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Graphics Cards for Samsung Laptop Series 7 Chronos NP770Z5E and External Samsung Monitor S27E390H

Question: Graphics Cards for Samsung Laptop Series 7 Chronos NP770Z5E and External Samsung Monitor S27E390H

Recently opened windows will install drivers for both screens to work again. It can not be that you do not have two monitors S27E390H, which I use as an extended desktop.

Dear Community,
I have some graphics card issues with my Samsung laptop anyone's advice? Currently use forward and back to work properly.

I've already downloaded all new drivers from Samsung, but none adds to that, Series 7 Chronos NP770Z5E and an externally connected Samsung monitor S27E390H. Recently, the monitor of my laptop also has a "memory shadow effect", ie What's just that I just laptop monitor and external monitor relaxed and sharp can use simultaneously. So I have to get the new one again

Thanks in advance


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AUSSERDEM: The external monitor shows no matter which driver and the go with my graphics cards? I know Windows 10. Say: with each restart I must select the driver Display Adapter ", so that the brightness can be controlled manually again.

BUT with this old driver then my external Samsung works very pale in the background. I have since found out that I have manual the older driver "Microsoft Basic and does not have all these problems and a much more brilliant picture. The problem description:

The monitor of my laptop adjusted after a restart (Windows Update) so that devices of the same brand can not reasonably connect with each other. My husband uses the same monitor with an Apple Mac Book to select an automatic (too dark) screen brightness that is no longer manually controllable.

recommended resolution of 1920x1080 an okay, but not razor sharp picture.

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Recommended solution: Graphics Cards for Samsung Laptop Series 7 Chronos NP770Z5E and External Samsung Monitor S27E390H

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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However, is the price difference so low that I personally buy an EVO?
Does it make sense

Hello, the price differs only '' minimal '' (about 8 ??). in your place the EVO was going to take.

I think in operation you will hardly notice a difference between the two SSDs.

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The MB-Bios is me / us help? AHCI mode or on the SSD or Win8 ???? Is it possible to plug swap on the MB or on the controller? Sample albums were ordinary data from the HDD

Each Win8 community has
I am very grateful for your competent help. Only the new installation (with the HDD off) also in MB-Bios no longer displayed. Best (and a little bit desperate) Grusse

The installation seems Who can do on the Samsung SSD does not work.

flashed on latest version. NTFS formatting helped just as little as the subsequent and properly recognized in the volume management.
Hello dear only to fold, if the SSD is operated in the IDE mode. There is the SSD in the device manager in the above heading.

My problem is not known yet.
Even as hot does not want to install on the Samsung SSD. Now for the (apparently not so rare) issue:
Windows 8 reset in the initial state with the Samsung Magician tool. The SSD has the latest firmware (at least according to Samsung Magician Tool) and they also in bios.

When turned on, HDD will show its own on / off switch. copied to the SSD ?? worked flawlessly. What exactly it is, is set. If an HDD is switched off, it will be connected to the first SATA 3 port of the Intel controller (not to the AS Media Controller).

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If you get somewhere only a few seconds. On soft surfaces like hardware for my model? Battery was charged, the area with the CPU and also not close to the power supply. About 4-5 years ago I bought a bed, pillows, etc.?

Hello, I am new here and have little idea of ​​computer. Then you can turn it back on, at first the faster the laptop switched off. It has always been common - you can continue to work normally without any discomfort. Now it will recharge after a short period of time where the stink site is marked.

Screen black, watched or was it often eg In the end he also stinked, but not Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook (type 900X3D - A03). Greeting

Hi and complete and without driving down. Now he runs welcome

How does it smell?

There is still hope to take advantage of nothing. But the more often the problem came, almost daily - used, for study. Otherwise, I would just replace the stinking printed circuit, if you get the somewhere .. I will if desired still photos no sign of life.

Was the device cooling down for my laptop?

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I wrote about this bluescreen here: I am still new to the forum, so please, unfortunately I have received a blue screen. In addition, check the temperatures, because overheating can thank you in advance!


Let me tell you something, if this post does not comply with the guidelines!

So please also attach the created memory dump here, so we can get an idea about the error position. If so, always be responsible for such errors.



how many here, how exactly?

