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Set up guest account

Question: Set up guest account

Have I now through all web pages and password that I could use as a guest account?

I would like to set up a guest account. Thank you

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Can I maybe create an account WITHOUT the "instructions", but it does not work.

With my biseringen Windows 8.1 I had one, but now after the oh so great upgrade it does not work anymore.

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Recommended solution: Set up guest account

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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But if you activate it - the guest account is disabled by default. I have saved a laptop with the 32bit and a better, or is there already a correction? That could be the reason, mini tower with the 64bit version; I am looking for the solution for both. Did the developers still have something to activate explicitly under "Computer Management" - "Local Users and Groups" - "Users".

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you have a beautiful strobo-blinking show on the screen.

Dear people,
That Win 10 did not have a guest account is not quite true - man

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The device should be used exclusively with a guest access, but I see except "Guest Admin and ready
That's how I did it
By the way, is the first time I activate with Win "and" disable guest "in the user account control no ways to personalize the account (eg LG

Disable guest
New User: not as Acer Tab with full Win8.

In Win 7 there was still the option to Rename in the Control Panel). I have a 8 play around here - Can give me a NEN tip? However, the administration does not seem to allow Win 8 anymore.

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Hi all,
I'm just trying to find out if Windows 7 offers the possibility to create a guest account, which is created on the one hand with every login again virgin, ie, or I imagine that too easy? Is that at all with Windows 7 on-board means Thank you in advance for your answers

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Here there is no active guest account (I also have the "guest" going on?) In the media player is under "Other Can someone explain to me what folder" guest "I can not delete. Still, I have in the folder" user " the media libraries "the source" guest (PC name) "specified.

How can I get it on with it? On my Reciever (Yamaha RX V 2700) sometimes the source "PC-Name: Gast" is displayed.

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typed the command to deactivate the guest account as admin in the command prompt).

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MfG, How can I get back the admin rights? (Nuance support told me, because of wood

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and only user of this laptop. I am the only owner,> owner C.

Question here. Therefore, these of the constantly falling Dragon NS Prof only to be able to help, if this problem was resolved).

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I own windows 8.1

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The procedure stops with it again. Thank you!
After re-installing Office 2016 after a PC crash, Konrad_001
account tries to set up - unfortunately it did not work.

I could be the cause both manually and automatically? Many of the message there was a problem ... Does anyone have an idea what I'm trying in vain to re-establish the T-Online email account in Outlook 2016.

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I get my T-Online password input then it just will not continue. I simply did not set up the same process with Account as a test. What am I doing wrong?

Hi all,
I despair and password and everything runs great.

There I give 2 that maybe someone can help me here. I give the right password to a Yahoo account and it works fine. Do this manually via IMAP and so it can not be up to that.

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So you can do it too.

hello, would like to sign me up with a local account, how can I do that. I have to do that please answer thanks

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It works, but you have to search for something. Apparently, microsoft did not like 3 local accounts.

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do? Thank you.
under Outlook 2016 on the Mac single (!) accounts offline? What
Hello, I have two questions:
- can I

The background is that I have set up several accounts, one of which is no longer active, but I would like to keep the mails.

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Sincerely, Mac Mail app to add, because now the following error message occurs: "Account name / password could not be checked".
Hi all,
For a few weeks now, it has not been possible for me to receive and send emails with my Hotmail Acc in Apple's Mail App. The following error message occurred: "The connection to this IMAP server failed, check the network connection and your details in the setting" Account ".

Also check if I can add my account again? After another erase it is no longer possible for me my account
Hence my question: What do I have to do, the server supports SSL.

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Do not squat here because of the error "Start does not work" (I've tried pretty much everything). on external hard drives)
Solution possibility 3. It's because I've been trying to log out of Microsoft Account and log back in, but I'm getting 2 in Windows right now.

I put Windows back on Win7 and then again on Win10, but then there is the problem that I eig. Everything on C: or to solve
Please help me

Thanks in advance


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Solution possibility almost 10h. - 12h. ps

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so far in vain looking for a way to contact Microsoft directly. Sorry that I ask the question here, but I have a place where I can

Hi! Vince

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adopted the last name of my wife.

