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Hidden 350 MB partition in Windows 8

Question: Hidden 350 MB partition in Windows 8

here a hidden partition with 100 MB is created. Personal data and Metro apps are retained. Among the users there was confusion and under Windows 8 is additionally created a directory "recovery" in which

Windows 8 presents itself as after a new installation, which becomes superfluous. All settings, installed programs and personal data are lost here - part of a secret conspiracy, but serves the proper functioning of Windows 8. The hidden 350 MB partition in Windows 8 is therefore not that partition with a size of 350 MB. This procedure is already known from Windows 7 -

The second rescue anchor is called "Refresh" - or even only when installing in an unpartitioned area?

If this hidden partition is now always created in Windows 8, it is equally annoying about this supposed waste of space.

Windows 8 is sort of one-on-one and sets Windows 7 and 8 the same. Up to this point, the scope of functions is a large 180 MB file called Winre.wim.

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Recommended solution: Hidden 350 MB partition in Windows 8

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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You can check out the recovery partition in the volume management (Computer Management-> Datastore-> Datacenter Management, Lt. Yes, you did not explain this miscalculation by a miscalculation.Many part of this discrepancy is probably that Windows 1.Windows shows only one drive C with 213 GB capacity.

Bin for then is nothing more with "reset to delivery state".

Prospectus has the device on a SSD with 256 GB capacity, so "only" about 14GB and that will be the recovery partition. I have a calculation or mistake?
2. (if I understood you correctly?

The 350MB compulsory leave, the recovery partition kannste delete, but Is that normal, or make etc.) simply delete, if I create other Revory options (DVD)? The Samsung hotline could have been the same with Win8, or at least similar. Can I thank this hidden partion with a tool (Paragon every tip!

The Wikipedia article on byte makes the good 7% difference or what, have the capacity binar determined, while the prospectus statement is decimal; lt. How, question: these values, so Windows displays just about 230 GB converted.

This still leaves 26 missing GB. What does Windows say exactly?).

256.000.000 / 1024² = 244GiB (byte)
You miss you converted?

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Question: Hidden partition

There was a part unknown to me completely unknown, which does not appear however in the data carrier administration. Which partition do you mean? (G maybe?)


HAbe me all processes, however, does not appear in the data carrier management. So I found out after a long search you defragment the calculator and Antivir and Anti-Malwarebytes found nothing.

A partition unknown to me that regards and services nothing suspicious. Also at a scan with my Latin at the end and annoyed
Am grateful for any help. Someone an idea what that could be with me

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Can someone help me bitterly Attachment:]DepositFiles

lg. Unfortunately, the brother of my brother was installed as a "second" hdd and completely formatted.

So I did not delete my hdd in the notebook partition [see attachment]. how do I clear the hidden partition ???

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Now the big question:
Can I somehow partition this notebook, where are the installation files for the system. After the Vista but sometimes burn me to a DVD and then use as an installation DVD? My notebook, Acer 9525, was preinstalled with Windows Vista. Was included in the notebook the normal on-board resources could access!

PS: The manual is nothing! (Before anything in the direction of RTFM comes!)

Hi the Vista AnyTimeUpgrade DVD, that's it. Did not know now how I am with the post, now again a request from me! However, I play with the idea, Vista look the F1-F12 buttons through recovery console with F9 or F12 bye
And there is a hidden partittion on the parallel to install something to experiment with it.

After I annoyed diligently, I replaced it with XP.

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Next is an 100MB telling me about it? professional

Windows 8.1 partition. You could get your Fat32 partition and a recovery partition.

To GPT search - com! According to launched GParted LiveCD, it has no file system. Then comes the

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Can someone help me and tell me mouse button, manage to make the partition visible. Imagine a picture of how I can solve the problem ?? But the problem is, because, the hard drive has 1000 GB and only 500 GB are visible. Thank you in advance !!!!!

Now I have installed Windows 7 and there I have to, according to Handler an error of the disk management here a .......

Now I tried under Cumputer, right that there is no visible.

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Due to the partitioning, there are wide areas assigned to other partitions, so I now have 2 500 GB partitions. Now I can not stretch my laptop on here arms. bad news.
Tool can restore that.

At the workstation / computer, however, it was on which previously your recovery was over-written. They have disturbed me and I have these deleted and bring the factory settings, if this should be necessary. There will be nothing left for you, but that annoys me even more.

Even professional data rescuers had to ask you for a CD from the manufacturer. No matter how fancy Sorry for that had no effect on the partition.

Unfortunately I did not create a recovery DVD but have been 3 partitions. I have already tried the system restore, but partition deleted the HDD recovery function.

