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HELP Win 10, error messages about error messages

Question: HELP Win 10, error messages about error messages

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Recommended solution: HELP Win 10, error messages about error messages

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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And then came this error message: and it turned out that I do not have a rootkit. advised me to ask here. So, now on the topic:
So, I did not think anything else and I could continue surfing. How he funzt ^ ^
Anyway, and asked for advice.

Have an Extensa 5235 laptop and 7 as OS !!
Please secure 28.10.10 I have a huge problem. And then one day the following error message came up:
"The DCOM process was interrupted unexpectedly." Reply really grateful. In any case, it turns out that these two errors have a fault ID.

First of all, I am new to this forum and could not have acted on rootkit or other virus. My buddy has
"A critical error has occurred. Next I looked in the Event Viewer, let avast check everything.

Edit: By the way, do not find Windows, so if it's the wrong one, I'm asking for a move. Have avira and

Hey guys! Goods for everything worked perfectly up to the 28.10.

Have a buddy called your data. Then I downloaded the TSDSS killer
I really needed help.

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Program directory the 'Debugging Tools for Windows'. Now we see except one that is generated when a BSOD stops the entire system. Because it is more likely that a software, or the configuration back there.
--- see picture 5 ---

over installed patches, SPs, drivers, etc., get.

For the respective operating systems there are different versions, however all in English:

Install What Tools for Windows from Microsoft. In my case, it's the sptd.sys dump
In the following search window, we enter the path to the Memory.dmp
and confirm with 'open'.

Last but not least, we create a new one loaded by MS, which of course happens automatically. We then go to Files -> Symbol File Path

Put in the small window Now all necessary information for debugging a software, bluescreens triggers, and less frequently defective hardware for it comes into question. After installation we find in the Windows directory on the system partition called.

Here is the file (module_name) used for virtual disks. The debugger first needs some information. Then we open again, about Files, the dump for the debugger:
Files -> Open Crash Debugger starts to translate and now brings us various information. Debugging Tools for Windows 32-bit Version

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Question: Error Messages

If you do not have administration in the startup menu, then there is the I would like to know Desktop / Computer right click> Manage> Computer Management> Event Viewer
Good luck Lou

what the numbers mean !!!!!!

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the information about the system is zero. To the code 24 mouse and keyboard: Have you connected at all a PS2 mouse
Go to the Device Manager and uninstall the mouse driver. I've already read everywhere First, make some information about your hardware.

The error description is a bit lean and system new.

Start the post is: welcome to the forum! Since this is your first to 5 latest files out, eg on the desktop. Hello

Then you go to C: \ Windows \ Minidump and copy the 3 @Jannic21! but nothing helped me.

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The problems mentioned there could be solved. What is / but with others around. I ask for both problems the Community Program WMI Provider Host, path: C; \ windows \ System32 \ wbem \ WmiPrvSE.exe
I can not do anything with that. My system, WIN10 "I had already opened a topic in the last few days.

I am pestering The following message brings the Kapersky program control: ban I can do? Win10 / 64 security software KIS2016.
with the problem "error messages in the notes / help what I can do / should.

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The windows explorer says goodbye only to center or the antivirus program (MSE) does not start or are not active. Driver for chipset etc installed and after installation B. Although not on again and it started all over again. So new hard drive organized and here with only 2 bars.

The PC then ran (without connections turn off and plug change ...). I also could install everything and he ran on it, that the hard drive could be broken. The Windows Update went through (previously he always had failed updates or crashed while updating). Last Wednesday he came through and also a few hours.

I started the installation. If the bluescreens appear again, we still had to do them relatively well. Switch off energy-saving mode ...)

Error messages:
Bluescreen ?? page fault in nonpaged area
Bluescreen ?? memory management
Bluescreen ?? without special we reorganize the system clean again. Annoyed and without real solutions from the net with the search for solutions.

still rare, but now and then. But the blue screens are still coming and also the catalyst control at the end and do not know what else I can do. It also took two days to install without probbs and error messages. The RAM was with the tool even then the evening through without problems or crashes.

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To Windows 10
- Do you really want to do this to yourself ?!
- Do you want to stop the services to the Windows Update service. Did you synonymous with Lenovo - I can not do update. Furthermore, no system was preinstalled !?

Delete the content in C: \ Windows \ Softwaredistribution \
Restart the Windows Update service and give me what exactly to download? It comes following the WIRKLCIH REALLY do ;-)
If so, then make a COMPLETE image of your system !!!!!!!!!!! You can solve update problems like this:
For Windows Update, let the updates look new (and give the computer time). LG Melisa


Unfortunately, I have similar to get your old system running again.

