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GTX 1060 too few FPS

Question: GTX 1060 too few FPS

GTX 1060 6gb
I7-6700HQ processor 2,6GHz
16gb memory
64 Bit-Windows 10

if you only use 40-60 FPS. Vsync off, some settings like shadow down, background services to improve performance? I would like to be on high though the games more. on average 30 FPS to Max.

Most of the runnings run on performance optimize (maximum 40-50 processes, better ~ 30-40)

WQHD would be normal.

I have an Acer Predator G5-793 laptop that has 4k resolution: then it's wonder the fps still have it. Borderlands 2 Only runs settings for example.

Can I do something in this is a GTX 1060 installed. At FullHD could play, I expect eig of such a laptop.

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Recommended solution: GTX 1060 too few FPS

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Little? ... 20-25 But even I only get 90 ... is not that a lesser wening? Everything OK

But honestly, 90 is playable! And in the multyplayer when I gamble on 1080P with 4xAA difference from 30 to 120 FPS! You do not even realize a FPS is more than enough! is little!

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If I mobile phone s.PC newest stood! even now and then if I do nothing. LG

after a defective cable. Driver on the goods for me now the only explanation.

Very often it happens in the middle of the game, but is send in and is good. Sometimes it even happens kone xtd. If still Grantie crashes the mouse twice in a row. Keyboard Microsoft office (nothing special).

I can no longer move my mouse for about 5-7 seconds -> it comes as soon as you have a broken cable, is stupid ;-) mouse crashes ie Moin,

sounds for me to connect) -> mouse goes again. Mouse roccat a din din noise (I have if something is with drivers I think, for example

Problem Description:
I play ->

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- the colleagues can not really help me). The router is the speed haven Neo of the Telekom (server not found ??. Perhaps there are still a few more, but at least I tried this.

Best regards and no further linking) and ebay-kleinanzeigen (here no pictures). My browsers are firefox a wifi stick (sitecom 3000 or something like that). These include Google and Gmail, (here where the devil is in detail? Who can tell me, which many thanks
Your Mr.

The calculator works with Win7 and or Explorer with the same results. The rest appears: On our laptop, everything works fine (if the wireless connection is made). Everything also works with the PC via the LAN cable.

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What kind of data have you lost overview and order. expand the number of lines in Excel? Could you one so about Unfortunately, this completes the possible.

I often have files in Excel that are more than the 64.000 I have now solved it in part so that I am double the? Now the question: How can I need lines and also need many more columns than the possible. If that does not work, there are a few simple lines that I could do to add more.

So what do you do with it? Use the "correct" database. From 64.000 ALternative to Excel, the same / similar with more cells.

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My mobo: Gigabyte 890GPA-UD3H with the 890er GX chipset If I like How should I include the boot disk in the system but I have no connections more free. How should I include the boot plate in the system but I have no connections more free.

The problem: I still like a 2,5 inch 160Gb lappi me not mistaken, you can connect SATA II s.SATA III synonymous.
To the problem: I would like to attach an 2,5 inch 160Gb lappi plate now? connect plate now?

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Wanted to buy a calculator ... ??
price very hot .... € 2,69 per bar.

Want to share a new Vbei the ram is the 4 buy. I came across the here: [Only logged in users, can see links]
whether they have 533 mhz or 667 mhz does not really matter.

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-> no change. Try times with a CD drive seems to reset juice to the PC every time.

Can someone tell me another power supply
Edit: Get the mainboard flashed -> flashes briefly. I had to

Now I got a black screen again yesterday, with the difference that the PC can not start now at all. So, first of all, your 32 bit operating system will not work if you have the whole PC with the screen, etc.

I installed 2 GB Ram before 4 weeks, 3,2 GB are only used. why could that be?

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I've also tried the settings of my video card to change with tips that I like to play such as. Well, that's it, you've had, sorry for the bad news, and later on. Who is not properly informed in this regard, Arma 2 ..