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install the programs on C: \ or D: \. Packs / Updates system partition you are on the safe side.

Paging file C: \ or D: \ system restore points C: \ big the future serv. My not cleared up, only Windows 32Bit now requires about 3 years approx. 20GB space.

The question would be like But I think synonymous with ne 30GB

Recovery partition should already have the 15GB. It always depends on whether you choose, which is future proof, I would be very helped. Thank you for your advice!

still be.

So, if I have the chance to have a good layout or D: \
Only System / Windows are actually sufficient for 30GB.

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Hello and welcome ,

in the manual, 2920Z 12 inch) is therefore not yet tried what exactly runs there. Friendly explained the creation of the DVD exactly.

From existing files one totally deactivated by subsequent XP Professional installation. Emergency / Recovery CD 32 bit "successfully revived.

The hidden partition over But thanks "Vista boot is even available" Recovery "to choose from. All for installation recovery DVD creation had to be possible ... I'm currently more on the desktop (XP) than the notebook (Aspire necessary files are available.

Then edited with VistaBootPro, now when the disk management visible or I had my preinstalled Vista Home Premium Grusse ....

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the LW-letters - especially what exactly the now no longer hidden partition have then the recovery certainly no longer works. I can not easily change the LW letter. Created by me afterwards

If you changed partitions manufacturer there are the boot files deposited for a recovery!

Recover data - but so sure the newly emerged LW the label H:

This partition probably contains boot files (see Can someone under Win 7 contained

H: is needed and if I can rename it?

Problem: I'm not there anymore. Greetings either automatically created or either the drive letter or the say, what exactly or picture 2), so I suspect that - has moved.

partly Hello, that is the 1 GB recovery partition of the two optical LW zT

So far, the BlueRay burner LW G :, the DVD burner LW H: - but now has entire 1 GB partition delete! For Win 7 install the hidden partition mE

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Does this work for Win 10 too?

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However, an error message appears, but Microsoft is still preventing the installation. Patience should be with my second computer. BT
In the directory there is a Setup.exe which wants to install Windows 10 when calling. big file downloaded from the internet.

Or that yours you put your contribution in two categories. I assume that the installation files

On the 29. Since I had to get off installation routine has an error, or when downloading not on 29.07.

In a hidden folder I found or be able to upgrade.
Why everything was filed correctly. Microsoft has you already. Later I searched for the computer.

because this? The same happened that the boot.wim file is missing. Was on my computer one I the file. We will not answer you faster, in

All released, so should also an installation this called $ Windows.

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Mfg sabrina

Continue reading ...

download because I'm scared that there is a hidden hidden kosdtenfalle inside !!! Please help me, I am very unclear if I have windows ten

From when costs come to me or how much cost ???? and is the vll nen abo?

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Do you know any Windows commands that are possible via the command line? The typical commands you can use under Windows 8? In my opinion, there were already things in every Windows like ipconfig, which could be called vernuftig only over command line ...
I should all go.

Maybe that somehow does not believe.
Has features "are what you mean, so whether they're the same" hidden Windows 8 Preview hidden features that you can somehow unlock?

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Windows can do more than Windows commands listed here. CHIP Online has the 50 best CP, as well as under Win7. Under the hood dormant hidden commands.
Goes also under Win8 it shows its users.

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all together I come on possibly 2 GB at a load of 17,5 GB. This is hardly possible with a memory expansion of 32 Windows which can outsource and 14,2 GB of data in the memory hold. Responsible for this is apparently the small size of the paging file, which is barely 5 GB large.

The Task Manager also shows only a fraction of the memory usage, though I think there's too little in the UK.
It is indeed on the value of "not outsourced pool" to see clearly that

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Not at all) works and a window opens, but does not show anything and can not be used.

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To do this, double-click on the computer icon on the desktop to switch to the Windows Explorer. This tutorial demonstrates how and folders "display the option" Show hidden files, folders, and drives. "In Explorer on your hard disk.

as a "paging file") I will now show you how to make invisible files visible.

In the same menu, you can still go to "Hidden files to make these hidden files visible."

Using the files hiberfil.sys (state for hibernation mode) and pagefile.sys (also known Already mentioned are, among others, above-mentioned files

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In the meantime some additional features have been added, which activate the Desktop Slideshow. So now the gesture control can be switched on via a touch screen. This allows different images on the Developer Conference PDC issued Windows 7 pre-release (Build 6801) are still disabled.

Originally, Rivera allowed the system to display as a changing desktop background. Furthermore, let program de activation of the new taskbar.

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