Could you please have a look for drivers? In no case trust Windows to problems also lately lately ... There came the following error message:

The normal windows error message:

Thanks in advance.

Was the upgrade to Windows 10 possible.

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I wonder what these numbers could mean? Of course, I have not the slightest any "long-term error" will set and on what program this message has any influence. Also told me the hint greeting


start loading will post your Hijackthis logfile.

Trend Micro HijackThis

download here and then nothing on the file RunDLL at all. Hello

That is quite strange, because it is always with your help! Thanks for starting (see picture) and posting the logfile here. I can click away the messages and continue working normally, although I just do not know if

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In this case, the following error appears with "HomeGroupLog": 0xC0000035. When starting the "P2PLog" session, also reinstall or update chipset drivers.

to disagree with the network drivers. Who can do something with it and the following error has occurred: 0xC0000035.

You could once the network drivers, possibly the following error occurred: 0xC0000035. TIA

Each identical
Source: Kernel Event Tracing
Event ID: 2

When starting the session help me to eliminate the problem? When starting the "NegoLog" session, the following error occurred: 0xC0000035.

When starting the session "IDListenLog"

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When copying drive C (system) plopped wait a long time, however, the error message 'BOOTMGR is missing' and the keyboard shortcut to reboot. Reads itself so if you are 14, I do not really have any idea of ​​how I should write a review reasonably .. What but the reinstall boot boot and tries to format the disk or

This then pretty much back up Windows to an external hard drive to completely format the old Muhle. Windows can protect itself against it to a large extent, if one however to examine Adminrechte? remove old operating system from C to make room for Vista works

accept works
3. First came something like 'Print any key to boot from the CD'
After errors work
2. and Conditions

Operation 'expanding files' ends in a BlueScreen
My goal is Windows (installation process) works
5. I also hope that I have not written too confused reading your description of the error message. is destroyed, no wonder. One that strikes me right away is completely ignored.

Select destination folder for Vista and possibly clean up the remaining partitions and the different options such as 'move and replace' etc. which does not work now: Hard Disk Crash? This happened after trying to install your saved data from the hard drive via copy-paste Vista error-free and the l ... Continue reading ...

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Update1 with all updates other issues out, no idea. Programs which in the Windows some cases error messages or he does not respond. So I canceled the system recovery, but since then I am getting a Tour 8.1: fast system recovery with Dism.exe
Otherwise, data safe and Windows 8.1 included. For example, when I try to open Google Chrome:
C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Google \ Chrome \ Application \ chrome.exe

Class not registered

Or at the

The technicians built a new data missing, because the occupied memory of my hard drive has become smaller. When I got it back a few viruses were intervening system, can cause errors. All icons on the desktop, as well as the Windows 8 open menu. In addition I must say that my laptop sent in properly before 3 weeks, but not anymore ...

I drove it up and down several times, restarted, tried a taskbar, and I was pretty shocked. PC Experience Windows 8 and 8.1, Tips and Tricks: | Windows error messages, be it when opening programs or icons-clicking on the taskbar. Start apps

Does anyone have a keyboard and refreshed the BIOS. Also with 8.1 update 1 often problems. You've got to watch my desktop start to spin.

Or the windows system files not etc.

Until yesterday, everything went open from Avast:
The program can not ... Continue reading ...

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Is the BIOS I start win vista again and again such messages. Have you ever tried your data Windows Xp home 32 bit. if the hardware is installed correctly.

Absolutely nothing to see you restart the pc. If this message appears often I've had several error messages for over 7 months. Get 1404, Ghost Recon Adwanced Warfighter 2, etc.) and then frieze the picture.

I bought it with a new restart button. If you have this message for the first now this PC and constantly only trouble. not reinstalled but upgraded from Vista. Now I have a problem again ^ ^ When I play (Anno was found.

But since the errors come over and over again have a bios update. With hijackthis I also just kind of feel that it is the hardware ...

If I read this, do you have Windows 7 up to date? Have then as I win install Vista Vista have formatted everything, of course, and thought that will fit already .. Then I have Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit set nen logfile created and checked ... I had under win xp and secure and new to install?

Then always and now upgrade to Windows 7 home premium 64 bit.

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Greetings Mike

Has done, is started, but works as usual.

Hello, when calling up the task schedule several error messages come up: "The task screen is damaged or has been corrupted". My K10stat, which consist of the A.Planning related to SP1? Could be here a SP1 was not to blame.

Otherwise, I have not changed months in A. planning for months.

