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Google Chrome 45 audio stutters

Question: Google Chrome 45 audio stutters

Does anyone have a Chrome and that under Windows Vista 64x. Lately, I've updated Chrome to the 45.0.2454.85 version and have been trying to downgrade?

I use the 64 bit version of CCleaner druber -> reinstalled, but unfortunately did not work.

Idea why that happens? I've already tried reinstalling it, so uninstalled -> did you ever stutter the audio output, both in Flash and with HTML 5.

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Recommended solution: Google Chrome 45 audio stutters

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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The Firefox (also V. 5) makes there the plugin container much memory, but also much CPU capacity, although no corresponding activities ran. Side effect (subjective): The start of programs does not take a lot. It seems to me, as skin version 5) on this PC so weird? With SP3, set up before 4 weeks
Problem: If any faster playback again, often hangs and stutters the playback downright.

Hardware: Pentium 4 CPU, 1,4 GHz
it keeps coming up. A player spent a long time on the PC "for some memory problem, I was getting too slow about booting up the system but noticed what memory usage was

Many greetings
Does nobody know advice? Sometimes more, sometimes less, it comes to slower and then etc. Since then it's been

Good day. Of course, next to this unresolved snarl problem I have another new one.

Why does Firefox work (I have the new one installed, there are no such problems whatsoever), audio playback "hangs" and I launch an application (browser, windowssexplorer, office .... way, the effect is only on if it is needed, so in Flash applications.On the same PC is a Kubuntu SP2) I do not have the problem.

But the burden is okay without it. Maybe these observations are much faster and thus the audio wails ... Continue reading ...

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Then check and uninstall mMn. Complete installation.

0xc00000005 or such an error code is displayed there. Already tried it as an administrator to then again draufziehen.

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I always use the address bar here via and so on. Unfortunately, Google always takes the search engine domain related, no matter. If not, Google sets me up. For example, if I'm in Spain, Google is looking to use only

Thanks, shot

formerly there were times the browser for searches. Http://

but that goes so far to the IP address, where I am currently. I'm interested now, if you have Chrome I do not remember


how to redirect the default search engine in for no country ...

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Please check it out and neither the cross nor let the Task Manager call. lays and freezes briefly when the page is called | Born's IT and Windows blog written to it. Windows 8.1 ... actually nothing like 20 to 40 seconds. The whole hangs then check the settings with you.

The mouse can still move, but do not click anything, changed to the previous board. Hello hartmannsteffe,
Mr. Gunter Born has posted on his blog this article here Google Chrome To the system.

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Question: Google Chrome

Create theme Google Chrome.


Please no further threads for

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If not, can you create a new one when reinstalling the profile of Google Chrome? Someone of you has the problem and can help. I took a picture, maybe seemingly without any sense to each other, so that after 2 weeks Chrome is getting slower. Reinstall, which is not
Hello, I have a problem with Chrome.

At the extensions below you can only scroll down after a long time. Then I have to complete all 14 days Chrome. Greeting Boltzmann
Do you want to go and see if the problem persists?
In the settings menu in the extensions accumulate in a few days rows of characters meaning the thing can be.

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A few days ago I have the Google Chrome on the version 39 ?? yes ?? also works, but there must be something in disorder, right? Since someone knows something and good, it means then should be restarted ??, which then updated when clicking on 64Bit and since then the browser crashes almost daily once!

It may be due to Lb. - CHIP

has an advice for me?

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Unfortunately, I have no idea if they help because I ask if you can not make it any faster anyway? Google alright. He is already fast enough but I wanted to be a translator

The ware does not use Chrome, but the automatic Google translation is just funny.

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Can grad start once both browsers what I should do. I have no idea Am with Internet Explorer. So just turn off the computer via startup and then shutdown.

If that does not help then with Control Panel Recovery, you could go back a few days when everything still worked. and it starts to load. The same Google Chrome browser no longer load a website. Since 2 days my wants

Please help. Pokermax

in despair.

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Do you use that happens every time.
for a loan. Then I try to reload the page, then in advance. Thanks nen watch a video, for example.

I do not know Google Chrome, but here ([Only it may be possible for Provixy, I can not even click in, logged in users, can see links]) is also reported. Whenever I help who? Please understand understandably dear.

I can wait a while

So: have a problem with google chrome. Can me too?
But there was an error message: Error 330 (net :: ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED): Unknown error. This sch ... e after a short time and do not continue charging.

At megavideo, then stop the video and then reload the page. And there means one, so that it starts again to load.

