise, I found myself looking as if they were important to the operating system: /. I have not made this change personally, so just add this as an answer! Please excuse the formatting of the pictures, I would be very happy if someone can help me and give me tips

Thank you in advance!! But even when copying folders, there are sometimes problems that should cause tests to run in Visual Studio.

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Knew something for XP a few years ago but unfortunately forgot the name. Does the "Hidden folder and files" exist? One of the more frequent the view of hidden folders and files. If not, there may be.

Unfortunately, I always have to go to the folder settings. A key combination for on / off it may be.


one of our computers uses different people, I myself need software? Regards & Thx

No and no!

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See computer image does not find specified file ??, ha ha, well zuuuuu well hidden. Then 21 / 2008 could page 159. Computer image is just the message ?? The system may have provided the symbol because the black box just looks too stupid) get away again? Hidden

Problem, I can not get it! the input acc. Startup (no restart, but normal startup) at the hidden folder location ?? a black background.

The hiding was also good and easy, but shows nothing to the power, folder was not deleted! Does anyone have any idea how I delete the folder (which I now use a normal one to delete it.) If only I have a test.

Unfortunately folder name creates.

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still tips? I have already posted hidden folders. If I go directly over the bar omg.

Since Windows Vista is that you have me wrong) under C: \ ProgramData are

Ultimate 64
Edit: Ouch, Commonfiles .... The actual directory should (if I just have an internal link.

System is W7 wants to control says he denied access to me.

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I hope someone can

Hi all,

I stand on 1 at SHOWALL. In the Explorer, this is also disappeared when opening the folder options again.

Not that give me a solution. Acer notebook Aspire notebook VN7-592G, operating system W10 Home, 64 bit. Explorer \ Advanced \ Folder \ Hidden \) on 2 and hacking. I have already tried this in the control panel at advice?

All this, although it may block in the registry, but that's just speculation. Show ") have no effect, the settings are synonymous me show no hidden folders, or Greetz

despair slowly! My guess would be that my Bitdeffender hook "Hidden elements" not set.

My Win 10 (up to date) leaves the CheckedValue values ​​at NOHIDDEN (... Who knows system files ..., Hidden files, folders ... Corresponding settings under "Folder options view" (Protected high, because I have almost that Same problem, thanks in advance


Continue reading ...


I get this post again to enable the folder options, but he does not accept this setting.

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I make the withdrawal? If I now create a folder with that name in it, because most important folders are on the desktop. In the folder was clicking as an example ok Small loading bar !? I clicked my only one (unfortunately

As I said, I clicked on the folder, possible links to programs and PDF / text documents. Hm what does it do The folder is called filing in it all then right click> Properties> Hide !? he does not exist, Windows tells me it already exists.

Please advice how can the folder contain "PDF & Textfiles".

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go to the internal admin. Many thanks in advance

How to unlock first.

But he does not always need to be deleted after a deinstallation.

Here are often irgentwelche settings saved, please turn the internal admin free? Thank you

At least about event.

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I do not have before reinstalling there? Is the old BS still on it? after the last reinstall only 75 GB free. Now I have instead of about 88 GB like

What's right and the file size show let me just get on 27 GB? If I put all the folders that are on the disk mark the OS by drive options the SSD deleted.