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Have a Lan problem, please help

Question: Have a Lan problem, please help

This does not seem to happen to you. Look in the webinterface if on your router a dhcp service is activated. I just watched "dhcp disabled"
dhcp allows you to insert it into the console (cmd).

Then "ipconfig / renew" and again "ipconfig". Then give me "ipconfig" issues
your router (the fritzbox) over the network ip addresses assign.

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I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Here is a link to download:

BluescreenView - Download

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I have a problem with the Trojan.

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I following code / message in a small window. If the PC is then rebooted get - Google search

Really? Mfg. Robin

Originally Posted by DerRobin:

I've ever googled on the code

BCCode: 7f but did not get wellClick in this box to see it in full size.

I have since today on my Acer Aspire notebook on which is Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, a blue screen that appears from time to time.

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Good day sync Cot 85010001 error, Lumina 640 please ask for help

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I also wanted to buy a PC for Christmas. I left for our little one because I have no idea at all. Said, done: I used Aomei for partitioning, which I used to surf a lot, and so on, so I've never dealt with Win 10. On this is already reinstall Stick Win 10?

Ways to fix the error? Or do I still have others I can not leave. What do you think, Or even the hard drive? Opportunities tried, nothing helps.

I have only Win 10 on my laptop, which will only work for series, and say thank you for any help. I hope someone can help me create new partitions. The process has gone normally, PC wanted to restart, back to the delivery state zurückuckten. For example, from UEFI I've got my fingers screwed up Win?

used Win 7 on my PC to later change partitions. Then reinstall the computer with this.

Then I ask the question regarding the key, then came the message that Win 10 must repair the system.

Have the whole simple I have no idea how it works with a preinstalled Win. Can I create about one and so on, which he can actually start right after unpacking. Now I wanted to update everything, install Steam, install Win 10 Pro on it.

And that's what comes from (What I do not ... Continue reading ...

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or CPU fan installed with you ?? That's often second to RAM

Do you have programs like Everest Question ...

Already made a memtest ??

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Many thanks in advance

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Do you know why on 60 Hz asked?
2. But what you tried but otherwise cable came to the same result. Then I got it with the vga when you turned it on right away. Let him stand 2 days and it could lie?

you need more info or pictures just answer! The tube screen is working properly. In the cold temperatures, condensate collects shortly after unpacking:
1. It would be possible for you to have him just shredded the support.

In this case it helps (the humidity of the warm air in your room condenses on the cold device). My old thanks. Will give them a few hours to acclimatize. Screen: Samsung T220 22 "
Graphics card: HIS Radeon 4980
If resolution supports?

So I wanted to connect him right away, but when I plugged all the cables Did you have the refresh rate, the screen was only gray and sometimes he switched to black. Therefore, it is always recommended that new devices first try it again.

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Can someone help me.
put together and he does not run. I have to start a calculator?

Schonmal Tried without RAM

Hello first,
Have a very big problem.

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Namely I have bought a new laptop before 2 years and I have bought a new HDD and installed, now wants to secure
you absolutely need that for a flawless Windows,
so that the hardware detection works properly. Download at board or notebook manufacturer
and on a USB stick or a CD Professional Direct Download Links

The board or

There is an exception, the Windows7 Starter Edition is only in 32 bit.

Have a beautiful nice day,

I have a problem with the Recovery CD of my Windows 7. Chipset driver I reset the laptop with the recovery but it does not work. Windows 7 - Home Premium and Windows Files then I can change the language etc.

He boots from the CD ladt which made a recovery CD, last week I went to break the internal HDD. Your key is for the 32 and the 64 bit version of Windows7,
one, etc.

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Have the 1.6 and 1.61b synonymous to go to Vista. a problem. Does not work in the patch and Desert Combat 0.7 on it.

and in the game itself, there is no target cross. Have now The individual servers are synonymous not recognizable Kompatibilitatsmodus

what should I do?? I read that

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Can I chop off the remaining components of the PC?

The problem occurred again in a very short time. Thank you for reading and your ideas. But then at least one warning or even PC's could chop off and fix the Graka as the evil? After the assembly and a renewed attempt came immediately
until welcome with password request.

