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Hidden files on Vista

Question: Hidden files on Vista

Usually like displaying files "
Control Panel -> Folder Options -> View -> point at "Anyone like me can make the" Hidden Files "visible again on Vista? Tomorrow,
white at Xp.

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Recommended solution: Hidden files on Vista

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Question: Hidden files

I have drive C, SSD, I can not make it visible again. the desktop is disabled. So I have 113 GB files I can not find.

I have C and files on LW. Now all are following problem. Under folders and search functions and view in the folder options played around.

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In about 60GB images are the I liked That goes until he arrived at c: \ Users \ Parents \ AppData and then old programs their own pictures, etc. Robocopy I have so fed with the appropriate parameters to the same again, then he takes away again \ application data and secures again.

Furthermore, it is located under c: \ Users \ Parents \ AppData \ Application Data \ Application Data \ Application Data \ Application Data \ Application Data \ Application Data \ Application Data \ Application Data \ Application Data \ Application Data (approx. 20 times \ Application Data) my complete mails, the original images from the Photo Gallery and many other application data, which he also secures away. Security is indeed important 60GB he secures 2mal. How were the children and each one account. to completely mirror the directory C: \ Users on F: \ (USB disk).

I like it one, but my data has now been backed up 20. Then he takes away once in the path \ application data and saves reports.

On my calculator, parents have found. also do not delete.

The are used for Abtstskompatibilitat that also 3 Verknupffungen present (Own Pictures, My Music and My Videos). start multiple times in a batch file and secure each folder and C: \ Users \ parent individually. So far so good, unfortunately under the directory c: \ Users \ Parents \ Documents you do that?

But there are the links to E ... Continue reading ...

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Question: Find hidden files

This can be synonymous error free export - my and folders

both set so that they are displayed? Where did Vista hide "my" file? To make this easy on multiple machines then the database is then visible. works fine.

This will automatically appear on the first program startup application as desired under C: \ Program Files \ My Application \ ... Hello,

in the "Organize" Explorer -> "Folder and Search Options" -> "View" ->

Hide protected system files
Hidden files do not find the database file. Gunter

because the Vista search? Alone, I can not find the file.

I also created the installation kit for this. Then use the program "C: \ Program Files \ My Application \ Application.mdb"
see if in the directory in which the program runs creates. What says

I can fill the database with data, the program storing data an Access database. stop and after rebooting the data are available. Even with the CMD window can

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Here is a professional who can evaluate my hidden files in the report?

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There is nothing Disconnect Network Drive and Synchronize ".
do that to you about Teamviewer. So there should be. With me everything is in English thanks to 64 bit xp private message.

Usw man in the workplace on Tools <Folder Options .... Weis jmd of you where and how helpful to find. Only "Map Network Drive, you can set this at xp 64 bit? If you want, I can

Good Morning.

I want to my calculator to a hidden folder already my problem ^^. Go ran but me they are currently not displayed. Just write me .... I just found so much the version and the folder options are not found under the specified path.

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"old" button of a say how Vista can see verteckte files?
I am either blind or blind
Can me

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Thus, the question, can not see, on a USB stick and give this a very good friend to keep. Is there perhaps a clever alternative solution so that I as a user unlock a few of my data; ie I would like to give her a reading permission. The blocked data should be all private data here)
Account 3 girlfriend. Well - here comes the somewhat unromantic part - I like it

Until then! Http://

Ps. To dodge all these problems I was guessing your pictures / data they would be invisible to you !!!

third, for the girlfriend, to be extended (no prob.). Account 1 (admin / me)
Account 2 (I as a standard user, from "Google" it comes quickly to your hidden data / images ran! If she understands a little bit of PC's and with the help of normal access and she has a restricted access to my data? Selected photos in to copy another folder and

Look there My laptop has two accounts and should be on the bissl too little! Greeting no problem. Unlock this is unnecessary data consumption, creating links I find suboptimal.

With my experiences with friends, she will soon find out that you are hiding some of her and now comes the curiosity! Right Mouse Click - Properties - Hides invisibility with permissions control ... Continue reading ...

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Knew something for XP a few years ago but unfortunately forgot the name. Does the "Hidden folder and files" exist? One of the more frequent the view of hidden folders and files. If not, there may be.

Unfortunately, I always have to go to the folder settings. A key combination for on / off it may be.


one of our computers uses different people, I myself need software? Regards & Thx

No and no!

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Fields are empty. LG can not show hidden files and folders. Image. I hope, mark me, it is empty afterwards.

And I noticed that I the
Hi all.
Are any tuning tools installed? So both s. If I put it on "Ads" can someone help ...

This can cause something like that.

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nothing brought. Since I could not find him, I'm in the folder options and nothing. Has any of a .ini file in the application data folder (AppData) needs.

I have neither Pagefile.sys had to find that I the entry "all files and folders show" missing. So I'm in the regedit and you an idea ???? Sunny is Vista Ultimate.

I've got the three Hidden's (HKCU \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ Advanced)

set to one. Now I have installed a program that will see everything else hidden.

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I can not adjust the other one flickers the picture once and the hack is gone again. And have the PC only someone knows
I've had a weird problem for a while. use Windows 8.1 Prof.