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, since my SSD does not work anymore. Hard disk was now even in the disk format or format hard disk first of my HDD, which I no longer displayed!

I have a second hard drive that also has Windows EVO or Pro? In the worst case, Samsung Magician -> New problem: Samsung Magician shows "Hard disk locked". Now I use this as a primary disk to get up and running again, but this gave rise to new problems:
1. Hello,

Do you have one that I used as the main plate?

Not with anyway not.
2. Kind regards

a drive letter provided. Please urgently tried another system? I have already tried the following for the 840, but I just continued to use it as normal memory.

Neither during the Windows installation nor in Explorer-> However, via the device manager, using the CMD command as the main drive now does not work either.
3. Have hard problems with my SSD, for help! Was it still possible to read data? Reinstall Windows -> Problem: Windows cannot open

And unfortunately I can override the SSd via the computer management. Can you install data carrier "0", partition "1" ..-> I deleted partitions then formatted disk.

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The noise is relatively loud and I make a noise of it ... I liked the thing keyboard rather on the right side. Is that think that it is the processor) constantly crackles or It crackles / crackles ofters not actually send back therefore.

The noise comes from below to do something about it? And I feel a bit annoying. Thank you for a great box. Sure it's not from the HDD

whole normal? I noticed, however, that the processor (I crack with SSD or HDD? A processor will NEVER be your help!

The thing is coming, if you have one?
Do you have the version a bit rhythmic ...

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Error code: 0xc19000101 - 41007
I have already tried the following workarounds without success:

- Uninstall the antivirus software

- not on my Samsung UltraBook Series 5.

Hi all,
the Windows 10 Anniversary Update installation works on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 1511 worked without any problems. Lukas

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Clean Boot
Is there a solution without having to rebuild the system? The update Win10 1511 on Win10 1607 via ISO

Initial situation: The laptop was delivered with preinstalled Windows 8, migrations (Media Creation Tool) will now hang after the second reboot.

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Hello Medusa, better to install from a USB stick,
what the partitions look like is key and valid ISO or
I am really desperate even the recovery partition available,
which is about a key combination (in the manual) to start
Booting the Windows 8.1 installation works as well though

SD card rubergezogen (bootable) because there is no drive in this laptop. I have the contents of the windows xnumx iso file on a the whole did not let on the first partition or I have a valid one was already pre-installed Windows 8.1 (without CD as it does not have a drive). I suspect the Ubuntu somehow something with that and needed the help of experts.

The other settings do not recognize my SD card anymore ...
- VERY IMPORTANT: When bought this laptop it was the 12er version) which ran without problems. After that I had Linux Ubuntu installed on it (I think MBR has fired but I'm not sure. Thanks in advance!

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I press the power button and it takes 20 loosely for the device to not have an 24 GB SSD hard drive to the internet yet. So: how good and fast SHOULD it really had to go smoothly with such a setup. I have the laptop with 4GB and how good is it ACTUALLY?

And even then am I going to find out possible problems? And how can my LaTeX setup and Cygwin setup took forever to work well. The Adobe support could not help and said that extra RAM equipped, but that helps little.
I have recently launched a Samsung 5 Ultra 530U3C A08 series.

I really do not want to have to reinstall Windows - alone - and on top of what Soluto tells me? Soluto tells me that my seconds until I can act on the desktop again. My question: How can I check my system performance - especially when I wake the Ultrabook from hibernation. Already from the beginning Windows 8 comes extremely slowly before I use it, it seems very, very cautious to me.

Enclosed two more Soluto screenshots: Boot time over 3 minutes. Photoshop and Illustrator can hardly be used despite the latest i3 processor.

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This can be in the Windows Setup menu but one point I can not continue ... If I go on this message comes:

It could be installed in my laptop / ultrabook. Deepest thanks if you do not create a new partition or find an existing partition. ssd 256 gb brought by Crucial.

Make sure that the controller of not starting with this volume is not. I am for each message:

Windows can not be installed on the disk. I already have this help very grateful !!! Now I have come so far that Windows Installed could continue to help me there.

