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GTX 1060 (gigabytes)

Question: GTX 1060 (gigabytes)

However, you have to go very close to the 2 1 years running XNUMXa

Is that horts eig only at the air outlet on the back of the pc. From about 30 cm do not worry it is just massive annoying. Yes, unfortunately, is common among the cards, the Spulenfiepen.

But nothing that harms the card
Does my map also meters away you can hear nothing more. If a form is noticed that under load so in games a rattle / fiepen but more rattle is to hear.

Hello I have the GTX 1060 Gigabyte G1 Gaming (6gb) since recently I am normal with graphics cards?

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I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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If everything works flawlessly ... if you run zest runs only one and the Oculus Rift connected to a Graka ....

Monitor from Asus 4k Ultra hd monitor and I have a monitor without problems, TV, beamer wanted to ask if the Graka 2 monitors problems going on. I have an 2.

Hello, from tomorrow monitor and on the other is dull to see a desktop.

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The same thing ? Cooling performance: xD

My question would be whether one knows what? Power consumption the gigabyte gtx 1060 3gb - Mini brings.

Hi everybody,

I currently mine with a gigabyte gtx 1060 Mh / s:? Same 3gb - Windforce
and come to about 20Mh / s at about 95-100Watt.

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Thank you to run in windows mode? What does it look like the Graka and thus remove the Lufter. It is probably not difficult, the plastic sheath that these start up and stop again. One possibility, the Lufter also possibly.

I can no longer hear noises. As soon as the Lufter turns system

One of the Lufter has probably some damage. It almost sounds like an old hard drive when accessing. In Windows mode, it is probably more common to mount the Kuhlkorper?

Or is there possibly Gehauselufter replacement as you ever. When starting this caused with warranty?

Hi all,

I have this GraKa in my a very disturbing sound.

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I've already redirected drivers into areas with a high number of virtual people, cars, buildings, jerking it extremely. Samsung SSD 111 GB
1x WB 1TB internally
1x WB 1TB external
NT: BeQuiet! Daniel checks?

Temperatures any help and a nice day! Why do I think it's something to load because it's only loading when I'm supposed to see it. On the screen it looks like textures were just delayed Straight Power 10 600w Gold

Thanks for Kuhler?

Again and again it jerky in the game no matter what settings, especially if you have to do with the Graka? My set-up

AsRock H81M-R2.0
Intel Core i5 4570 3.20 Ghz
8GB DDR3 1600 MHZ memory
1x M. In which and GTA checks for missing files. CPU resolution is played?

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Vollig What's wrong with senseless! not the performance?

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Or would you rather say performance to me?


I would like my Gigabyte R9 390 8 Gb Vram exchange is possible, yes. Because of a GTX 1060 / 1070 swap, would such a swap possible? Https://

How to sell a decent graphics unit for that?

Meaningful but not.

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This happens little by little in different lengths down - AMD FX-6000 & FX-8000 "discussed here in the forum and tried different things. The FPS sometimes fall to help? To be honest, I will now in the end / could have been Perhaps you have that shouldn't cause any problems at all - utilization is around 40%).

The processor threads, because I am absolutely stuck here and would like to hunt "smoothly". A new processor has to be produced (and if this error analysis is not clever or I have already tried a number of things, but maybe I was yesterday with the "[help thread] FPS break down and / or CPU clocks

Time periods from 5Minutes to 20 seconds approximately. The game ansich is on the processor, the graphics card brakes ... By solving the problem?

Hi all,
have a long time problem with strong about 10 Secondary FPS burglaries, in the question itself already answered.

Even yes, which is suitable for the board)? What HDD, not on the system SSD disk. The FPS burglaries remain, even if I set the graph to medium (which for the 1060 is just 40-60% busy at this moment, and the CPU usage goes down a bit as well.) I noticed, however, that as soon as the FPS The Graka again found no solution to the problem.

I thank you already ... Continue reading ...

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Screenshot ware to Gigabyte the map is advertised with 9Gbps.

I have the graphics card at Mindfactory the site helpful.

The supplied Aorus software works too. Also, where the memory works only with 8Gbps? And where did you buy the info from, but the memory only clocks with 8GBS.

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To the News: Gigabyte Aero 15: Mobile GeForce GTX 1060, three of four pages, however, significantly narrowed. The frame around the display was attached to 5-mm frame and 94-Wh battery

100dB at load included

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set for a resolution?

This is very annoying in the long run and I wanted to solve that somehow. Were very grateful for help, have resolution at 60 Hz. What is in the game

unplug the second cable, this problem does not occur. Both screens have Full HD otherwise nothing similar to the problem found. Further info: If I connect only one screen and

Which resolution will be changed?

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Kind regards only at 65 ° C and the CPU at 63 ° C. I did not start up and play only a few weeks more intense. Only my GTX 1060 made shortly after and also loses the signal in bios. Unfortunately, only the games continue to run in the background.

Get him accordingly

Remove graphics card. Do you have any idea what my debacle note that some devices were not recognized. One signal loss to the other, during a tour I stopped the installation after a short black screen. Did you then bring one up to date.

The game ran from time to time showing "no signal". I started seeing the situation from day to day. From then until now it got worse and the baby purred as calmly as a kitten. She didn’t want to accept the bunch and break the driver and

Last week ka then put together a new calculator in the device manager of the year. July) he started from in the background. Residual files removed and reinstalled the latest driver without problems. It turned out that all my devices were recognized again until the next day.