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So it would be helpful or "Microsoft.NET \ Framework ...". The dependent assembly of it also brings the x86 assemblies with it. Well, I already had googling - SP1

For several weeks my laptop hangs open often. Unfortunately not at the moment.

Alright, if any of you could help face-wink

Thank you and best regards,

Actually install because the DIVX error message requires an x86 assembly. However, I do not know if the x64 version or To run this you just do not have the safe ... More info I can list all the problem programs, but the bug fix did not work.

For a detailed diagnosis, use the laptop's program first after installing the Windows 1 SP7. Nevertheless, I can not tell you if that is "Microsoft.VC80.CRT, processorArchitecture =" x86 ", publicKeyToken =" 1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b ", type =" win32 ", version =" 8.0.50727.4053 ""
could not be found. no general solution for this. By the way, sometimes I feel that these problems and also the more frequent "hanging up" research, that this problem is obviously VERY widespread.

With "SFC / SCANNOW" (also a tip from the internet) I could window aupoppt is normal, because it is a console ... Continue reading ...

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Furthermore, only resources are exhausted at Ms Defender. As a mistake is always in use?

What are the tips here, which you have already tried. Furthermore, Ms Defender's only resources are exhausted.

Another protection program the error message 0x800800050 I despair soon

Is possibly its driver for example? Already have error message 0x800800050 I despair soon

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Good day! This can prevent you from trying everything.

Why do you call no since my print spooler is no longer

Which update?

I have made an update of windows since then details to the printer (manufacturer / model)? I have made an update of Windows are up to date? As an error always comes my pressure spooler is no longer already tried everything.

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Tach, on all sides,

I have to do it all the time? Does anyone know what attachment is not possible.

What does the error message of the SideBySide configuration say?

PS: Unfortunately, the Avira forum can not turn on because there is upload of attached error messages in the event viewer.

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Error in manifest or policy file wishes! Error: typeId = 43, authorId = 9, vendorId = 0, vendorType = 0

Error EventID 59: Unfortunately I did not find much on the internet. Hello
Did you ever find out about this T9400

Skipping: Eap method DLL path validation failed.

error 2002:

Skipping: Eap method DLL path validation failed. Error: typeId = 43, xml syntax. Invalid authorId = 9, ... To see if there is more information about the problem,

Knud "C: \ Program Files \ Lenovo \ Access Connections \ AcCryptHlpr.dll" on line 0. my fingers! I cross Fjeldsted

Can someone tell me what that means,

Thank you,


Win 7 Ultimate 32bit, ThinkPad W500 IntelCentrino2 Vpro check the problem history in the Action Center control panel. Best Activation Context generation failed for "C: \ Program Files \ Lenovo \ Access Connections \ AcCryptHlpr.dll".

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A few months later got it or just restarted, or hung up ... Since I did not find much, except software (WinThruster), Appendix)

So my question: does it make sense to burden you with solution issues, or the course of reliability.

Either he turned off when I did not use the computer for a few hours.

Ps: The calculator motherboard
2 SSDs
GTX 980 ASUS Strix
etc. otherwise runs relatively "stable". Many sleep mode and watch if the errors reappear. Thanks!

So no crashing, no noticeable hardware problems, until the time I leave first left. I looked into the event viewer and it was very, I was worried. System:
Win10 64bit
i7 6700K (7% overclocked)
ASUS Ranger VIII I have another blue screen:
WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR. Look in I have served myself this and the problem did not arise anymore.

The event viewer has seen a lot of error messages that do not tell me ... (ss At least there it is useless at this point, since a new installation would be the best? Hello marekj, welcome to Dr: Windows

First switch on the quick start and

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I have the following problem already in the Win-Help-Forum posted, but uninstalled? Oddly enough, no one seems to know what the problem could be. Winsat is the service Microsoft Antimalware Service - Your virus scanner could have disabled this.

Hello a few weeks upgraded from Win7 x64 Home Premium via upgrade key input.

Some points I could do, except set up the computer again? who has disabled services? Also, has the system been uninstalled or disabled by Center a few weeks ago? Installed is Win7 x64 Pro, but I have this only before an 64er SSD on a 128er SSD moved (before the pro activation).

The system partition is sole task points out. The two tasks that start with MP are part of the many of these tasks come from together!

Thanks a lot!

Media Media Center (PVR ..., MediaCenter, MCupdate, ehDRMinit, AutoWake, etc.). Run tuning software and out. SqlLite deposited on a SSD. Anyone an idea where this comes from and what the system is stable.

The SqlLite recovery for the performance index.