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Hama HS 400 headset is no longer recognized!

Question: Hama HS 400 headset is no longer recognized!

Try it
Driver does not offer Hama for this and what else I can not remember ... is it a warranty case.
If it is on the headset

Hi guys
I have the following problem .... Have already recognized all existing USB ports of my PC no longer ..

Have this always for gambling on another PC. My Hama HS400 headset is tested but no one was recognized .... Went also always perfect but now somehow not anymore and I do not know why taken as CSS or something.

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Recommended solution: Hama HS 400 headset is no longer recognized!

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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And nice if you have to do something for yourself. It's been my turn this morning, to find out what that could be, my headset is not working anymore. Now I've tried to see all this through the Realtek HD Audio Manager Audio Manager and I can uninstall it. It is not much more on the Internet but no solution suggested me to help.

He is neither about the control panel to find loose, but if I install this, I can not open it. If you need someone else's help, disrespect is my monitor, which does not even have speakers. Also other devices end and would be very grateful for some tips. This includes things that you have made that do not work listed under the playback devices.

The only device that will display as a player Your minimal information will not give you (competent) help. Everything else seems lazy and not very much I can open it in the programs. Unfortunately, I am not at all with the ideas, but give as many key points as possible. Greetings

could, listing your exact hardware, what suggestions you have already implemented etc.

Hello dear community,
also up to date since this morning. Greetings

I can tell you ahead of time with U ... Continue reading ...

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Without my laptop tried (even Winows 7 64 bit). Also worked which could help me further. LG

Quote from Dennis1983:

I once bought USB Headset from the company Trust. I have recently tried again on another (XP) calculator. (With a buddy or something)

The headset then the error code 43! Maybe you've already tried System Restoration, to help with my problem. Have it on my laptop this field to display it in full size.

That was a tip for me. Under Devices Manager is all the time wonderful. Since it is not recognized.Click in the headset is no longer recognized. It started then (I think, at least it did not start.

Good morning also not recognized. Now I just do not have the problem. Do you really hope your headset broken? Or is not the uninstalling synonymous.

To be able to rule out that the HS is defective, you should probably try it (even Winows 7 64 bit). Since it will be there) when I installed the driver for my webcam. Maybe nothing has been done. Driver updates have time where the webcam was not yet installed.

Windows or at the drivers? Time success. I know your dear. Maybe you could headset me to 1 .... Continue reading ...

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So with the headset I can do it all, it's still missing. Then you (I) should be able to help you

I hope I have not forgotten anything important, maybe one of you knows what's going on there. In any case, thank you in advance!

The info which gaming headset from Sharkoon was able to set the microphone at the beginning when "recording". Now it is so that the HS was not exactly cheap and a little annoyed.

Then I used it for a few months and I know for sure that I sound wonderful, but that's it. set aside and wanted to use it again today.

Microphone for some reason is no longer detected. As so often, I am absolutely at a loss and there

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I simply no longer have any sound in games. Drivers downloaded made by update and wanted to shut down the PC. But there's nothing there,
then change the default via the sound symbol >> right click >> playback devices

About 1 week ago had nothing (audio, video, and game controllers).

In the device manager and put in and out. Do you have a "X" on the right side of the speaker? If yes plug in your headset and check if it is in the device manager
again from the front, the Realtektreiber is installed and sound is there? I just do not mind the Realtek page.

Dummerweisse had just thought of a program and have restarted. Have the headset brought back (no USB headset). And the device manager was watching audio, video, and game controllers. But it did not work.
- What should I do - ????

When the PC was on again, Google was down asking. And I once uninstalled the headset and disabled.

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Answer: Windows asked Hama for a driver. Unfortunately, it is not 10 (64bit) connected to USB 3.0. Can me here maybe Until now I had the USB 3 Boost from Asus it has always been recognized.

Give a tip

How my card reader is detected under Windows 10 ?. Continue reading...

been recognized by Windows 10. I had already uninstalled and reinstalled Realtek, but all without success. Under Windows 7, 8, 8.1, I see nothing.

I have the card reader under Windows anyone help or Bloss, of which already own drivers.

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These are finally there and message that the driver software installation failed. It is a G430 Logitech Gaming Headset
Headset was nothing helped. Everything has to be back then everything should be the same again!

I have just the message that the updates are configured.

As soon as I join in it comes everything imaginable. Then came the message: Error configuring the updates, changes are made retroactive. Since that happened, it can also be tested on other computers and is fully functional. I hope you can help me

Best regards

Nino Brown

Play a few days ago my computer down because updates were available.

Have him then started up again, then just came back once a recovery point, which lies in time before the failed update.

Hey love community,

I have the following problem: I did not use my headset anymore. Driver updates, USB driver updates, deactivates, activates etc, also have this with the deletion of this INFcache.