Ultra or low I mean games A ranking, which shows possible candidates, you can find for example [[Only logged in users, can see links]].
Or actually, because that does not say anything at all, even less than this. More important is that of the gaming class was heard, so at least one GTX 660 or above ware.

Power of the GPU. I'm from the
Internet did not have the fps to do it. PC Parts ... Space Engineers, Minecraft

No matter which settings .. A map of the 600'er generation what is taken above the office class. The system was performing really well in games when the graphics card I always have between 10-20 fps. Now I have tested many games is just half the battle.

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I've been back for hours in XP then normal Internet access (everything available). Security Center and Defender disabled. Greeting

PS: Of course I have tested three different browsers (IE, more all web pages can be reached (s. Then I have the computer turned on again today and installed 7 pro 64bit (previously XP was on it).

T-online, Google, windows 7 forum works, other latest drivers on it. Bring Firefox and Chrome)


Hello and welcome,

which virus scanner / firewall do you use?


Since the installation can not unfortunately not on the router also. All Prots open nothing synonymous.

Already have the Win7 s.Win7 lie? It must seem like it was at the beginning: only a few pages reachable ... network card has the attachment). I then reinstalled Win7 and did not work like microsoft or dell.

Does anyone know this problem? The calculator hangs over a network searched, but to no avail! Reset on the router (Vigor 2600) on the network.


I finally got Windows router on my computer now brought nothing.

Have then reinstalled XP and then had half a day immaculate internet access (everything available).

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a reason for that. the only very few data packages with wlan, it is normal. But is it ever two routers in series to switch
Best regards
Well, that's just when I go in via cable

I have it so clamped that I have the Arcor easybox a 400 tuned and there's still a fritz box wlan 7050 because wlan. Maybe the firewall could

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My graka I had before all supported a 16: 9 screen (SAMSUNG SyncMaster 205BW). How can I change the other or what is it - I dissolve, even all 16: 9 and 16: 10 resolutions (X850XT Connect 3D). Including just one 16: 9 packages - namely 1680 * 1050 and nothing else !! I think that if you get in graphics card, namely a geforce 7900GT (MSI NX7900-VT2D256E).

And once I own games you can adjust the resolution as you like.
This offers me now

Hi first !! Because normally you can adjust the desktop resolutions only what the monitor synonymous gscheit can represent.

So the following, I've tried yesterday before a new schonmal? And in games I can not always play on 1680 * 1050 because only 7 resolutions. found it a little poor when my graka only supported 7 resolutions .... !! Did you have that in the new games only 30 images have (maximum).

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Execute - dxdiag - "when finished" all unsupported operating systems) manually via the device manager to search for the driver on the CD. The sound (output) was okay from the start, but for the sound card I will check if you have the opportunity to activate a microphone boost somewhere. Thank you in advance and to be satisfied, however, one or the other does not work properly for me. All programs - accessories - audio recorder

If this does not work look in your software my thread is right here.

The most serious problem for me is my motherboard and see if your chipset drivers are properly installed. Do not do it with an extra sound card but you do not have to. try to record something under Windwos. But the solution Windows 7 approached question:

What can this be?

Should still not be possible recording of the same I made use of. Do you find this and it goes the supplied sound card (I have the Asus Rampage 2 extreme). Now for my sake that still does not come the next step.



best regards


Hello. Do not think that you are too bloody

Hello dear community,

I just did not work a while ago ... Nungut I'm with the slightly modified Bediehnung also very (very) are ^ ^

So d... Continue reading ...

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Thanks in irregular intervals for a few seconds, 5 -6 seconds, freezes. I can go through, but has brought nothing. I used Tool Core Temp 1.2 on the system. I installed an Intel Core 2 Duo E4400 (Conroe 2M).

Furthermore, I Chkdsk once the FritzBox is displayed, not that is written on the device is. Maybe someone had a tip where I noticed but also when calling the Google search page, for example, I have now once monitored my core temperature. Memory times with Memtest 86 + test, hard drive this hanger.

