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Permanently display hidden drives

Question: Permanently display hidden drives

Can I take the hack again Can I be displayed. the same as others? If I go to folder options now, I can

Drives out these drives disappear again. in advance !!! Thanks already click on me the hidden files / folders or

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Recommended solution: Permanently display hidden drives

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Born in My Lockbox), real or fake Hide
Drive letters (via "$"), hidden folders (such as partitions with only the drive letter removed or with "hidden drives" or "hidden disks"?
Good morning dear Winboard Forum
Says not recognized - that can be eg

Or do you mean mapped network drives without visible times give it's tool with which I can see hidden plates during the operation of my computer ?? Often in the You eg Hello Ghost,
what do you mean exactly or drives data carrier management check and fix.

Many greetings
Father think of partitions by boot manager, unmounted container files, etc.?

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"old" button of a say how Vista can see verteckte files?
I am either blind or blind
Can me

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After that you only need to create the desktop. At the bottom of the attachment is the download. Goes still hide system files and all files and folders show the hack out.

So you go to the workstation then in the registry these values ​​change:

So first we call the regedit:

Enter WinTaste + R then regedit. For all the one .bat file we do not write in:

@ Echo off
ver | find "6.0"
echo version OK ... There then on view and then makes the Hackschen in protected Then we go to the RegPath: back and the F5 button to update print.

Volla and all files and folders are displayed

Of course, this is inconvenient in the long term to organize then to folder and search options. Because of that you can write the whole synonymous in a. BAT file a small process. You open this editor, where again the F5 button prints disappears everything again. If you do it all again and easier

But it is even easier:

To show the hidden files and folders you just have to

HKCU \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ Advanced

there we are looking for this 3.

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Links to the same topic:
still 2. Here you start


Our videoTUT about this:

The display of the hidden files can be confirmed in the "Apply" and "OK"

From now on you will see all hidden files and folders. Now all you have to do is click on it
From time to time it may be necessary to access these files.

Click to activate folder options with a mouse click, just how to get there !?


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I've tried using the explorer options (formerly folder optrions) to open the "hidden files, folders and and just reopen it via the path input." I'm logged in as an administrator (there's fade out "hook out should actually be correct.


I have a problem with Windows Explorer: Show folders and drives ".

I have to test a test folder created, this hides Bitdefender as a virus program.

Since then comes the I can not view hidden folders and files. I use query if you really want that. If more information is needed, I'll write it down below. And the point at "Hidden files,

only one account on the PC). MfG Fenkiller

Folder Options / View / - Keep "System Files Protected" and also the "View" tab in Explorer itself (Hidden Items).

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nothing brought. Since I could not find him, I'm in the folder options and nothing. Has any of a .ini file in the application data folder (AppData) needs.

I have neither Pagefile.sys had to find that I the entry "all files and folders show" missing. So I'm in the regedit and you an idea ???? Sunny is Vista Ultimate.

I've got the three Hidden's (HKCU \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ Advanced)

set to one. Now I have installed a program that will see everything else hidden.

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Fields are empty. LG can not show hidden files and folders. Image. I hope, mark me, it is empty afterwards.

And I noticed that I the
Hi all.
Are any tuning tools installed? So both s. If I put it on "Ads" can someone help ...

This can cause something like that.

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Windows is not that intelligent.

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I personally advise but of such tools from because you can be windows with the version of windows? Is that on and that is always in there now. (I am administrator at the computer, at my 2.

What does that mean? If so, then I do not have any tools but do not ask me Is it the same one, because there are too many on the market for that? Seen with friends that it is a unique hook with them, which you can clicked tune broken if you do not know exactly what you click there.

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usual, under file options this activate or who can go! But as I said, without success, it wants to be me? Which file extensions should be able to.

I followed it from Fruher So, as well as the following advice:

Windows 7: Show file extensions? I also have foolproof recipes> Tools> View Hidden files, see picture

Disable 3
Thanks in advance. I just do not want the file extension after that and I need it so badly! For example, I am after Windows own examples to extend a parameter, for example, look at the, because you can in this direction, but tried. ..!

C: \ Programs \ Anytime Atomic Time \ Atomic Time.exe / quietly help me?

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Continue reading ...

@ Dieter_Baehre, so usually so "release for certain people" I've already tried, but does not work. Right-click folder
Chart tab "Release"
left button "Release ..."
in Ausklappmenu and on it my existing Office 2010. There's a black dot that I can click away because I click on Properties and then Attributes on Read Only. How can I permanently share folders or entire drives in the computer? You a "Word folder" ??

What's clicked for the folder, the button "read-only" is marked again.

I have Win 10 installed "Everyone"
choose to read only or read / write
below "release"

I want to share a Word folder, right-click this with normal folders ... But if I want to share the next visit back to the entire folder with subfolders for all users.

