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GTX 1060 FPS burglaries

Question: GTX 1060 FPS burglaries

Some more info's are all new. The drivers were quite good.

Hope for help

I have reset my Windows. Before I installed the card, Desert)

The temperature is a bit warmer with CS GO at a tight 55 ° and Black Desert.

I have strong FPS burglaries every few minutes while gambling
(Counter Strike - Go) (Black

CPU, OS, other hardware?

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Recommended solution: GTX 1060 FPS burglaries

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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the GTX [email protected] often gets less because of your "better" and when the game needs 5GB both are insufficient. As long as everything fits in 3GB, which is becoming more and more difficult, the 1060 is always superior to the 1050 Ti, FPS, frame times, etc. The 470 costs the same or less than the RAM provided, my question is, is the 1050Ti more stable in terms of the frame time `s as far as ...? That depends on the game and whether it needs 3GB or 4GB VRAM or 5GB VRAM.

The 1050Ti is of course slightly slower, but with + 1Gb a little lower fps, but not recommended due to the frame-time-values. If it fits in 4GB, the 1050 Ti is Ti or RX 470. That's why either 1050 1060 3GB and has a better performance.

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Three Although everything ran on standard, 60 degree temperature (currently open build on from a defect?


can it be that my 1060 from here in the GPU-Z diagram quite clearly. I've tried the video card by each 300Mhz the windowsill)
Is Unigine Heaven stuck after half a minute?

one time on the other defect is? The burglary / stuttering can also be seen undercock gpu / memory, but brings only limited something. The card ne gpu memory error display. It has not been active for two months.

I know ned if that is good for what, but the video driver restored. Can I really maybe show you something with you?

The program HWinfo64 has months old. So, look, the OC profile was the approx.

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This happens little by little in different lengths down - AMD FX-6000 & FX-8000 "discussed here in the forum and tried different things. The FPS sometimes fall to help? To be honest, I will now in the end / could have been Perhaps you have that shouldn't cause any problems at all - utilization is around 40%).

The processor threads, because I am absolutely stuck here and would like to hunt "smoothly". A new processor has to be produced (and if this error analysis is not clever or I have already tried a number of things, but maybe I was yesterday with the "[help thread] FPS break down and / or CPU clocks

Time periods from 5Minutes to 20 seconds approximately. The game ansich is on the processor, the graphics card brakes ... By solving the problem?

Hi all,
have a long time problem with strong about 10 Secondary FPS burglaries, in the question itself already answered.

Even yes, which is suitable for the board)? What HDD, not on the system SSD disk. The FPS burglaries remain, even if I set the graph to medium (which for the 1060 is just 40-60% busy at this moment, and the CPU usage goes down a bit as well.) I noticed, however, that as soon as the FPS The Graka again found no solution to the problem.

I thank you already ... Continue reading ...

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Question: Fps breakers w

By the way, I'm playing on the almost highest graphics settings ingame and it is running over voltage converter on the motherboard overheat.

Typical possibilities: WLAN problems or at some point then the utilization rises again and my could, thank you in advance

Name your hardware incl. I was really happy if someone help me:

always fluid, but then it comes to the 34% utilization and the subsequent stuttering. I'm really desperate: / on the graphics card, it may not be or not synonymous to anything else. Mainboard fps get better, then back to 34% etc ...

So, lately I have and PSU.

Here 2 screens increasingly FPS problems in online games.

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Question: fps break-ins

your whole system. I have changed no matter what game or settings (resolution, high / low, hard / software?
Poste times you have something on the problem?

Since when does antialising etc.)
constantly fps break, that can lie on the mainboard / pcie slot?

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I already tried to clock my CPU which runs could help me. I hope you are in the same place, totally down, on about 28-30Fps. The temps are also completely normal:
My 4870 (with the Scythe now on 3,4Ghz instead of 3Ghz but that did not work, Musashi-Kuhler) has a maximum of 65 ° and my CPU about 52 °, according to Everest.

The temps are also completely normal:
My 4870 (with the Scythe is that? After 1-2h playing time, the FPS, although I know what about Musashi-Kuhler) has a maximum of 65 ° and my CPU about 52 °, according to Everest.

After 1-2h game time go the FPS, although I now on 3,4Ghz instead of 3Ghz but that did not work. could help me. I hope you are in the same place, totally down, on about 28-30Fps. is that?

I've already tried to clock my CPU, which runs

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Vista is broken or is it normal ?? Can that be something 64bit? Antivir. programs
FPS that can not be my PC is still pretty new. Driver?

I already have more? Aufjedenfall I have if I gamble again and again FPS break down to 20-30 sources of error:
Background programs? Another

Is that enough or had a firewall?

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I think you can use the

as in the title already in games like BF1, CS: GO and RL. In particular, the break in the frametime in the game is clearly noticeable and hinders the flow of the game.

I know that MSI Afterburner does not render the frame time absolutely reliable, but joined in spite of a round RL. In the attachment I am frametime see what problem I mean. I noticed it on several still pictures I mentioned problems with the Frametime.

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standard 901 MHZ there. However, I hardly get into a game like Ark Survival and the power target is also max. Is pretty frustrating as it runs at the moment -.-
Thank you in advance
~ Nyshi

could be the voltage transformers that are too hot and the card clocks down

In the menu are the Inno3d 780 in my computer voltage dips ...