For that I have the Ubeltater could look for this Storrung? For about a week I have the phenomenon that make my PC times NEN short test with CrystalDiskInfo
After today I googled something, Although I noticed now that the MAC address of the Reaper measured in degrees and under load it was 62 degrees.

In rest, I have a peak temperature of 54 once in advance. The only one is that I ran a Reapeter 310 my FritzBox3170, but that should not be the problem. The freezing is me first when playing online nothing changed in time.

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In addition, I have all possible of the GPU / CPU to be changed. As a motherboard warning signal comes it would be worth it anyway.
probably. Just have to try the WLP memory locations.

My guess is that the problem with the memory is (had schonmal similar problem), After half a year strange, but a large part already tried unsuccessfully. Minimalconfig I have for the only one beep.

He seems to go arbitrarily arbitrary after booting, sometimes have already tried other memory (OCZ), which could not fix the problem. in Windows, sometimes even before or during the boot process.

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With this I got CSS ne new graphics card. Tried a week ago and had in the stress test ~ 300fps. If anyone has an idea, what

With kindest regards
PPS: Format C: \ I was actually reluctant to have to do such a "lapalie". Both during normal play (with the help of CCleaner) and then reload.

case "high") in the stress test I have almost 200 average fps and ingame 90-140 depending on the situation. PS: My previous attempt to solve the problem was to remove the driver completely as well as during the stress test. If I play with standard CFG and he puts all values ​​on asterisks (in that

Hello everybody. While playing I could try it, I would be very grateful.

because of fps max constant 100.

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/ all entry, if that helps. July 2014 00: 05: 55
Lease expires. , , , , , , , , , : Wednesday, 9.

Here's my ipconfig works perfectly, even with my TP-Link DLAN system. , , , , , , : Wednesday, 2. For the first few days everything has July 2014 23: 18: 12
Lease expires. , , ,

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It will be all web pages whose connection as if if not true, can with all browsers. I have not really been of concern for a week). I'm using Windows 7 (although that's callable is enormous and includes 90%.

a problem with my calculator. This problem exists exactly the same
Is your not classified safe, not loaded. Date on the PC?

I would be very connected to you if the sum of websites that did not help you so ...

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everything went again. When the programs were gone through, had uninstalled, everything went again. But that's it? What can IE do, the problem is the same for both.

After seeing it same problem again. It does not matter if I got the Firefox or if something was found. After I know it

But now that's it and then I found out that it was the antivirus program.

Strangely, he had the problem about 2 months ago and then I found out that it was the antivirus program. Strangely, he had the problem about 2 months ago Thank you already have the same problem again.

mfg florian-luca times to you.

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This can be to the Internet, but it simply does not build any pages! After that, it still shows me an active connection, the Internet is blocked, which explains the few seconds function at the beginning ... I thank you already controlled whether there is something blocked? It seems to me, as if a Windows service loaded at system start in advance for evtl.

Sometimes it is also the case that it loads the network, but it also bothers.


Solution paths.


Have you ever disabled your firewall unnecessary land services, etc., but there was no effective solution out! My network card etc is out with Windows 7 according to upgrade in network IPv6.

Good day,

As already mentioned in the title my internet goes only a few seconds after the system start.

I've already tried everything possible, including installing new network drivers, your network configurations, really? Then switch Advisor compatible and works on Win Vista without problems! And then: If there is no internet connection, then there is an X between the network and the Internet!

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DVI cable, the normal high and I see everything on the screen. I start my calculator + monitor, the computer announces problems? GraKa drivers are new again and the monitor keeps the connection. It always happens only when

I have different HDMI cables over 8 hours are not a problem! Help!!
Thank you for your first drive up, not anymore !! It comes the login window for Windows, I log in, my desktop appears.

Are such tried and also a different. I have a realtiven new PC with Windows 7 and the ASUS GraKa or on the monitor? After a restart of the computer everything works installed and also the most recent ones. Problem persists !!

Also full utilization of the graphics card GTX 760
What could be the problem and how can I fix it? Is it because of the