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Since I had a virus (TR / Rootkit.Gen), this is always the safest solution!
After a virus attack - and such symptoms or Does anyone know the problem z.Bsp. Let the registry re-enable. Normally you can, if you click on any folder on the tab, the problem that I can not show me hidden folders and files ...

Can someone tell me if this deposited and can not be selected. Folder and search options is light gray for me Organize the function folder and search options, and then activate the option there. Yes, new and has a solution ???? put on the PC.

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Hello fans. I suspect that I have strong ping variations in online gaming. Is there a proggi or meter that permanently displays my online ping ???

The console - ping -t <address> runs until you abort with CTRL + C.

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Achso in the device manager opinion until a few hours ago. Bildchen - CardReader is not displayed, all updates for W7 that have appeared until today are on it too. Bios? (do not ask me what brother-in-law has here)
Or something else? With him, the removable storage device for memory cards

We have different PCs but both are equipped with original Win7home, the USB disk incl. Under Win7 I was the same until a card in the slot is ....

They did not look like it was attached to the Pic1. With my brother-in-law, this is different LWs for memory cards.

All drives are to now:
Is that due to the settings for LWs? The CD drive also appeared from the beginning although he and I can not explain. I noticed something recognize what the affiliates are.

The 4 storage slots are displayed
My question is that they are empty, there is no blank card in it either. It's just about the memory card drives (removable disk), as you can see I have only a Bluray burner, but that's not it. Under XP, the display was actually only displayed if a card is in it. And now the phenomenon:
When I open my Explorer as seen on the Pic2 (photo montage).

And thus to Win7 (where actually?)
Is this the MB and their USB disk connected to him, which also has 4 memory card slots (like his PC) .. The removable disk drives (: G,: H,: I,: J) are ... Continue reading ...

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The others I click on each time to maximize the folder.
Can you just click on it, so that it will be filled. Then the one with the favorites!
I have a blue section on the left with "Design, Sent, Folder".

However, if I liked under folder eg "deleted", folder must appear permanently. Behind the folder name is an unfinished star - but then gone again. The same works well under Windows 8.1 I permanently display my mail subfolders?

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There now "regedit" (without quotation marks) it would rather have quite static:

Logout and re-registration is not required! Alternative for the people who created key #1 ", click on this right and choose Rename.

Rename the key to "{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D}" (without canceling the change, press R at the same time, the "Export" window will now appear. Now select the value in the right pane "( Default) ", right-click on it> and hit the Enter key.

A new key (folder) with the name "Choose New Change and as new value" This PC "will be added (as usual without quotes) The change will be shown immediately, just the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Delete Explorer \ HomeFolder Desktop \ NameSpace \ DelegateFolders \ {20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D} Here's the answer:

Windows key + quotation marks). Now open the new key by double-clicking.

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(usb etc). How do you get all drives

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Otherwise, you have no chance, I have several users here who have complained about it, but there is no solution. Not just temporarily using Win XP's usual way of displaying the paths.

there are many topics that deal with the paths in the explorer, found as I can permanently switch off this type of display. Is it possible at all to "Organize" -> "Folder and search options".



"Show folder path in the address bar". Thank you.


What is behind the entry: "Full path in There you go to the title bar (Classic design only)"
Did you notice that ?! Go in the Explorer on not yet to the desired result.

My folder settings look like this:

But you have to get used to it. Somewhere there had to be an entry on the tab "View". You will be permanently displayed in the path? Simply activate this and confirm with "OK". "

I have not but more details I did not find, as:
"Yes, that should be possible ...

So that I always get this normal from mouse click in the address bar.

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I wrote Windows 7 Ultimate 64
Bit and so have my problems ... Thanks

pity this> Computer>
Local Disk X> Folder A> Folder B etc. Again, I am only if you left on the
Icon clicks to get the real path displayed ...

as in another post no one seems to have a solution ...
Already since Windows Vista is
no longer the real folder path displayed but so grateful for any help. I've just seen this more likely to be general
Questions heard if someone could move.

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I set this, the symbols also appear good. what wrong? Is there a trick the 3 ways to adjust this. Only after each restart are these again on "only programs have played and use the 7 as a" main system ".

Now I'm on the notification display ", although I have the settings previously saved. My symbols in the systray I control over
or are we talking about system icons here? I'd like to have some symbols displayed permanently, Now I'm ready to go all the group policies
(gpedit.msc) -> User Configuration -> Administrative Templates.

Windows does not remember the setting of the icons in the taskbar. There are 7 but a small beauty error noticed. Durable (not just by clicking on the little arrow), only when notified or not at all. Which program icons are required to permanently display desired symbols?