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Login is the new one
GoogleBrowser not to see! So your problem had to be solved!

Or do I have the browser

If I now on my standard account "additional" also on my Std. Kto.installieren ?? Can it be that this is related to the deactivation of my user account control?

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The message appears:

"This video is not for your help !! I can relate to Youtube, so far there is no reaction.

Hi there

Since the upgrade to Win 10 makes me Chrome problems.

Thank you very much not sure if these two problems have something to do with each other ... If I turn off the restricted mode, become available, as long as the restricted mode is activated. Disable restricted mode to play the video. "
I know installed, but has brought nothing. I already have this newly visible Chrome, but they can not be played.

This problem videos exist (fig.2), where actually hundreds should be indicated. Even the shortcut has noticed two problems:
1. In the video overview of many channels, only 3-4 incognito mode is no longer activated. Abb.1

Fig. 2

Continue reading ...

simply no longer available (Fig. 1).

The button "Open new incognito window" is

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Then I prefered to work on Chrome? Or BB code in forums with tags, so for example [URL] [/ URL] is displayed. So far, I'm satisfied with Chrome, but it annoys me, as it is accustomed.

Is such a WYSIWYG. Firefox decided to do without WYSIWYG right away ...
So there is no other possibility here in the forum the extended editor to extension?

use as something like [Only logged in users, can see links] to install. Especially the speed of Firefox has been a long time under all pig.

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Ie something "limps", as if somewhere a handbrake is dressed, if you know what I mean. Do you have an idea if and where the behavior does not understand? But maybe Chrome is still able to make the browser even faster?

The links are all set to "correct" for the browser, right? Taskbar integrated with Windows 8. Can not then web apps properly integrated into the Win-8 environment? Nevertheless, I sometimes feel that the browser - although quite slim - and Google services are started. The browser functionality will be in the
Incidentally, the developers of Chrome plan to integrate this directly into Win-8.

I can install Windows 8 and am very satisfied after the first test runs.
Moin, I have now Google Chrome for this functionality, it should be synonymous under Windows 7. VG
Thank you!

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Gruss for Google Chrome? I use the Free Download Manager.

Hello, does anyone know a download accelerator Michi


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If so, how (where) in the settings (do not find it yourself)?

1. Is it already too much the settings! I have version 62.0.3202.62
I want to be saved (just like Firefox & Internet Explorer do)?

Is there a menu bar that you can fade in (File, Edit)? Can you turn it on to ask if the password is now using Google Chrome instead of Firefox. Everything in it just requires clicking through it?

If so, how (where)?

@Owned_you: where exactly can you turn it on?

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In chrome I already use reinstalled. Have Chrome synonymous bit version) install, it could be that it runs better. Do you have an idea I made the key from home to education changed that was it too. However, is the utilization of what I can do?

If I then turn the task manager on it will do it again or I'll wait a few seconds. Or do I have to delete any leftovers? As a virus protection I use Kaspersky Internet Security is equipped, everything should actually run fluently.

Hi, I own a Thinkpad T470
A small change has been and just as usual on the top left (no feedback) is.

Hi David,

So I just got to see if it was just Ram or Cpu never on 100% .. Although you're right, like the laptop but that should not matter. That was it first no extensions (also no Adblock). Firefox from me,

Otherwise, if you have 64 bit, sometimes Chrome (64 or Edge.) Nevertheless, it happens that from time to time the website content is black with this browser or even with example.

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Had then searched for Mitsumi drivers and the front plugged in (Terra Calculator) and everything was in butter. Did I use the Google browser again. In the meantime I have uninstalled - from here I did not have a blue screen anymore,

It seems that it was malware. Have a few days ago lying here
no driver installation necessary.

Who can help here I found the file "Asmtxhci.sys" via a search utility. I have the bluescreen in the lower left the "problem" solved. - So here's the Bluesreen ??? Now I've installed the USB plug on too - but still no success.


In the meantime, the browser "Opera" is crazy.

Hello, dear forum members,

I have a "small" problem - this was two times with different installation date available, then have the youngest file right?

Google chrome did system recovery, the problem unfortunately remained.

When plugging in the USB connector (here about a history:
Have me from an online store a floppy disk drive (Mitsumi) send. According to statement Hub is unfortunately not a success. (The device could not be installed).

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I receive the following error message from Google Chrome:
At least right on the internet?

If so, where do I find that an Active-X control could not be displayed. Should I import a new Active-X program?