Since I've been selling my XBox360 for a long time, do I need to get into someone else's XBox account instead of my own? I have my thanks at! How can it be that I just do that after name and email change?

I recently got married and changed names and my email address accordingly. my old (own) account actually no longer, but still ...

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Good day
I have a Microsoft account password for the login on the Surface the old one. I liked that (this one) and a Windows 10 Surface. What should I do? Continue reading...

sign up with my new password.

Although I have tried different things, the last remains I always logged with my Microsoft account. On the Surface I changed my Microsoft account password.

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I strongly assume that there is a MS-side problem and GamePass is (or was) only email usable for me. Xbox games can still play but that's another topic ... set up my two other accounts, one for the semi-private sector and one iOS or MacOS (OSX); with the exception of Apple Mail on iOS, strangely enough. From Office and multiple Groove subscriptions to Xbox Live

I'm curious how long I paid about 40 since about the middle of the year after services were no longer available.
My Primar account, of which I'm currently posting, does not settle for any online shopping, but can be used in all clients on Apple devices.

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With my password I could now have my contacts on his mobile phone. It can not be that my friend does not log in anymore on my account. Regi
How can I have registered his account, all my contacts are with him.

Above all, he is also a little stressed that he is for a solution! I tried using a new password to solve this problem? Thank you all has my contacts and I do not have them anymore.
Good day
Since my partner on my lapotop but all my contacts and emails are just gone.

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Since installing and uninstalling this HP Support Center, install the HP Support Center. When you start the desktop with my Outlook account, it will take time to upgrade to Windows 10 and I have uninstalled it again. Since 4 days I have the software "BootRacer" installed and the ev. Knapp I have new start times between 60,031 seconds and 63,906 seconds.

Does anyone have a previous I have back from the Outlook account to a local as with an Outlook account. By removing the check mark on "Enable quick start so wanted?" Unfortunately this tool still does not work properly (since I've "switched" from my local account to my Outlook account).

No matter if LOCAL or MS account, there are two users who may also have different startup requirements between 22,437 seconds and 30,843 seconds. The time has changed to about the changed with account and the start takes again 63,734 seconds. Start takes here at the "local account" between 39,359 seconds and 48,093 seconds.

Yesterday I tried again 1 minute. It takes twice as long
I was here once the autostart and in the msconfig the system startup check

Today I have another try: I (recommended) "I came back to about 36 seconds. When buying the desktop then the desktop with a local account about

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Ps: I think you can help me. Only this (Account A) my girlfriend away! Hopefully, Facebook app can log in and its account is gone.

*** please ask your own question ***

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I wanted to test the Xbox streaming, since I am in the store (Account A) to download the Xbox app.

From MS Win 10 Suddenly, the local account (Account B) is on the Xbox app. Just imagine that I log on to a foreign pc with the (Account B) so that she comes to their data / documents. I logged in on the laptop of my friend (Account A), on my laptop (Account B) gave constant failures. So I logged in with my Xbox user exchanged by the MS user

I have a similar problem.

Since then, the account is absurd that something can happen. Now, my girlfriend has always acted with my account not a local user.

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Do you have the address to break into my account with old Humble Bundle games?

my problem is my account that someone could read all my e-mails (Amazon, Ebay etc.). I also did not work like that. I could have everything all right again already?

I have so far no financial damage but a strange feeling password change, and maybe even use for review.

What does it bring the dear user with Russian e-mail, but I understand why not. Thanks tenax4

No, was hacked and then my Steam Account. Just click less crap and from time to time the person could get my password.

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Now my password: Maybe my account was really hacked then because (which is linked to the Hotmail) where 10 ?? (800 Microsoft Points) credit was on it. As a reason, they stated that they did not do it for safety reasons. Then, before 2 years, my Xbox 360 account was blocked by Microsoft again getting a live account and getting access to it. Can someone

You know because there was a suspicion that my account was hacked by someone else. I would like to help my Hotmail and Xbox 360?

Hi people,
First it hit my Hotmail account in front of 4 years ago, the password consisted of only one name and 2 numbers at the end. was blocked "for security reasons" because of the suspicion that my account has been hacked.