If I try the whole thing directly in the folder on the Ads tab to what a virus scanner?
Kind regards
Oh, I re-decorated a few days ago. why is that? What a user account and the hidden files might get displayed.

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Links to the same topic:
still 2. Here you start


Our videoTUT about this:

The display of the hidden files can be confirmed in the "Apply" and "OK"

From now on you will see all hidden files and folders. Now all you have to do is click on it
From time to time it may be necessary to access these files.

Click to activate folder options with a mouse click, just how to get there !?


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MFG again Exclusiv

Filthy files urges help !!! Now I have no idea what happened he should just show me the hidden ones.

Good morning together,

So in a nutshell, I still do some stuff on a stick and I wanted to keep working on it.

Normally, as I understood you, you made the folder settings in "User". Greetings

I'm off the computer (get coffee) and then I see everything is gone. Please look any help very grateful. The whole desktop is again your settings.

It appeared a window with a dead time of 4 Min (similar to the copy), displayed anyway, he leads the file quasi still .... I wanted to make all files visible in the folder "Users / Users" and he asked me about it Adimrechte then I clicked "OK". I would be for hidden and gesmaten content ??? Or I have the folder empty (only recycle bin available).

I still have hopes everything you have made a wrong setting in the folder options. These then apply to all folders, maybe make it visible and everything was gone !!! Needed to make himself present or I was unlucky! The Desktop.ini will not help you anymore right now!

So I understand I've built *** (I think at least ... Continue reading ...

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go to the internal admin. Many thanks in advance

How to unlock first.

But he does not always need to be deleted after a deinstallation.

Here are often irgentwelche settings saved, please turn the internal admin free? Thank you

At least about event.

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Do not show "is not a virus caught? After closing the folder options and again the funny thing about it: not synonymous now in. I hope at the point" ...

Open is the hook out again. Only I come here now in the userdata something else (is in Appdata \ Rooming). I have Kodi on the machine and wanted to help someone. Do not start wildly with erasing and changing hooks in it (see picture).

Although I can set the hook in the folder settings ("Hidden but everything ok. But then files, folders and drives display") and click on "Apply". Have Bitdefender on it, nothing happens. I have

(in AppData is your entire configuration)

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Hiding works then immediately via the script in the context menu. Thanks to Jim Duggan for creating the setup. Double-click the setup and you have WinRAR. One click on it is enough and everything is made visible via the folder options all files, even the hidden system files.


Ad in good,
everything done, no error message. Thanks, keep it up. addendum:

After reinstalling the operating system and before using the script, I should work with the admin account once.

If error messages come in the execution, so kontexmenu, is present. But I can say nothing, in the context menu of folders, the entry Hidden files. Thank you my visible> reversed again everything hidden away.

Herzlich this may possibly be due to lack of admin rights.

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To do this, double-click on the computer icon on the desktop to switch to the Windows Explorer. This tutorial demonstrates how and folders "display the option" Show hidden files, folders, and drives. "In Explorer on your hard disk.

as a "paging file") I will now show you how to make invisible files visible.

In the same menu, you can still go to "Hidden files to make these hidden files visible."

Using the files hiberfil.sys (state for hibernation mode) and pagefile.sys (also known Already mentioned are, among others, above-mentioned files

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HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ DevDiv \ VC \ Servicing \ 8.0 \ RED \ 1033 \ sp
[NOTE] what is harmful but for the safety's sake, please appreciate it
mal an. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Applets\SysTray\BattMeter\Flyout\381b4222-f694-41f0-9685-ff5bb260df2e
[NOTE] The registry entry is not visible. Hello

The first two nebuloso

Antivir 10 has found hidden files, I do not think
the hidden objects are started.

D: \ Program Files \ Thunderbird \ thunderbird.exe
d: \ \ Thunderbird \ thunderbird.exe programs
[NOTE] The process is not visible. The search for The registry entry is not visible. D: \ program files \ phonostar player \ phonostar.exe
d: \ Program Files \ phonostar player \ phonostar.exe
[NOTE] The process is not visible. D: \ program files \ firefox \ firefox.exe
d: \ \ Firefox \ firefox.exe programs
[NOTE] The registry entry is not visible.

D: \ programs \ free studio \ free youtube to mp3 converter \ freeyoutubetomp3converter.exe
d: \ Program Files \ Free Studio \ Free YouTube to Mp3 Converter \ FreeYouTubeToMP3Converter.exe
[NOTE] The process is not visible. Link1


El Google results bring the solution ... HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ DevDiv \ VC \ Servicing \ 8.0 \ sp
[NOTE] The process is not ... Continue reading ...

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Since Vista, I find that with one of these hidden links to open you get the Diaglog window with the hint, access denied. Application Data

The Hidden Link application data shows quasi on the folder AppData, if you try now somewhere on the actual directories you can indeed access, if what with the folders and Hidden files very funny.

Can someone explain to me what the security has to do, I wonder where the security is. If you want in the folder options Hidden files and folders this quark with the links? on displays, you get at once Various linking icons displayed.

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When I open it, somehow make it visible? Thomas

MfG Can I do that

they do not see. But I can not see a file.