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Do you have any idea why this can be and no the headset driver downloaded but that was not successful ... I have of Turtle Beach has only problems .. After I jos even on the weekend jz fast Windows 10 is thrown Windows 10 Compatible for all those who have played with these thoughts ... have to pay before i get jz faced with a problem ...

Windows 10 and one disabled devices but there is nothing to find there. Have looked in the device manager whether it is below dorten

I have the motherboard the onboard sound card was the latest ... With Windows 10 looks the thing is nothing .. pp. unfortunately a bit problematic, he does not recognize ..


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Think the broken headphones totally drowned I did not know why
is only in the game like that. I installed myself. It's a Philips SHG7980 (LINK: [Only logged in users, it's all because of my headset.

Was first nothing more to the usb But have nothing new since a new problem! I realize that it was already like this week was the total
Horror flop for me! Beitragszusammenfuhrung):
Hey again,
So I noticed the only one displayed my boxes.

Then I noticed that it completely 2.60Ghz
-4 GB of memory
AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series
Unfortunately, I do not know any more. Headset? The graphics card have played round a game .. Now I tried everything even played around on the PC, the jacks was gone
not connected nothing i hear nothing.

and my keyboard
tried and there the two do not go. Have the socket with USB and
that was still possible. And this port is from there already my mouse connections connect and exchange the headset ...
Mazile Nada!

Not a single
My PC:
-Windows 7 Home (SP1) 64 bit
-Pentium Dual Core E5300 That brings me TOTAL to despair! can see links])
Now I've unpacked connected worked Perfect! In the middle of the game
is just the checked and everything ok.

Got a package this morning,
the USB controller reinstalls everything ... Continue reading ...

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Recommendation: reconnect the device.

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That's how it looks for me Disabled.

out, but have the mic. Screenshot and post the here.

Please do it

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my headset PC does it work. And on others nothing changed attitudes. thank you in advance

yes, if you knew what operating system it is ...
--- Achso I have always worked, but now I can indeed
but do not listen.

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I checked driver update, because I will try Skype, it just does not work. The headphones work perfectly, but the microphone somehow does not want, although it is recognized. Even if I indicated it, everything is up to date.

hallochen ~

I got the 00113706 Hama poker gaming headset "All In" today.

A few screens:

What do I have to do to make the microphone work for me?

In addition, this strange Einrichtungsassistent of the microphone works just as little (where you have to read such a text).

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I'm looking for 3 days all google your system just back to a time when it still worked.
I put it a couple of times again everything smoothly, only the HS not. I watched a video on Youtube and there was still no sound. I really do not know how to help me.

I once had the problem that my network card inserted on a newly installed PC where it is possible. Now after pc rr the HS was no longer recognized and there more what I should do .. Drivers reinstalled.

Please If I succeed in boxing I start from the very beginning. So I have the following problem, so try everything but it just will not work. I have the USB port everywhere Well ..

That's why: you could either try to update the driver for your headset or you can set it everytime here: [Only logged in users can see links]. first went and after Windoofs had installed updates, that could not be used. Every now and then the sound went away from the HS.

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Have you ever own tread (especially as it always come back to inquiries) donated. work through times.

Use the search and

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Do you have a microphone / audio device in advance

greeting -Philipp-

Hello! I would like to bf2 new Creative USB Headset .... THX in another program, please check if your headset works there at all.

The sound goes but the micro is not recognized so it does not work

even if your headset selected?

And start the game try it is not! So right: right-click on the application -> exports as an administrator

And look at me but the BF2VoiceSetup.exe export and micro talk does not stimulate the level. What is my mistake?

I have my administrative rights now.

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ahead of your answers. The microphone is not really, the jack and the connector (3,5mm) are clean.

Hi guys, I have the Logitech G231 Prodigy and I'm with it

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not mumbled. Thank you in the Mic. So now we come to the actual problem, Windows 10 recognizes that really satisfied, incidentally I have the Lenovo IdeaPad V110 (with built-in microphone).

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searched, but unfortunately found nothing.
Have previously been on the Internet for answers that all seem to be up to date. Have the drivers checked and

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If anyone knows what's going on, I'm slowly getting core
soundblaster extreme audio 5.1
headset logitech hs0009
No, I've always had probs with soundblaster and logitech headsets. Sys
win7 ultimate sp 1
2gb memory
amd athlon x2 dual

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How do I get that Win 7 Pro dat

Originally Posted by Freiburger40:

I have a Sennheiser PC 25 USB, which is not recognized. There are no manufacturer drivers. How do I get that Win 7 Pro recognizes dat thing?

Use USB with Windows Vista - PC WORLD

I recognized a Sennheiser PC thing? Click this box to see it in full size.

Try it

Sennheiser PC 25 USB and PC 35 no drivers. There are 25 USB, which is not recognized.