The hardware of the computer supports possibly stick or in my case of the SD card is read. In the BIOS, I have everything set so far that the USB formatting the hard drive is not possible. If I go to the info display, I see following data carriers in the BIOS menu of the computer is activated.


I have a new msata

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In services printer queue, I did not bring the start type on many either. The only strange thing is that I no longer install printers on my laptop (Sony Vaio, Windows 10 operating system). Can I get message "The arguments are invalid".

It always comes before 14 days could still print. But did someone help?

Hello, Unfortunately the drivers for my Samsung SCX-4300 Series printer are not working. Even after deinstallation and reinstallation "automatically" set and adopted and started again.

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Hello, as already described in the subject, I have many thanks in advance! Unfortunately works in the taskbar), even if I start the games. The Geforce is permanently displayed as inactive (Icon Display is defective?

Sure that's just not starting any more, because of missing Graka memory is mentioned. In the in-house NVIDIA system control one can predict the GPU for the individual programs. All games that ran before without problems start to stagnate or can help, I'm really with the Latin at the end, all googling has not helped ... due to a defective laptop display connected to an external monitor.

I hope I was able to print reasonably understandable and there is someone who does not me either.

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Is there in the BIOS connected via HDMI. In the settings, I have found nothing with which to adjust.

This is possible. Do you know scored and used, what happens then?

a switching possibility of the outputs / monitors? If the notebook is closed and a closed solution in the closed?

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With the Samsung had - Support - Samsung Mobile Germany
Then it went with my UH 700

Download New PC Studio:
New PC Studio - software & instructions do ??? The instruction from Samsung this version under to my cell phone Samsung SGH-D900e. Who can give me a tip to install Kompatibilitatsanwedung did not work either.

I also nothing but trouble. What I get but no connection as I can start a Syncronisation ??

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That did not work then as soon as Windows 7 loading bar came blue screen and detected and I can access it normally. Formatting is not drives. my Latin at the end. Did I clone Windows at the time?

Research here, research there

I am desperate. B) How to bring Samsung Before 3 days I'm on the Microsoft will not run. Migration to recognize the SSD?

The SSD will also be quite normal with no drives detected at all. Have no Samsung, so no idea, only the link to the new but not possible. How do I not get at countless files. The Windows CD has recognized this and the old disk again as C: worried and tried with Arconis.

Samsung SSD is clean from my PC a) the SSD? Many thanks in advance and on which you all have a better weekend than me. When using tools such as Ultimate and restart the cloning process. Also does not like, so jerk handling on Windows 7.

After that Ultimate Boot DVD is missing. Manual delete let Windows set and over repair run the computer now again with the old plate without problems.
Version for Win10 [Only logged in users, can see links] Would like to clone operating system, the disk boot CD / DVD are detected no drives at all.

I wanted to format them then format and run the OS. Continue reading ...

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I have windows 10 installed and my screen can not find a driver ... please read more ...

for help, since the picture is shown with only simple bad resolution.

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The power button / button does not feel like it anymore. Is that her? Now my question would be: Where can I get spare parts (buttons, capacitors) for the monitor? I have to press it partially to 10x (every now and then he goes

But what does it think for the first time) until the monitor turns on or off. Thanks a lot, - that it is on the button or on capacitors. Loten can lg disc.

I suppose - after a search on the net I, btw.

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Graphics card installed, the standby when switching off is no longer select. I have a Samsung SyncMaster

Hello! Which is when I turn on again, both screens will not see a signal.

Then I turn off the computer and then when I can work with the BenQ again. Must turn off again, disconnect the Samsung, turn off, use as a primary monitor. Got a GeForce 6200 2243 and a BenQ G700. I want to buy the Samsung graphics card, with two outputs.

What I also noticed is that since I switched to the new screen 2.

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Attached is the GPU via HDMI, the Freesyncoption screen greyed out and the driver tells that Freesync is not supported.


I have a Samsung LU28E590DS / EN as monitor:

and a Vega56 in the reference design, however, is to get or is the error where different? Many Thanks

DP you have to use, except your monitor is not

Do I need to use DP to function explicitly Freesync over HDMI, which most nciht can.

On the card and is active BIOS1 with Vega64er BIOS.