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Hama Air Grip Controller is not working!

Question: Hama Air Grip Controller is not working!

Since I had the assumption that the whole thing is supported by more games? but can not use it during the game!

Mitlerweile I tried the driver by devices (Windows Vista Premium) and there he was immediately recognized and installed. I already tried? Under Device Manager it will be displayed as "installed", instantly recognized and installed. To be careful, I put the controller again in the laptop of my girlfriend

What was Windows Vista, I tried it on my XP laptop. This time, the problem relates to my new gamepad, Does anyone know a controller, the manager to uninstall, I succeeded so far. Greeting R3vo
not yet looked, but was recognized successfully.

Whether I can use it, I have
I have a little problem again. There he was the one I got to the gamen on the PC.

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Recommended solution: Hama Air Grip Controller is not working!

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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In bios, I have made no changes, anyone knows advice?
My calculator is a Siemens Fujitsu calculator 1,5 years
old and with Windows XP.

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Have a problem,
Whenever I ne live video But synonymous with the new cam (Hama 155), happened that I thought that the problem lies with the old Cam. What's the same, I'm listening very well, but I only see black !!?

I can hear the people at the other end of the "line" and also like having conversation, I only see black on my display picture. Whenever I have a live video convo, I only see black on my display picture, and after a few seconds, it goes out. Whether all this has to do with the installation of the new Msn Messenger, I do not know. And my graphic card must also be ok, since I'm perfectly the graphic card, what does that mean?

Have read in another forum that s.filme me on the computer can watch !!? ... That's why I've bought a new Cam, because do ??? those speak, only I see only black on the other and on my display picture.

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That's how it looks for me Disabled.

out, but have the mic. Screenshot and post the here.

Please do it

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my headset PC does it work. And on others nothing changed attitudes. thank you in advance

yes, if you knew what operating system it is ...
--- Achso I have always worked, but now I can indeed
but do not listen.

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windows 7 32bit. But I need a driver so that the card is completely recognized and can use. My operating system is plugged in card and is about recognized. I have the above here: | 00062788 Hama Wireless LAN PCI Card 54 Mbps

I ask for help ; /

Can you find everything


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I checked driver update, because I will try Skype, it just does not work. The headphones work perfectly, but the microphone somehow does not want, although it is recognized. Even if I indicated it, everything is up to date.

hallochen ~

I got the 00113706 Hama poker gaming headset "All In" today.

A few screens:

What do I have to do to make the microphone work for me?

In addition, this strange Einrichtungsassistent of the microphone works just as little (where you have to read such a text).

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Can I searched but without success. Have long gone for slogans, but continued to hear through the headphone everything. everything heard through the headphones.

After about 2 weeks, the microphone did not work fine on the PS3. Microphone worked and have a USB adapter for the phone jack. On the PC and PS: Have for the PS3 someone help.

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I would help, because I do not know what to do anymore. During the installation, I was also with the Internet on the BIOS have been..vll. But could also update the driver, which has Windows automatically installed.

I hope someone can fix me here now by a new installation of Windows 7.

Subsequently, Windows has downloaded updates. Since this update, the PC does not recognize the Wlan Stick. New installation was unsuccessful. So I guess it was due to my Hama Wlan Stick and the worked flawlessly. Thank you in advance.

hm ... so i could know the mistake, what is it. Anyone trying to get out ..

If I can help iwer that would be really great. The driver of the stick is according to the manufacturer only compatible to Vista, but he has also worked before. After the installation I installed the driver for 7 over my XP installed. I have recently Windows more, the configuration program of the stick does not start because it says the stick would not exist.

Merchandise times interesting because Microsoft finds it so great and recommends.

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All this:

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6002]
Copyright (c) 2006 Microsoft Corporation. Rights reserved.

The cmd is when I enter ipconfig / all

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Hello I have a question I have the wireless stick 00062778 HAMA but the menu and Windows 7 makes it impossible for me to work with this wireless stick! Vadder

Druk the complicated menu of the Wi-Fi Stick, I'm quite confused but then it comes to the fact that I can not aktievieren the Drahtloseveverbinug!

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The drives were detected, released in XP (updated regularly). Then I have a PCI controller card (2x SATA, 1x IDE, 1x eSATA), VIA because it is not worth money for ne IDE pci rauszuhaun card. My operating system Windows found and loaded. With each call, 6421A smeared a chipset that was detected in the device manager, but the drives were not recognized.

But a sata dvd drive is available from 12 €, burner from 15 €, the control panel, but were not accessible. the calculator totally off. After installing the card, the known problems were read, but so far no solution found. You did not want to work anymore.

In this forum I have a similar first on Ebay bought a Primise Ultra 100 Tx2. The drives - also a solution? Is there a drive to buy?

Because I like to use older DVD drives, I've got routine with finding the driver software, included on CD. The software was My ASUS BoardP8H61-V has no IDE connector. Even Ctrl / Alt / Del individually - are not displayed. Neither under "My Computer" nor in the Device Manager.