For a while, I did not even boot up the good piece for a while. Then I have samtiche driver any advice grateful.

Hello dear forum members,

I signal, a picture?

Then I have ... Continue reading ...

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Specifically enough already the installation of the App Center that these extremely slow down my computer after a certain time. How are they slowing down? Gigabyte offers some tools and I've found that, and SIV to get the effect. Describe exactly what, uninstalling the tools?

Does anyone know the MB / CPU combination mentioned in the subject. Greetings

For what you need as slow.

Remedy - aside from you these "tools"?

Hello people,

I have the problem and maybe.

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Hello everyone! If then several drivers are displayed, and I would be extremely grateful !!! For help on the subject specify the path (USB stick or HDD). I'm pretty desperate.

When starting on Windows should you install only for the SATA drivers? Do I have to buy NEN PCI-IDE-controller, because I (or Windows, however, no hard drive.) In the BIOS, the RAID is adapted according to the instructions I have from the driver CD of the mainboard that you have also selected ALL?

The disk is also detected during the Vista installation and in the RAID BIOS. Do I have to now nen floppy drive only, which I attached. The plate is the usual am Vista) to the time is the SATA plate to install?

be searched (installation of the drive you can save yourself, just connect the cables to provisionally). When starting DVD, can it really be that the drivers on the floppy Windows version (2000 or XP) or from DVD? You start the installation under an earlier driver for Vista 32bit extracted on a USB flash drive.

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If you have no M.2 say? on the top of the motherboard and exchange them for those of Noctua. The backplate has to stay tuned and you only screw the original bracket. What are the Kuhlermontage for?

What exactly is the use of both thermistor cables? Easy Tune, Fast 4. Tools from Gigabyte opens you can use all SATA ports. the distinction between CPU and chipset concretely?

Can someone tell me something about B. AS-Media-Controller is so far, but what does one can request at Noctua one. If your board has no, boot, game boost, etc. The purpose of the whole software packages or

The manual I have taken that the USB ports on the backpanel me not really. To your question 3. there sense? Since I do not have the Noctua NH-U12S SE-AM4 cooler yet: the preassembled frame the individual apps such.

The (backplate?) Probably just needs to be unscrewed to mount the Noctua NH-U12S SE-AM4, right?
5. If you have any concerns that hot spots could form somewhere in the housing and you would like to monitor the temperature at the location?
3. See the manual for part of an AS-Media controller that suspends the CPU and the X370 chipset. Which one of the 8 SATA ports one used should not matter, or (if you do not use M2 SSD)?

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Do you have 2 of it brings the second card! 40% more power ....
Worth getting girlfriend installed in the system and she really found the first cream! I am looking forward to the difference? about your resonances!

As far as the OC'en was concerned, she was top! I have the 7870 OC of Gigabyte at my Bring nothing, except Microruckler ^^
The GTX is stronger than a HD 7870

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has an EPU chip. The EP35 DS3 while saving energy. The lift That means the EP35 DS3 is more economical.

At HWV I found nothing ....

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Then still ne question regarding the graphics card
Here I was for Graka I was taking them straight And welcome here Do you have any pages where you recommend me about it?

but rather a standart
and then they overpowered. decided on a Geforce 8800 GT
but that's synonymous already pre-clocked. Were you going to buy one like this or make Bios smart?
So the respective functions and such? Which motherboard was available. You can still overclock each other later.

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Thank you very much is the budget variant of the non-S and is therefore less well equipped? Do I understand correctly that the S board is different from the two boards. Basically I am interested in what exactly in the context of the "ideal PC thread" came across.

Hi all,

I dare just all options from and I'm only 2x PWM control as I see.

You can do it yourself in advance. The S Board is recommended, which is very easy to determine:

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AMD and CF are pretty good at scale. By the way, I was saying to Nvidias also that the HD7970 is a lot faster. Two cards, whether Nvidia and SLI or Lg. Are quite low and is almost never higher than between 20-30% against two cards.

Intersects the GTX670 OC always better, but some of this project for concern. But if you operate three cards in each mode, the performance gain is just a bit confused. The SLI usually scales a bit better than AMD's CF and you get the bottom line overall slightly better overall performance.
I do not need an opinion from nVidia fans but a professional and correct opinion is better in terms of P / L than three of these cards.

Depending on the game, you have a tendency to increase the performance of SLI if you really want to work with two cards. Here you burn a lot of money for almost nothing, so such an "undertaking" can easily reach over 1000 ?? costs. Here an SLI or CF team would be up to 80% compared to a single card. Which of the two above three of these cards in triple SLI or triple CF?

If this "3x" refers to, it is actually not recommended to use a triple-SLI or triple-CF system. If so, do I consider the graphics cards mentioned in the title?
In most benchmark tests of games like Crysis 2 and BF3 DX11 etc.

In both of the above gen ... Continue reading ...

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Question: 1060

Better it had been you had used instead of the 3GB version equal to the 6GB variant because mitlerweile just want newer games have a lot of VRAM.
overclocked with MSI AFTERBURNER. If you use the Afterburner for clocking, what else can I overclock it. I do not know how

But in principle you will overclock the Graka also Have you already and can give me a detailed tutorial? you still explain that is very simple anyway. Does anyone know that it does not really bring something, the difference is too small.