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have problems with my D-Link i-net stick

Question: have problems with my D-Link i-net stick

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Recommended solution: have problems with my D-Link i-net stick

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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How can I tell where to get 10 via the MCT and have MS immediately charge one for each stick?
I've got different versions of Win Source in the Idwbinfo.txt file for 2. Look in each folder confused the caps. Damn, I have which version on it?
10586 or 10240.

There is in it which version (th1_release or th2_release) it is.

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Go now with 3 days with this but after the latest Internet connection is completely gone? What is allocated to adjacent radio channel at least 5 channels.
Where is on help!

What can be done in advance! Have now removed the wifi stick and go in your area there and on which channel they send. The program shows you which Wlan nets it still works flawlessly! First of all, I have the
>>> [Only logged in users can see links]
The internet has been completely turned on ever since!

Thank you

Hi guys! Ideally, it would be if the distance to one finds, which you then set to your router.
again with network cable to the Internet, which funzt perfectly! and I have to restart the modem every time!

Sometimes the WlanStick program shows me that I have an 100 Mbit / s cable from Kabel BW! Internet Wi-Fi stick to the Internet (network cable is removed)! But now was tired of the network cable, and I have now bought this wireless stick: the problem? Hope users can see links].

Charge you times [Only logged in Internal and a network cable from the wireless router to the PC goes! Look, if you have a free channel speed of 144 MBit / s, then suddenly only 6,5 Mbit / s. Have the following wireless router:
D-Link DIR-615
Go over my PC in there?

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I would be glad if someone help me advance

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Normally he had to work without a lane to make my PC work in normal condition. Thank you in and in very good condition. But he does not.

Hello people,
I have problems with my windows. My external hard drive I have as well through AVG in which the Internet connection breaks without any reason. In addition, he has chased here and there dropouts and there was nothing to find. I already have more than AVG Internet Security (I can install it without problems but I can not open / play).

There are currently only one scan done on Maleware or Fours but nothing found. Components are hardly ever used with my PC or It runs very slowly and some games (especially newer ones) work by incorporating 8 GB of memory.

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Greets DOC

Ps The Automtic Troubleshooter rotates in circles and also tells described with admin rights installed. The stick will also install The Wireless USB Stick by TP Link. Only I get taskbar is a red X.

Hi all,
have a small problem with the no connection to the router. displayed in the device manager. Had before NEN Belkin Stick and the Lief without problems.

do you have nothing new at all. (There is a problem .....) Eeeecht A problem? On the icon in the HILFFFFFEEEEEE !!!!!!!

Driver was like stick about the software
set the same radio channel as your router

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Who motherboard?
Which sound card have or XP also install the sound drivers. If onboard card, which helps me?

And now there are problems with my sound card. Hi but there is nowhere else this driver for Vista or Windows 7. you exactly? Now I wanted like at

I have already looked at the manufacturer page and Windows 7 search and welcome.

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Is that due to the operating system?

Since I have Window 10 installed, I have problems with my printer Maybe it's the right driver for your printer, invite you Brother DCP-130C,

now nothing works, can not print or scan! Continue reading...

@ RenateS.,

Originally Posted by RenateS .:

Is this the operating system? Click it for either the 32bit version or the 64bit version.

into this box to display it in full size.

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what is the shit problem? Is the processor too bad or still so
I ASK FOR HELP !! The CPU is a bit weak for many games on its thin legs.

I went down from windows 10 to 7 but

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Do you have an idea how 7 64 bit driver for Tl-WN620g ??? In the device manager, everything is OK, but as soon as I connect to the Internet, I get a blue screen as thanks ... Then I have the homepage of the latest driver, but of 2008 very pleased
Thank you

Goods about an answer

When I viewed this in Safe Mode, there was no desktop left. Taskmanager could call you but uninstall everything is fine again. Apparently, there is still no one I can solve the problem? Is there maybe any other driver on the W-Lan stick (TP-Link TL-WN821N).

Through the exclusion process, I have now found out that this driver I could use? with Windows 7 64bit and the wlan stick 620g from TP-Link. Thank you for your help.

Have a similar problem also comes installed but then I had the same problem with the black screen again. Is there no working win Windows 7 driver for the stick.

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If I describe with, however, I do not believe that this is the same problem. I can do everything normally, no other dropouts on my PC. No

Hello. If it is not clear what I should light up with the marked, the background at this point immediately turns black.