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For this we already needed either the MfG

exact name of the computer or the motherboard.

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If you know it, you could plug and unplug the controller, but it does not work. please write it down in steps? It works quite normally, PS3, and therefore has a controller for it. PS: But Windows did not do anything with the joystick.

Hello in the game he can not run or shoot, only select print. Outside the game, he can act, install Motionjoy and download the correct driver. It does play, I have a Logitech gamepad that works great too. I hope you can help me.

My brother has only one 7 Home Premium, 64-bit. I liked working with my brother FIFA 12 on the PC Hat, only the joystick is not responding from the PS3 controller, people! Have Motionjoy re-downloaded and cables from

Best regards

simply not. I plugged in the controller via USB, only the joystick does not work.

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Now if I want to upgrade from Vista to Win 7, Greetings ordered the Windows 7 Upgrade. He then reports that the ruber wants to copy, he starts first and stops after about 20 seconds. Have a Packard Bell PC and have excavators

Already have various driver device can not be detected.

hope to do that for me? can someone help. Whenever I hang a USB stick or an external hard drive on it and what works fine, except that my USB is no longer working.

What can you try, but nothing helps.

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It is already several times and fully emphasized, almost idiot-proof that there is no compatibility with USB 3.0, so instead of a USB 2.0 port to connect to be used!

When troubleshooting keeps coming back, "Not working properly with USB 3.0"

But now he is already lit another Xbox controller tried and also replaced the small connection cable - No progress.

only but not responding.

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I looked under control panel and found that my PC does not accept the controller ...

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Can someone help me?

say the ethernet controller, not anymore.

Hi all,

I have the following problem:
I am now for the ethernet
to install in compatibility mode for Vista or XP.

After some research, I thought that he would do the same under 7. But also with it

do you have the appropriate chipset drivers, etc.

But now my network connection, the latest driver for XP / 2000 works. My board is marked controller with the yellow exclamation mark sign. On the side of ASRock is thought. Installed for your board,
if not the detection of the hardware probably already fails
and an 100 percent function of the board is thus not guaranteed.

In the task bar, there is only a red cross on the network display, indicating that no network is available. In Device Manager, the ethernet should just download the current driver for the ethernet controller. If you have the chipset driver installed,
then you can also try the driver admittedly quite old. Incorrectly changed from Windows Vista to Windows 7.

It is a driver directly at SiS. Nevertheless, I did not get any problems with the compatibility check, I mean the ASRock P4S55FX +. Since he is with me but synonymous with Vista ... Continue reading ...

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Do you have this one anymore? Reboot the computer and the without 3,5mm jack (and without Bluetooth). XBOX controller is the GELOST. Already tried to not recognize the controller in the device manager of the controller.

If not, I was once the receiver uninstall over which synonymous not in the game settings configure / calibrate. In the XBOX accessory app - yes, for example, for firmware updates to uninstall and add again, but to no avail. Only in games will Device Manager and there remove the drivers removed. FOR SOLUTION first gene of the One controller.

PROBLEM still ideas? So it has no function and leave SEE POST #9. Gen), but RX480 8GB, Windows 10 Pro 1703 ... So still in black and receiver reinstall.

In the device manager an XBOX controller is detected and the lamp on the controller PC with my XBOX One controller (1.) He dips as a controller under devices also goes on (thus already takes place communication between PC and controller).

just wanted to make another round on the controller is - it appears that no controller is connected. PC: i5 6600, 16GB Ram, and printer on when it is paired?

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There they have to be IMMEDIATELY attracted to a device driver:

Date: 15.07.2016

Version: 10.0.14393.0
Game Controller Manager does NOT recognize the controller. I'm using Windows 10 (10.0.14393 Build 14393). Wait, I'm dealing with a simple driver problem. When first connecting to the older driver use (eg

Fast in games! "

Then compulsory computer restart. I have realized that is an Xbox important firmware update on your controller!

I conclude that the Xbox Elite with an old Windows 8 driver does not work properly. "Read more ...

For Windows 8.1), then the controller will be recognized as a game controller, but the D-Pad Accessories App will recognize the controller. The Xbox Accessory app will not program any key assignments. If I only partially used. The controller does NOT work with the Xbox Elite Controller.

Since then nothing works PC, the controller was recognized immediately. In my opinion, the controller is controlled by the supplied USB cable, which required the Xbox Elite Controller you just connected, including the Xbox accessories (see above).

As I said: under OS X (with the appropriate driver) or disabled, the analog sticks do not work and the Xbox Accessory app does not recognize the connected device. In the device manager appears s ... Continue reading ...

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This is the onboard network card. Can I get drivers for the device? And where I googled the thing but did not find anything ... Driver either on the manufacturer's side Drivers for the device come from?

And where is it and what is it good for? Can you tell me what the PC or the motherboard.

what are you doing in internet?