After confirming the password, I had the same
"Blackscreen" again this game I have several times completely clean because I assumed an overheating. The installation ran without problems - up to
the time when I played the drivers of Graka on the system after the problems started again. To the system
Win 7 64 Bit Graka AMD Radeon 6870 HD into another PCI slot same game from scratch. First and foremost, I decided the system when the display shows strange images -> video card drivers!

So should actually
everything in the green area again. thought because it can schonmal
happen that such a device times wrong. blue lines over the screen. Now my question, I can write the remaining components of the onboard card here videos have been watching and have been for hours
no problem.

The first thing I suspect is the GPU / CPU + new Warmeiteitpaste and and and. So all the fans checked out and cleaned dito my system with a blackscreen passed. I plug the card again ... Continue reading ...

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I'm just at work and I would like to make windows and find no link to something. I was told that mine is not really that playable. I'm not like the 2.

Anyway, it's worth a try. It works very well I have not noticed before, but that's just the way it is. I needed help, just do not know. But if it has something to do with the fact that your Pentium the funny part.

The task manager So, I have the processor comes from Intel Pentium D graphics card, which was just an office GK. Core activate, me too unfortunately. I was wondering if that could be fixed with a BIOS update, but 940, Dual Core running on the motherboard ASUS P5PL2.

Some of you will now start to wonder that D is not recognized as a binary, can not say either. The BIOS detects HD 4870 1024 MB worried and built-in. It has gotten a bit better, but here is my system. I get so the pro.

So now the Bios can update under Windows. Am easy and self-explanatory. A tool with which you then the 2. only a core.

Only works unfortunately times to write the important. Kern simply help very grateful. I did not have performance issues with games, especially wow. I now have the XFX Ati Radeon only one core.

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Beeps waiting a while and reinstalling them? everything installed! Did I forget something Running does it, he starts again to judge straight?

Have you got it? So, now I get around the hell no picture with my Geforce GTS 250 purely ... So you have the BIOS battery expanded, ware it was probably not running! If run on default.

Then everything should be him? Why is that when the graka defect the calculator only I can not get a picture!

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How can I use Eclipse with Java. So I use this problem loose? But I have Windows 7 installed. Does anyone have a solution please?

Let's see invisible folders and 3)

When I click IE on the image, I see an error -> Missing link ...

be the one you are looking for ...

But I see in IE that this image already exists there. (See picture - look if you have under C: then once "programs" and once "ProgramData".) These are not the files under programs change.

(Programs -> Program Files)

I wanted to tell the problems even more clearly.

Hi all,

I did not have to loose today but I could not.

That does not make me crazy for many hours. Programdata will be the folder under Eclipse file), I open the source file, I do not see the code changes saved? I write the code, I go to the workspace (for the source code all under programs. I have been trying for many hours

The problem is this:

I can not see what I download under Programs, I can also have a big problem.

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I hope one of you can tell me where the dog is buried in the whole story.

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"old" hard drive in the PC is inside. If I have no hard drive inside and start, schonmal for answers. Or do you come with the new HDD not even remains black.

Come into the bios but can not start the MBR written this (your old) HDD. And there come as a master connect and reinstall (say, boot from CD boats and new HDD). I've tried everything I can just remove the "new" hard drive not "old" hard drive and use as external. the "old" as a master and then I can start up normally.

Screen My PC Starts only when the I was just trying to completely expand the old HDD and only the new HDD is not windows on it but that is irrelevant
2. I thank

So I tried everything liked the in the BIOS (so you do not see any POST)?
Therefore, the installer has the boot loader in master alone in the PC, then the PC just does not start. I can run the "new" hard drive only as a slave and remains the screen but synonymous, weird, right? we have a problem.

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Maybe you have had or have ever had similar problems with the 3683 version. No matter what I do I get to install Longhorn 3683? Have schonmal everything copied to the fp and started from there, but that does not funzt synonymous.
Hello, who knows how found again and I do not want to download a new one.

For this, the version is simply not on the computer. I know, the version is old, but they have no support

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and if an error message appears.

If so, let's take an example