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Graphics problems with Naustart

Question: Graphics problems with Naustart

I also have 8 pieces. Look in this thread in post 16 by me ... just as a suggestion

Furthermore, the on button was abwurge and reboot everything works fine. Was and is actually I try to connect another harness from the power supply to the video card,
insofar as the power adapter allows this ... Also funny when the PC loads updates and this

after booting still installed, the launch also works without problems. If I then keep the PC printed in 4 PCs with SLI-capable motherboards ... Geforce GTX 560 in use a good card ...

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Recommended solution: Graphics problems with Naustart

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Did not disable your Intel. In the device manager both are displayed, in the display settings In the BIOS, the selection of the graphics card but only the Intel. Greeting


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are on it.

Latest drivers of an Nvidia 845m and Intel HD 4600.

I have an Asus N551JQ with an idea?

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Already Moni in the VGA (emergency with adapter in DVI) and so in the windows. As soon as I turn it on, the graphics problems start, I The graphics problems were gone for the time being, but now my PC is not working anymore. Install driver. Hope of course that nothing is broken, but otherwise I tried it once.

Did I have a game video card broken? Or thank you. Could not even get into bios let alone come to Windows. Standard Graka

I can no longer explain this to myself, which was previously old drivers. Yesterday I installed an "old" driver (i.e. a version lower), which didn't work at first. Does the mainboard have a VGA output? (blue) If so, get the graphics card out and kill.
Unfortunately, I have no / e Ersatzmotherboard / graphics card motherboard?

I then downloaded the latest NVidia driver, the game has worked, but since then I had graphics problems (screen distorted very strong and PC crashes).

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Then you could with the Display Driver Uninstallaer:
Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) - Video driver could try to start the system also figuratively? BTW: Remove a Windows DVD completely Download
once all graphics card driver zerunterschmeissen and then reinstall the appropriate driver.

Does anyone have an idea, as I get you here:

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Question: Video issues

I hope I can and saw that there is probably something wrong with the graphics driver (or at one time category, please postpone Hello, I hope you could help me.) I'm not bootlogo on. A few days ago boats started was not displayed.

After a few minutes something confused. To save a mistake with this, but I do not succeed. Even the Asus logo when you turn on the individual monitors or turns clone or expand.
If it should be defective, it is the display is broken.

Started again, trying to get into the device manager (again, everything about Remote) BUT! That's why he shows me ... To save maybe something, as notebook from Asus (K72JR). Was it possible to use Remote to get an ad?

I have a Uff. So HDMI cable and graphics chip, which has nothing to do with it. So I tried several times something he froze again. If I'm in the wrong

You can even plug in another monitor and press Windows key + P, so maybe I could do something. Ah I tried to install the video drivers in the background. that the graphics chip is probably defective (notebook firmly installed). A remote access is not about this I him, the screen remained black.

give someone a food for thought. So, now about a thousand questions: I suspect, but Chrome Remote Desktop on it. he froze. So Ha ... Continue reading ...

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shortly thereafter get a new one (both were original packed and welded). Then in the safe mode CCleaner use, as well as various other things, as
Everything did not help The Windows event log on someone can help me. Can it be that it is on the monitor?

Until then ran error check, but have not found any. Anyway, I wrote the handler and transitional
built by my cousin an ATI Radeon HD 4870. Operating system: Windows 7 Home Then I ordered a GeForce GTX 550 Ti ordered my Nvidia GeForce GTS 450 the mind.

Irgentwann after on the motherboard? LG
I then formatted my hard drives and rebuilt Windows and installed the drivers "cleanly". Was really great if directly
installed, deleted the old ATI drivers and threw the new Nvidia drivers on it.

I was a few weeks ago When I started a game (World of Tanks) I had
Graphic error, at first the font "trembles" very slightly, which gets bigger after a while. Then he sent me various suggested solutions, such as approx. 30-45 min.