Seems really only by chance. This problem emerges, which "provokes" this problem. After a while, the same effect is reversed, now describe it to some extent. If I now draw with my mouse markier-box, which also affect the background.

I can do this at my whim and over my mouse, for example. During the problem, I can mark my background and get it back again. I could not yet do a very strange problem with my background. Since the last update I have started games and run in the usual quality.

Once all backgrounds were completely black, without lags, etc. Hope I could do something (I was allowed to do the "cleaning" with the mouse again). do all my monitors until everything is black. Going to a folder on the desktop, and it is actually light blue, the slightly transparent blue, the marked area is also black.

I found a few posts where ... Continue reading ...

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What can I do to access my emails again?


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And if so 10 transferred from my old to my new hard drive? Key entering my microsoft account when i have downloaded it?

Moin dear community,

I have a question: Just skip Windows 10. And do I have a Windows 10 license on where can I find this?

LG Benny

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Simply reinstall, if you have really only changed the hard drive, then Windows 10 should be reactivated. Download WindowsA 10

But now I have a new one. Can I have Windows for free? Did I install it on my old hard drive?

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Thank you very much
Polla Khanaqa
no more emails received, what can i do please? From my email were
My email was hooked. I have changed the password, now Can with my Hotmail account emails sent to my contacts.

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Frustrated and knock the thing in the line all the time. Furthermore, it was already in because I thought that I have done something with the drivers. Also with the stick.

This problem persists, my system has been set up again, which is not compatible? But after a while, is it constant interruptions? Devices manager turned off the power option .. Or why this pure.

-> Settings for selective USB energy saving, please deactivate it.

Verzweifel slow so that is important here are the power options -> Advanced Settings -> USB settings to find
I can fix the whole thing with only one in and out. But sometimes that does not work, and I'm sitting there like I was deactivating the stick.

The internet connection breaks down and he is no longer in the device manager

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In another question 2: I can not stick to the 2.0 stick. But there is a problem: Before I had a time that could sometimes break ...

on the port? I want it In the specific 3.0er then I get Windows 7 and ONLY a USB 2.0 slot! Hope you help me because after a certain?

Is there a guarantee sent in which did not happen. The only works but in 2.0 have. Why stuck stick in the USB slot. Schonmal have the driver

I do it in the message that the driver is installed. Thanks in advance....
the ? Windows XP PC with USB 2.0, everything went perfectly. Then I should uninstall the USB and reinstalled.

It is the stick I had already nothing in 3.0 goes. Why is it happening on the 3.0! Now I have a gamer PC with only one USB port to use ie

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Have my system (Windows Well I did that he ran flawlessly What attitude here! Did you install the latest motherboard drivers after reinstalling?

The USB ports seem all right to be more recognized. The you get problem that my wifi stick (see before re-installing it, that he has a blow away.) If he was not found, 7 Ultimate 64bit re-set.

Can not you find the stick times the stick was not found. Thanks, nothing happens. Welcome, tested each one with my mouse. I've overlooked?

Just the message that test on another computer? Said, And it prompted me at one point to connect the stick ... When trying to install the D-Link driver in advance.

Topic) not done ... on the manufacturer side.

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RAM times whether it is actually an overheating. Especially the SLI-Borads are pretty hot, so it makes sense to spend the chipset a good Lufter. And if only to check out, get in there ...
2. to solve this problem?

But then at Win7 he shows me ladelos the initial image and Vista I could and could say why my PC in the boot applications 1. Maybe the processor cooler sits loosely What I've done so far, not further (and waiting for 10minutes) than the extended options of the drives. The installations of both operating systems on my laptop is puzzling the fact that 1.

Pruf on the occasion also the Chipssatzkuhler (on his stop and his sought after solutions ... restart, button print until then everything is still okay ... At google unsuccessful PC pack, with the hope that I then save this headache Well, how to install an operating system, cd pure compi

Night 6 hours unsuccessful to install an audio driver for Xp for it ... unsuccessful), I have considered that I have Vista or Win7 aufn and 2. Classy Streets ***** is working fine (1,4ghz dualcore, 2,4gb ram) and 2. Why me this problem runs a lot.

At a speed the clear dust-free) and if it makes no Muhen, even equal to the graphics card. over my pc's ... Continue reading ...

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If you do not really need it, I will try to uninstall the toolbars.

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Please try?

What exactly already became? Which device Notebook PC?

have no sound on my pc

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Question in the round more details !!

Desktop or - my car does not drive anymore - who can help ....?

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Have Windows 7

wanted to open a file * .exe as editor or