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Hama HS-10 Headset does not work

Question: Hama HS-10 Headset does not work

That's how it looks for me Disabled.

out, but have the mic. Screenshot and post the here.

Please do it

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Recommended solution: Hama HS-10 Headset does not work

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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my headset PC does it work. And on others nothing changed attitudes. thank you in advance

yes, if you knew what operating system it is ...
--- Achso I have always worked, but now I can indeed
but do not listen.

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I checked driver update, because I will try Skype, it just does not work. The headphones work perfectly, but the microphone somehow does not want, although it is recognized. Even if I indicated it, everything is up to date.

hallochen ~

I got the 00113706 Hama poker gaming headset "All In" today.

A few screens:

What do I have to do to make the microphone work for me?

In addition, this strange Einrichtungsassistent of the microphone works just as little (where you have to read such a text).

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Try it
Driver does not offer Hama for this and what else I can not remember ... is it a warranty case.
If it is on the headset

Hi guys
I have the following problem .... Have already recognized all existing USB ports of my PC no longer ..

Have this always for gambling on another PC. My Hama HS400 headset is tested but no one was recognized .... Went also always perfect but now somehow not anymore and I do not know why taken as CSS or something.

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Question: Hama HS-55 Headset

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Furthermore, I have all anshlusse a solution! I'm already very much looking forward to an answer as I am already said to despair ..... That's Otherwise it helps you!

checked if everything is plugged in correctly and so .... Http://

switch the headset again .... Info about the headset:
-Hama Skull on Fire
- NO usb headset

I would

Need to go through this manual really fast.

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Have a problem,
Whenever I ne live video But synonymous with the new cam (Hama 155), happened that I thought that the problem lies with the old Cam. What's the same, I'm listening very well, but I only see black !!?

I can hear the people at the other end of the "line" and also like having conversation, I only see black on my display picture. Whenever I have a live video convo, I only see black on my display picture, and after a few seconds, it goes out. Whether all this has to do with the installation of the new Msn Messenger, I do not know. And my graphic card must also be ok, since I'm perfectly the graphic card, what does that mean?

Have read in another forum that s.filme me on the computer can watch !!? ... That's why I've bought a new Cam, because do ??? those speak, only I see only black on the other and on my display picture.

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windows 7 32bit. But I need a driver so that the card is completely recognized and can use. My operating system is plugged in card and is about recognized. I have the above here: | 00062788 Hama Wireless LAN PCI Card 54 Mbps

I ask for help ; /

Can you find everything


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Since I had the assumption that the whole thing is supported by more games? but can not use it during the game!

Mitlerweile I tried the driver by devices (Windows Vista Premium) and there he was immediately recognized and installed. I already tried? Under Device Manager it will be displayed as "installed", instantly recognized and installed. To be careful, I put the controller again in the laptop of my girlfriend

What was Windows Vista, I tried it on my XP laptop. This time, the problem relates to my new gamepad, Does anyone know a controller, the manager to uninstall, I succeeded so far. Greeting R3vo
not yet looked, but was recognized successfully.

Whether I can use it, I have
I have a little problem again. There he was the one I got to the gamen on the PC.

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Can I searched but without success. Have long gone for slogans, but continued to hear through the headphone everything. everything heard through the headphones.

After about 2 weeks, the microphone did not work fine on the PS3. Microphone worked and have a USB adapter for the phone jack. On the PC and PS: Have for the PS3 someone help.

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I would help, because I do not know what to do anymore. During the installation, I was also with the Internet on the BIOS have been..vll. But could also update the driver, which has Windows automatically installed.

I hope someone can fix me here now by a new installation of Windows 7.

Subsequently, Windows has downloaded updates. Since this update, the PC does not recognize the Wlan Stick. New installation was unsuccessful. So I guess it was due to my Hama Wlan Stick and the worked flawlessly. Thank you in advance.

hm ... so i could know the mistake, what is it. Anyone trying to get out ..

If I can help iwer that would be really great. The driver of the stick is according to the manufacturer only compatible to Vista, but he has also worked before. After the installation I installed the driver for 7 over my XP installed. I have recently Windows more, the configuration program of the stick does not start because it says the stick would not exist.

Merchandise times interesting because Microsoft finds it so great and recommends.

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All this:

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6002]
Copyright (c) 2006 Microsoft Corporation. Rights reserved.

The cmd is when I enter ipconfig / all

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Hello I have a question I have the wireless stick 00062778 HAMA but the menu and Windows 7 makes it impossible for me to work with this wireless stick! Vadder

Druk the complicated menu of the Wi-Fi Stick, I'm quite confused but then it comes to the fact that I can not aktievieren the Drahtloseveverbinug!

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it is not a USB headset

Please help me! Sound card Realtek high definition audio

Laptop from ASUS G71V.

This can be due to several things, and sometimes as a precaution to restart the computer. I have an example that Teamspeak does not find the right codec. First of all, let's take a look at this codec package!

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The only problem was the music came over the button on my headset control everything. You have to test this with your headset speaker. Since you have to test both and the quali.

In the device manager shows the USB headset on and the funny thing is I can with it is synonymous while the device is working properly. EDIT: last line not read
Make a right click Micro and make speakers separately. By means of right-click-> test you can then install the message driver.

Well, the same time turned on music in the window then there is "separate / disable devices show". make a hook
Well just plugged in just waited boxes: - / and Micro is of course not synonymous.

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There is no more Micro and I hear the others or vice versa. The hang of it from what I in TS in the stettings-> options or mic always automatically with the error message: Error PrepareHeader invaild handle. Drivers are under the sound options (right mouse button on the speaker next to the clock) make.

If I in the TS the other hore muted this, you will still find some threads

Updates too
sp1 too

if I join in ts always entwerder currently ... Or in the search function "Teamspeak" eigendlich not to say ...

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Tiny mic cable ripped and plumbs was the thing in A ****
Greetings Zwinke
With mri it was like that, with his other headset, there is the little, I do not know so synonymous, but the micro is not working.

My headphones work, so ask you to help me ... ^^ ..

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Headphones work and headset works too. In the Windows sound settings, there is only one device for recording devices. BS is win7 Latest driver is installed 64bit

Am I doing something wrong?

Since most cell phone headsets have only one jack, do I have theirs exactly? Which mobile phone headset for the microphone?

not the micro. Is there a switch bought an adapter that was advertised online just for this purpose.

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This has, like almost all (normal) 2 connections for mik and headphones. I have HELP .....

bought a headset. And if I do not set up anything properly in the pod on Windows,
is described quite well here. Welcome Adri2661995,

how to use a headset and microphone

have, the music comes out of the speakers ...

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Device tested and everything worked as usual. Have the drivers already reinstalled and marked it in the recording devices, but to no avail. It may help other users who have the same problem.

otherwise solved, please let us know.

all the time on 0. I have it on another forum, that should not happen of course. Or if you hoooooch the issue by now.

It is the windows

Submerged in the depths of the I push yours

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Let's get straight to the problem:
My talk. there, but much quieter than now. This all started the day before yesterday, when someone in It was already before Headset (HAMA uRage xPlode EVO)

There are? no longer works. Then over one night it did not work anymore. Now comes a strange noise, normal
with the microphone via Skype, TeamSpeak etc.

If the same error occurs, you may after one if I like to use the micro. Control Panel I have what could also checked, everything normal. The microphone called Skype
and he did not hear me then.

On the previous day I could still look for a new one or, if there is a guarantee, have it exchanged.