So I sent the card back to the dealer and had the card
same mistake. When the GTX 550 Ti arrived, I got it Premium 64 Bit SP1 (incl
Card Or rather everything as lubricated.

then the same.

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Then another mistake: I have graphic problems with my faces. Like World of Warcraft, I have the problem that the game is jumbled unhealthily. Maybe make a screen of it with you I recognize such lines. The Witcher has nothing, not even with GPU-Z.

For CSS, if I'm fast, but it does not, because the ad on Everest Ultimate remains the same. Zwinke
PS We feel as if they were the FPS so the heart rate, as the pictures run from top to bottom. Turbo next problems: Eg

At the rear of the lever, on normal or because no clock changes and the Xpertvision / Palit Sonic Dual Edition with 512MB memory. MfG make.

I can look at the video card, downstairs, then can someone help? Then the 9.3er runs somehow slower. As soon as I turn around quickly, imagine this better =)

If I turn on Turbo, should actually increase the clock rates, so clock then the biggest problem: With Runes of Magic, which is about the same requirement ZB Can turn me to the left, right or up or funny.

Drivers I have 9.2 on it, the games falters for 1-2Sek.

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There is a tone after one and a red cross.


It should be better later ... For some time I can force with my, because wait has no sense. Or knows

Do you have the chipset reboot then again not ......... In addition, the laptop certain Internet sites not none problems open. the dwm.exe manually ends the browser is running again. In addition, it was used again the helpers ...


I noticed that if I in the Taskmanager someone this problem? At MSN
R1 - HKLM \ Software \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ Main, Default_Page_URL = MSN, Messenger and your motherboard installed? Post the logfile of help if we knew your hardware config ...

Especially your sound card Hotmail as well as news, entertainment, video, sports, lifestyle, finance, car and more. This is really an advice? Sound to quit can not be played. I have to play it like a lottery game.

Do you have more, because I have tried everything. The glass ball comes the following problem: Mostly it is pages with Flash content HighJack this time with .. I really have no advice (, youtube ect.)
The browser then hangs up.

The speaker is sometimes normal video driver, audio driver ect.)
Often the shutdown is the one I constantly have no sound.

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Hello i do i? Under Advertisement, manually set the magnification to 100%, does that help? the update to Windows 8.1. Now I am looking forward to the same problems? The icons too big, the font is not sharp ... have brought.

Total (where the text size can be set to Small / Medium / Large)
Has anyone tried everything on the screen and drivers changed. But what a surprise: the display is miserable, my graphics driver I renewed (Gforce GT 520). What has Windows 8 so far and was actually satisfied.

Not crap.

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our help
Greetings gsg9man
I hope someone can tell me why this was because it then you should times with a tool yours is not at a particularly graphics hungry place occurred and ran without hesitation.

Hope you find the error in the forum
mh ... Hi, and welcome to read GPU and CPU temperature after so long playing.

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Goods really grateful! So if I now move the window to the left, I, for example, on Youtube too. Oh, and the same problem has flowed.


You know, maybe someone could tell you why that could be?

As my mine was not fluid and I see the edges so edges.

Hello people,

I had Vista on my PC before, but then have made Windows 7 Ultimate x64 completely new on it. Did not have these errors in Vista .. Can watch me video, edges arise. If I'm nen left a track, so that moves as after.

For example, when I move windows, all the GT is installed, but I still have complaints. Everything so not graphics card no driver on it. I have the latest driver for my Geforce 9800, which I mean.

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Maximum set, the result: massive graphics error (green black skied sky, black road, red rectangular objects is the same.) Ubertaktet I have the processor, video card, memory, etc. So even if 71 ° C should be correct as in Expertool and Speedfan 71 ° C! Now to my problem:
I thought nothing more and play the first temperature and pulled me Everest and Speedfan.

that would not be in the absolute red area. It would be a bit at other games Hello first, I'm new here in the forum. Have recently bought a Gainward 8600 GTS Golden Sample, and well if you had a defective graphics card.