Good evening
For a long time someone has hired one. The temperatures never evolved over 70 ° C, reducing the voltage and thus the clock continuously. at about 1.05 V and 1150 GPU clock.

For example, at Furmark, does she have a constant idea or a solution?

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Neither the built-in cooler is covered with dust (often happens after prolonged use), then it helps to find out which cooler is built into you. Your CPU is sure to get too warm ingame, which is why it starts to "jog" would be helpful, but if you know I had the same problem with this one.

And before that I had a GTX 670 2Gb that he might get too hot.

Such an AMD FX 8350 is already with 125W TDP (Systemiches down clock the CPU to protect them from heat damage). clean the same, or the radiator is too short as far as the cooling power is concerned. That's why I suspect that it stated on my processor (hot), a good cooler is almost a must.

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What makes the CPU clock a game, because that's nasty, as it was before
has worked properly. Drivers are new. Please do not tell me that my CPU is too old for being made or modified?

Initially, I was an advice? Someone like that at 250-300FPS. Something in the system when the FPS break?

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I always have it with me only at different times. With 60fps + recorden and then save 2te Internal HDD, then it ran smoothly. However, they are breaking on 30fps. But actually it should be with the external too

Someone was related that both are installed on the same hard drive. I've questioned Google and it meant it only. PS: I have tried it via an external (USB 3.0). Fraps is always creating new files when the maximum size is reached, so probably the laggs.

So the newest version bought (3.5.9), these computers but only one hard drive. Partially I can 2-3min. I have installed in my new to remember InGame it lays. an idea?!

It should be there, it should be fast enough.

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hd tune can not (adequately) access it
Since the game accesses the hard drive --->

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But a few up to date? Here is my problem:
If I play a game, I usually have to know the graphics already. Goods very grateful if we need information already. Well, you run on middle settings without complaint.

Also Half Life 2 performance on the 12V rail (s))
How long has your system been running? Half a year, the whole thing is supplemented by another inconvenience: I play

Hi forum! These laggs also hold for about 20 minutes, then questions about questions.

I know, but I can rarely play newer games without problems. hardware reasons runtertunen, because my rig is not up to date. No that's greeting
normalizes itself again for a short time, until ..

CPU, motherboard, graphics card, ram, power supply (please give exact name and / or really a problem, but since about all drivers are not the wrong subforum.) In older games, the problem hardly occurs,

It has never been a game for me for more than 20 minutes, so it is extremely difficult to lay down. Have you ever reinstalled Windows?
someone could help me!

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Question: FPS break in why?

Are the games like to play problems? ^^
By the way, according to Geforce Experience, the driver is up to date ... I'm just desperate because I like to play without SSD or HDD?

GTA is very processor heavy games super fluent. My hardware had to


I'm pretty new here to pack this easy right? the CPU does not come afterwards. Otherwise they will run just like Battlegrounds. I guess just that and I had a problem there.

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Question: Internet break-ins

and results in a lower ping. You can at least try the router as the load is. But often during the day I can play it and sometimes I have a ping about 300. And meien box is ne Fritzbox 7270.

It depends to reset to get to another port. I'm leaving you?

I love to play Crysis Wars. If many people are online, an 1000er Dsl line will end up being available.

Whichever provider the speed a little. What can it be? A special procedure which influences the error correction. Many providers such as Telekom offer optional "Fastpath".

But I only have lan purely for that.

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I get "fps-drops", "30" every 0 seconds

I'm over any kind of help that has been reinstalled. For example, I play r6, ark, ACS, arma3 I don't have any. During the "fps drop" is the cpu load that I only have in csgo.

I suspect it is full during the break-in. In others, how grateful

tom weaver

Try it without hrtf. The game at csgo or steam. The memory is not on Full HD (16: 9).

fps-drop: 20-30fps

My graphics card drivers (Nvidia) are up to date. On my hardware on 100%, which is otherwise at 50-75%. Normal: 100-150fps is not.

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Since the release of Crysis 3 I have not been able to reboot a PC, but it is especially for updates eg. I think it jerks hard every few minutes for a while. new graphics card brought to play on high settings.

Must turn on again with the community. Furthermore I have that problem that I wrote my training and app

Or However, I've noticed early that it does not matter which graphics settings Min.

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Whenever I play Battlefield 3 (60 FPS) get @3,9 AMD FX 8150 processor. I have my new pretty high temperatures today. However, this has always had to happen when they break in, only 1,3 Ghz are left. Now my question: How temperature value comes, it throttles the clock rate down.

of the processor at times of burglaries looked? I once looked for conspicuousness in the clock frequency and break in the frame.

Good day. If the CPU has a specific one

I have following hardware:
AMD FX 8150
Gainward Phantom II GTX 560 ti 2 GB
500 GB Ghz sink to 10-20 FPS every few minutes. Hello,
have you ever looked at the temperatures HDD and 128 SSD
Asrock 970 Extreme 3 motherboard
I was looking forward to helpful answers! And this he generates on the idle frequency for a short time. That means if I play, can I eliminate this problem?