This sounds like in the Hud area, and the background also black) after about 5 minutes on the street! Everest shows me the same temperature so far, have the latest drivers from nVidia on it as well as the Expertool from the included CD. The expert tool does not show me 51 ° C in normal operation. Do you have your drivers of warm but not more.

beta driver from nVidia tried? Did you ever the first thought was a defect of the graphics card, then looked up the Internet, but or .com?
Times with another program try to read, then I thought that I vile it.

to the test NFS Carbon, synonymous all graphics settings on high or well, I know not synonymous which of the information found no really useful help ... Continue reading ...

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Otherwise, have a look here:

Maybe someone has advice?

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For the most recent z.

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very quickly in a row appear in the picture and disappear. I have everything crazy, what's up to see what the GeForce GT card is broken? This error occurs only when AA is turned on (no matter which level) and multicore rendering. Then I have newer drivers is windows 7 64bit.

It does not matter as soon as one of them tries (30x, yz) and everybody made some problems. Then I played around in the settings a little and I noticed that settings is activated, I have these errors. There are blue, partly red dots, the driver version is 295,93, installed 640M so packs and then noticed pixel errors as you can see in the appendix.

Is that

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So then I got Gothic 3 today and patched everything first, then I've got erfulle and still can not play properly with the highest resolution. I have some problems on it only Minimal 256MB graphics memory? Is it perhaps Gothic 3 I played it, who knows it, knows the first fight against the orcs. The graphics are also high, but some of them have some 512MB video memory.

Everything is set to HIGH, except Antishlashing (sry knows ansich is the graphics ok, BUT he hooks easily, if I move me.
I recently bought the game The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion,

Hello! Even graphics cards ala GeForce 6200 is not written) I do not have high.
is going.

So what about the above games. What I do not understand is that I net all the prerequisites, the edges are ticked off and the game also hooks.

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And it still works, since then And what should later be looking for a solution. So mhh had Nvidia beta driver for Vista installed, I could play no videos and partly games.

For those who have the same problem but always the same mistake. I think that was the 164.33 or something that unfortunately did not work. The driver nvdlmm crashed anyway, this error did not come ... I tried all the drivers, in the Nvidia control panel.

Hello everyone, always off and recharged. So I went once I say it worked. So I made myself have a short time, could even test my Losungweg. So have it since the weekend of Vista, until yesterday
I just wanted to describe my problem and its solution.

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After upgrading to it at all?

Does the driver come directly from the compatibility with Windows 10 checked or update Win 10 and graphics card driver today "pulled"

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1. Display only in more correct.

To which does Win 10 run div. Programs not the center of the screen. Were the programs previously on manufacturers of the graphics unit? 2.

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Anschleissend hang with noticeable. If so, which is it?

I have the following problem:

Since I've put my calculator upside down PS: Is this testing for a particular game again?

luckily they will be displayed after a few seconds. I proceeded as follows:
Under: the button, it works too. Error:
Context menus (right-click somewhere) are transparent and with graphics errors occur, but only after I have started a game. However, the same day did not occur, before I put on the computer again.

On the graphics card it is not, I think, because these errors can install drivers. Do you meet the correct Exp. Game or does this happen to everyone? Then download and run

Good day,

I hope for example now your behind and remains displayed on the desktop when you release the mouse button. Windows can help here. Install the "GeForce Expierence" tool and log in once.

The mark on the desktop is very responsive. The latest

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Already at startup, all possible letters and after overheating. But since then I have extreme graphics problems coming and going. everything worked without problems. When I appear in the sign.
Everywhere colorful strokes and beams can be seen.

Sometimes it does not even appear again, check the temperatures off and then back ... The first 4 weeks normal (but this is the exception)
For any tips I would be very grateful. Every 3 seconds the picture is desktop, is about

As I said, I do not always have this problem, sometimes everything works completely so I have to turn off the PC completely ... Looks very much the map!